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Jedi_Man 11-29-2008 11:22 AM

Zombies Walk!
Hi, I have been into RPing for a while now. I am a big fan of zombies, so when I saw Corinthians ( how'd he get banned) zombie RP i thought i'd try this out myself.
The zombies are runners, mostly, you do have a few limpers or legless guys out there. also, there are super zombies, or supers for short, that vary in power and abilitys. yes, plenty of these will be rip offs of some other games. im sorry for that. but the basics are
Brute: tall and Muscular, able to crush you like a bug. they roar to alert your position.
Frogs: able to jump long distances, they have claws and aren't afraid to use them.
the Demons: based of Kiss's person called teh Demon, have long tongues ( i wonder if thats were there name comes from? )and use them for catching food.
now for the characters. what you need to do is provide a few things, such as:
and personality.
here goes for my character,
Name: Sam Larson
Age: 19
Appearence: tall, 6'2, and 230 pounds, mostly muscle, BLond hair and blue eyes.
Weapons: A Grendel( M4 with much more power), one Desert Eagle ( I love that gun, if you check my other posts you'd know that) and a crap load of magazines and ammo for them. not to mention a Ka-Bar army knife.
Afiliations: Army, Lieutenant, and the NRA
Background: joined the army at 18, he progressed through the ranks quickly. soon after hitting the Lieutenant rank the zombie plague ( or Palatinate der Untoten, thats german) hit the world, and old russian virus, that was put into a bomb, was accidentally shipped to Al queda, instead of a normal nuke. when the nuke hit mid america, he left as quick as he could. Up in Canada the plague hit too, so Sam went back to America, it may be more infected, but its his home.
Personality: very cautious, though when he gets an idea in his head, he wont let anything sway his choice. usually quiet and rseerved, if he wants to put his word in on something, he will.

DrPhil2501 12-03-2008 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by Jedi_Man (Post 2559496)
Hi, I have been into RPing for a while now. I am a big fan of zombies, so when I saw Corinthians ( how'd he get banned) zombie RP i thought i'd try this out myself.

He was banned for both social and political reasons. The mods prefer it we don't discuss further about his conduct in LF.

Anyway, as interesting as this RP sounds, you have to post your Recruitment thread in the backstage casting call, which you shall find here. Enjoy :)

Jedi_Man 12-04-2008 08:00 AM

oh ok thanks for the information. ill be going to the backstage casting call then. will you sign up?

DrPhil2501 12-05-2008 04:03 AM

for the right price :brow: kidding. I'll think about it, but just give me some time. I'm having some issues with my computer i need to deal with.

Jedi_Man 12-09-2008 08:55 PM

Here goes the start, and if anyone wants to join in, they still can, just leave your characters bio at the recruitment forum in Backstage casting call.
. . . . . . .
Sam walked the streets of Milwaukeem, Wisconsin, with caution. three undead were progressing there way towards hhim, but his silencer for the Grendel was busted, so it was a no-go on shooting. at least until he was surrounded, then it didn't matter if he fired or not. but the silencer for his desert eagle was in prefect working condition.
he slipped the .50AE gun out of his holster and fired at the walking ghouls. so far the runners had been pretty mild, and really small in numbers. at least in milwaukee that is. the zombies head imploded in a cloud of gore and dust. sam replaced his Desert Eagle and continued down the street. the gun store he got all his major supplies from should be safe, or at the very least, not broken into.
sam hurried up, anxious to get to the store, then he stopped.he then heard the loud roar of a Brute.

Alkonium 12-11-2008 11:45 PM

"I told you, I already paid the rent!" Peter shouted to his landlord, who for some odd reason was banging incessantly on the door to his apartment. There was no way he could code in peace with all that noise Suddenly he heard wood breaking; he didn't have to look to know it was the door. "I hope you don't expect me to pay for that." He yelled out. Then he saw his landlord and realised what was going on. "You have got to be kidding me." He commented. Realising the peril he was in and that he had no weapons on hand, he unplugged his keyboard and swung it right across his undead landlord's face, breaking his neck. He quickly ran out of his apartment, looking for anything better to use as a weapon. If zombie movies taught him anything, it was that it was never just one.

CommanderQ 12-12-2008 12:23 AM

"Major Rosokosovski, what were your reasons for being here?"

Vladimir Rosokosovski sat in a dark room lit by only on lamp. There was a U.S. soldier questioning him, and the soldier was being rather blunt, asking the same question over and over again.

