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Darth InSidious 12-19-2005 06:58 AM

Since DI made the below monster post on the "Best mods" for KotOR in this thread, I've moved the relevant section of his post here, as I'm sure many of you will find it useful -- j7

I'll try and break this down into small sections, from which you can take your pick, really... I will say that these are chiefly mods I either use or intend to use on my next run-through, barring one or two of the storyline/restoration mods. I'm going to try and pick out as few mods as I can, so this is a very personal and subjective list.

Skins & Textures
Power Overwhelming by NiuHaka - absolutely brilliant, and newly released.
Male Head Pack by Inyri - less overall wow, but a wide selection and some nice choices, nevertheless.

90SK's K1 Robes by 90SK - really, really nice robe reskins, but don't miss the patch for this mod.

Weapons of the Old Republic by T7Nowhere, Mono and svosh - fantastic models, and a lot of them, too.

K1 Force Pack by Star Admiral - Some nice new Force powers.

All In One Force Power Mod by Darth333, tk102, Darth Khasei, beancounter, Andargor, & KnightFxr - huge number of Force Powers, and for a long time the Force Power mod for the game. In many ways, it still is.

ORD Mandell by RedHawke - what can I say? It adds a new planet to the game. A bit more on the dungeon-crawl side than I like, but it's still a challenging, fun mod.

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge by Silveredge9 - to my knowledge, the biggest story mod for K1 to date. Not a huge fan of it myself, but a lot of people do rate it rather highly, the visuals are good, and it's huge by comparison to most mods for the KotORs.

Korriban Crystal Cave by Agent Xim - small, but fun addition. Conflicts with ORD Mandell, so be sure to get the patch from AX's site.

Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest by Darkkender - really, really tough to beat! Worth it if you like a challenge, though.

Animated Launcher for KotOR I by Glovemaster - really, really nice launcher.

General Authors-To-Check-Out-All-Their-Stuff List
Prime, T7Nowhere, Silveredge9, RedHawke, Darth333, Mono_Giganto, Svosh, NiuHaka, oldflash, Achilles, Shem, glovemaster, Quanon, tk102, SithSpecter, deathdisco, Darkkender, anyone else I've forgotten at the moment. :p

Skins & Textures
Force Fashion II by jonathan7, Marius Fett and EnderWiggin - since j7 will murder me if this isn't in, I'll put it here. Really, really nice robe reskins on offer.

NiuHaka has released several heads for TSL which are really worth looking at, and 90SK has released a variety of TSL robe mods. Both are slightly more than I want to copy out at this point, but if you click their name in the links to their mods above, you should be able to bring up a list of their other works. :)

Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, T7Nowhere, svosh, and Seprithro - Bit of a must, really - beautiful weapons on offer here.

Final Touch by oldflash - some other really nice stuff. Happily these two mods seem to be (more-or-less) compatible. :)

Onderon Museum Upgrade by Mono_Giganto - replaces some of the items in the Onderon Museum with stuff that's a bit more unique and a lot cooler.

High Level Force Powers by stoffe - really, really great stuff from the stoffe, and don't miss the 2.1 patch, either!

Kreia's Assorted Robe Collection by ChAiNz et al. - an awesome blend of scripting and skinning, this is a fantastic mod and an absolute must-have.


Darksword by ChAiNz.2da - a small addition, perhaps, but another nice, innovative and fun one, that also brings something to the table - in this case, something like-but-not-a-lightsaber, without altering the game's plot too substantially.

Recruitable Dustil by PrincessArtemis - I have to admit, I've never completed a playthrough with this one, but it's reputation is as the best-written recruit mod out there, and what I have played with it certainly confirms that reputation.

Coruscant by deathdisco - the first planet mod for TSL. Need I say more?

M4-78 by DStoney - the closest restoration of the droid planet to what Obsidian intended. Whether that's a good thing or not is really a matter of taste.

Droid Planet Mod by Darth Shan - a less 'close' and more interpretative restoration.

TSLRCM DStoney and zbyl2's restoration mod. Not compatible with DStoney's M4-78.

TSL Story Mod by Darth Shan - expands the game a little with some after-end material and some stuff on Nihilus' ship, from what I recall.

Combat Simulation Arena by stoffe - really, really fun and often quite challenging arena mod.

Learning the Ways of the Force by Darth333 - a wonderful mod, which adds a 'Floating Lightsabers' power, just like Kreia uses. You learn it in-game, rather than having it available at the selection screen, which is a nice touch, IMO.


Multi-Stim by ChAiNz.2da - four stims in one; saves a huge amount of time buffing before battle, and can be made at the workbench.

Bao-Dur's Charged Armor by ChAiNz.2da - I was slightly at a loss as to where to put this, but it's a fun, useful and well-integrated mod that makes Bao-Dur a bit less death-prone. What more could you ask?

Realistic Nar Shadaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn - makes the skybox a bit brighter and fuller. Altogether an improvement, I think.

