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Kado Sunrider 07-30-2009 11:25 PM

Vor al Mando'a

The dark cold of space enveloped a small freighter like a blanket of ice, ahead, the blinking lights and light-reflecting metal of the Dagor Shipyards shone like a beacon, inviting the nearby starships to approach and deliver their precious cargo. Inside the freighter, 5 men, dressed in midnight-black armor sat silently waiting for their moment to come. Suddenly, one of the men, his armor emblazoned with the crest of a wave, stood and turned to face the other men. Four T-shaped slits, where the mens eyes should have been, turned and faced their leader. To an outsider, it would have looked as though the men were communicating telepathically when they all nodded and began checking their weapons. In truth, the man had looked each of them hard and said only a few short words. This is the last, my brothers. Vor al Mando'a.

Days later, holonet reports began flooding into public view from the small shipyard in the mid-rim. A cargo ship, carrying many needed parts for star cruiser construction managed to catch the entire scene on sensor.

Bright explosions blossomed from the station, igniting secondary and tertiary explosions that had obviously caused massive structural damage. Amidst the flames, a dark shape seemed to take flight from the burning wreckage. The huge craft was slim and sleek, designed after the mandalorian warships that had dominated the outer rim nearly 75 years ago, the spacious bridge sitting in the middle rear of the ship, slightly elevated for optimal viewing radius, but protected enough that it could not be severed by a few well placed turbolaser blasts. The massive ship crawled away from the dock and into open space where it seemed to stretch before accelerating into lightspeed.

On the bridge, the leader of the group of infiltrators stood alone, staring into the dark reaches of hyperspace. His brothers had sacrificed their lives for the glory of their people. Some day, he would do the same, but today was not that day. And so it begins...


((This is a mandalorian RP taking place roughly 80 years after Kotor. The story takes place primarily on the ship, the Canderous, an Arbiter-class cruiser under the control of Vren Rythas, a mandalorian who is continuing his late clan-leaders wishes to restore the mandalorians once more. You, however should NOT start your stories on the Canderous, but on a planet of your choosing, where Vren and his skeleton crew of mandalorian soldiers will find you and attempt to add you to their ranks. Being a mandalorian is not required, and jedi are welcome, just realize you WILL be an antagonist. One last thing, please keep it too one character per person, more than that gets confusing. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you aboard the Canderous!))

Character Sheet: Vor al Mando'a

Kado Sunrider 07-30-2009 11:33 PM

Vren Rythas stood on the bridge of the Canderous, staring down at the azure blue world that seemed to be feet below him. Small archipelago scattered around immense oceans stood out in small splotches of aqua green foliage, rimmed by sandy beaches. Yes, he thought to himself. This would be the perfect world for a home for our people. Calm, peaceful, a sanctuary in times of need. We are less warlike now, we have seen the error of our ways. But our instincts will never dull, and should our lives be threatened, we will be prepared to strike back.

He left the ship in orbit and headed for a small shuttle parked in the command bay of the cruiser. It is time to gather my people to me, and I shall start on Nar Shaddaa.

Kado Sunrider 07-31-2009 01:49 AM

((nope, your good.))

The shuttle popped out of hyperspace into a scene of total chaos. Freighters flew every which direction, narrowly colliding with each other in many cases. Taking the controls, Vren made his way down into the very edge of hutt territory and shut off the engines. Setting the ships auto defense protocol, he disembarked and was greeted by a slimy twi'lek dockmaster.

The twi'lek looked up and saw the dark armor-clad warrior in front of him and managed to excuse himself without getting killed. A wise choice, he thought to himself before continuing along the dock.

He walked around a corner and headed straight for the glowing lights that could only mean a cantina. As he walked, he caught a shiny glimpse in his peripherals and looked to his left. He stopped and inspected his reflection in the glass window. Amazing how after so many years, this armor still inspires fear. We still inspire fear. He paused for a second longer before continuing on to the open doors of the cantina, and the half-drunk rabble it contained.

