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Kyvios 03-03-2009 01:59 PM

The Mansion
(First post basically, you hear the announcement, then you head towards the mansion.)

Ryan Korrin sat in his little radio booth reading off the most resent news. So far the main story was about the serial killings that have been going on leaving the police dumbfounded. As he flipped threw the pages an Advertisement caught his eye. Ryan smiled as he carefully read it over. Carefully he set the boring old news aside and started to read the Advertisement over the radio.

"Well it seems like Starting Line Thrill Industries is at it again. We have another contest here folks, and this prize is a big one. Are you willing to risk your very lives for 5 million dollars? We'll find out.

Starting Line Trill Industries is offering you a chance to prove your bravery by stepping in one of the most haunted places on earth. Well it is for me anyways" Ryan laughed "Anyways, most of you know The Myrahan Plantation, down in Louisianan. And for those who don't I'll give you a little back story."

Ryan lowers his voice to a whisper, playing so horror music in the background "In 1853, Ernest Myrahan the owner and operator of the plantation totally lost his mind one evening. He killed all his workers, kids and his own wife, then finally himself. And now they say those spirits still roam the ground, some of the ghosts are friendly, some are out for revenge, and they could Just take it out on you.

Now Starting Line Thrill Industries will be accepting 5 or more Contestants. If you think you have the courage to step foot in that house, not being able to leave the property for any reason, and survive for one month, then call right up. The number is 328-555-7492"

After that Ryan played the commercials and took out his cell phone dialing the number. If anything he needed a vacation, and he was never one for taking a normal vacation. Once some one picked up he gave his information and was automatically accepted. After work was done he set out for the mansion in Louisianan.

The Travel was long since he lived all the way in Chicago, Illinois. He pulled up close to the plantation looking at the building from a distance. It seemed rather old, but well maintained. The property itself he knew was quite expansive, any one could easily get lost in it. The vines growing up along the side of the dark stone building had some beautiful blue and pink flowers growing on it. Near the building was a black car just sitting there waiting. Ryan shrugged getting back into his car continuing up the driveway to get his vacation of a lifetime under way.

Ataris 03-03-2009 03:44 PM

Aiden Valko lay in bed. His night had been a real drag. Evidence of the fact that he hadn't turned off the radio on his alarm clock before he went to sleep.

Putting out all thoughts of the night, he eased out of the comfy environment. Music...wait, no, commercials. Smiley Morning Show, oh boy. He almost turned it off, but there was a humorous commercial on about a haunted mansion. Aiden rolled his eyes.

Picking up the phone, he dialed her number...and got no response. So he called his best friend instead.

"Dude, it's all over the radio!"

"What?" Aiden said groggily.

"Dude, the haunted mansion, dude! Dude, you so have to do it, dude! She'll totally, like, love you dude! Dude! Do it dude!"

Aiden smiled, and thought about it.

"You know, it would be funny just to call and see what they say."

"I so dare you, dude. Like, dude, I'll tell her about it, dude. I'll say, like, that you did it for her, dude."

"Okay, give me a sec."

He dialed up the number, after having his best friend recite it to him, and registered.

So this is really serious?

And, of course, it might impress her. That was always a plus.

Weeeeeeeeee (Time passes)

Aiden got out of his nice black Ford V6 Fusion to see one man and a black car, along with the plantation and another car. Things looked pretty scarce. He didn't have that much to bring in with him. Looking at the gates to the plantation, he was filled with a sense of dark foreboding, for no rational reason he could discern.

"Hey, I'm Aiden." He reached out to shake hands with the man, likely another contestant.

Admiral_Thrawn 03-04-2009 10:43 AM

"Wha--?!" Gerris snapped awake. He turned over and covered his ears with a pillow, trying to get back to sleep. After a minute he realized the sound was his radio, a buster nineties model. He smacked the aerial, bringing it into focus almost instantly. He stood up and stared out the window, trying to discover a sign as to what time it was. He fell backward's, grabbing the controller at the end of the bed. With the push of a button the Television flared to life, bringing a myriad of color's and sight's into view. The radio went out of focus for a second time, but not so much so that he couldn't hear of the Mansion advert. He flicked the Television off and sat up, listening curiously to the advert.

