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Kyvios 04-14-2009 11:02 AM

Survivors of Order 66 (RP)
Survivors of Order 66

The Story:

The aftermath of Order 66, not every Jedi was killed by the order given by Supreme Commander Palpatine. Survivors are scattered across the galaxy being hunted like wild animals and eliminated slowly. Some pledge they're alliance to the Supreme Chancellor out of fear for they're lives. While others die fighting for they're beliefs.

Others remain hidden from the sight of the Supreme Chancellor. Out of sight but still hunted. Tormented by the memory of feeling the loss of all the Jedi through out the galaxy. What does the force have in store for these particular few? Will any of the Clones realize the fault in the command given? Only you can decide. Who is going to survive this purge, and who will become one with the force?


Shawn Kir'lince once a Jedi Knight fight for peace and justice across the galaxy. Holding trust and honor above all else was now nothing more then a wanted criminal to the Imperial forces. Being hunted like some wild animal to be killed and maimed for some sick pleasure was disturbing to Shawn, but he remained hidden in the sub-levels of Nar Shaddaa. He sat heavily upon a bar stool in the lower level cantina holding a cold glass of Terisian ale.

The chatter of the people around him was some comfort, he helped block out the sense of more fallen Jedi he was feeling. He pressed the cold cup against his lips and took a sip of his drink. It has been hard to find some place he could be comfortable while he knew his pursuers wouldn't give up the hunt till either he was dead or they were defeated. And he had a feeling he'd be dead long before the Imperial Army met they're match.

Part of him couldn't help but blame Obi-Wan Kenobi for bringing in Anakin Skywalker to train in the ways of the force. But he knew it couldn't have been helped, Anakin was strong with the force, but he was easily seduced by the teachings of the dark side because his training began as such a late age. Shawn sighed heavily and he placed the cup down. He wasn't sure what he was going to do next. Only that he knew if he stayed in one place to long he would be found again.

Carsew 04-14-2009 12:45 PM

Audax sat in the cockpit of his modified Star Courier, the Lateus, that served as his home for most of the time, and also his transport. The ship had been modified by Darth Vaders engineers to include a cloaking device so that he may infiltrate Jedi occupied planets and not be discovered.

Audax was wearing a dark grey Jedi tunic, black tabards, grey trousers and a pair of black boots. Over that he wore a black Jedi robe. It was the traditional apparel of the Jedi, but Audax' clothes were darker to suit his Sith allegiance. On his belt hung his silvery lightsaber hilt, and when it was ignited it's color was blood red. His face was attractive, with darkblonde hair hanging down to his shoulders, but his eyes were strange, they were topaz, because of Audax' corruption to the dark side of the force.

He walked over to the pilot seat, where his droid pilot was flying the ship towards its destination of Nar Shadda.

"Entering hyperspace now," the droid said, and Audax grabbed on to the back of the droids seat.

"Good," Audax answered. "I'm going to my quarters, alert me when we have arrived. He walked into the lift and pressed the button to go down. It was a short elevator trip, and as soon as the doors flew open, he walked out. He was in a round ready room to his left were the aft boarding ramp doors to storage bays infront of him, and behind him was the elevators and two sleeping compartments. He walked into one of them, and lay down on the bed. He was not asleep, or even trying to, he was meditating as he always did before a mission.

After a few hours of hyperspace travel he heard the droids voice through a speaker.

"We have arrived, master." it said. "Landing now."

The ships landing was smooth, and Audax stood up. He pulled up his hood and exited the room and then the ship through the aft boarding ramp. As soon as he got out he heard a human shouting to him.

"Hey! You can't land your ship here!" the man shouted as he walked over to Audax. The man looked like someone who worked for the hutts, and he was wearing a black jacket, pants, and a white shirt. Audax ignored him and walked by.

"Did you not hear me?!" the man exclaimed, and ran after Audax, who stopped. The man walked up close to his face, which was hidden by his hood, but could not conceal his topaz eyes. The man was about to hit him, but Audax pushed him away with the force, so that the man flew of the platform and fell into the depths below. Audax moved on to search the slums for Jedi.

Admiral_Thrawn 04-14-2009 03:57 PM

Sev removed his helmet and looked over the quiet city, observing the people go about their daily lives. A gentle breeze caressed his face and sank into his armor, gently soothing him. He sighed and held the helmet afront him, staring deeply into the visor at his own reflection. Only, it wasn't his reflection that he saw, rather Delta Squad in the ol' day's of the Clone War's. Countless battle's and discussion's fluttered across the visor, his memories being projected onto the rather shiny material. He brought his hand forward and sweeped it across the visor, again looking into it. This time he saw only his reflection, as it should be. He sighed and replaced the helmet, activating the visor so as to see clearly.

Thousand's of speeder's of various description's fluttered by silently, moving at a slow and deliberate speed. A few Stormtrooper's moved about one of the cities various walkway's, glancing about suspiciously. He sighed and retreated further up the landing platform, back toward's his freighter. He walked quietly, kicking at a small puddle in regret. The drizzle became a downpour, as worried citizen's hurried home to their families and a warm mug of ale. Sev meerly froze again, removing his helmet and allowing the liquid to drip freely from his finely carved feature's.