The Betrayer 07-31-2009 07:45 AM


Kado Sunrider 07-31-2009 01:33 PM

((Hey guys, I made a thread in the Backstage Casting Call forum where we can put our player info so it doesnt crowd the thread. You can just copy and paste the info over and i'll like it to the opening post so people can find out about our characters. Thanks!))

The Cantina was filled to the brim with smugglers, thugs and other unsavory types from across the underworld, but they all had one thing in common, they sucked in air filled with fumes too poisonous for a human to inhale without dying. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't going to stop Vren, his helmet had air scrubbers, which were working full speed, and he had business to conduct with a few of the less savory types in the establishment. He walked over to the bar and the devaronian bar tender offered him the strongest thing he could find and didn't ask for payment. Smart. He scooped up his drink and walked through the doorway into a room with red lights, pushing through the scum that walked the floor he headed for the back corner to where a lavishly dressed twi'lek was sitting at a table, surrounded by five or six slave girls.


The Twi'lek looked away from the posterior of the slave girl walked to the bar to gather him another drink. His blue skin seemed to drop a few shades when he saw the armor-clad man in front of him.

"Do I know you?"

"You had better know me, because if you don't your dead."

"Alright, alright, Vren. What do you need? My services are at your disposal."

"I need a list, a list of all the mandalorians on this moon, and I want it in 4 hours, or I start shooting."

Trench 07-31-2009 04:19 PM

Mird walked into Vorreesh the Hutt's personal chambers, winking at Toola on the way in.
He had been seeing Toola (Vorreesh's best Twi'lek slave girl) for quite some time now, disabling the security chip implanted in her arm so he could take her out every night.
I hope I am able to get out of this place soon, he thought to himself, and when I do, I'll take Toola with me.

Vorreesh turned his attention away from his numerous dancing girls as Mird'ika entered.
"Well, "he bellowed, "if it isn't my favorite errand boy!"

Oh great, another "errand".

The Hutt continued, "I have a special assignment for you my boy."

You want me to kill another one of your cousins?

"One of my... purchases, has escaped this palace."

"Oh yeah?" Mird asked cynically, "Which one this time?"

"The Massassi I purchased recently has escaped the palace, "the Hutt went on, "it killed three of my best guards and its handlers."

Oh great! More Sithspawn! Mird'ika thought.
"And you want me to bring it back..."

"Alive, as a rug! It doesn't matter to me!" The Hutt exclaimed.

"I'm on it." Mird answered patting his rifle and putting on his helmet.
This was turning out to be an interesting day...

Kado Sunrider 07-31-2009 05:40 PM

Vren sat at the back of the cantina in the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa. He much preferred this place to the slimy hole called the Jek Jek Tarr on the docks. His helmet was sitting on the table in front of him, and his emerald green eyes took in the surrounding room, studying the various people who frequented the place. In one corner, a group of twi'lek dancing girls were moving their hips erotically to a tune played by a group of Bith holograms. He stood up and walked to the front of the stage.

"what is your name, slave?" he said gruffly.

"Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine, handsome." she said with a flutter of her eyelashes.

This one has spirit, he thought to himself. "Who is your master?" he asked.

"Vorreesh the Hutt." she said with a grimace.

"hmm... Vorreesh, hes in control of the Ryll mines on Ryloth isnt he?"

She nodded.

"Well, it seems I have business with your master then."

He turned quickly and walked away.

He could feel the eyes of everyone in the Cantina, including the group of dancing girls on his back as he left. As he walked out the door, he felt the tension level behind him drop an incredible amount, with a chuckle, he headed for his ship. He had 3 hours to burn before the information about his brothers came through, and purchasing a couple of the slave girls wasn't a bad waste of time.

Trench 07-31-2009 05:56 PM

Mird tracked the bloody trail left by the Massassi Warrior to the spaceport.

What kind of a di'kut buys a Massassi Sithspawn anyway?

