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Daruchias Jaxun 06-24-2009 07:19 AM

Anybody still here?
I've been following this mod ever since I first found it. That was before all the weapons were CLOSE to skinned. before the first DEMO was out. When that demo came out for outcast, I was a happy happy happy boy!

Especially loved the great moldy crow models... beautiful work!

Now, on this matter... the six level mod is complete, yes... But is the rest coming close? I mean, it's been QUITE a few years, and it's just now halfway done.

I'd love to contribute in any way possible, as I am looking to increase my modeling, skinning... But that's it. If I can get a nice low MB modeling thingy, and start workin' on it... That'd be great. My first project would be bringing the crow up to date. Even though that model is nearly flawless.

I'd hate to see this mod completely die. It's amazing so far. My internet just sucks so bad I can't download it! ARGH!!! But, still. Lovin' it.

I also have seen projects to re-create JK and JK MOTS. Are those going well, or involved with this AT ALL?

My absolute favorite feature of the mod so far? The weapon's positions! I love how it LOOKS like they're being held up to your face. Are there any plans to update how weapons are held, too? I mean... The poses... yuck! Ravensoft, people don't shoot from the hip all the time!

Especially ex-imperials... EG Kyle katarn.

Zerimar Nyliram 06-24-2009 01:07 PM

Yeah, the project's still going, it's just that the team is busy with their real-life duties, such as college and bills. It is moving along, just very slowly.

Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith are moving along as well, but at a snail's pace. They only have a couple of people working on them while the rest of the team is focusing on Dark Forces. Once it's completed, they'll move on to the others. Dividing their attention between three different projects was a bit overwhelming, especially considering that they're all carrying quite enough on their plates as it is.

I'm sure they'd welcome any help they could get, though! What ever you are able to contribute to the advancement of this project would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not a team member, by the way. Just a devoted, enthusiastic fan, like yourself. Unfortunately, I have no modding skills. :(

Ibanez 06-24-2009 04:24 PM

Speaking as someone who is working on the JK mod, it is certainly coming along. I'm chugging along on level 1, and I've been getting Omnisu motivated to get work done on level 3, which also looks great. I'm not entirely sure what Shamus is working on, it may either have something to do with coding or one of the other levels. :)

We may be taking a while, but trust me the end product will be worth it. ;)

Forceboat 06-24-2009 04:43 PM

And speaking for the MOTS mod, we're coming along fairly well. exonimus is getting near the end of perfecting the Altyr V map after going through several drafts of it, so it's almost done. On my end, there's not a lot I can really do until the other guys do their part, really, but I have done quite a bit of sound stuff regardless. hhunter6 has done some awesome work on Asteroid Crust and it's great. Both exonimus and hhunter have been working on the Mara's Shrike for the cutscene appearing at the beginning of the Dromund Kaas Swamp mission. Darth Phae and byrdface have done some great work on the reskins of models that will be in the mod. So things are coming along, even though it doesn't seem like it.

Daruchias Jaxun 06-24-2009 09:33 PM

Wow, cool! It's good to hear that! Hey, what kind of ship DOES mara fly anyways? The space stuff is what pulled me into star wars 13 years ago.

Forceboat 06-24-2009 10:01 PM

Like I said, it's called the Shrike. Here's an entry on Wookieepedia where you can read the history on it and some pics from the game:

The Shrike

Daruchias Jaxun 06-25-2009 06:43 PM

I actually edited the fighter class page. Check it out.

DarkStarMojo 07-01-2009 04:28 PM

I'm working on level 4 for JKMod and finishing the rebuilt detention center and ramses hed for DFMod. Once those levels are completed and we've done all our bug testing/compiling, there'll be a new release for DFMod.

Ibanez 07-04-2009 03:19 PM

Hey DSM, just letting you know, Omnisu was pretty set on making level 4, since he's currently working on 3 and wanted to continue it (level 4) in his style. I don't know if this matters much, just letting you know. :)

Daruchias Jaxun 07-04-2009 07:38 PM

I must ask. Is it possible that the mod will be released by at least 2011, or 2012? Don't worry. I don't believe in all the 2012 mojo... Heh. That's silly stuff.

But, I also HAVE to ask. Being such an avid fan of the Moldy Crow, which uh... Check out it's wiki page. I've been under-mining the whole HWK thing. It just doesn't look remotely corellian and it's very similar in the head on sihlouette with the shrike, blah blah blah blah... Man, I can rant about that ship if I want...

I saw these "Lets play dark forces" videos, and the Moldy Crow I saw on there had an incorrect cockpit, a gigantic silver thing on the bottom, lots of revealed crap on the top, and so on with the gigantic mistakes. PLEASE tell me this is a placeholder. I uh... I can actually help with The Moldy Crow reference, believe it or not. I'm not kidding, honestly. check this out, and download the image. That's stuff I've done on paint. YES. MS paint. From scratch, and a mental image. Telling the complete truth on that one.

But as far as models used with the crow in this mod, I've always LOVED the one used on the main page on the top right corner. The BEST interperatation of the crow I've EVER seen. When playing the original Dark Forces and Dark Forces II, I always imagined it JUST like that. I've been an avid fan of that ship for 12 years now, and I believe I can really give some pointers on it.

I'm not crazy, or obsessed, but Space stuff sucked me into star wars at the age of three. Not lightsabers and jedi, and the empire/rebel conflict. I was too young to understand all that, but when the cool ships started to blast eachother on the screen, I was GLUED, man. GLUED. I've always been a very good pilot as well, no matter the star wars game. Scary good in Battlefront II, and remarkable on X-wing alliance. Rogue squadron was the only one that gave me a truly big hassle ever.

But, really. I can give some big big big pointers on that ship, cause It's my favorite thing in star wars, even though it's not canon, sadly...

So, is there any way I can help with making this ship as good as it can possibly get? Being such a fan of it, I just know I can help. I can't model or skin (I think) but, I think that I can give you guys MS paint images of it. Also... Is that great model I'm talking about being shared with the JK mod?

DarkStarMojo 07-05-2009 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by Ibanez (Post 2644775)
Hey DSM, just letting you know, Omnisu was pretty set on making level 4, since he's currently working on 3 and wanted to continue it (level 4) in his style. I don't know if this matters much, just letting you know. :)

I was talking with him the other night on the chat and he didn't mention anything about level 4 (and I did mention that I was working on it). I'll talk to him the next time I'm on and if he really wants to work on it, I have no problem uploading what I've done so he can take a look and work from wherever he wants. But if that's the case, I'm calling level 5. You heard it here first. I got dibs on that one. ;)

Ibanez 07-05-2009 02:51 AM

Haha go for it. I don't think anyone wants to do level 5. Or level 6, for that matter. Oo-er.

Daruchias Jaxun 07-06-2009 07:57 AM

It's been YEARS since I last played DF-II. I assume Level 5 and 6 are the Baron's Hed levels? With the Drugons?

Speaking of which... Has anybody started work on the Kell Dragons? I'd love to see em', even in an un-textured format.

Did anybody check out the link?

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