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Ataris 02-05-2009 04:56 PM

Stargate: Convergence
(Read the backstory in the casting call.)

Lord Valkanar sat upon his golden steel throne of honor.


Only just a few days ago he had sent out a Ha'tak to investigate a new planet, and it had not returned. Of course, since the Ori had not reached this part of the Pegasus galaxy, he was safe.

Perhaps it was those Atlanteans.


Valkanar's First Prime turned to him.

"Bring us closer to the planet!"

As the ship started moving, the shooting began.

finduilas21 02-06-2009 05:20 PM

"We may never find Kira, you know," Corey said to her. "And if we do, she may be completely brainwashed."

"I know. But I still care about her. She's a part of me. I can't give up."
He sighed. "We have a briefing in 10 minutes. I think they want us to go to the Pegasus galaxy."

"One more chance to look for her."

"Or die trying."

Thanatos9t 02-07-2009 06:48 PM

"No I wont talk, I'll die before I talk!"

"That you will..." announced Ba'al before he began his interogation.

"No, No, NOOOO!"

Captain Thomas Stevenson violently awoke lurching upright aboard the Tel'tak Goa'uld cargo ship destined for the Pegasis galaxy.

"You had that dream again didn't you?" Said the ever present voice in his head the voice of a now trusted friend and his only ally.

"You know to anyone else I would look mad talking to myself..." joked the Captain "but I suppose after two years alone on this ship I have a rite to be a little crazy."

"We are almost there now, without an ancient power device we have had to make sacrifices" informed the Tok'ra symbiote within the head of the Captain.

"Good it's taken far too long..." He replys before returning to his quarters.

Ataris 02-08-2009 03:35 PM

The shields flared with energy as missiles bombarded the ship. It was the Atlanteans - it had to be. Reliable intelligence from Valkanar's revealed that they had secured many battleships, and even captured some of the Wraith vessels as well. It seems with all the in-fighting the Wraith had gotten careless.

Lord Valkanar walked to the large window and looked out upon the planet. His secret laboratory must have been discovered. The only way to keep it secret would be to stop the Aurora-class ship to leave or be destroyed.

With a signal to one of his crew, the live video feed to the other ship was activated.

"This is Valkanar. I see that you have managed to find my installation. I would not recommend engaging my ship in combat." He smiled.

The Ha'tak was heavily modified, featuring an entirely new exterior hull design, Wraith weaponry, and a shield designed by Ba'al that Valkanar had stolen that weakened even Ori weapons.

Valkanar waited for a response.

finduilas21 02-08-2009 04:34 PM

"You want us to attack the Ha'tak? Look at it! Who knows what new devilry that snake head has come up with?"

"This ship has been haunting the area for weeks. We can't just ignore him," said Dr. Weir in her stern voice.

Jenna glanced at Corey. He was fidgeting with his stylus. "What about our weakened shields, Dr. Weir? When we joined with Atlantis a week ago, you said we couldn't possibly--"

"And now I'm saying that it is necessary." Dr. Weir frowned. Corey sat up.

"Maybe it's neccesary to attack, but it might be nice to get more intel first. This guy Valkanar doesn't know we know he's there, and wouldn't recognize, well, let's say me for instance. I haven't been part of a team for long."

"If you're suggesting a spy mission, I'm going with you," said Jenna. Dr. Weir appraised them and the rest of her team, thinking.

Ataris 02-08-2009 04:42 PM

A tiny alarm went off in Valkanar's ear, where no one else could hear it.

"Tech!" Valkanar shouted in Ghoa'uld.

The technician officer turned.

"I have just recieved a signal from our sensor array. The Atlantean ship just sent out a message. Can you confirm?"

"Yes, my lord. Shall I translate it?"

"Do so immediately."

finduilas21 02-09-2009 05:27 PM

"Just how do you suggest we plant a spy onboard that ship?" said Dr. Weir.

"Beam me up, Scotty?" joked Corey.

