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Darth Kraze 12-11-2008 07:45 PM

Rage - A PvE Oriented Guild is now Recruiting!
Guild Name: Rage
Guild Manager: VinceC
Head Master: Darth Kraze
Guild Types: PvE (Raid), PvP, Casual RP section
Council: Lord Loss, Robox19
Member Count: 22
Site Link:
Guild Forums:
Join Us:

Mission Statement: Rage is determined to become an elite group of Sith, matched only by the Emperor and his Dark Lords. The power of the leader and the combined combat prowess of the council are unmatched by the weak and foolish. The peaceful ways of the Jedi shall crumble under the might of the Sith.

Guild Setting: After years of careful planning amongst the Council the time is coming for Rage to strike. The final preparations are being made, the last of the recruitment is being finalized. The reign of Rage over the galaxy is near, darkness will fill the hearts of many, and the souls of all.

Guild History: 3000 years before the great Lord Vader, a twisted Sith has killed his Master and recruited many more Sith to follow him. He had a great power in the force and was strong: the name his master gave to him was Darth Kraze. This Dark Lord has recruited many Sith but one stood out from all the others. Artoris Vein was strong, and Darth Kraze saw that he could be a weapon to kill the Jedi. Darth Kraze trained Artoris and he became his master. Darth Kraze gave Artoris Vein a name, and that name was Lord Loss. Lord Loss became a council member of the guild and the Order has become stronger ever since. A few years later another great apprentice was very powerful in the force and both Darth Kraze and Lord Loss believed he would be powerful and then they could finally become the greatest Order in the galaxy. Darth Kraze and Lord Loss trained Robox and he soon became a council member.

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