Had the accident at Kashyyyk not befallen him, then perhap's he would be upon some distant planet right now, enforcing the Emperor's authority over some common rabble. A trivial task, yet he'd still be with his Bond Brother's, he'd still be a Storm Commando. Tear's mixed with rain as he held his gauntlet to his forehead, allowing the cold metal to soothe his pain's and tension's. He moved up the landing ramp and sealed the door, quietly making a motion into the lounge. He sat and placed his helmet down upon a table, asking for his Astro-Droid to retrieve a mug of Tarisian ale for him.

HK-51, an antique model, strode silently into the room. He sat down beside his master and cast a blanket round his shoulder's, wiping the water from his face with a towel. The Astro entered a moment later, allowing Sev to retrieve a mug full of hot liquid. He thanked the Droid and motioned for them both to leave, wishing to be alone at such a time. He brought the mug to his lip's and drained it of it's content's, allowing the fluid to burn a trail down his throat and into his gut. The table rocked slightly as the ship rose, it's destination nowhere.

Sev spent most of his time in the ship randomly flying about on autopilot, allowing him to enjoy the sensation of flying whilst still being able to think. He had converted the upper turret into a small bedroom, adding in a bed and a small fridge and ale compartment, along with a storage pad for his book's. The view when amidst such a place was stunning and peaceful, allowing for him to rest easy and distract his mind from conflicting thought's. The turret was still functional in the case of actual combat however, as to not risk his life.

Sev moved up the ladder and onto his bed, laying atop the cover's and looking out of the viewport into the night's sky. Today had been uneventful and awfully quiet for him, giving him nothing to focus on other than memories that were simply that; memories. He drifted into the realm of the sleeping and lost himself in his mind.

Cyborg Ninja 04-14-2009 09:42 PM

Of all the planets out there, Gett had to get stuck on Tatooine. There was absolutely nothing to do on the desert. He doubted any jedi would hide here but he always second guessed himself. Gett usually walked around for a bit and then went to the cantina. Looked like it was time to go to the cantina. Gett got onto a speeder and drove to the local cantina. Gett entered into the cantina and once again asked the bartender if he saw any jedi. The bartender pointed to a figure in the corner and the figure ran. It looked like today would be different. Gett pulled out his rifle and gave chase.

"And this is where the fun begins," Gett said as he ran out the door.

SkywalkerRules 04-15-2009 09:25 AM

Resting inside the local inn of Mos Espa of the planet Tatooine, Kelra Mison stared up at the ceiling with pain. Not physical pain. Spiritual pain. The day the Jedi were slaughtered was led by none other than Anakin Skywalker. Everyone thought he would fulfill the Prophecy. That he would be the Chosen One.

Guess that Prophecy failed.

The young woman slowly got up from her bed, and went to a medium sized mirror, hanging on a wall. She stared at herself for a minute or two, remembering who she was, and what she believed in.

Kerla looked down from her side at her bag. She went to it and took out her two trusty lightsabers. She placed them by her heart with passion, as if they were dolls given to her a long time ago.

But she had to be careful when she was around other people. They could easily see her as a Jedi if they saw her with lightsabers. Then there was her looks. Kerla told herself that it was time to change her looks. Even though Jedi robes were traditional, she had to change who she was. But that didn't mean she would change who she was on the inside.

The young woman walked out of her room with her bag, and headed downstairs. To everyone that saw her, she looked like a young smuggler. But that was the way she wanted it to be. Kerla walked out the door, telling the innkeeper that she'd be back.

As the young woman walked outside, it was sunny. People in the Mos Espa streets were busy walking, selling products, and playing games.

Kyvios 04-15-2009 09:33 AM

Shawn drank the last of his ale in one swallow and gently place the glass down. Leaving after he kindly thanked and paid the bartender he started to look around to see nothing but metal and thug after thug in the lower levels of this self created hell. Shawn sighed heavily feeling a little disappointed in himself that he had to hide like this. But there wasn't anything else he could do, it was either hide or die and dieing wasn't on his wish of things to accomplish.

He felt a twinkle of some kind but brushed it off. Even if it was another force user around pinpointing ones location wouldn't be easy. Shawn continued to wander aimlessly around the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa stopping every once in a while to look at the little merchant stalls.

CommanderQ 04-15-2009 10:51 AM

Former Jedi Master Tev Des'ilar walked out of the transport he had taken to Tatooine, his booted feet making a soft imprint in the sand.

"Hey, you, Mr. Cunrock! My Pay!"

Des'ilar looked back at the smuggler who had brought him this way. He didn't even know the man's name, but either way, he had gotten Tev past Imperial Customs, and he had certainly earned the 5,000 credits promised. Not to mention that he didn't even ask for Tev's real name, hence, 'Mr. Cunrock.'

Tev dug into his pocket and took out the chip.

He tossed it,"You earned it, and thank you."

The smuggler smirked, "Hmpf. Damn right I earned it...."

He then walked back into the freightor and took off abruptly into space.

Tev just stood there, for a moment, observing the town of Mos Espa. There were clone troopers. . .or rather Stormtroopers patrolling the streets in twos, but they were not a problem for Tev. There was also you're everyday aliens walking the streets...Jawas, Humans, Trandoshans, Devaronians, Rodians, etc. etc. They were all here, and some were here that Tev didn't even know what they were.

He needed to find a Jedi in this mess of a place.