Disappearing Rubat Crystal Fix by Karstedt - This fixes, you will be surprised to hear, a bug where the Rubat Crystal would disappear... very useful, if not terribly exciting. (Also available here )

Glovemaster's Animated Launcher by Glovemaster - another really nice, animated launcher from GM.

General Authors-To-Check-Out-All-Their-Stuff List
Darth333, stoffe, T7Nowhere, Prime, Mono, svosh, Shem, Glovemaster, ChAiNz, 90SK, NiuHaka, jonathan7, SpaceAlex, deathdisco, RedHawke, and many others, I'm sure, who for the moment escape me.

As to where, aside from KotORFiles, I'd check the "Where can I find mods?" thread in Holowan. :)

darox 04-02-2009 02:08 PM

must have mods for kotor1 ?
Due to a flurry of posts like this, I have created this sticky...

From my post below;


Originally Posted by j7
Below are a list of various threads in the Game Discussion bit of the forums regarding good mods to have in a game;



The community awards section, which will be updated shortly for the 2008 awards features the best mods as voted by the modders themselves;

At KotOR Files there are the recommended mods for that week on the main page;

Should members of the community feel free to posts their reccomended lists here, please do :)

Hi all,

i want to start a new game of kotor and i would like to mod my game with some new stuff. (played the game a couple years ago but did not finished it)

i allready looked for myself and found some mods i think which could be a good addition to the game. (more points to spent for level up and a mod called wotor with some new wepons)

but there are so many mods out there, i need your help :)

What Mods are a must have in your opinion? (weapon and armor mods, maybe a texture mod or interface/inventory mods, all welcome)

thanks for your time :)

/edit: are there any mod mega packs?

Giant Graffiti 04-02-2009 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by darox (Post 2609910)
are there any mod mega packs?

TSL Holowan Plugin and Final Touch. (I'm pretty sure that you can't use them together, though)

darox 04-02-2009 02:31 PM

these are both TSL mods :(

i finished TSL but not KOTOR (1) so thats why i want to play the older game :p

ShinDangaioh 04-02-2009 03:24 PM

Taris Lower City Restoration
Black Vulkar Base Restoration
Shadowlands Restoration
Yavin IV mod
Brotherhood of Shadow mod
(with BoS get the Keep Bastilla's Slave Outfit mod and then use KSE to alter Matilda to have Battle Meditation and then stick the slave outfit on Matilda before heading off to the Star Forge. That takes care of the one bump in Brotherhood of Shadow)

GeorgNihilus 04-03-2009 10:48 PM

My taste ...
My suggestions, but there's A LOT of stuff there ... :)

Brotherhood of Shadow
Recruitable Kay
Restoration of Black Vulkar base
Exar Kun's tomb mod
Inyri's Melee Pack
Operation Kill Bastila! v14
Playable Rattataki x13 for K1
Desert Eagle Mod v 1.0 (SithSpecter)
Canderous' Mandalorian items (idem)

DarthParametric 04-04-2009 05:26 AM

Hrmm...I'm sure there is probably already a few threads along the lines of this one. I know there are for TSL at any rate. Perhaps a stickied list of recommended mods for both games as voted by users would be a good idea? [EDIT: Thanks to J7 for making a sticky]

My recommended K1 mods:

Eliminate Turret Mini-Game by Kitty Kitty

Bastila Romance Glitch Fix v2 by Darth Shan

Bastila's Extra Dialogue on Tatooine by SpaceAlex

Realistic Visual Effects by Shem

Movie Lightsaber Hilts by oldflash

Sith Troopers to Stormtroopers/Clonetroopers by Prime/bneezy/Xavier2/[STGN]Locutus/AOTC/TC

Skippable Mannan Security Warnings by Darth333

Movie Style Jedi Robes by Prime/Xavier2

My recommended TSL mods:

Influence & Party XP Fix v1.2 by HouseOfAmon & Lit Ridl (part of the HOA Mod Pack)

Realistic Visual Effects by Shem

Imperial Stormtroopers by Prime/bneezy/Xavier2/[STGN]Locutus/AOTC/TC (there is also a Clone Troopers version if you prefer)

Mira-Hanharr Choice by Tupac Amaru

Non-Plastic Aliens by T7nowhere

Less Annoying Workbenches by Achilles

High Level Force Powers v2 plus the v2.1 patch by stoffe

More TSL mods found in this thread - (perhaps merge them together J7?)

jonathan7 04-04-2009 06:24 AM

Reccomended Mods For KotOR & TSL?
Below are a list of various threads in the Game Discussion bit of the forums regarding good mods to have in a game;



The community awards section, which will be updated shortly for the 2008 awards features the best mods as voted by the modders themselves;

At KotOR Files there are the recommended mods for that week on the main page;

Should members of the community feel free to posts their reccomended lists here, please do :)

Marius Fett 04-04-2009 06:49 AM

Most of the mods I can recommend are ones that almost everyone else will, but i'll post them anyway.