"Send a message to the Daedelus ship. They have the technology to beam us aboard," suggested Jenna, frowning at Corey's light manner about a matter of life and death.

"We can disguise ourselves as Goa'ulds."

"Sure wish we had a Tok'ra around. They were great on those kind of missions."

Lights flared suddenly and a technician raced into the room. "Dr Weir! I think you should see this!"

Ataris 02-09-2009 05:38 PM

Another alarm went off, this time slightly altered. It meant that the ship's modified sensors had picked up a transmission coming in instead of going out.

"My lord..."

"Yes, I know, they are communicating with someone. Most likely Atlantis." He turned to tech. "I trust that you have translated the message?"

Reading and translating were two different things put together. But by now something must have been deciphered.

"My lord, I...wait...there is something here. Shall I play it?" Valkanar nodded.

"" The message ended.

"Ah, it seems they have developed countermeasures against our kind of sensors. I must go and modify them. What is our status?"

The tech said with a barely noticable smirk, "The shields are still at 80%. We have 20 minutes until they fail at this rate of fire."

Valkanar smiled. Their weapons were very weak now that his shield technology had been implemented. He walked off to go modify the sensors. It would be very interesting to know what the Atlanteans would do to help their ship.

Very interesting indeed.

Thanatos9t 02-09-2009 07:16 PM

Alarm klaxons rang aboard the Tel'tak cargo ship waking Thomas from his sleep, running down to the bridge of the ship he wondered if he should move his bed closer.

"What is it now?" Thomas enquired hoping it wouldn't be another false alarm.

"Multiple ships have been picked up on long range sensors." Thanatos replied as he was far more efficient at reading Goa'uld readouts.

"Hmm this one appears to be a heavily modified Ha'tak battleship and this one I would guess would be a ship from Earth, back when I was at the SGC I sat in on a boring meeting about building some sort of Hyperspace capable ship-" Thomas got interupted before going off on a tangent.

"Shall I contact the Tau'ri ship?" Thanatos interupted.

"Yes put us through use my Iris code hopefully someone aboard will recognise it, you better leave the talking to me old friend."

Captain Stevenson put on his SG-13 jacket or what was left of it stood up and opened the communication channel.

Ataris 02-10-2009 03:31 PM

Multiple alarms rang through Valkanar's ears. There couldn't be just one ship sending messages anymore. He was tending to the sensors when they suddenly picked up a transmission, along with the coordinates of a new ship arriving. From the looks of it, it was cloaked, but soon the ship disappeared again.

The sensors were not working very well today.

Valkanar strode back to the bridge and barked orders. "Open a transmission to the Aurora-class ship, now!"

As the viewscreen finally displayed a picture of his adversary, Valkanar was seething once more. "Keep sending transmissions and you will die."

The transmission then ended.

"Sir, our weapons aren't working."

Valkanar flashed his eyes. "Why is everything suddenly behaving erradically?!"

finduilas21 03-01-2009 04:18 PM

"Corey, be careful. They may be able to sense we are here."

"I just have to adjust the sensors a little. If I mess up the transmissions enough, the Aurora starship will be able to surprise them."

"We have to get beamed off first!!"

"The Daedalus won't let us down. Wait--someone's coming.

Ataris 03-01-2009 04:28 PM

Pulling out a modified hand device, more focused on manipulating gravity than torturing victims, Valkanar prepared to destroy anyone in his path.

Stopping in front of the automatically opening door, he hesitated. There was always the possibility....

Throwing caution aside, he marched on through the door, activating his energy shield. It was, of course, modified, but running out of energy since he had not been able to recharge it. He had, of course, tried to hook it up to a photovoltaic power array, but he had been delayed.

So the shot from the Zat'n'ktel disabled him easily.

In his brief moment before unconciousness, he noticed some humans.

Wearing Atlantean uniforms....

finduilas21 03-01-2009 04:31 PM

"Wo. I think you just shot Valkanar!" Corey slid from behind the console and walked towards the fallen Go'a'uld...or however they spelled it...Jenna was standing with the Zat in her hand, looking slightly stunned herself.