He sighed, and stretched out his feelings, immediatley sensing someone....nearby as well.

He smiled and put on his black hood, walking straight down the center of the street, in the direction where he had sensed his fellow Jedi.

He had become attuned even more to the Jedi's presence, as there were so few because of the war. A war that he had exiled himself from, and now it seemed, that he was one of the smart ones, seeing the evil beforehand, and now, sadly, he was one of the few alive.

A bead of sweat came down his forehead and he wiped it off, it was reflective of how badly he felt on not being there to help his fellow Jedi when the time came.

He continued walking.

Jaktar 04-15-2009 12:36 PM

His nerves sang out their pitiable song as, for the hundredth time, his hand flicked furtively to the narrow, cool cylinder hanging at his side...ensuring it was concealed from sight by his clothing. That which was his identity as well as his as good as a mark of death. A mark to be hidden, if possible.

He did not know how many of his kind remained. Go ahead...say it....Jedi... He only knew how many were many he had felt extinguished; suddenly, terrifyingly - it was as if a sun had burned out in the galaxy.

He had heard, of course....rumors. Rumors swooped around this teeming planet like hungry mynocks. A thin, wry smile twisted his features. Each of those were best avoided. People, however....he could not avoid. However...the slums of Nar Shadaa were the perfect place to avoid detection.

Raising his hood to conceal his features even more, Gentar Hobb strode into the street, hoping to avoid destiny for one more day...

SkywalkerRules 04-15-2009 01:00 PM

((Hey there, Jaktar. Welcome to Lucasforums. Um... just a quick question: Did you post a character sheet before you posted here? If you didn't, here's where you can post character sheets at:

If you need any help, we'll be glad to help ya out.))

Jaktar 04-15-2009 02:42 PM

Done...sorry--saw this one first! :)

Carsew 04-15-2009 03:39 PM

Audax strolled the streets of Nar Shadda, trying to pinpoint the Jedi among millions of small force signatures. He felt he was getting closer to a Jedi, and walked to where he thought it was. As he walked around a corner he saw a man with his hood up, like Audax and knew it to be a Jedi. He walked forward to the man, brandishing his lightsaber, but keeping it hidden under his robe.

He followed his former Jedi brother, concealing his Force affinity, and after a few minutes, when they had walked to a relativley people-empty place, he ignited his blood red saber, leaping towards the Jedi at the same time, and striking towards his head...

SkywalkerRules 04-15-2009 04:18 PM

((That's all right, Jaktar. It's your first time. Don't worry 'bout it. :) ))

Kerla came to a stop in front of a cantina. She smiled. "Could use a drink. After all, I'm dying of thirst." The young woman went towards the cantina and was finally inside. It was a bit crowded, with all sorts of species from every corner of the Galaxy. She shrugged and sat on a stool at the counter.

"Blue Milk, please," Kerla asked the bartender. The male bartender nodded, and fixed her up a Blue Milk. When she took a sip of her drink, the young woman looked around. Everyone was just talking, laughing, and arguing about things. That's how things were in the cantina.

Kerla sighed, and continued to drink her Blue Milk. This was gonna be a long day...

Kyvios 04-15-2009 04:28 PM

Shawn sensed something as he walked into an ally way. Quickly he turned around to notice a sith leaping down with his lightsaber ignited aiming towards his head. As fast as he could he grabbed one of his lightsabers from his belt. The hilt of his lightsabers were jet black with gold trim traveling down the hilt intertwining each other.

Shawn was able to block the first blow and send his opponent backwards. He stood in front of his opponent using Form 1: Shii-Cho. Making Shawn ready to block any attack that may be thrown at him. The form was a simple one, all Jedi first learn it as younglings, but its simplicity is strength.

"What do you want traitor?"

Jaktar 04-15-2009 04:56 PM

Gentar skulked along the bustling alleyway, easily slipping unseen...unnoticed amidst the crowds of derelicts, cutpurses and drunks. It was not hard to do, and was a special skill of his...his strength in the Force was not such that he would be easily traced amongst all this life, at any rate. Finding a Jedi who did not wish to be found was a thing not easily accomplished.

Wait....what's this?

There...up ahead...two men, one stalking purposefully after the other as both disappeared down a winding, narrow valley of a street off to his left. Frustration...anger roiled off the one in black...the emotion was palpable.

And then it hit him....waves of Force washing over his psyche....and coming from that alley. He did not recognize either pattern...but it was there. Both were Force-users....Jedi?

"This is not the best way to not be noticed," he muttered to himself. Keeping to the shadows, he slipped catlike down the alleyway after the two men.

Rounding the corner, he heard the familiar crackle of a lightsaber springing to life, following by the burning hum of blade upon blade. The men were locked in was Sith. There was no mistaking the blood-red of his weapon...the color of aggression. His hand involuntarily flew to his hip, the silvered blade hissing awake as he reached out, summoning the Force and sending it hurtling in waves of blunt force at the Sith, hoping to aid this unknown Jedi.

CommanderQ 04-15-2009 08:02 PM

Tev could feel the presence closer now. He needed to continue to follow the distinct webbing in the force, and it seemed to be pressing him toward a large gatherance of presences.

He looked up.

And saw a Cantina.

"Perfect...." He said to himself.

He walked into te crowded Cantina, hardly being noticed, and he slipped in without causing any problem.

