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tufask 06-10-2009 10:25 AM

Staff Of Kings - us-version uncut?!
Hi :)

Does anybody of you know, if the us-version of this game is fully uncut?
I mean, are there any swastikas in the game, or can you hear/read the word "nazi" in the us-version? As far as i know, the pal-version is cut...
This is from the Wii-preview on IGN:


"Starting in Sudan, Indy perched high on a sand-swept precipice, overlooking distant pyramids and a German encampment (you won't hear the word 'Nazi' here, incidentally, with the familiar swastika replaced by something a little more family-friendly)..."

Hmm, i don't know if they have tested the uk pal-version or the us ntsc-version :confused:
Btw. i would like to buy the PlayStation2-version, are there any differences between the PS2-version and the Wii-version (cut/uncut)?

Maybe somebody of you does have the ntsc-version of this game and give me some more infos about cut/uncut, please? :) Especially about the PS2-version.

Thanks a lot!

The Tingler 06-16-2009 10:48 AM

Hi tufask, sorry to take so long! You may have got your answers elsewhere, but if not I'm happy to help!

The US version is not fully uncut I'm afraid. They are still Germans, not Nazis, and the swastika does not feature. Der Fuhrer and the Reich are mentioned, but that's it. That goes the same for the PS2 version. There are no differences between the NTSC and PAL versions as far as I'm aware.

Interestingly though, the PSP version does call them Nazis. Hmm.

As for any differences between the Wii and PS2 versions:

1. The PS2 doesn't have any of the weird motion control that makes the Wii version weird to play, but on the other hand this means there are far less combat moves to pull off, making combat a bit dull.
2. The classic adventure game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis does not feature in the PS2 version, nor does the co-operative mode with Indy's Dad. Which has really annoyed a lot of people.
3. It's been reported that the PS2 version is very buggy, but I don't know to what extent.

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