He overheard the mention of prize money, not paticulary any lump sum. Gerris didn't much care for money, as he simply preferred a good time. Then again, it would be something to pass the time. He quickly recited the number, trying to memorize it as he jammed at the buttons on the phone. He picked it up after dialing, pushing down hard on the dial button. He gave his detail's, anxious to get it over with. After registering the details whilst listening to music, Gerris got up and went outside. He followed the road to the park, deciding to take a quick stroll. He followed the river, letting himself become lost in its ebb's and flow's.

After watching the spectacle's to be found in the park, he returned to his home. He flicked open the garage, grabbing his helmet and key's. After returning to the house to retrieve some much-needed gear, he went back to the garage to grab his motorbike. Soon after checking the bike he hit the road, speeding across the town in a blaze of motion. His pack was strapped to the side of his bike, with a small bike repair kit under the seat. Soon after what seemed like day's he arrived at the plantation. It had a eery feel about it, a sense of . . . dread. Gerris grinned at the prospect and quickly pulled alongside what seemed another couple of contestant's.

He removed his helmet, placing it at his side and nodded to them. "Hey, name's Gerris." He pulled a basketball out of his pack and put it under his arm, looking up at the supposedly haunted structure. "Haunted, huh?" He examined the structure, from top to bottom. "Don't look so haunted to me . . . just need's a woman's touch." With what seemed like a sardonic grin he bounced his ball against the structure, jumping for it as it came down. He span the ball playfully on his finger and chucked it backwards, sliding it into the pack.

He returned to his bike and eyed the other contestant's.

Ataris 03-04-2009 04:22 PM

Aiden watched the guy with his ball. He had moves. One of those idiots, he assumed, but he seemed kind of funny, so maybe things would get better.

"Hey, I'm Aiden." This time he didn't bother to offer to shake hands.

Kyvios 03-04-2009 05:24 PM

Ryan looked at who was here. So far two other males, which ment they were still waiting for two other people. From what he understood over the phone no one was allowed in to the plantation home until all 5 members were present. He wasn't sure what is was but something about this place was giving him an uneasy feeling, like something was watching them, and watching them with great interest.

Ryan shrugged the feeling off as leaned back against his car pulling his MP3 player out of his pocket, placing into his ear plugs. He watched as the other two introduced themselves, and one play with a basketball.

"I'm Ryan" he said as he waved slightly to the others turning on his music. He hopped that the others would show up soon, he didn't want to be out here in the dark, just in case something dangerous was lurking around.

Jedi_Man 03-04-2009 06:38 PM

Sam Kats woke up, went to the table and had some left over pizza from last night. He thought quietly, listening to the ideas in his head for video games and stories and characters and what not. His radio played some smooth Jazz in the background, the music of his thoughts, then an ad came up. He didn't listen until the announcer said the word 'Ghost'. Sam sat up instantly, listening to the details. A haunted house, money, a long time away from home. " Alright, I'm in!" he said.
Some time later...
Sam arrived in his 1972 Gran Torino, the black paint glistening in the light. Two people had already arrived, Sam stepped out of his car and walked over.
" Hey, I'm Sam, and you are...?" Sam asked.

Admiral_Thrawn 03-06-2009 03:57 PM

Gerris looked around. Four male's made dull company. He'd hoped there would of been at least two girl's, to sorta even the playing field. For the first time he actually wondered what to expect and looked towards the derelict building. "So guy's, what'dya think we gonna have to deal with? I hope this isn't one of those Special Ef'fex lightshow's."

He looked towards the other's. Aiden seemed pretty okay, he expected he'd get along with him best. Sam seemed pretty random, charging straight in asking names. Ryan seemed to be the DJ type. In fact . . . "Hey Ryan, ain't you the one who announced this contest?" He kinda thought the concept was funny, but then again it wasn't excatly abnormal.

