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xtor101 12-27-2008 03:27 AM

Leviathan Detention Death;
Okay I am playing the Best of PC Kotor version on my Vista Ultimate,now,when I finished Kashyyyk (The third planet I did),I was going to go to Korriban and all,blah blah blah.Leviathan,blah blah blah,Torture,etc.I chose to use Canderous/Juhani to save Revan,Bastila,and Carth.I did exactly what people did in Videos and in Walkthroughs to get passed it,but whenever I use the Detention Area console to open the doors,it says my party is killed.Is there a way to fix this? I tried both characters and did everything to get passed this point but it doesn't seem to work.Please help me with this,I just want to beat this game again.

LordMcGuffin 02-17-2009 02:23 PM

Hmmm.... With Canderous, I'd say get the ICE breaker, then find the brig console, release the detention forcefields then activate riot system, then unlock the detention doors, go in and activate the console. If this doesn't work then maybe you have a mod issue (If I remember right, Talchia's hardcore mod makes those torture lasers zap to a kiling point.) If that happens just remember to go the you, bastila, and carth on some planet and activate cheats, then type "setstrength 99" or "invulnerability 99" or both.

With Juhani, just remember not to have stealth active when you use the console.

Hope that helps :D

(BTW I have Best Of PC too, there's an issue with Vista Ultimate, screws everything up, try Vista Home Basic. works 4 me :D)

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