Vladimir responded in his thickly accented American, "Comrade, I have the proper authorization to be doing what I was doing, which is something that I don't have. Now please, stop being annoying and let me see my troops."

The American didn't look pleased.

"You know what, Russky!? You better start fessin' up! You were caught on American land in a bio-chemical suit of Russian design, you can be shot as an enemy of the state."

Vladimir smiled, "Comrade, you know very well that you need the ammunition to fight off the infected, you wouldn't be able to shoot me."

This angered the American even more, and he stormed off and left the room. Vlad smiled and produced from his pocket, the keys out of the room. He managed to anger the American so much so that he didn't pay attention to where the keys were going. Vlad stood and began the escape from his cell.

ForeverNight 12-12-2008 08:32 AM

Hannibal Smith slipped out the door as unobtrusively as possible, trying not to wake the people who had claimed Bullwinkle's Saloon as their own. His hair moved gently with the slight wind that had just picked up.

A hunched over figure was sitting at the spot where the first sentry was supposed to be, walking over to it, Smith touched the shoulder, hoping to wake the Sentry to save those inside.

A twitch, that was the only warning Smith had of the veritable storm that was to follow. The figure lashed out at Smith as it turned, and he was able to view the horror of these 'Zombies' for himself.

He brought up his Colt and plugged two rounds right into the head of the zombie, blowing it clean off.

The wind shifted again and Smith could hear screams coming from the bar. Steeling himself, he walked away from the bar and over to the 19th Avenue parking ramp. Stealing inside, Smith perused the selection of vehicles, both college students' and professors'.

Looking up and down the rows of cars and trucks Smith's eye eventually fell upon a Chevy Suburban. It looked to be only a year old and in decent condition, telling himself that it wasn't technically stealing since the owner was likely dead he placed his hand on the driver's side door and opened it.

His earlier inspection hadn't revealed that there was a figure inside the Suburban, but as he opened the door, the body of the driver fell out of the truck and onto the pavement.

Cursing to himself he hit a switch that turned on the lights and looked back into the passenger compartment, not seeing anybody, even on closer inspection, Hannibal started the engine and checked the gas gauge.

He had a full tank of gas!

Shifting the truck into reverse, he pulled out of the spot and then threw it into drive. He looked down at the parking ticket that was stuck in the dash and ripped it up with a sardonic grin.

Reaching the exit of the ramp, Smith gunned it and the truck flew out of the parking ramp into the street. Taking a left and then another left, Smith ripped away, trying to get to I-35 before any zombie could catch him. Seeing a stalled out police car he called out:

"Don't mind me officer, I'm just taking a leisurely drive!" Then a stress-relieving laugh followed. He looked over at the passenger's chair where his AK-47 should've been.

"Damn!" He muttered. "Forgot it."

Turning on to Northbound I-35W he brought the speed up to 70 mph and hit the cruise control. It was going to be a long drive out of the Twin Cities.

((Funny enough, the route I described actually can be followed...))

Ataris 12-12-2008 04:54 PM

Coryn felt the chill of winter on his skin as he walked down the quiet road to his apartment. It was a terribly chilly night with a harsh wind, and he wanted to go home safe and sound to a nice plate of cheese and a cup of tea.

Overhead the grey and ever-darkening sky put in him a sense of foreboding unusual to the winter season. He could just sense that something was wrong. Don't worry, he told himself, nothing bad has ever happened around this area. But the thoughts did not stop.

He could not decipher the cause of this emotion until he stopped and realized that he was hearing a noise, and turned to look for something behind him. There was nothing.

If I have common sense, I'll go home without another though to it, he said quietly to himself. And just as soon the local news reports ran through his head. Strange disappearances, people screaming about monsters, strange noises in the night.

Just then, almost as an answer to his thoughts, a figure raced across the street. And it was not a man. It looked at him. And he ran....

Jedi_Man 12-12-2008 04:57 PM

Sam raised his Grendel to his shoulder, the stock extended as far as it could be. the shaking ground told him that the brute was nearing.
" ah, crap! and i was so close too!" sam burst into a run, heading for the store as fast as he could go, his legs starting to burn after tgeh first block.
the Brutes hell like scream was close behind him, the stomps of its large feet creating cracks in the pavement.
Sam took a glance behind him, and instantly wished he hadn't. his legs hit a parked car, and he tripped, his head nearly hitting the bumper of the SUV in front of him.
Sam readied the Grendel, the laser on the side of the barrel already pointing at the hulking beasts head. one three round burst later, the creature lay on the ground, a black and grey mix oozing its way out of the obliterated head.
He looked up, the store was right next to him. sam walked in the door, and locked it behind him.