One contestant left, then they could get started.

Kyvios 03-06-2009 05:13 PM

Ryan looked at Gerris, his head phones still in his ears keeping his music playing. He nodded slightly "Yea, I am. This is my vacation of sorts." he laughed at the thought of a vacation at a haunted house. Made him think of some B rated horror movie he'd get dragged to by co-workers.

"I've done some research on this place, just to be prepared. Sky Line thrill Industries didn't describe this play to well. From what I understand, this place is haunted, has had many supernatural encounters. Footsteps stuff like that. Nothing dangerous from what I've said. So we probably just had to deal with each other for a month."

Ryan lived in a Fraternity dorm building before, he could handle this for one month. He grinned, one month would be nothing compared to four years living with guys. He sighed however noticing the sun was sinking into the sky. Ryan was hoping that the other contestant would show up, and hopefully be a girl.

SkywalkerRules 03-06-2009 11:38 PM

After turning in all her work, and explaining to her teachers she'd be gone for a while, Samantha Cunnings walked out of her Art College, and went back to her apartment. She heard on the radio that there was a contest of who could survive inside a haunted mansion for a month, located at the Myrahan Plantation, which was in Louisiana.

Samantha couldn't wait. As she packed her backpack with tootbrush, toothpaste, clothings, and all, she thought about what was going to take place down at Louisiana. Her mother was born there. But she was born here in Chicago. The young woman sighed.

After her packing, Samantha went out the door, closing and locking it. About 20 minutes later, she arrived at the train station, gave her ticket away, and got on the train. It finally left for Louisiana.

About 5-6 hours later, the sun was already setting. Samantha got off the train, and headed to the plantation, where it was said to be haunted. Taking the map out, she located where it could be. So, she began to walk.

When she glanced up, a large field was ahead. She could see other people too. They must've been contestants as well. Finally, when Samantha reached the place, she looked at everyone and smiled. "Hi. Um... is this where the haunted mansion suppose to be at?"

Admiral_Thrawn 03-07-2009 06:47 AM

"I guess. So my name is Gerris." He looked at the newcomer, then at the plantation. He wondered what was meant to happen now. Looking around curiously he sought out any sign of the contest starting. He then turned back to Ryan. "Haunted?"

Gerris had never really thought about ghost's before. He thought it was just a way to make money and to get along with thing's. He didn't really bother to say that he didn't believe in them, knowing it would be a futile gesture.

Kyvios 03-07-2009 07:25 AM

Ryan looked at the new comer and nodded his head. He was happy that things were finally starting to get under way. He didn't want to have to spend extra money for a hotel room just for one night. He stood up off his car taking his headphones out of his ears and turning off his MP3 player. He looked ever one over as he placed his music device into his pocket.

"Haunted?" he heard Gerris say while looking at him.

Ryan smiled slightly "Yea, ya know things that go bump in the night. Make your hair stand on end. Makes you feel like your being watched when no one else is around." Ryan laughed a little.

He started to walk up the stairs into the plantation house opening the doors. It was rather dark inside the old building but the decor was something he hadn't really seen before.

The floor was red oak hard wood, varnished and polished beautifully. Flowers in ceramic vases. Portraits of the family lined the walls. He could tell this was only a massive hallway. It had a winding stair case leading up to the second floor. One door way down by the base of the stairs, and two giant door ways on each side.

Ryan walked further into the house and spotted a table over to the right with five manila envelopes. He walked over to the table and looked at the envelopes, they seemed to contain each persons name, Gerris Kershaw, Sam Kats,Aiden Valko, Samantha Cunnings, and finally his Ryan Korrin.

He gathered all the envelopes up and started handing them to the other contestants. Ryan carefully looks at his before he opened it, it was just a plain manila envelope with his name written on it with black marker. He opened it and look inside.

