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MajinMikeyX 07-11-2009 12:20 AM

How do you enable melee in your server?
I know how to enable the extra kick and grapple moves but how do you actually give the melee 'weapon' to everyone along with lightsabers and everything?

Kurgan 10-07-2010 09:39 PM

Sorry it took so long for somebody to respond, but this is quite simply really, and a person happening along might find this useful as well.

Put the following line in your server cfg file (you can also enter it in the console as you would any other console command assuming you are logged in as the admin):

g_debugmelee 1

This means that if you have no force points assigned to "saber" (offense/defense or throw, all 0) in your force profile, you will spawn without a lightsaber. In its place you will have fists of course (just as the non-Jedi classes in Siege or the "Merc" in Jedi V Merc), but now you can hold secondary fire and press forward/backward/left/right with it to "kick" and hold both primary and secondary fire together to do a "grab" (only works at close range, and you have to add either forward or backward with it, since the "choke hold" doesn't work by default in multiplayer, only single).

G_Debugmelee 1 also works in SP though it's more commonly known under its "Iknowkungfu" cheat code incarnation there.

Another interesting feature of debugmelee is that you can do the "wall stick" move and you will stay attached to the wall as long as you hold down the button, rather than instantly pushing off.

To turn things back to "normal" just type g_debugmelee 0.

Hope that helps!

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