CommanderQ 12-12-2008 05:33 PM

Vladimir confidently opened the door of his cell and walked down the hall. He could hear gunfire and screams of the undead outside. He knew that there were no gaurds for him, every soldier was needed to fight off the infected. Vlad knew exactly what the infected were, but his mission was still the secret. He walked to the door to the main holding cell, where his 10 highly trained commandoes waited. He opened the door and poked his head in.

"Comrades, it is time to go, it would seem that they left the door open!' He smiled and opened the door wider. The soldiers scrambled out of the door quickly and went into the armory a little ways down the dark hall. They came back in their white bio-chemical suits, sporting AK-47s. Vlad nodded and went inside himself to change.

"Hey, Major Rokosovski, how'd you escape?" asked a tall Russian.

"Well, Boris, very carefully." he said with a smile.

Boris smiled too, but really didn't know what Vlad meant.

"So, comrades, you ready to complete the mission, eh?"

A cry erupted from the Russians, Vlad smiled and put a grenade into his launcher. He led the way down the hallway to the exit from Fort Charles. He put a hand on the knob of the door, but he stopped.

"Hey, Yuri, what State did you say this was again?"

A shorter man with a thick black beard stepped forward.

"Michigan, Major, the city is Chicago."

"Well, Yuri, seeing as this is big city, there should be plenty for all of us."

All the men chuckled and Vlad opened the door and started running toward the gate, which was about 100 meters forward from the door. American troops were in the towers, gunning down the zombies that were rushing the perimeter. Vlad started sprinting and reached the gate quickly, suddenly, the gate itself blew open, and the horde came.

"Comrades, commence firing!"

All of the Russians obeyed immediatley and fired a volley of perfectly aimed headshots at the first wave of zombies. One of the infected made Vlad a target and began charging him. Vlad stared at the blood-stained creature and raised his AK to point-blank range, just in time for the barrel to smack against the zombie's head, and Vlad pulled the trigger. He then began spraying bullets into the wave of screaming, gory, and evil zombies.

"Comrades, prep grenades!!"

Vlad secured the mask of his bio-chem suit and fired a gas grenade into the center of the undead horde.

Chevron 7 locke 12-12-2008 05:35 PM

Atrianna Shalya smiled slighty to herself as her Shotgun took one of the undead right in the back

The smiled faded as she saw it straighten up, turn around and run at her.

Atrianna loaded up her shotgun again and blasted it in between the eyes. the undead finally fell to the floor in a heap.

Atrianna looked around in concern, she was one of the last people left in this area of the city and the undead were getting bolder, she had killed a few of them on her doorstep the other day.

She had heard on the radio a few days ago that Chicago was still pretty well off. The undead were being held off by the army and local police force.

It was time to move on. She was only one woman and she coulnd't keep defending this neighborhood all on her own.

She had set up base in Milwaukee to try and help whoever she could, only to find that most of the people were already gone by the time she had arrived.

Atrianna sighed and headed home.

Time to get going.

And leave this city of the damned behind her

Ataris 12-12-2008 06:11 PM

Coryn had managed to make it as far as the town hall. The only vehicles were those driving away from the city at top speed. Suddenly a horde of birds flew by overhead.

It couldn't be true, could it? That the infection he had thrown off as another measly disease had reached his state? But when another of them came out of the portal of the town hall with the recently smashed down double-doors, he knew what he had to do. Keep running.

He ran as far as he could outside the neighborhood, to a more vacant area, and then continued in the general direction of his house. He was so close, but he had to get his car.

Only after he was safely driving away did he begin to think about what he was leaving behind. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore. Only his survival. And where would he head? He had no idea.

Listening to the radio, an urgent news report sprouted about some kind of possible biochemical attack, but the military wasn't backing the story up. Did it have some sort of connection?

Finally focusin on the destination of his drive, he realized that there was no where very safe to go. Some states had been overrun entirely.

But he didn't worry on his way down the road. There was a thrill in him, rather. This could be exciting.

ForeverNight 12-12-2008 06:13 PM

Rubbing his eyes against the tiredness that threatened to overtake him -a quick look at the clock told him it was about 2:40 AM- Smith almost missed the sign that told him where the turn off to I-94, Northbound.

Looking around the stolen Suburban quickly, Smith saw no cars and as such decided to break several traffic laws that, together, would've cost him a rather large sum of money.