Inside contained several pieces of paper, and something that looked like metal. He reached his hadn and in pulled out a key, then he remembered this place used to be used as a hotel before shutting down because the ghosts kept scaring away patrons. They key had a number etched on it, he figured that was the number of the room he was using. He pulled out the pieces of paper, one was rules for the competition, basically saying what he already knew, leaving the plantation property and you lose, no contacting anyone from the outside or you'll be kicked out, don't bring anyone in from the outside, and at the end it says remember you are never alone.

That last line made Ryan feel uneasy, he didn't like the idea of always being watched. He figured this place was highly over rated in its haunting. The other papers gave the history of the plantation, and the details of what happened all those years ago.

"So what do you all think so far?" he asked kind of uneasily.

Admiral_Thrawn 03-07-2009 10:42 AM

"Ehh . . . why don't we all just share a room? Seem's to be the best idea." Gerris didn't feel uneasy at all, just cautious. He knew he and the others would fair a far better chance all sharing a room than not. After reading his key and the rules he quickly thought over the sights and sounds.

But he didn't like the last line of the rules. Plus . . . he knew it was true. He just knew.

Jedi_Man 03-08-2009 09:45 AM

" Well, I don't know about you guys, but I like my privacy, So I'll take my own room." Sam said, then he dragged his rolling bag behind him. As he got up the stairs, he thought maybe having someone in the same room as you won't be so bad, ah shut it you baby! Sam reached his room, all the way at the end of the hall. Sam reached for his key, it wasn't there, he tried his other pockets, not there either. Then as he was about to give up, he looked at the door handle. There it was.
A tingle went down Sam's spine. But he ignored it, the door opened easily and was elegant. A large bed with silk sheets, it had the large posts so a canopy was on top, and the wardrobe was very large. He wouldn't use it though, he didn't pack anything needeing to be put up on a hanger. He put his his bag under the bed, then something touched his hand.
Sam yelped, then he grabbed it and pulled it out, a box, addresed to him. Well, this might be interesting.

Admiral_Thrawn 03-09-2009 03:39 PM

Gerris went off to his own room, quickly inserting the key to a lock and twisting it around. Then, the key broke in half, without any pressure on Gerris' part. Frustrated and annoyed, Gerris rammed the door with his shoulder, breaking down the ancient hinge's. He landed face first upon the door as it hit the ground, sending vibration's through his body. He stood up and dusted himself off, quickly looking around to make sure nobody saw him. He then pulled up the door and tilted it precariously against the doorway. "Stupid door." He cursed silently as he turned away and examined his new room.

He quickly opened up his sack, drawing out some poster's and a radio. He chucked it onto a cabinet and flicked a button from arm's reach, then set about deccing his room. He pulled down the curtain's and flung them across the floor, then began to dismantle the bed. After a few minute's the entire bed was in piece's and he dragged them out into the hallway. He could've sworn he heard voice's as he dumped the last piece, but ignored them.

Within minute's the entire room was a state, with the sheet's sprawled crudely across the floor with pillow's lying everywhere. He quickly barged down the door's to the nearby room's, stealing bit's and piece's for his room. After he was done he sat down in a corner ontop of his beanie seat, dusting his hand's as he leaned back, listening to the music. He quickly got out a small Tv and began to look for a main's socket. "Oh man! No power?!" Suddenly a main's plug appeared on the wall. Gerris quickly rubbed his eye's and stared again.

After looking at the mysterious plug socket he shrugged it off and plugged in the small Tv. He quickly flicked it on and put in a earphone in his right ear. Within minute's he was asleep, sprawled under the cover's as he snored the day away. He hadn't bothered to turn the TV off, or the radio for that matter. Banner's and blob's of paint were sprawled across the wall's, along with matresses' and curtain's along the floor.

