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Xarwarz 07-02-2009 02:47 PM

Xarwarz Tools

UPDATE 11-6-12

Heres a tool to extract levels out of kotor and TSL. If you need to covert the models you could use a converter like 3d object converter. Not shure if these would work in game after edit and conversion but its worth a try.

NOTE:This is slightly different from glintercept.....

This is the OpenGLXtractor Windows Tool!

With this tool, it is possible to Capture 3D Data from an OpenGL Application.

Like 3D Mesh, Textures,Shaders,UV's,....and more.


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UPDATE 11-3-12

I came across a program called glintercept for open gl applications. I decided to try it on kotor and tsl. Interesting enough it has a FREE CAM mode to fly around the levels also a shader editor. The shader editor from messing around with it seem to change the color and lighting of certain objects. Theres also a wire frame mode and the ability to dump textures shaders and frame buffers. I just sharing this in hopes that maybe one day a REAL-TIME LEVEL EDITOR can be made for both games. Anyhow check it out for yourself...:thmbup1:


About GLintercept.

GLIntercept is a OpenGL function call interceptor for Windows that will intercept and log all OpenGL calls.

Basic usage
Select the version of GLIntercept right for the application being debugged (x86 or x64) - Note you select the version of GLIntercept based on if the application is x86 or x64 (64bit) - not if the operating system is 64 bit.

Then after installation, simply copy the opengl32.dll and a gliConfig.ini file from the install directory to the executable folder of the application you want to intercept OpenGL calls.

Then edit the gliConfig.ini file, enable the options required and then run the application.

How it works
GLIntercept works by overriding the call to wglGetProcAddress, wrapping the real function pointer in some assembly and then returning it to the application being debugged.

This means that when new OpenGL extensions/versions are released, GLIntercept will automatically log the new functions.

However, while all function names are automatically logged, function parameters need to be specified. These are supplied via text files in a "C" style syntax that can be updated as needed.

eg. void glClearColor( GLclampf red, GLclampf green, GLclampf blue, GLclampf alpha );

GLIntercept has existed since 2003 and was mainly designed as an OpenGL 1.0-2.1 debugger. So while basic function logging should work on all OpenGL versions, the more advanced features listed below may or may not work in OpenGL 3.0+. (especially when using a core OpenGL profile)

Main GLIntercept features:

Save all OpenGL function calls to text or XML format with the option to log individual frames.
Activate and log ARB_debug_output messages to the log
Run time shader edit. Display shader usage and edit the shaders at run time. Supports ARB VP/FP/GLSL and NV VP/FP
Free camera. Fly around the geometry sent to the graphics card and enable/disable wireframe/backface-culling/view frustum render.
Save and track textures. (1D,2D,3D,NVRect and p-buffer bound textures are supported.) Saving can be to TGA,PNG and JPG formats.
Save and track shaders/programs.
Save and track display lists.
Saving of the OpenGL frame buffer (color/depth/stencil) pre and post render calls. The ability to save the "diff" of pre and post images is also available.
Track error states (logging them to the debugger output) and breaking on errors.
Basic thread error checking.
Function timer log.
Resource leak tracking for contexts, display lists, shaders and textures.
OpenGL extension/version override. Add/remove/replace the OpenGL extension and version strings. (Test lower end rendering paths without changing cards)
OpenGL function stats - how many times each function is called.

Discovered below tool while around net seems pretty decent..NOT my goes to... Jon Olav Hauglid


I guess its time to lend a helping hand and reveal the tools used in my mods.


Here are links to some free sky boxes.....

First tool is REAL DRAW 5- 2D and 3D vector and bitmap-based graphic editor, create 3D drawings using familiar 2D vector tools. Exports files to Adobe Photoshop.

Second tool is Genetica 3.0 is an innovative node-based seamless texture, effect, and animation editor for professional 3D artists. With HDRI environment maps, more than 1000 presets, automatic seamlessness, and animation, Genetica will help you revolutionize your art.

Third tool is Game Extractor is an advanced archive tool developed primarily to open and manipulate game archives. Game archives are typically proprietary formats developed by the gaming companies, and they often change between different games. Game Extractor, with the assistance of plugins, has the ability to read and manipulate many of these game archives that were previously unreadable, including archives from different gaming platforms such as PC, XBox, and Playstation.

Game Extractor was built to allow users to work with archives in the simplest manner possible, while still including many advanced features that are not found in other archive readers. You have the ability to open archives of various types, add and remove files, and save your archives for use. You can also extract the files from the archives to your computer for editing and viewing, or you can use the in built previewer for quick access. Previews can be saved in a variety of formats - the conversion done by Game Extractor.

Another important feature is the use of plugins. Until now, you needed to download a whole new program when a new archive type was developed. With Game Extractor, all you need to do is download a small plugin which works together with the program to allow access to these new archives. The plugin system has been developed to be specifically simple, allowing almost anyone to develop a new plugin without great programming knowledge. Game Extractor also comes with support for creating and using MexCom3 scripts - find scripts on the internet for use with various archives, or create your own script using the inbuilt editor.

In addition to the basic functions, Game Extractor provides many convenient functions such as renaming and replacing files, searching for files, and customization of the interface. Buttons can be added and removed from the toolbar, and both error and message alerts can be suppressed so they never bother you again. Game Extractor also has an autorun program to make it easy for Windows users to run Game Extractor

Fourth tool XnView- Basically organizes the images then batch transfers them to the override folder

If anyone has questions on how i accomplish certain things with these tools PM me.

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Tool Update

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Tool update 11-6-12

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