He took a seat at the bar, and the tender looked at him, as if waiting for something.

Tev looked up at the man, "Hmmm?"

"You need anything, sir?"

Tev chuckled, of course, this was a bar.

"I'll have a Ruby a clean glass."

"A Ruby in a clean? Alright, one moment."

Tev smiled and looked at the other Cantina goers at the bar. He knew that he was near to the force-user, or just someone who may lead him to one.

He then spotted someone.

A girl, perhaps in her twenties, dressed as a Smuggler, but she didn't hold herself as one.

She also looked vaguely familiar.

He looked at the Bartender, "Bring the drink over there, okay?"


He walked over carefully and took a seat next to the women, not saying anything, just hoping that somehow, the force would give her the right message.

Cyborg Ninja 04-15-2009 10:48 PM

Gett was surprised when the jedi waited for him to exit after him. The jedi had grabbed onto a pole and kicked Gett back into the cantina, making his blaster fall out of his hands. Gett jumped to his feet and readied his fists.

"So you wanna play hardball?"

The jedi must have been a regular jedi or a very crafty jedi knight because no jedi would charge a clone trooper without a weapon. Gett lowered himself and readied his shoulder as the jedi ran into it. The jedi jumped back to his feet as well. It was like the jedi was toying with him, like there was going to be some kind of ambush. Gett was not going to let the jedi get the chance. He threw a punch which he knew the jedi would catch. As the jedi twisted Gett's wrist behind him, Gett kicked the lightsaber from under his robes away. The jedi let go and jumped at the saber while Gett pulled out his vibrosword. The two clashed blades and within seconds, Gett was thrown into a table with the force. The jedi pointed his saber at Gett. Gett lifted his left hand up as a sign that he gave up. The jedi pointed the saber away from Gett slightly as Gett began to raise his right hand. Gett kicked his sword up to his right hand and slashed it across the jedi's chest. The jedi went to his knees and fell to the ground. Gett stood up and picked up the lightsaber. He placed the hood back on the jedi and the saber back in the jedi's hands.

"You fought well old comrade, you fought with honor."

Gett sat down at a stool and ordered a drink from the bar. It was a tough job but he had to follow orders, its what clones did.

SkywalkerRules 04-15-2009 10:58 PM

((Hey, Ninja? Are you in the same cantina as CQ and I are in or are you in the one at Mos Eisley?))

As Kerla continued to drink, she stopped, having the tip of her glass on her lips. She placed the glass slowly down and glanced around. Someone had a strong Force signature about them. Could it be possible another Jedi was here?

She tried her best not to show it though. The young woman didn't want any attention towards her.

Suddnely, a man with a black hood sat next to her. Kerla slowly looked at him, but then glanced down at her drink again. Truly, she sensed the Force growing, everytime it got nearer. Biting her lower lip nervously, she wondered if this man was strong in the Force.

Cyborg Ninja 04-15-2009 11:16 PM

((Its really any cantina. It can be the same one or another, the choice is up to you and CQ))

SkywalkerRules 04-15-2009 11:22 PM

((Okay. We're in another cantina then. :) ))

Chevron 7 locke 04-15-2009 11:28 PM

Dantra nodded to the crewman who was guarding the exit of the ship.

I must find a way to get past him...I can't afford to stay on this ship too long, far too many stormtroopers for my liking.

Dantra walked up to the man and flashed her best smile.

"Excuse me good sir...but I need to get off here."

"Do you have your ticket?"

"Therein lies the problem. that I seem to be having. A group of ruffians stole my ticket from my cabin a few nights ago. I haven't been able to find them sin-wait! There they are!"

Dantra pointed at two rodians who were passing through the hallway across from her.

I do apologize...but I need to get off this ship as quickly as possible.

Dantra smiled grimly to herself as the crewman took a few brisk strides toward the rodians who took off in the opposite direction as quickly as possible with the crewman in hot pursuit.

Worked like a charm.

Dantra forced open the door and walked out into the bright yellow sunlight of Tatooine.

Tatooine...of all the places I had to end up, why did it have to be Tatooine?

Before any questions could be asked about her, Dantra vanished into the masses crowding the streets.

I need a drink.

Carsew 04-16-2009 01:27 AM

Audax felt himself being pushed away by the Force, and he flew into a nearby wall. As he stood up he saw that another Jedi had joined the battle, using a Silver lightsaber. He readied his lightsaber in Form VII: Juyo, the most ferocity form, which was so acrobatic it could evade many attacks, and still being able to strike very hard. He leaped once again in the air, striking at both his opponents.

The Jedi were formidable enemies, and Audax did have small problems with keeping them at bay. His strikes were fast, and moderatley powerful, but since his foes used Shii-Cho he was unable to get past their simplistic guard.

One of the Jedi, the one with a silver blade, striked at Audax left arm, and Audax was unable to parry and he tried to jump away, but in the air, the Jedi managed to scrape Audax arm. The pain enraged Audax, and he returned with new ferocity, striking fast towards every opening in his foes guard.

As the silverbladed attacked again, Audax raised his arm, and blue lightning flew from his fingers. The Jedi was caught in the force energy, and Audax threw him away into a nearby wall. He again turned his focus on the dualwielding Jedi in front of him...