Jedi_Man 03-09-2009 06:44 PM

Sam opened the box, nothing but a letter.
" Leave the Plantation, or you'll be dead!" Sam said aloud. Then he heard a Banging, starting his heart with a jump. He stuck his head out the door, Gerris just busted down a door.
" Yikes, Better stay out of his way" Sam muttered. He left the room, locking the door behind him, as he walked down the steps he looked at the key, it had an intricate design, curls and carvings adorned the long shaft. He looked at the large part at the back, A skull was grinning at him.
" Creepy" Sam said, then he was down stairs.
" Just one question. When's chow time?" he said

SkywalkerRules 03-09-2009 07:22 PM

When Samantha finally reached her room, she jumped by the sound of a door falling on the ground. She glanced at her side. Gerris. She smiled, and shook her head, calming down. As she got into her room, using the key to unlock the door, Samantha slowly opened it, and peeked in. No one but a window, an old wardrobe, a bed, a closet that was a few feet in front of the bed, and a desk by the wall with an old days lamp on it.

The young woman placed her backpack on her bed and unpacked her things. When she took her book out on the bed, she placed her backpack on the floor, while facing her back towards the bed. But when she turned back around, her book was now on the desk.

Samantha jumped with fear and a confused look. Picking up the book, she looked down at it, and shrugged. She finally jumped on the bed, and started to lit up the lamp with a match she found inside the small desk.

Reading her favorite Sci-Fi novel, Samantha heard a strange, eerie voice. "This place is dangerous, girl..." She looked around half scared. "Okay. This place is startin' to freak me out."

Kyvios 03-09-2009 07:37 PM

Ryan went out to his car, a black Ford Fusion Hybrid. He didn't think he was the most ecological sound person on the planet, but he wanted to do the best he could for it. He opened the back door, leaning in grabbing his duffel bag full of his cloths and bathroom needs he felt a push. It was a slight push, but he swore he could of felt hands press against his back trying to push him into a car. He pulled out his bag and looked around the property, but saw no one.

Ryan shook his head figuring his mind was just playing tricks on him.

"Come on Ryan get a hold of yourself. You haven't even spent a whole day here." he said to himself as he threw the bag over his shoulder and started to walk back inside.

He walked up the staircase and wondered down the hall. When he came to the hall that his room was in he noticed that it looked like pieces of a bed and curtains where thrown every where. He walked over various bedrooms items making sure not to trip or get hurt.

When Ryan finally reached his room threw the treacherous hallway he pulled out his key. He looked at his for a moment, nothing to special about it, plain simple gold plated key. He pushed the key into the keyhole slowly, and as it entered the keyhole an erie scream echoed threw the hall. Ryan abruptly stopped and looked around.

"Hey, uhh" he started to shout trying to remember the girls name "Samantha, was that you screaming?"

SkywalkerRules 03-09-2009 08:24 PM

Samantha heard the unearthly scream as well. She jumped with fright, and placed down her book beside her. Bending her knees together, and covering them with her arms, she bit her lower lip. "Okay. Gotta come down, girl. Calm down."

"Hey, uhh" he started to shout trying to remember the girls name "Samantha, was that you screaming?"

The young woman shook her head, shouting back, "No! Not me. It's probably some record trying to scare the mess out of us!"

Admiral_Thrawn 03-10-2009 11:44 AM

Gerris woke up with a start after hearing a scream. He ran over to his radio and flicked it off, drawing out the disc to grin at the song number. He flung it out of the window and heard the typical whining cat sound. He almost laughed, but left it out, deciding to check on the other's. "Err . . . sorry about the noise . . ." He was implying both the door-crashing and the scream, but didn't bother to check if they understood him.

He returned to his room and quickly flung off his jacket, instead wearing his favourite basketball shirt, coupled with some trackie's and a baseball cap. He flung on some shade's and ran outside, jumping over the banister to land on the ground floor. He quickly recovered from his knee's, then dashed about trying to find some food. After running around randomly for a moment he stuck his head outside of a doorway. "Where's the kitchen?"

Kyvios 03-10-2009 07:13 PM

Ryan walked down the stairs his stomach growling looking for some kind of substance to quiet its roar. This wasn't wasn't excatly small he knew finding the kitchen wouldn't have been an easy task. As he wandered around looking for the kitchen or a room that resembled a kitchen he felt the push again. Just like he felt when he was getting his bag from his car.