Barely making it down the on-ramp and into I-94 without launching his vehicle off the edge of the ramp, Smith pressed the resume button on the cruise control and watch the speed climb up again.

Now, if only I could have some coffee...

CommanderQ 12-12-2008 06:24 PM

The horde of zombies crumbled down in the mass of green gas. The rest fled, at least so it seemed from Vladimir's point-of-view. He saw the American soldier cheering as the zombies ran, but then they remembered who fired the gas grenade. An American sergeant ran out of the barracks and pointed at the group of Russian soldiers.

"You! Stop right there!! Do not take a step further out that gate!" the sergeant shouted.

Vlad smiled and motioned his men forward. They began a mad dash out of the fort and into the infected streets of Chicago.

They were not fired upon, for as Vlad said, the Americans couldn't waste ammo. They managed to reach one of the highway ramps before they stopped. Vlad brought a hand up and the group of soldiers stopped and secured a small perimeter to rest in. Vlad took out his watch.

"My watch is still on Russian time, Boris, what does yours say."

Boris stood and looked at his watch.

"It is around 3:00 A.M. Comrade Major."

Vlad looked at the red sun that was rising early.

"Strange...there is something bad at work here."

He took out his map case and gestured for his right-hand man, a man named Zaitsev, to help him plot a course out of the city.

Chevron 7 locke 12-12-2008 06:47 PM

Atrianna couldn't help but cry a bit
She was out of Milwaukee and was currently heading toward Chicago fast as she could in the Prius she had found at the edge of the city.

She had seen horrible things.

Things she would never be able to put out of her mind.

She had seen men and women scream in terror as the undead piled upon them.

She had seen a mere boy blasting away at the undead with a shotgun trying to protect a little girl. she had seen them both die as the undead fell upon them.

She had seen a man rush the undead with a grenade trying to protect his family. he was one of the lucky ones, his sacrifice had helped his family escape Milwaukee, she had kept an eye on that family, she had even cleared a few of the undead out of their way as they had left the city.

Atrianna wiped her tears and turned on the radio. Maybe some nice music would help her forget some of the things she had seen.

She turned the dial until she reached her favorite station; 105.7

Atrianna smiled as 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol started up.

I could really go for some coffee

ForeverNight 12-12-2008 07:51 PM

Seeing signs of life from somewhere off the next off-ramp, Smith drove the Suburban up it and parked in the gas-station, a Holiday.

Looking around, he was surprised to see that it was actually in pretty good condition as well as the rest of the locations around it: A Super-Walmart, a Menard's, a Good-Will, a Walgreen's and what appeared to be a housing development.

Opening up his door cautiously, Smith got out and shut it behind him. Reaching into his back pocket, he removed his Credit Card and swiped it, praying to whatever Gods existed that the company was still issuing Credit... and this Holiday still receiving it.

But it worked and he opened up his gas-cover and poured in some fuel until he topped it out. Turning away before he could see how much he just paid he walked into the Holiday and nodded to the man working the central area. Reaching the coffee area he was surprised to see that the only thing they had left was decaf.

"Great. Just. Great." He ground out.

"Uh, hey, Mister!" The man almost yelled as he ran out of the area. "This isn't decaf." The boy -he didn't look to be a day over 16- was about 5'5" and had some crazy red hair, likely from a bottle."It's dark roast. We just had an issue with the other one."

Issue meaning that it was likely broken on some Zombie's head.

"Oh." He poured out the entire container into three different insulated mugs and paid $120.00 for it all in the end... in cash.

"Any news?" The boy said after the transaction was finished and Smith had downed a few good mouthfuls.

"It looked like the University was overrun as I left as well as all the bars and restaurants in that area."

"Wow." The boy seemed rather shell-shocked.

"But, it appears that the highway is deserted about now, I haven't seen any traffic on my way out of Saint Paul on 35W and 94."

A noise outside startled him, the trashcans moving.

"Probably just a raccoon, right?" The boy said, trying to sound calm.

Smith didn't even grace that statement with an answer as he brought his 45 out of his jacket's inside pocket and walked over to the window, to peer over to the trash without going outside.

A zombie crashed against the window, forcing Smith to flinch back. "Goddammit!" He cursed as he opened the exit door and blew it's head off. Another one then jumped out of the shadows at him and it was brought down before it could land.

Without a look back at the boy -instead he was making impatient hand gestures to get moving- Smith ran to the Suburban and started it up. Thankfully that appeared to be all the zombies. Driving over to the curb -or on the cub, it mattered who would retell the story- he threw open the passenger side door for the boy who was running out of the store, with Smith's three mugs of coffee.