Jaktar 04-16-2009 06:04 AM

A cool emptiness filled Gendar's being as he stalked into the combat, his saber flashing as it cut through air, sparking against the ruby of his opponent's blade, never able to quite penetrate the Sith's guard.

For a brief moment...there!...he thought perhaps he had an opening, managing a small cut along the Sith's arm, a small wound that served only to infuriate the man. But...another opening....?

Gendar jabbed the tip of his saber at his opponent's chest, but nothing was there for him, except a blinding pain as blue energy wreathed his body, sending pure Force burning through his nerves. This was followed instantly by an unseen wave slamming him into the wall.

He pitched forward on his knees, saber extinguishing itself as it skittered from his hand. His face was instantly bathed in a sickly sweat...never had he experienced that sort of pain; never had he felt the Force used in such a purely destructive manner.

Kyvios 04-16-2009 08:11 AM

Shawn glimpsed over to see his fellow jedi slice at the siths arm. But only to enrage there foe further. This battle was becoming slightly pointless. Shawn had figured long ago that any Jedi left wouldn't really pose a threat considering most of the masters were dead. Shawn himself was only a Jedi Knight, who never officially had a Padawan to train. In fact he refused to train one at all, he didn't believe himself ready. He wanted to spend some time meditating on Alderaan.

When he saw his new partner get thrown back and lose the grip on his lightsaber Shawn switch over to the form Jar'Kai which was a sub form of lightsaber forms Ataru and Niman. This form allowed him to wield his duel lightsabers with greater ease than before, and also allowed him to be more proficient in combat. His blades glew silver upon his skin, giving him the complexion of a paler man.

Shawn knew better then to engage direct attack from his opponent. One thing about Shawn that he quite liked about himself is that he usually learned quickly how his opponent moved and handled they're blade which gave him the upper hand in combat, if he managed to live along enough. This Sith however was familiar to him, he had seen him many times before in the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Shawn grinned at the man in front of him.

"So your now hunting down the people who once called you Brother?" Shawn said towards the Sith, keeping the grin upon his face.

CommanderQ 04-16-2009 11:14 AM

Tev saw the girl acknowledge his present with...well, he couldn't really tell.

She obviously knew the force was nearby, but a Jedi? She probably still had no idea.

Tev would have to use his special ability, to communicate through the force, an ability common between a Master and his/her apprentice, but he had mastered it to the point where he could use it any time.

He stretched out his feelings and sent a message to the girl's mind.

It was a very frank message.

Are you a Jedi?

Carsew 04-16-2009 11:25 AM

Audax got away from the enemy, standing in a ready stance as he answered his foe, his eyes were almost sorrowfilled.

"I do not even remember my first name. All that is left of me is Audax." Audax voice was sad. "And my master wants me to kill you, that's what I'm gonna do."

He leaped at his opponent once again, striking fast and hard at every opening in his defense, using acrobatic moves as well as his saber to block. He unleashed a fast flurry, making the Jedi fall back a little, but not much. Audax was getting sweaty and tired, and he felt that it would take too long to overpower the Jedi with his saber, and so he fell back, standing still a few metres away from the Jedi.

He used the force to lift up various objects, throwing them at the Jedi. He was gaining ground, and he ripped a large part of the wall from the house nearest to them, throwing it at the Jedi...

Chevron 7 locke 04-16-2009 12:03 PM

Dantra began to walk quickly as she noticed the stares she was getting from the various thugs and other ruffians of Tatooine.

Apparently, Lethan Twi'leks are a rarity here...

She ducked inside one of the many cantinas that were on the street and went up to the bartender who gave her a skeptical eye.

"Before we serve you anything, I gotta ask...Are you a jedi?"

"No...why would you ask that?"

" are wearing one of their robes."

I need to ditch this thing...

"I wear this robe because it's very comfortable. Here, feel the fabric."

Dantra let the bartender grab a fistful of the robe and waited hopefully as examined the robe.

"Your right, that does seem pretty comfortable."

I did't come here to talk about fabrics!

"Thank you. Do you think I could get a chilled water please?"

The bartender nodded and shortly returned with a glass of ice water that dantra paid for with a ten credit chip.

And then she stopped cold on her way to her table.

I can feel the force in that one...and the girl he's sitting with...Is it possible they're with the inquisitors?

Dantra slowly passed by their table and sat down at a small booth by the window, she reached inside her robe and felt her lightsaber, to make sure it was still there.

Wait for it...

Black Knight of Keno 04-16-2009 12:09 PM

The Jundland Wastes were a barren environment. Rocks were falling down the cliffs all the time without almost ever being heard. Somewhere there may have been a Tusken Raider group making it's way to wherever Tusken Raiders usually traveled to. Somewhere a sandcrawler rumbled onwards driven onwards by Jawas on the hunt for any scrap metal which had been lost in the wastes. Somewhere a womp rat was chewing it's breakfast catch. He could sense it all, happening all around him in unison but still separate. A beautiful harmony which one could not put into words matching the feeling of warmth and knowledge it have out.

"Master Jedi!" a shout broke the meditation of the Mirialan man and a pair of clear eyes opened to watch a young girl running up the rocky hill.

"Yes, young Isador?" he asked in a calm and friendly manner as his eyes rested upon his knees while he remained in a meditative stance.