Brotherhood of Shadow
New Soldier Clothing
Bastila on Korriban



Force Fashion
Combat Suit Replacement
Final Touch [Though admittedly, I only use the lightsaber models]
Bodies Stay

These are my top 4 mods for both games.

[I tend to stay away from things like USM, as there's not really enough time to collect anything.]

Jedi_Man 04-04-2009 01:53 PM

Dude, I've downloaded so much! Heres my list.
Desert Eagle
WW2 weapons
Canderous Items
Sonic Pistol
Inyri Forge:
Deldrimor sword
emerald sword
Repulsor shields
Melee pack
Now the stuff by people whos names i've forgot:
Carths republic clothing
Clothes to republic armor
Republic commando armor
HK-47- Assassin droid
Brotherhood of shadow ( including the updates)
Holowan Spire
BLue eyes for male heads
movie Saber hilts
Real Vibrolblade
Scatter pistol
90sk's super content ( just through it in, I know his name)
call of aid
carth the cheater
Death Charge 9000
Exar kun double saber
Kyle Katarns lightsaber
Yavin 4 mod ( lets you go to yavin 4)
Halo Energy sword
Jedi Fight Training

Canderis 04-06-2009 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by Marius Fett (Post 2610639)
Most of the mods I can recommend are ones that almost everyone else will, but i'll post them anyway.

Combat Suit Replacement

I am flattered Marius, not too many people have seen that mod.

The mods I recommend are:

The Brotherhood of shadows

Final Touch

I don't use many mods anymore, mostly just ones I make for personal use.

Lord of Hunger 04-11-2009 06:41 PM

My Recommendations (some of the stuff I'd recommend like BOS and WOTOR are already listed by others so I'll omit them):

Improved AI by stoffe
*all reskins* by Darth Jaden
Darth Nihilus - Lord of Hunger by Dewton
Sith Officers to Imperial Officers by ?
M4-78RP and all patches and movies by DStoney
Bastilla Improvement Project by ? (yes I know this gives her a boob job, but it also improves her lip model and fixes her appearance in certain armors and clothes so bear with me...)
TSL:UR Final by zbyl2

I want to say USM but that mod needs some work.

HK-42 04-11-2009 06:49 PM

Jedi Temple Mod?

Marius Fett 05-25-2009 08:40 AM

I've recently done a fresh install of TSL, and i'm now using a brand new mod configuration which i'm happy with.

The mods i'm using now are:

Combat Suit Uniforms by RedRob

Disciple Reskin by Me

Final Touch by Oldflash

(I'm only using the lightsaber models. I'm not using the green lightsaber model Oldflash made with this mod however, I replaced it with the Luke Skywalker RotJ hilt he included in his hilt replacement pack instead).

Kreia Hood Down by Shem

Playable Dopak by Shem
(I've replaced the clothing skin that Shem made with a different skin by 90SK. This is the one Shem included:

The one I replaced it with is the one on the top left here:

It goes better with Dopak's appearance, I feel).

Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn

Svosh's Robe Collar Fix by Svosh (duh)

Sith Armour by Shem

Super Skip Peragus by SuperSquall (Yeah, I hate Peragus :p).

Visas Marr Reskin by Me


All these mods can be found on KotORFiles.

(Except svosh's, and my own two that is. I haven't uploaded mine there yet.

HardcoreGarrett 06-23-2009 04:27 PM

Help finding fixes/improvement's for TSL
I'm starting TSL again and want to know if the is a list of fixes and graphics improvement's mods? I've got:

Xarwarz's Enhanced Graphics 2009 IBL Final

Edit: Anyone used this patch/mod?

KotOR 2 - TSL (patch 1.0c xenon final)

DrPhil321 07-15-2011 01:05 PM

I've just added the Male Faces for kotor, and darth maul look brilliant. but I can't seem to find the horns. I've used the cheat

"giveitem g_i_zhorns4" and I can't get the horns.

I've also used KSE but it's not in the inventory.....

But I have Mauls face.

Darth InSidious 07-15-2011 03:59 PM

Don't add "g_i_" to the filename. Just type "zhorns4" without the quotes. :)

DrPhil321 07-16-2011 11:19 PM

HOOZAH! It worked! Does this mod also work for TSL or do I have to go find a different Maul Mod, because this is beautiful!

jonathan7 10-08-2011 06:24 AM

Retoring Knights of the Old Republic II Fileplanet blog...
This article (click me) on Fileplanet features five highly recommended mods for Knights of the Old Republic game (and download links). They are;

1. The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod by DStoney and zbyl2
2. Force Fashion II Mod by Jonathan7, Ender Wiggin + Maruis Fett
3. Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz.2da, Darth333,Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere
4. Final Touch Mod by Oldflash
5. Recruitable Dustil Mod by Princess Artemis and Jiara

daerragh 07-25-2013 01:26 PM

Moved to new thread. This post may be deleted.

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