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jrrtoken 03-23-2009 08:40 PM

DSi & Games
So, I preordered the DSi today, and along with it, I'm picking up several games.

Only thing, is I'm completely torn between many, many titles. I want to get Hotel Dusk, but I also really enjoyed the demo of Lock's Quest, so I might get that, too. But... there's also The Dark Spire, a really cool looking old-school RPG, and there's also Moon, a pretty nice looking FPS. And then, there's the Korg DS-10 synthesizer, which also looks like a must-have.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for any really great DS games out there?

Jeff 03-23-2009 09:07 PM

I am playing through Hotel Dusk and liking it very much so far, I'd recommend it even though I'm not finished with it. Another great game I haven't gotten around to finishing is Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. Very similar to one of the greatest games of all time, Castlevania Symphony of the Night for psone.

I had been planning on getting the DSi but I'm not sure if I will be able to now as I have not preordered and not sure if I'll make it down to Gamestop anytime soon (don't have a car, my friend drives me but don't like to ask him too often). I also don't like how none of the flash carts including the one I own work on it. But I'm still gonna try and get one along with Pokemon Platinum (well I'll be getting this with a DSi or not) and I'd also like to get GTA Chinatown Wars eventually, probably not at the same time as Pokemon just because can't afford that much.

Also, in B4 Lynk and fapfapfap over Phoenix Wright. :p It's one I'd like to get but it's hard to find.

Lynk Former 03-24-2009 07:47 AM

All of them except for the obvious money grabber ones like pretty much anything released by Ubisoft... and yes, if you can find it, definitely pick up Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

...and join my forum :p

GeneralPloKoon 03-24-2009 05:24 PM

New SuperMarioBros! Pokemon Platinum, Final Fantasy III, any Castlevania...

Mav 03-24-2009 08:17 PM

Pokemon Platinum, get it now. The second half of the first Phoenix Wright game is good, haven't played the sequels yet. Professor Layton and the Curious Village is awesome if you like puzzles. As far as Moon or any FPS game on the DS goes, personally I think they all suck. I can't find any shooters on handhelds that I enjoy, except the Syphon Filter PSP games, those are awesome. If you like SRPGs, get Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and the Disgaea port if you haven't played the original. Mario Kart is ok too, I never actually finished The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. What type of games are you looking for? Nintendogs?

jrrtoken 03-24-2009 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by maverick187 (Post 2605591)
What type of games are you looking for?

I'm pretty much open to anything. I already have Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, New Super Mario Bros., and several others. I'm just trying to see if there's anything great that's been released recently. I will most likely get Hotel Dusk, though.

Lynk Former 03-25-2009 02:41 AM

Get both Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon :p

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