"Daddy wanted me to let you know they're sending a small group to fetch supplies from Mos Eisley and they would be honored if you joined them" the young girl said as she got closer to the former Jedi.

"Alright. I'll be down there in a moment" Kaan said and turned to see the Jundland Wastes from his hilltop position.

The man could see far into the rocky landscape and recognized many places due to taking frequent trips into the nearby areas in order to train his Jedi arts, keep his physique up to date and to calm himself without being a bother to the peaceful religious folks of the Oasis. He took a deep breath and concentrated upon Mos Eisley, where he felt the force swirling around many people, but concentrating on a handful. The Jedi knew immediately it was a sign that Jedi or other force-sensitives were about and as so there was no choice but to disguise. It may be Jedi, it may be Sith or it may just be a natural talent, but in any case Jedi robes would find the interest of these individuals more so than a connection to the force. At least on a busy street. Suddenly, a poke prodded the man's arm and he was once more pulled from meditation. As he turned swiftly to see what had touched him, the girl flinched and took a step back. He noticed she had been staring right at him from a mere inch away.

"Ah...! I'm sorry" the girl fumbled and looked down. Kaan chuckled and placed a finger on her chin to raise her eyes back up.

"Curiosity is not something to apologize for, young Isador. As long as there is curiosity, there is progress in the Galaxy" Kaan said and patted her on the top of her head, causing the little girl to squeal lightly and grasp his hand once the Jedi stood up.

Once the two reached the small religious community, a large speeder was already being readied. Kaan hurried into the small hut the community had built for him, despite him saying he did not need anything but a small amount of space to lay down in after a day. The locals however would not have any of it and built him his own hut. There during the course of his stay had collected various things he had collected during his journeys around Tatooine. As so he also had a collection of local clothes stored there. And by the time he emerged, he had hidden his tunic and lightsabers under a sturdy and heavy looking poncho that hung down at the level of his knees.

--- --- ---

The speeder blasted through the Jundland Wastes. Kaan sat on the back seat, observing as the young men in the front and the young woman next to him were having fun with the speed and the rush of air flying past the speeder. The Jedi once again was in meditation, sometimes using the force to maneuver the speeder when he felt that there was something coming up which would either hit or cause the driver to lose control over the craft. In any case, they did eventually get safely to Mos Eisley and landed in front of a store built out of what seemed the sand it stood on.

"We will more than likely stay here until tomorrow morning, Master J- Ah. Kaan. We won't need you help that much. We've dealt with these merchants before so you're pretty much free to do what you please while we're here" the driver said and looked at Kaan from the front seat.

"And how would you have stopped me from being free to do as I please while we're here in the first place?" the Mirialan said while chuckling and getting out of the speeder.

"I will contact you before night about my location and if I am going back with you. I will see you, fellow travelers" the Jedi said and bowed to the youngsters before heading into the city streets. He had a feeling this would turn out to be a very interesting day.

Jaktar 04-16-2009 12:41 PM

Gendar looked up in horror, eyes peering through a dark mop of unkempt hair as the Sith - this Audax - forced his unknown ally back, slowly, through the winding alley. The red blade burned the air, pushing the Jedi back, ever back. This battle would not continue for long - he could feel it.

The alley shook as a wall crumbled, tearing itself apart and hurtling torwards this unknown Jedi. No...not yet...I am not that weak...

Gendar reached out with his mind, sending waves of Force to intercept the wall in its path; masonry shattered against this barrier, deflecting with harm to nothing save a nearby pile of refuse. At the same time, his saber rattled up off the cobbles, flying into his outstretched hand, igniting itself in one movement, made fluid by desperation.

"You will kill no one this day," he said quietly, moving more carefully against the Sith. "Have you not seen enough death?" have to keep him talking.....slow the flood of hate that fuels him...

Carsew 04-16-2009 02:24 PM

The piece of wall that Audax sent away was stopped, and destroyed in the air. He heard a lightsaber ignite behind him, and someone spoke to him. He flung around, his robe twirling around him, and saw the Jedi with the Silver blade walking towards him. His topaz eyes narrowed as the Jedi walked closer.

"Enough death?" Audax let out a cold, heartless laughter.

He walked backwards, making sure to keep both of his Jedi enemies in sight, and stopped close to the house which wall he had ripped off. He studied the one with the silver blade. The mans facial expression was calm, like he was trying to soothe Audax' pain. But there were no soothing for Audax, he was a servant of the dark side, and his goal was to kill all Jedi, no matter the cost.

"You are fools, Jedi. It's impossible to win against the Empire, and you will soon be dead!"

Audax leaped towards the jedi with the silver blade, twirling around in the air, his robes flapping around him. His red saber collided with the silver blade, sending sparks around the two fighting saberwielders. Audax did a flurry with immense speed, but being blocked by the Jedi. Audax did not care to find an opening, he just struck, again and again, hoping to once destroy his Jedi foe...

Writer 04-16-2009 02:29 PM

Anahera Bek burst into the cockpit of her ship with a seriously displeased expression on her face. She used the Force to remain steady against the bucking of the ship until she safely reached the pilot's chair. Then, her left leg shot out and her foot connected with the little green R3-D1 astromech droid, who had plugged himself into the ship in an attempt to land without Ana's assistance.

"Reddie, you're a moron," Ana barked, reclaiming control of the ship from the little droid. "Did you even send a landing request?"

