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purple_tentacle_ 07-14-2009 02:22 AM

Sam and Max season 2 Wii box art
Sam and Max season 1 is already out for wii. So its about time season 2 shoulod come out. So I went on google images and checked out the boxart. Here it is. I think this is the UK's version because of the 12+ instead of ESBR.

SyntheticGerbil 07-16-2009 11:22 PM

Any word on Gamestop exclusives or something for this?

purple_tentacle_ 07-17-2009 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil (Post 2651048)
Any word on Gamestop exclusives or something for this?

Not yet. I will be keaping it updated. So far the only news is its coming for wii and the box art. :sam::max:

SyntheticGerbil 07-17-2009 11:31 AM

Ah, if you see my pathetic thread elsewhere on this forum, I made away with a free making of disc for the first season on Wii and then returning the unopened game a week later, keeping the bonus disc.

purple_tentacle_ 07-17-2009 04:30 PM


Sam & Max: Season TwoSam & Max are on the job again in the Season Two collector's DVD of their infamous adventure series! Pop the disc in your DVD-ROM drive for five Sam & Max episodes chock full of adventure, crime-fighting, and chaos. The season starts with a giant battle robot attack and never lets up, taking our valiant crime-fighters on a gut-wrenching mission from the North Pole to Easter Island, from outer space to Hell and back.

EditionsAlso known as: Sam & Max: Season 2, Sam And Max Season Two: Collector's DVD

Sam & Max: Season Two (Wii)
Release Region: United States
Release Date: TBA 2009
Teen Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive ThemesSam & Max: Season Two (Wii)
Release Region: Australia
Release Date: September 2009
Also available on: PC, Xbox 360

Features•6 self-contained cases with an overarching story arc.
•Thousands of laugh-out-loud dialogue lines.
•Simple gameplay mechanics with a low learning curve.
•Catchy jazz soundtrack featuring live performers and over 3 hours of original music.
•Intuitive gameplay that appeals to seasoned gamers and novices alike

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