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Zanasj 07-19-2009 06:13 AM

Another XWA pilot here
Greetings everyone!

I'm a big fan of the X-wing series, obviously. I played through X-wing, TIE Fighter and X-wing Alliance, too. I spent lots of time flying T/I in the Zone, my username was GSA_Shepard. GSA stood for Global Starfighter Alliance, not Girl Scouts Alliance or anything else :)

Anyway, hopefully I can get my new hardware & XWA setup fully operational in the next few days and so I can try duking it out in Errant Venture, for example. Drop me a message, reply to this or something if you want to swap ideas or war stories.

Btw, is there one XWA (or related) forum above all others? It seems to me that the pilotbase these days is more or less scattered around the 'net these days.

Wildstar 07-19-2009 09:13 AM

There are a few on the XWA Upgrade forums, still. X-Fire might be your best bet to connect with other players, rather than Errant Venture...I'm not sure any EV servers are still running.

Zanasj 07-22-2009 12:47 PM


As it is, there are 3 servers, of which 1 works sometimes, 1 all the time, and of the third I'm not sure. I've played a couple of XvT WoW matches now, and friendly XWA matches.
'sbeen fun so far :)

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