He started to get a little annoyed with the pushing. If the ghost or what ever really wanted to start something with him he should just come out and tell him. Beating around the bush wasn't really something Ryan was known for, he was more direct and more times then anything he told people what he thought of them. Usually it ended with the person hating him for being honest. Ryan however would rather be hated for being honest then being liked for telling a lie.

Again he was pushed slightly, this time to turn around a corner. He grinned maybe this thing what ever it was wasn't trying to harass him but rather leading him to something. The pushing eventually stopped in front of a door. There was a sign clearly on it saying "Do Not Enter". Under the sign there was a letter to the contestants. Ryan ripped the letter off the door and opened the envelope.

He read it carefully making sure he understood everything. He figured he should get everyone else here so he shouted as loud as he possibly could "Hey! Everyone, looks like I've found somethin for the contest!"

Jedi_Man 03-10-2009 09:24 PM

Sam had found the kitchen, and was munching on some small saltines when somebody yelled. Sam sighed and set down the crackers, walking out of the kitchen and making a dash for the origination of the noise, along the way he bumped into a girl.
" My apologies, miss!" Sam said. Then he continued running towards the noise.
He got there first. " Yeah? What is it?"

SkywalkerRules 03-11-2009 09:11 PM

Samantha was still on her bed, rubbing her eyes and sighing. Man, when could they get something to eat around here? The train food was okay, but not great. What she really thought about was the contest, and how they were going to survive one month inside this place you called haunted house.

"Hey! Everyone, looks like I've found somethin for the contest!"

The young woman jumped out of bed in a hurry, rushing to see what it was all about. As she was going down the stairs, a cold breeze flew past her. Or through her. She shivered. But strangely, the house was warm. Samantha shook the feeling off and proceeded down stairs.

When she finally reached Ryan and Sam, she smiled. "Fill me in on the details!"

Kyvios 03-11-2009 10:09 PM

Ryan held up the piece of paper he found attached to the door. Even if the door said do not enter, and the paper said to be wary about entering the basement, Ryan didn't see the harm. He liked thrills for say, and if the basement held anything he wanted to see. Just not alone.

"Well basicaly the door says no entry" Ran said pointing to the door "But our lovely hosts have given us permission to enter on the condition we be careful and not disturb anything. Not really sure what they mean by disturb anything but I don't know about you two I don't really plan on touching anything."

He grew kinda excited at the prospect of being able to get some entertaining while here. Maybe there were more letters scattered threw out the property.

"So who's up for a little adventure" he said with a grin on his face placing his hand on the door knob.

Admiral_Thrawn 03-12-2009 11:31 AM

Taylor joined Ryan and all, scratching his head. "Ehh . . . sure." Taylor bounced his ball against the wall, then gripped it under his arm. A quick kick brought the door down and he threw his weight against it. He immediately slid down the stairway on the door frame, crashing into the basement as it flew from the edge.

"Wohooo!!!! Let's go again!" Taylor quickly ran out of the basement to find another door, pushing Ryan aside as he went.

Kyvios 03-12-2009 01:50 PM

Ryan watched in astonishment as Taylor smashed down the door. He would of been surprised if this kid had ever heard of this thing called a door knob. Ryan hoped Taylor would be more careful or he might end up hurting himself severely enough to go to the hospital.

Ryan walked a little forward and peered down the stairs "Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of a door knob? because I'm fairly certain this door wasn't locked. And if so" Ryan waved the key that came with the letter "I could of unlocked it."

Admiral_Thrawn 03-12-2009 03:24 PM

Taylor emerged from the basement and rolled his eye's. "Uhuh, my mistake." He quickly ran over to a nearby door and repeated the process, this time crashing into an old wardrobe down in the basement. It almost fell on top of him, but quick reaction's got him scrambling away. As the wardrobe fell upon the door Taylor could practically feel the look's glaring at him. "Err . . . mah bad."

Jedi_Man 03-12-2009 04:36 PM

Sam only shook his head, Taylor would make a great Comic Relief character in a game. But the note said don't disturb anything, I don't know about them, but someone bashing down doors would really disturb me, Sam thought.
Then almost as an affirmation of what he thought, the lightbulb in the basement exploded.