"You're a life saver!" He breathed as he drove out of the area, across the bridge and down the on-ramp.

"So, mister, where you going?"

"Fort Ripley, to find out what the hell happened."

CommanderQ 12-12-2008 08:09 PM

"Comrade Zaitsev, I think we could plan a route here."

Rosokosovski gestured along a certain highway that led to the American town of Milwaukee.

"It may be the quickest way to reach ground zero of the infection."

Zaitsev looked closer," Well, sir, I think you found us a way in. Do you think the Americans will suspect anything."

"No, the soldiers are just trying to survive at this point, there's no use trying to see what we're up to. Is the package secure?"

Zaitsev nodded and gestured to his pack. Vlad smiled, "Well, good, I think we'll make good progress, ammo and supplies should be easy to come by with the all the evacuations taking place. All we need is transportation."

Zaitsev gestured to the highway. Sure enough, there were several cars spread out across the highway. Abandoned of course, but luckily the keys were still in most of them. But suddenly, something caught Vlad's eye. Two American armored cars, humvees.

"Perfect." said Vlad.

He gestured for his men to load up.

Chevron 7 locke 12-12-2008 08:52 PM

Atrianna couldn't believe her luck.

The prius was nearly out of gas and she was in the middle of nowhere

Atrianna needed to either find another car or a gas station or she was going to be fair game for the undead.

She still had her radio tuned to 105.7 and her second favorite band was on at the moment.

I love Nickelback

As her prius came over the edge of a hill that lead to an highway that went from Milwaukee to Chicage into chicago, she saw something that made her heart soar.

Cars. Wonderful abandoned cars. Hers for the taking.

What the Hell?!

There were men near the cars.

Men in white Bio-Chem suits

She saw one of the men start toward a humvee that Atrianna had been eyeing

Atrianna pushed the car to it's maximum speed and drove.

Jedi_Man 12-13-2008 12:48 PM

Sam had heard gunshots, likely from the survivors. He knew he'd fair better than them. He may be overweight, and he may not be the best shot, but he had found three survivors in the store. They were armed to the teeth, mostly with some not so legal weapons. Uzis, Mac-10s, M4s, he even saw one of them hefting an M60!
" So much for stealth" Sam mumbled under his breath. The wind picked up then, the stink of the undead picking up with it, and the breeze nocking his necklace, a crucifix, up against his skin. Sam looked down at it as he entered the survivors truck, the very same one he nearly dashed his brains open on. The cool metal sent chills down his spine. He took the cross of as he buckled up, and looked at it in his hand. It looked dwarfed by the size of his hand, but it felt comforting as he held it.
It was something his parents had given him, right before his dad was called up, for 'peacekeeping', which lead to the current crisis. Tears came to Sam's eyes. He remembered what had happened to his mom, and his sister, and his older brother. He had gone out for supplies, and came back to find his brother dying, and his mom and sis gone.
His brother said they'd run while he fought, but Sam couldn't see his mom doing that. She used to be a cop, she would've forced his brother to run while she died instead. His brother asked to be put down, so he wouldn't come back, and Sam did, it was the very least he could do, that and cremate the body.
Sam got angry, at the Russians for making the bomb and the virus, at the Middle Easterns for using it, and at the goverment for not acting sooner.
The truck started up without a hitch and they drove off to Chicago, where apparently there was a safe zone. Sam doubted it would stay that way for long.

CommanderQ 12-15-2008 01:52 PM

Vlad saw the car speeding toward his squad. He dropped and rolled into an attack stance next to one of the cars. He then gestured for two of his men that had RPGs. They responded quickly, they dropped into crouching stances and aimed the RPGs at the incoming vehicle's tires. They fired simultaneously, one of the rockets blowing out the wheels of the vehicle and the other one rocketing towards some unknown destination.

Vlad stood and tossed a smoke grenade, he then motioned for his troops to charge towards the disable vehicle.

Chevron 7 locke 12-15-2008 02:39 PM

Atrianna cursed as her tire got shot out from under her by the men.

She quickly grabbed her shotgun from the backseat of the prius and loaded it.

Damn it!

One of the men had set off a smoke grenade.

she could vaugly make out the figures of the men moving toward her through the smoke.

Atrianna smiled.

She quickly fired her shotgun directly at the feet of one of the men.

Atrianna re-loaded her shotgun and aimed it at the head one of the bigger men. he looked to be about 6'6 in height.

"The next one who moves loses his head."

The men stopped moving.

