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Lord of Hunger 03-17-2009 10:29 PM

Carth vs. Canderous
A lot of Jedi vs. Sith or Revan vs. XY and Z in these forums. Let's take into account a show down between other, non-Force sensitive characters.

Thus...Carth vs. Canderous.

This is actually somewhat hard for me. Canderous is the extremely tough Mandalorian who goes on to become Mandalore the Preserver, but Carth is a capable Republic pilot with enough wit and cunning to get him out of any scenario.

Here are the categories:

Strength -who is the better fighter
Dexterity - who's good at not getting killed
Constitution - who lasts the longest in a tough battle or demanding situation
Intelligence - who is bright bulb of the two
Wisdom - who is the guru
Charisma - who is better at getting his way with people
Overall - self explanatory


Allronix 03-18-2009 02:10 AM

Strength -who is the better fighter

The Mandalorian wins on this one. Stat-wise, the dude's a tank.

Dexterity - who's good at not getting killed

I'd say Carth, despite himself, can duck faster. In-game, he's got a pretty solid dex, and I never weigh him down with anything heavier than Echani armor.

Constitution - who lasts the longest in a tough battle or demanding situation

Canderous is the tank, so in a physical toughness contest, he wins. If it's mental toughness, stubbornness, Carth edges him out.

Intelligence - who is bright bulb of the two

Carth's got a better-honed BS detector than Canderous ever will. Hell, Carth's BS detector is the stuff of legend! He's also better at subtle tactics (finding ways to let Zayne escape, sending out Mical to track Exile).

Wisdom - who is the guru

I'd say the gents equal out in this regard.

Charisma - who is better at getting his way with people

Tough call, especially with how I write them! Canderous has a brutal, severe charm that wins over the mostly-LS crew. Yet, Carth is technically in co-command of the mission and manages to persuade and influence the great persuader/influencer herself.

Overall - self explanatory

I like writing them both, and refuse to pick. I also have a pet theory that they're still working together in K2, and that they both decide "enough's enough" and go after Revan shortly after K2's end.

Darth Avlectus 03-18-2009 02:47 AM

Hard call.

While Carth had it over Canderous mentally, character...can't say exactly.
Canderous was not conflicted, albeit a tad hot-headded. Carth was conflicted somewhat about fighting. When he "reached his objective" he had to find another reason to go on and I suspect without some reason he would not have the will to win any fight. Stave it off maybe, but not win. Canderous, bloodlust and felt an innate need to preserve his people and their ways. He might have matured a bit--or not. By K2 he was realizing his limits, though. Still a fighter through and through.

Canderous wins for stamina and strength.

Carth wins for dexterity, and I suppose intelligence. Carth had the strong possiblity of the force running through him though that is never confirmed in canon.

Carth is principled, Canderous is loyal.

Tactics, they were even being both soldiers.

Though Carth kinda annoys me, in all fairness...I can't choose.

I think Atton would beat the crap out of both of them 2 on 1, being the special fighting scoundrel that he is who is also definitely force sensitive.


Originally Posted by Allronix (Post 2603168)
I like writing them both, amnd refuse to pick. I also have a pet theory that they're still working together in K2, and that they both decide "enough's enough" and go after Revan shortly after K2's end.

Hey, nice to see ya back. ;)

Nice theory. Why do you say that, curiously?

Darth_Yuthura 03-18-2009 05:17 AM

Canderous is the better of the two. His Mandalorian healing in itself gives him a huge edge over Carth, who really has nothing to augment his attributes. There's nothing Carth has that Canderous can't eventually attain in the game.

SW01 03-18-2009 11:03 AM

I say that in all but dexterity Canderous is superior, with a great deal of proximity in intelligence and charisma.

For strength, there is no doubt Canderous has the edge. Look at the guy...

Dexterity - with the Mandalorian ideal of heavy armour and heavier weaponry, I would agree that Carth has a clear edge.

Constitution, well, again, Canderous = Mandalorian. And has his implants.

For intelligence, while Carth may be more generally intelligent, Canderous (through dialogue options) displays a clear tactical savvy, seeing and seizing a clear opportunity for a swifter victory.

Wisdom seems quite difficult to assess...neither one strikes me as particularly wise...but then Canderous does seem a little more rational at times, such as when correcting Carth on the blame for Telos' destruction.

