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Rogue Nine 12-18-2008 04:31 PM

Are you traveling for the holidays?
It's the holiday season and we're just wondering if you'll be traveling anywhere to visit family/friends for the occasion.

No matter where you go or if you go anywhere, Happy Holidays from LucasForums!

M@RS 12-18-2008 04:49 PM

You too... :) I'm not going anywhere, all of my friends and family are coming over to our place... :D

Just gotta protect my electronics from the little kids... o_O

Bokken 12-18-2008 04:50 PM

I think we're staying home; we might be going to my grandmother's on the lake.

Jeff 12-18-2008 04:55 PM

My family usually goes down to visit the rest of our extended family down in Ohio so we will be going down there for the week after Christmas.

Astor 12-18-2008 05:14 PM

I'm going down to the Kent area for the weekend... looking forward to a nice 3hr journey tomorrow morning. :)

Pho3nix 12-18-2008 05:27 PM

I was going to Sweden to visit my family there, but I'll just prolly have a pretty boring holiday with my father.

EnderWiggin 12-18-2008 06:43 PM

Much of my family has moved out of Pennsylvania - some to Florida, some to Texas, some to Mexico.. (no, I'm not hispanic :xp:)

Probably just have dinner at my parents'.


Litofsky 12-18-2008 08:32 PM

Alas, I'm being dragged on a multi-day trip to the scourge of the world: Orlando, Florida. For four days, I'll be enjoying the most excellent Disney World, and all of its everlasting joys.

I'll never make it. :p

mimartin 12-18-2008 08:33 PM

First Christmas my parents are unable to cook (health reasons), so I’m smoking a turkey and purchasing everything else from the Honey Baked Ham store. I’m also purchasing a Ham in case the turkey is uneatable. :D It was only suppose to be the immediate family, but last count is 20. :(

Commander Obi-Wan 12-18-2008 11:15 PM

I'll probably just chill (no pun intended ;)) at home. All my family is here anyway.

Rev7 12-19-2008 12:29 AM

I am just staying home this holiday season.

Besides we are practically snowed in.

Hayden Kered 12-19-2008 01:21 AM

I always go to my Grandmother's house for Christmas. I'll be visiting my in-laws that weekend.

Jae Onasi 12-19-2008 02:21 AM

We'll either travel the whole 4 miles to my dad's house for Christmas, or the 14 miles or so to my aunt and uncle's house. Otherwise, not going much of anywhere, and we're going to be homebodies for the week that I'm off work with the kiddos. Of course, we're getting about 13 inches of snow tonight so there's no travel for the next day or so, anyway.

Chevron 7 locke 12-19-2008 02:29 AM

Lotsa traveling for my family this year
Christmas Eve at the grandparents on my mom's side, then Christmas Day at grandparents on my dad's side

Darth333 12-19-2008 02:31 AM

Well, there's traveling and Traveling ...I've never considered going somewhere that is located less than 500M away as real "traveling" but to answer the initial post I'll be driving +- 130 miles x 6 times between the 21st and the 26th of Dec. I hope the roads won't be too bad.

Boba Rhett 12-19-2008 02:44 AM

1700+ miles traveled (there and back) to go see my girlfriend and her family in Michigan. All alone the whole way in my car. Do I win a prize or something?

Det. Bart Lasiter 12-19-2008 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by Boba Rhett (Post 2568288)
1700+ miles traveled (there and back) to go see my girlfriend and her family in Michigan. All alone the whole way in my car. Do I win a prize or something?

A vacation to Michigan (airfare not included).

leXX 12-19-2008 04:42 AM

I go to my mum's house every Christmas. 10 minute drive.

Taos 12-19-2008 01:28 PM

I'll be off to my folks place which is like 100 miles or so from me. Easy enough of a drive. Though we've had a bit of snow lately which is a bit unusual.....should make things interesting.

jawathehutt 12-19-2008 02:10 PM

I might travel 2 miles to taco bell or culvers to get lunch or go to a friends house. And that will be the extent of my holiday travels. I know, I'm really boring.

Lantzen 12-19-2008 07:33 PM

Hmm, i will travel like 5 meters to my sisters apartment where the family will meet, hopefully it will be a worthwhile journey. You know, 5 meters are alot :xp:

Jason Skywalker 12-20-2008 05:39 AM

Staying at home while my imediate family comes to my home.

EnderWiggin 12-20-2008 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by Boba Rhett (Post 2568288)
1700+ miles traveled (there and back) to go see my girlfriend and her family in Michigan. All alone the whole way in my car. Do I win a prize or something?

Eventually, you win her.

How's that engagement ring coming?


Rinku 12-20-2008 03:51 PM

Going up to my cousins for the whole day.

Tommycat 12-22-2008 11:03 PM

I voted no, staying at home, but I'm gonna be working... Yay for being part of the credit card industry... er....
<starts polishing his resume'>

GUNNER 12-23-2008 01:35 PM

We like to stay home and watch the kids play with their stuff. Most everyone comes to our house for the most part..

Merry Christmas every one. :)

Bokken 12-23-2008 03:42 PM

Oh yeah...Merry Christmas!

zelda 41 12-24-2008 10:35 PM

Just staying at home. My parents work today and tommarrow, but my sister and her finacee came down to visit us; so not very lonely. Then on Friday, my 4 nieces are coming down with my step brother and we'll be doing a big christmas thing then.:)

Ctrl Alt Del 12-28-2008 12:36 PM

Traveling, of course. Not far, but somewhere I can enjoy gigs and parties.

GeneralPloKoon 12-31-2008 03:12 PM

I'm doing absolutely nothing!

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