Ataris 03-12-2009 05:37 PM

(Sorry, I had issues come up. I'll try to not to be gone for a week again.)

Aiden, the quiet one as always, was ready to enter the house. Gerris seemed like a likeable fellow of course. Waiting for the final contestant, he thought about who it might be.

Samantha, of course, the final contestant, was pretty attractive. Aiden was glad there weren't any more women amongst them. It might get distracting. He noticed the others talking.

I don't believe in any of this.

Walking forward into the house, no one else noticing, he took a look around. Finding a door, he hesitated to open it. Another door, right next to it, he noticed, was camouflaged into the wall, and the door handle wasn't easily found.

Opening it, he glanced around...

And was pushed inside by an unseen force.

Yelling, Aiden ran, flailing, hoping whatever it was would go away. But he was alone. Wandering further in, he discovered at the end of the room was a chute. Beside it was a crate, some rope, and a few skulls. Creepy. The only way out, it seemed, was down the chute. So he used it.

Sitting there at the room below, much darker, he glanced around. One lightbulb, some stairs, and quite a few attractions. Along with several doors. There were cobwebs too. Aiden was there for quite some time.

And then he heard a loud noise and prepared for the worst.

Tumbling down the stairs were some of the contestants.

Kyvios 03-12-2009 06:03 PM

(( No worries Ataris, its good to have you back ^-^)

Ryan walked down the stairs after Taylor shaking his head. When he reached the last two steps the light bulb exploded. He could feel some glass dance along his skin and fall to the floor. He started to wonder if everything he's explerianced some how was a mechanical of some sort. Maybe exploring the basement would lead to some answer, or more questions.

He couldn't really explain the pushing he's been feeling but, he had an idea of electrical pulses that could create pressure within certain area's of the body. Ryan's theorys how ever were always horribly in accurate.

Ryan looked at Taylor sighing as he said "the note also said not to disturb anything."

He reached into his pockets as he walked passed Taylor looking for the mini flashlight he always carried around with him. He could see pretty well in the dark, but he wanted to make sure the others could see him as well. He found it deep with in his knee pocket. He pulled out the cool blue metal flash light and turned it on. It was a tiny thing, he used it mostly as an ordainment for his key ring.

He flashed the light around in the distance trying to see if he could make out anything. Some old boxes, and crates. In the distance between some of the crates he saw a desk and what looked like some books upon it. Ryan walked ducking under and going over the crates as he drew closer to the desk.

Ryan stood there in front of the desk looking at the book. It appeared to be some kind of journal but it was to covered with dust to tell. He remembered the note telling them not to disturb anything, but he wasn't sure he could keep his curiosity in check.

Ataris 03-12-2009 06:08 PM

The light in the room exploded before they spotted him. Keeping out of the way, he waited for the right moment.

"Muahahaha!!!" Aiden, theatrical as he was, had a decent evil laugh. He waited for the surprised contestants to do something. But at that moment, he felt a cold touch on his back, and then he ran forward.

Trying to find any other contestant, he bolted until he rammed into someone. He heard a cry, and quickly said, "It's just me, Aiden."

Jedi_Man 03-12-2009 07:16 PM

Aiden ran into Sam, and he had a hard time not laying into him to tell him to watch where he's going.
Sam looked at Gerris, Making sure he wasn't about crush anything else, or he'd have to go find a zip-tie or something... then he looked at Ryan, he was reaching for a Journal...
" Ryan, I'd recommend you don't do that, unless you'd like the door to close and lock itself, with us still in here." Sam chided. Then there was a loud Whimpering noise. Sam dropped low, he didn't want something to hit him in the head. Then he saw something like eyes under the Desk, then they where gone...
" Ryan, move back slowly... And don't make any noise." Sam crawled forward and reached into the darkness, pulling out something very wet and furry...
" Hey look... a puppy!" Sam exclaimed, scratching the mutt behind its ears.