Without putting down her shotgun, she called out to the men: "I don't want to fight anyone, I just want to know who you are and what the hell you're doing out here."

CommanderQ 12-15-2008 03:37 PM

Vlad stopped as he listened to the American, he then started shouting orders in Russian.

He slowly brought a flash grenade out of his pack. The grenade would knock the American unconcious, and hopefully, unharmed. The American may come in handy in the next phase of the mission. He pulled the pin and waited.

"DOWN!" He shouted in Russian. All of the men dropped to the ground, taking cover, Vlad did as well, throwing the grenade.

Chevron 7 locke 12-16-2008 01:59 PM

Atrianna saw the dark sphere of a grenade flying through the air and knew instantly what had happended.

They're gonna try and kill me

Atrianna heard the big one shout something in russian and instantly Atrianna pulled the trigger on her shotgun.

And then she heard a grunt of pain from one of the Russians.

And then the grenade exploded

CommanderQ 12-16-2008 02:09 PM

The grenade went off and Vlad shielded his eyes from the bright flash of the grenade. He heard one of his men grunt as the American got off a last shot. Vlad stood and walked out of the smoke, AK-47 ready. He found the American, and she was unconcious, and unharmed. He ordered two of his men to get out the cuffs and place an extra gas mask on her, there was no knowing whether she was infected or not. The mask would at least keep her from biting anyone, if she should be infected.

Vlad walked over to his wounded soldier.

"Vassili, you okay?" asked Vlad.

Vassili nodded and gestured to his shoulder where he was peppered by one of the ball bearings from the shotgun blast.

Vlad called for the medic, "You'll be fine, Comrade, it looks like a scratch. Hang in there."

Vassili nodded silently and clenched his teeth, trying to beat back the pain.

Vlad watched as the medic patched up his man, Zaitsev tapped Vlad on the shoulder.

"Comrade Major, the prisoner is secure, she'll probably come out of it in about thirty minutes at the most."

Vlad nodded and went to the American's vehicle. She was reasonably well-armed, but that was to be expected in these parts of the country.

"Zaitsev, let's set this truck on fire, it could attract some attention to the area, maybe some more of these "survivors." Also, place two men on the prisoner, and keep a sharp eye on her, we'll see if she's infected later."

Zaitsev nodded and went about pouring fuel on the truck. Vlad picked up the American's shotgun and went to one of the humvees. He placed the gun in the truck and began directing his men into each humvee. They'd have to leave very very soon.

Chevron 7 locke 12-16-2008 03:46 PM

Atrianna awoke to find herself with a gas make over her head and with her hands cuffed

Flash Grenade

They had hit her with a flash grenade

Atrianna looked up at the russian solder watching her, and flipped him the bird as best she could with her hands cuffed

The Solder scowled at her

Atrianna smiled sweetly at the solder

"So...what's going on?"

The solder remained silent

Atrianna had to think about what to say next.

"Why am I cuffed and why is there a gas mask over my head?"

The solder smiled at her and walked to the front of the vehicle.

Atrianna couldn't help but feel angry at the Russian solders. All she had wanted to do was talk...but no...there always had to be grenades or guns.

Whatever happended to the days when people could have a nice civil chat without getting shot at?

Ataris 12-16-2008 03:46 PM

Coryn had been on the road for hours already, deciding to head out to one of the more relatively safe cities, Chicago. At least, that's what he had heard.

Why am I leaving? Surely it's no safer than Virginia?

The news reports stopped as he reached another border, but they did not start back up again. Apparently, southern Indiana's radio stations had been...what?...taken over? The thoughts raced through Coryn's head. The undead were clearly dangerous, then, more dangerous than he had thought.

Richmond had had its outbreak already, and now he would have to keep moving to wherever the undead were not. And in just a few more hours, he would reach Chicago.

Maybe the US scientists will actually step in and do something in the meantime.

Jedi_Man 12-16-2008 08:40 PM

Sam and the other survivors, George, Jack and Darla, had arrived at Chicago two hours ago. Obviously thats not nearly enough time to go through all the nooks and cranneys, but the megaphone Jack had brought along would ensure anyone within a three mile radius could hear, and so would the zombies. After a few drive-bys on some zombies, they'd given up with Chicago.
The only shred of hope they'd had was a message blaring that some Russians had escaped Army custody and were to be shot on sight. Sam preferred not to use violence, at least not on humans, so he ignored the last part.
If he knew anything, the Russians would probably look for some survivors, either out of charity, or for some nefarious reason. Sam hoped for the first one. Even better, he'd heard another message saying that Washington D.C. was a safe zone for anyone who could reach it.
Sam decided that a large group of Russian Army Forces would probably be better than some assurance of safety. Just look what it did for Chicago. Besides, Maybe he could ask them some questions on the virus itself.

