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CrisG 01-16-2009 01:43 AM

Any suggestions for a noob
Hi i have purchased this game and plan to play it soonish, and wanted to ask any Vets if there are hints, tips, patches or so forth that are suggested...i will work on it soon and wanted to ask here at the source lol... thanks for any help. much appreciated.

LordOfTheFish 01-16-2009 02:33 PM

Stick with the blaster attachment.

RC-1183 01-23-2009 06:39 PM

yup and when they get close dont even think just knife em, and use nades often

GeneralPloKoon 01-24-2009 12:18 AM

Rockets are cheap, but you're friends too(and gernade launchers)!

CrisG 01-24-2009 12:20 PM

Thank you very much for the suggestions, i am making notes. much appreciated.

GeneralPloKoon 01-24-2009 03:10 PM

What system do you have Commando for?

CrisG 01-28-2009 12:23 AM

PC, my main game test platform is AMD 3400 2.4 Ghz, with 3 GB RAM and 400 GB HD, FX 7600GT.

GeneralPloKoon 01-28-2009 01:07 PM

Ah, try to get with the crossbow, its weak and hard to use but being killed by it annoys the crap outta people. Only do that if you want to though...I just use the starting weapon mostly...more people like being on the Republic side but I go Trandoshan!

CrisG 01-28-2009 03:08 PM

Thanks for the tips General much appreciated. :)

RC-1183 01-28-2009 11:29 PM

o yeah hey jw does anyone play RC on Xbox live? cuz i dont have it for PC if you do send me a pm or message me through live my gamertag is Cpt KoRn

811720 'Flashbang' 02-07-2009 10:21 PM

My advice is to use quick firing weapons that do a lot of damage, or simply overwhelm the enemy with sheer firepower, such as the DC-17m Blaster Attachment, or the Trandoshan Shotgun.

RC-1038 05-23-2010 07:54 PM

what helps me is to never stop moving. Keep moving and also, i kinda circle my oponent, so its harder for them to shoot me. Good luck...

Hooper 05-23-2010 08:02 PM

Tips: try the Beta of Arc trooper mod!

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