For Charisma, I would choose Canderous, if only because he was more interesting a character than the quite annoying and very whiny Carth. HK sums him up best in TSL! :xp:

Overall - easy, Canderous.

CommanderQ 03-18-2009 11:13 AM

I'm sorry, but to me, this fight hardly seems fair.

Carth, yes, is indeed a Republic soldier, pilot, to be more correct.

Canderous, a battle-hardened Mandalorian soldier. If I remember correctly, in the Mando Wars, Mandalorians were legendary for being greatly outnumbered, and still slaughtering the enemy by the millions. The Millions! Is that not enough information! Then again, by the time Kotor happens, Canderous is slightly older...but so is Carth.

But I still say Canderous, Mandos are pretty tough:D

Chevron 7 locke 03-18-2009 11:25 AM

Strength -I have to say Canderous. He's got implants that give him a huge edge over carth in this regard

Dexterity - Carth

Constitution - Canderous. Once again, the implants give him an advantage

Intelligence - Errr...tough call. I have to say Carth

Wisdom - Canderous's mandalorian words of wisdom give him this catagory.

Charisma - Canderous. He makes people listen to him.

Overall - I have to say Canderous overall.

Endorenna 03-18-2009 12:09 PM

Strength - Uncle Candy could lay out Carth with one blow. Carth could...well...okay, if he punched Mission, he might give her a black eye and a bloody nose--just before Zaalbar knocked him out. :lol:

Dexterity - Carth dodges things better. Candy is a tank, not a spy.

Constitution - Canderous...

Intelligence - Umm...they're about equal, I think.

Wisdom - Neither one of 'em is particularly bright. :lol:

Charisma - Equal.

Overall - Canderous. Period. Carth stinks in combat.

Sabretooth 03-18-2009 02:06 PM

Fun way to settle a Vs. fight.

Strength - Difficult to say, Canderous was a Mandalorian veteran with Merc experience; Carth is a decorated war hero, which would mean he's pretty strong too. Probably a tie.
Dexterity - Same as above, though I'll favour Canderous because his Merc experience would mean he's more street-smart when it comes to survival.
Constitution - Canderous, the auto-healing implants make him better hands down.
Intelligence - Neither of them appeared to be particularly bright bulbs. Tie.
Wisdom - Canderous, he engages in some pretty deep thought for a Mandalorian Merc. Also a lot wiser than Carth's constant "I DON'T TRSUT YOU!!!!!!" emoness.
Charisma - Carth, smart, approachable and handsome. Canderous isn't all that bad, though.
Overall - Canderous. Because Mandalorians are kickass.

Allronix 03-19-2009 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by Allronix
I also have a pet theory that they're still working together in K2, and that they both decide "enough's enough" and go after Revan shortly after K2's end.


Hey, nice to see ya back. ;)

Nice theory. Why do you say that, curiously?
The ending of K2 was a big mess, and I wasn't entirely sure what was going down, so my fanficcer's brain starts filling things in.

So, here's Canderous going off-panel for a good deal of the Telos fight, and while he and his ori'ramikade are sending a message to the Sith with heavy explosives, look who shows up to distract Nihilus...

Someone tipped off Carth, and since I play DSM, it wasn't Mical. Carth is a fairly smart fellow, and so is Canderous. They both had their ears out for Revan, and they both had a lot to lose from the Sith. Keep in mind that when the Sith control the Mandalorians, it never ends well for the Mando'a or the Republic. It would make sense to work together, even if it would have to be so far under the table as to scrape floorboards.

Parmenides 09-20-2009 09:04 PM

Full blasters/weapons fighting (strength, dex, and con) Canderous has the experience and grit of a ground trooper. He's been around and lives for the wild fights. I'd give the win to Canderous. Carth might get out of tight situations, but Canderous seems intelligent enough not to easily lose an escape artist (intelligence).

Ship vs. Ship. (intelligence and Charisma/leadership) Carth would probably pull off a win in both a single pilot figher (add dexterity) and a cruiser, though it wounds like Canderous isn't a slouch in that area either.

Ground army vs. ground army. (Intelligence and Charisma/Leadership) Probably Canderous. As far as I know, Carth probably has little experience here.

Ship fleet vs. ship fleet. (Intelligence and Charisma/Leadership). Hmmm, tough one. Either of them have high level officer experience? Did Carth co-command a fleet?

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