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Chevron 7 locke 03-12-2009 10:04 PM

A problem involving Mission's brother.
Hey Guys, I was just forced to start my KOTOR game over and in my hurry, I forgot to bring Mission with me when I talked to the Czerka officer on Tatooine.

I soon realized my mistake and tried talking to her with Mission in the party but I couldn't get any options relating to Griff to show up.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Chev

Ztalker 03-13-2009 12:02 PM

Have you triggered the Lena conversation yet?

If not, there aren't any options. And I was always capable of taking the quest without Mission in my party.
You'll have to ask mission some more about her past and eventually, Lena will show up. Best way to trigger this is warping back to the Ebon Hawk, since it triggers most conversations.

Good luck!

Chevron 7 locke 03-15-2009 02:29 AM

Thanks Ztalker! Warping back to the Hawk did the trick.

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