CommanderQ 12-16-2008 08:54 PM

Yuri walked back from placing the prisoner in one of the humvees.

He shouted in Russian, "Hey, Major, the American talks too much."

Vlad smiled, "Well, then, you too have much in common."

The entire group snickered and Yuri shook his head a couple times while smiling. He then got back into prisoner's humvee, up on the 50. cal weapon mounted on the top. Vlad got into the front seat's passenger side, Zaitsev ran and hopped into the driver's seat.

'Vlad, I've rigged the Americans vehicle to explode in about 5 minutes, we should get out of the area. The "survivors" may notice the blast."

Vlad nodded and looke at the American, he switched back into thickly accented English.

"Well, American, I assume you're wondering what's happened and what's happening."

Vlad looked at the American's expression for any reaction, he continued, "Well, you just threatened a Special Forces group of the Elite Russian Army. We treated you as such, but seeing as you hurt one of my men, I have reason to think you're crazy."

Vlad smiled, "Now, for the cuffs and the gas mask, the cuffs are because you're a prisoner, technically. The gas mask, well, if your infected and may go over to the other side anytime soon, well, we don't want you biting us."

Vlad took a small briefcase out of his pack, "We soon see if you're infected, but now isn't the time. You may come in some use to the Russian people if you cooperate, so please don't, as you Americans say, "Flip a birdie." We Russian don't like that."

Vlad nodded and sat back in his seat. He put a hand outside the window and motioned for the other humvee to follow.

Zaitsev looked out the window and said,"We'll be back soon, comrades!"

The convoy began a short drive into the city. They may even run into more survivors, if there should be any. But there was one thing for sure about Chicago, there'd definately be something.

Chevron 7 locke 12-16-2008 09:06 PM

Atrianna looked up as the big one started talking to her and she waited until he finished his little speech.

"I'm not crazy."

The Russian glanced at her.

"So...what happens if you think i'm infected?"

The Russian still didn't reply

"My name is Atrianna, what's yours?"

Still no reply.

Time for new tactic.

"How do I know that you are not infected yourself?"


"It's considered polite to answer questions."

Silence yet again

"I'm not crazy if that's what your thinking."

Still no reply

"Did you manage to grab all of guns from the Prius?"

The Russian simply smiled at her.

I really hope they managed to grab my weapons

CommanderQ 12-16-2008 09:41 PM

Vlad nodded at her every question.

'Well, Attriana, whether you're crazy or not is up to us to decide. Not what do we do if you're infected. We'll use you as a test subject for a zombie killing serum, eh? We'd just shoot your head off, and leave your zombie body to be eaten by other infected."

Vlad smiled," Now onto more pleasant things, my name is Vlad."

He pointed to himself then to Zaitsev, "And this is Zaitsev, that's all you need to know."

"Also, the reason we're not infected is because, obviously we aren't. Question answered, and no, we don't think you're crazy...yet."

He then sat back down in his seat and watched the roads ahead.

Chevron 7 locke 12-16-2008 10:02 PM

Atrianna smiled to herself.

They were heading for Milwaukee, she knew the twists and turns of the route to Milwaukee by heart.

"I wouldn't head into Milwauke if I were you. It's crawing with infected, there are too many even for you and your men to take."


"I'm not gonna be quiet until you answer my main question: Did you manage to save my weapons?"

Yet more silence from the front

"You're going to need a guide when you enter Milwaukee..."


"If you give me back my shotgun I can help you out..."


These guys better have coffee

CommanderQ 12-16-2008 10:36 PM

The American does talk too much, Vlad thought.

"Please, be quiet and we won't have to do anything to handle you. Talk to Yuri, he likes to talk, isn't that right, Yuri?"

Zaitsev cracked up and started chuckling. Vlad took out the map and looked at it carefully. Then he heard the distinct explosion of the American's truck back on the highway. He smiled.

"Well, Zaitsev, take us back to Chicago, I think I know an alternate route. Besides, Milwaukee isn't ground zero."

Zaitsev nodded and turned the humvee around back towards Chicago. The other humvee followed and the convoy began to make it's way back.

Vlad decided to start up a conversation, hoping he wouldn't regret it.

"So, Attriana isn't it? Well, how did you end up in this situation anyway?"