Ataris 03-13-2009 06:16 PM

Aiden sensed some hostility from...what was his name...Sam? He listened as he criticized Ryan for simply touching things. He noticed the puppy in Sam's arms just in time before he got totally freaked out.

"What the heck is wrong with this place? I mean, a dog, seriously?" Aiden chuckled. "Maybe next we'll find a polar bear. Check that dog's collar. Maybe it says Dharma on it."

Kyvios 03-13-2009 08:04 PM

Ryan took a step back and watched as Sam pulled out a puppy from under the desk. He thought it was interesting that the dog had gotten into the house some how. Maybe there was a hole in one of the windows, or walls that the dog squeezed into. Ryan wasn't against keeping the animal, he just wasn't sure how they're hosts would take to they're new companion.

"I don't see any harm in keeping the mutt, but please give it a bath. The pup looks filthy." Ryan said as he stepped closer to the desk.

Ryan looked at the book on top of the dresser more closely and noticed the faint features of writing, but the dust was blocking the words. He took a deep breath in and blew the dust away gently from the book. He looked like it was the Journal to the Plantation owner. It also appeared to be locked, and Ryan didn't feel like upsetting the ghost of the man who murdered his family and workers.

He rubbed the back of his head and stepped away from the desk flashing his light around various other parts of the room "If you see anything interesting let me know to stop the light"

Jedi_Man 03-13-2009 08:22 PM

Sam cuddled the puppie, it was so cute!
" I think it's a stray... I doubt it's caused all the things happening here though." Sam said, which was ofcourse the obvious.
As if to confirm this, Ryan said " No, Really?"
" I'm gonna go upstairs and feed the puppy. OK?" Sam said. He took a step towards the stairs and heard the dog growl
" Shhhh.. Its alright boy, its alright." Sam whispered soothingly in the dogs ears, then felt something slam into his back.
Sam roled at the last second, narrowly avoiding crushing the puppy under his weight.

Ataris 03-16-2009 04:44 PM

Aiden stood there and watched as a sudden wall slammed into place, knocking Sam from his footing, and causing him to fall forward just in time before he was crushed. The wall blocked off the stairs, and Sam was on the other side of it.

Looking at Ryan, he grimaced. "Way to go touching that journal. This place is rigged."

Kyvios 03-16-2009 05:10 PM

Ryan looked back at Aiden and shook his head "Uhm, A) I didn't touch the journal, and B) This place has a lot of stuff going for it."

Ryan walked passed Aiden looking at the wall. This was great he was stuck in the basement with a person he didn't entirely know. He was one of the contestants, maybe a little annoying but Ryan worked with worse.

"In either case we need to find a way out of here"

Ataris 03-16-2009 05:18 PM

Aiden sensed annoyance from Ryan. He hated it when somebody had no sense of humor. Although, he wished he didn't have it sometimes himself. Normally he was a quiet person, but he tried to entertain people he didn't know well.

"There's another room in there." He pointed towards the darkness ahead of them, and took a few steps towards it.

Kyvios 03-16-2009 05:27 PM

Ryan turned his flashlight towards the direction where Aiden walked off and followed behind. Ryan started to recap today's events which were he finally arrived at the not so creepy looking plantation, meet everyone else, got pushed twice, and now finally trapped in a dark basement with no light. This day just kept going from bad to worse.

"So where exactly will this lead us?"

Ataris 03-16-2009 05:33 PM

"I hope you don't really expect me to know the answer to that." A thought touched Aiden's mind. "What time is it?"

There was no way it was night yet, uneasy feeling told him that he didn't want it to be. Wait a second, they hadn't really been here that long anyway...

Kyvios 03-16-2009 05:40 PM

Ryan lifted up his left arm and lowered the light to his wrist to look at his watch. It was late in the afternoon but the sun should still be up. He was getting an eerie feeling, like part of him was telling him that once it becomes dark out all bets were off and what ever was living here still would make a grand entrance.

"Its 4:37 pm" Ryan told Aiden as they continued to walk. Then a cool breeze blew through, making the hair on Ryan's arm stand on end, chilling him to his bones.

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