The droid tootled his response and Ana sighed.

"Well, at least you did something right," she grumbled. "Don't ever try that again." She paused. "Did you just tell me to call you Greenie?"

A flurry of whistles and beeps, and Ana laughed.

"Your designation is R3-D1," she said. "Let's spell this out. R. Three. D. One. But if you get creative... R. E. D. I. And therefore, Reddie. It's not your color, it's your name and you gotta love the irony, what with you being green and being called Red. How many times are we gonna go over this?"

The ship settled into place on a landing pad in Mos Eisley and Ana powered everything down. "Reddie, I want you to-"

The droid beeped and Ana scowled.

"Artie?" she asked. "What kind of droid name is that? No go, Reddie. I own you now, so it's my decision." Mumbling to herself, she added, "Think it's time for a clean slate on you..."

Reddie wailed his protest and Ana grinned devilishly at him.

"Thought you'd be more cooperative," she said. "Now check the list. I don't like Tatooine and I don't want to be here any longer than I have to."

Kyvios 04-16-2009 04:39 PM

This fight was getting them no where Shawn knew that. He couldn't shake the feeling however that he had met this Sith some where before but the answer wasn't making itself clear. Shawn knew he needed to meditate on who this Sith could truly be, but right now wasn't the time for taking a little walk down memory lane.

Shawn watched as Audax continue wave after wave of relentless blows against Shawn's unknown friend. All he could do at the moment was watch and learn hoping to see some kind of flaw in Audax movements, then there he saw one. It was small, he'd have to be precise if he wanted his attack to be successful enough. Shawn didn't have any intention upon killing Audax only stunning him along enough to allow his unknown partner and himself to escape and get loss in the presence that was Nar Shaddaa once again.

Shawn used the force to push Audax against the wall, freeing Shawn's partner from the relentless on slaught that was ensuing him. Shawn walked over to Audax who was slightly stunned but not enough to allow them time to escape. As he walked he stayed with in reason of Jar'Kai. His plan was to use Tràkata, a form of combat which allowed him to turn off and on his lightsaber quickly to cause confusing during a course of a battle. The form itself was a deceptive one, but Shawn believed it necessary in this case.

"You don't have to do this, it's never to late to embrace the light again." Shawn said hoping that maybe he could convince him to see reason and stop this pointless battle.

Admiral_Thrawn 04-16-2009 04:42 PM

RC-1207 stood in the cockpit, shadowed by his Service Droid and HK Unit. The pilot wordlessly scuttled about, maintaing various aspect's of the hyperspace jump and such trivial matter's. He moved up beside the central console and tapped a small glass panel, causing vital data to materialize upon the main viewscreen. Large chart's and map's were sprawled across the screen, many marked with crosses and circle's. He tapped a paticular part of the Galaxy chart, causing the screen to focus upon it. A small pad containing detail about the location was displayed, allowing for quick access to information of value. Sev drew his finger down a luminous line attatched to the console, causing the viewscreen to again zoom in upon the indicated area. A few blip's began to flash upon the screen as it took focus, displaying a desolate planet.

A paticular city caught his eye, as he tapped twice upon the indicated icon and examined the scene. HK moved beside him as he drew his metallic finger's along the underside of his headpiece. A small eye-piece launched out of an opening in his chassis to cover his left visor, giving an even more detailed overlook of the city district. Sev indicated a small chain of blip's to the Droid and issued a BSE upon the illuminated target's. The BSE (AKA Black Sun Elimination) protocol dictated that all target's 'vanish' before the alloted time, in order to get a paticular message across.

The victim's in question were all of high-standing within the Hutt Cartel and thus an enemy to Sev and his new patron. HK obeyed without question and moved to the rifle rack, carefully examining his option's before drawing out a BASILISK-117 Hunting Rifle and departing for his kill's. A few moment's the blip's ceased to flash and a small deceased panel extended from the cross icon. A small new panel opened up in the corner displaying a new's feed of the Droid wreaking havock upon the Hutt's holding's, as he proceeded to blow up a Warehouse along with three target's.

A smirk crossed 07's face as three more character bio's flashed deceased across the screen. He deactivated the feed, satisfied that the Droid would accomplish his objective's and vanish from the public's view within the required time limit. Sev slumped back against the chair and looked out over the scene that was Mos Eisley. A few thieves were ruffing up an innocent Merchant and a paticular Alien was having 'trouble' with the local troop's. He breathed a sigh of relief as he welcomed the life he knew only too well; for this was as close to home as he could get.

Jaktar 04-16-2009 06:59 PM

Lightsaber crashed against lightsaber, sending sparks flying in a close-woven tapestry of mayhem. While he could not break through Audax's attacks, it was also apparent the Sith had given completely in to anger and frustration, sending a flurry of impotent blows in his direction. A tactic that might succeed, given enough time.

But time was what this Sith, outnumbered, did not have; unseen tentacles pinned him to the wall as his unknown ally recovered, moving to his side until they stood roughly parallel to each other, their weapons dancing menacingly.

"Can you not release this anger?" Gentar queried. A small voice inside of him told him that it was too late for this one, that he had been consumed entirely, but had not Korr'ina always taught him that a flicker of light always remained in even the darkest soul?

"This is not the way of the Force...this know this...."

