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stoffe 04-27-2009 08:38 PM

Customizable smilie box
It was suggested to make which smilies are shown in the quick-selection box to the right of the text area in the vBulletin post editor customizable by each member. Sounded like a handy feature, so I went ahead and implemented it.

A new page in the User Control Panel (usercp) has been added, reachable via the Edit Quick Smilie Box link in the Settings & Options section of the UserCP sidebar, where the custom smilie list can be edited. If no smilies have been set here the standard listing will be used as before.

Since this is new please let me know if there are any bugs or oddities that I've overlooked. :)

EnderWiggin 04-27-2009 09:16 PM

I noticed that.

Well done as always, the stoffe.


jrrtoken 04-27-2009 09:19 PM

Is there anyway of creating and storing multiple sets of smilies? I think that would be great for organizing particular smilies into different categories according to the user's preference.

Q 04-27-2009 09:28 PM

Great idea, stoffe.

And @your new avvy: :naughty:

Mav 04-27-2009 11:53 PM

My arsenal consists of about 4 or 5 smilies, so I don't usually have a problem where I'd need to customize by box, but it's an awesome idea for those that use the smilies a lot.

Q... put it back in the pants :xp:

Q 05-03-2009 05:00 PM

What pants? :p

Marius Fett 05-04-2009 07:31 AM

Great feature, stoffe. :D

Ray Jones 05-04-2009 05:08 PM

Well, thanks stoffe. :) I dug out this ancient beauty, just for you.


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A: Negative sheep charge on the other side.

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