"What now?"

"He's still breathing." Corey worked on removing the Goooolds' hand device. "Disarming him," he whispered. "Notify the Daedelus. We're taking him with us!"

Thanatos9t 03-05-2009 05:54 AM

"Dr Weir we are recieving a burst communication" one of the bridge crew reported as Elizabeth steped onto the bridge.

"Is it from SG-21?" she replied in her normal calm manner.

"No the message came from space possibly a cloaked ship..." the bridge officer continued.

"What is weird is that it has an Iris code for the Earth Stargate, if I remember correctly it was removed from the list of accepted codes after an SG team went missing when I was working at the SGC." another member of the crew replied.

"The message has been fully decoded now Dr Weir" the crewman who reported the message in the firstplace replied.

"Play the message" Dr Weir said.

"This is Captain Thomas Stevenson of SG-13 requesting permission to ring aboard, my team was abushed and killed I survived I was tortured personally by Ba'al until a Tok'ra host gave his life to save me..." he said with a heavy heart.

"I am now host to the Tok'ra symbiote feel free to detain me when I get there. I heard about Earth and the Ori and decided to find help elsewhere. I will program my ship to follow yours SG-13 out." The message ended.

"Send him a reply using the same compression algorithm stating he can ring aboard when we drop our shields. Send some men down to the ring platform and keep me informed." Elizabeth ordered the crew.

Jedi_Man 03-06-2009 08:09 PM

Sam made his way towards the weapons locker, his P90 hanging loosely at his side, the bloodied hole in his side starting to hurt as the adrenaline wore off.
" Dang! Curse them!" He muttered under his breath as the screams of his comrades filled the darkness of the powered down corridor. He was screaming, the forms of enemies filling the bursts of light from his Sub machine gun. Then, he was clubbed, his head slamming into the nearest wall, and all was black.

Ataris 03-12-2009 04:40 PM

Waking up from a comatose state, Valkanar observed that he was in a force cage of Atlantean design, but it was clearly still aboard the ship. Briefly he noticed someone out of uniform being led through the ship. And he sensed it.

Another Ghoa'uld.

Could this be a Tok'ra? It certainly seemed that way. Glancing around further, he noticed a guard walking away, likely to tell someone that he was awake.

Standing up, he eyed the humans before him.

Ataris 04-19-2009 05:59 PM

"Humans, likely you are not aware of something that I am aware of myself."

Lord Valkanar reached into his cloak and drew out a Naqawdah bomb. He smiled.

"Do you know what this is? If you do not release me this instant, I shall destroy this entire planet." He primed the bomb.

Dr. Weir, he presumed, along with the others, instantly drew back harshly. One of the females spoke.

finduilas21 04-20-2009 12:34 PM

Jenna gasped. Lord Valkanar drew out a Naquada bomb! "No!" she shrieked. Corey ran and put his arms around her. Dr. Weir ran out of the room wildly, pulling her hair and gibbering.

"She's headed for the Stargate!" yelled Corey, trying to pull Jenna after her. "Let's go!"

"We can't abandon Atlantis!"

"Why not, none of the cool people are left on this planet anyway!"

"But Atlantis itself! It's so cool and powerful and has so much potential! Try to shoot Valkanar, quick!"

"It's too late for that, stupid human! You have about 21 seconds left of your miserable little lives! I suggest you run after your imbecilic captain and leave me alone in my misery." snarled Lord Valkanar.

"Have you noticed--" said Jenna, as she was being carried from the room by Corey who had melodramatically thrown her over his shoulder. "He looks a lot like Baal! Maybe its one of his clones!"

"Maybe it's a robot clone, who has been programmed to destroy itself and us and the entire universe as we know it! I don't care! I just want out of here!" He raced through the open wormhole in the Stargate just as a brilliant white light flashed all over the room. He hoped Dr. Weir had opened the wormhole to somewhere far, far away.

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