Vlad leaned back in his chair and stuck a foot up on the dashboard of the humvee.

Chevron 7 locke 12-17-2008 01:10 AM

Atrianna smiled.

Vlad seemed very overconfident

"I think you already know i'm a mercenary. The whole reason I got stuck out here was because I wanted to help people. I had just finished up a job in Canada when I heard the news about what had happended. I came back down to the states to help out whoever I could."

"Everywhere I went, I saw destruction and chaos and death. I finally heard that Milwaukee was pretty well off, so I headed on down and tried to help out. By the time I got there, nearly everyone was dead or had fled the part of the city that I had made my home in. As I was leaving the city, I saw horrible things, I saw acts of heroism that would brings tears to your eyes, I saw men sacrifice themselves to save their families, and I saw them die as they were ripped apart."

"I heard Chicago was still pretty well off so I left Milwaukee, then my prius ran nearly ran out of gas, I saw you and your men by the cars and then I ended up in this situation."

Atrianna couldn't help but feel very thirsty.

"So...when are you going to test out the whole undead killing virus on me?"


"You guys have anything to drink?"

CommanderQ 12-17-2008 01:23 PM

Vlad got out a canteen from his pack.

"You like Vodka?"

Vlad sighed, "And we'd only test th e "undead virus killing thingy" if you're undead. Seeing as you're not, aw well."

Vlad looked at the map once again.

Jedi_Man 12-17-2008 02:04 PM

Sam was in the center of Slinger, the place wehre his uncle lived. The condo his uncle stayed at looked relatively well off, considering the circumstances. There wasn't a horde to be seen for miles.
Sam picked his Grendel up and checked the magazine.
" Dang! Three rounds in this one, just one mag left after this!" sam said. He was pissed. But there was no stopping the inevitable. upon entering the condominium complex, he smelled no death, heard no screams, and felt the darkness of death alleviate.
" Well well well, looks like we got ourselves a winner here!" jack said. Sam ran to the room his uncle was in, he just needed to be sure he was alive. Before he could open the door, a dull clatter rang out, much like an AK-47. he knew the sound.
He opened the door either way, the shooter was too far away for them to be any help. His uncle sprang out, a large knife in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Ataris 12-17-2008 03:56 PM

The last thing Coryn expected to see when he arrived at Chicago was military vehicles and cars parked in front of the abandoned remains of some office buildings.

He hit the brakes to his car (a black Ford V6 Fusion, of course) and looked around. They certainly didn't look like American vehicles. Then he saw some of the soldiers. Walking right towards him. In biochemical suits.

Remembering what he had heard on the news, he immediately tried to turn around. However, the guns that two other soldiers pointed towards him made him stop.

CommanderQ 12-17-2008 04:05 PM

Vlad's radio crackled to life.

"....Comrade Major, American spotted! We need your presence immediately!"

Zaitsev turned the car around toward Humvee 2's position, Vlad pressed the respond button on the radio.

"Comrade Boris, hold position, acquire the prisoner, peacefully if possible."

An acknowledge ping was sent. Vlad nodded and brought his foot off the dashboard. He prepped his AK-47 and opened the window, prepared to fire.

It took minutes to reach humvee 2's position, and sure enough, there was an American standing completely still around 10 meters off the right side of humvee 2.

Vlad stepped out of the car, "American, if you have any weapons, put them down now. We do not wish to fight you! Cooperate!"

Vlad aimed his AK at the American and prepared for the man's surrender.

Ataris 12-17-2008 04:11 PM

Dang, I can't believe that I forgot a weapon. Nothing to drop, at least.

Coryn unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door, and then walked forward slightly, making sure that he would not get shot in the process. Then the man holding the gun spoke in Russian to some of his men, and they seized him.

Making sure not to panic, he stated a cliche, "Could someone please tell me what is going here?"

The Russian just stared as he was led over to a humvee.

Great. At least they aren't zombies.

CommanderQ 12-17-2008 04:19 PM

Vlad motioned for the American to be placed in the back of his humvee with the other prisoner.

He shouted in Russian, "We'll have to find more vehicles to continue this spree, eh?"

The group chuckled and Vlad looked at the American.

"You are probably confused, yes? Well, our buisness is our own, but you can help us survive. You may be of use to the Motherland, cooperate, and we'll come out of this alive."

Yuri placed a zip-tie cuff on the American's hands, they then stuck him next to the other prisoner. Vlad stood on the side of his humvee and waved for the other to follow.

"We're heading for the center of the city, perhaps there will be answers there!" He shouted.

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