He tried another tactic....

"....there is no emotion..." Remember, damn you!

SkywalkerRules 04-16-2009 08:27 PM

Are you a Jedi?

Kerla glanced at the man beside her with a surprised look. Surely, this man was a Jedi! The young girl's green eyes slowly looked down, and a small smile came upon her face. She also felt that he wasn't a servant to the Dark Side, which was a good thing.

Using the Force to connect with the Jedi's mind beside her, she answered, "Yes. Yes, I am. And you as well?"

Kerla really wanted to know. Maybe there was hope after all. If there were more Jedi out there that served the good cause, maybe there was hope. Suddenly, she felt another Force user. It was near, just like the man beside her. But she wanted to be cautious, not to draw any attention...

Chevron 7 locke 04-16-2009 10:17 PM

Dantra's eyes locked onto the girl and the man sitting next to her.

Thank the force...I sense the light in both of them.

Carsew 04-17-2009 01:36 AM

Audax once more felt himself being pushed at the wall. He crashed hard, his lightsaber falling out of his grip and landing a few feet away from him. He stood up, feeling pain in his head, and heard the Jedi ask him questions.

"Return to the light?" he laughed. "It is impossible for me now. I have been trained by Lord Vader himself, and your only hope is to run, leave this planet, leave for the Unknown Regions. The Jedi will be exterminated."

Audax sighed heavily. He heard the other Jedi, who still had his lightsaber activated, ask questions about the Jedi Code.

"There is peace, there is no ignorance, there is knowledge, there is no passion, there is serenity, there is no death, there is the force," Audax finished the Jedi code that the Jedi had started. He shook his head.

"Those words mean nothing to me now," he said almost angrily. "I am going to take you to Lord Vader, that is the most mercy I can offer you now." He used the force to pull his lightsaber to his hand, activated it and attacked.

Black Knight of Keno 04-17-2009 02:23 PM

Mos Eisley was a sleazy city in the middle of pretty much nothing. It was littered with small landing pads with entrances hidden somewhere in the back of an alleyway and halfway through a group of bandits. Yeah, well. That's the way things usually go in a Hutt run city, may it be on Tatooine the ecumenopolis of Nar Shaddaa or any other corner of the Galaxy. It was always sleazy, it was always dirty and the Hutt stink could be smelled two parsecs away.

A small spacecraft dropped through the atmosphere, heated red by the entry and still coming down fast. Kaan noticed the craft during his walk and observed when it was wrestled back in control and landed on one of the landing pads. The Mirialan wouldn't have looked at the craft twice unless the Force had drawn his notice to it. The Force was strong with whoever was inside and something nagged in the back of his mind that the ship or it's inhabitant would somehow come to affect his near future. And frankly, he didn't like the feeling, since he had by now grown quite accustomed to the life in the backwater of the Galaxy. Back on Tatooine it was hardly an effort to disappear from whoever it was that would be looking for you. It may have been the Empire, the Sith, other Jedi or maybe even the less than loyal sections of the Empire. In any case, when one didn't want to be found, they went to a place like Mos Eisley.

As Kaan walked, he ended up in a small street cafe of sorts in the Mos Eisley marketplace. Everywhere he looked there was an alien of some sort with no human or even near-human in sight. One of the aliens, a sturdy looking Koorivar, walked up to the table the Mirialan occupied and started talking in a steady Huttese. The Mirialan thought for a second, knowing the man was asking him for his order, but no dish or drink came to mind in Huttese. then it hit him. The most favourite drinks of his didn't have proper names in Huttese.

"Do you have any blue milk here?" the Jedi asked and the Koorivar nodded before telling Kaan to wait while he got some from storage.

Unknowingly, Kaan was sitting right near the landing pad where Anahera Bek's ship had landed. And equally unknowingly he was sitting about the same way away from the back entrance of the cantina where other Jedi were secretly conversing to each others.

CommanderQ 04-17-2009 03:37 PM

Tev smiled, she was indeed a Jedi.

Yes...I am Jedi Master Tev De'silar, I thought most of us were gone, it brings me great joy that there are still some left, He responded.

He offered his hand to shake, seeing as he was now with a friend.

He also sensed another force-user nearby. Tev found completely amazing that there were maybe 2 Jedi in this room. He'd probably pinpoint the other one soon.

((This may be my last post for a day or so, I'll be gone for maybe the weekend at the most:( ))

Jaktar 04-17-2009 05:07 PM

"'ll take no one," Gentar said, almost sadly. His tactic had not worked...the Code was just so many words to this one, now.

And there was what he had been waiting for - his opening as the Sith had dropped his saber. Fast as thought, his attack a Force-fueled blur, he slashed with his lightsaber in the split-second opening as the Sith's hand reached out, calling for the weapon. A silvered arc thrummed through the air, intersecting the weapon's path.

If he timed it right, the weapon would be destroyed...if not, he might well take off the Sith's hand, an incapacitating blow. Then, they might either capture him, or escape.

But no...their blades clashed, sparking against each other and burning so brightly each beam was in danger of losing its coherence.

Chevron 7 locke 04-17-2009 06:28 PM

Time to introduce myself.

Dantra grabbed her chair and pulled it up against the table the two were sitting at.

"It appears that I was mistaken when I thought I would never encounter any of my fellow Jedi again."

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