As he walked into Vorreesh's private hanger he overheard the dock master talking to a couple of pilots:
"You know, "the DM said, "I heard that some Mandalorian was asking around our dock on Nar Shaddaa."
"A Mandalorian, "one of the spacers exclaimed, "you remember what happened the last time that slug worked with one of those!"
"Yeah, "the DM grunted, "We lost half our men battling those stealth warriors."

Mird'ika had heard enough. A Mandalorian Warrior? This could be he and Toola's chance to get off this backwater world.
The Massasasi could wait, Mird was getting on the next shuttle to Nar Shaddaa...

Kado Sunrider 07-31-2009 06:00 PM

A docking instructor had told Vren to land his shuttle in Vorreeshs personal bay, and a few minutes later he set down his craft, flipped on the security protocol and headed down the ramp. Two technicians stood nearby and were openly gauking at his black armor and obviously mandalorian weaponry. He walked past a man only a few inches shorter than himself and headed into the darkness of the Hutts Palace.

Trench 07-31-2009 07:08 PM

Before Mird'ika could get close to the shuttle, Vorreesh's major domo commed him, and ordered him to return to the palace and "greet" an honored guest.

Haar'chak! Now I might never get a chance to meet that Mando'ade!

Mird exited the hangar and hopped on his swoop. By the time he got to the Hutt's palace there were about a dozen Weequay and Gamorrean thugs guarding the entrance. He ordered one of the Weequay to take his swoop to the hangar, while he walked through the entrance to the palace.

This had better not be another shipment of dancers, or some disgusting Hutt "uncle".

Mird'ika walked into the main hall of the palace, and came face to face with a Mandalorian...

Kado Sunrider 07-31-2009 11:38 PM

The man stopped abruptly at the sight of him. Vren looked the man up and down, taking in his attire, the mandalorian hunting rifle strapped to his back, and the look of hope that had suddenly dawned on him when he saw the beskar'gam armor. And yet, he looked somehow familiar. Suddenly, he remembered the camp on onderon, years before internal strife and the sudden death of Canderous led to a short and bloody civil war that killed most of the fighting able men, as well as some who were not so able. A man a few years younger than him being brought into the camp after his refugee shuttle crashed on the moon. He was the only survivor, and he was of the Taung. He remembered the initiation ceremony, where the young man had traveled into the forest alone, and came back with a dead maalras draped over one shoulder throttled with his own two hands.

"Mir'dika? Is that you?"

Lord Spitfire 08-01-2009 01:01 AM

((Kael Vyndosan's Character Page))

Kael pushed open the great doors of the throne room and strode in, four Republic Royal Troopers behind him. This was an extremely important occasion, and so he had his black armoured Robe polished, and he wore a great black cloak over his robe.

Once he had reached the end of the great room, he stood before a man who looked in his sixties with long white hair and beard, with wise, intellegent eyes.

Without hesitation, Kael kneeled before this man. "My Lord," he said with the deepest tone of respect.

The old man chuckled. "I am no longer your lord, Kael Vyndosan; you're in the Republic Army, now."

Kael rose. "I'm still Onderonian, sir," he said simply.

King Xatson nodded solemnly. "Indeed you are. But enough of this! Tell me, what is the situation?"

Kael nodded. "It goes extremely well," he reported. "I have personally assassinated the main leaders of the Rebel party, and they are in dissaray. Captain Pheonix's forces have assaulted and taken control of their base, and the forces under my Command have defeated them in open battle."

Xatson nodded. "Yes, the battle that was held on the plains outside the city. It is good that the Republic won."

Kael smiled. "We didn't just win, sir. We killed every single rebel; we outnumbered them ten to one. At any rate, the vast majority of the remnants of their forces have surrendered, and the rest have fled into the jungles. It's all over," he said simply.

Xatson nodded. "That's great news, Major. I-"

"Well, forgive me, your highness, but that's not it," interjected Kael. "You see, we have learned that the Rebels made an alliance with a large group of Mandalorian raiders; and when I say large, I mean a small army. Anyways, the Mandalorians were supposed to attack, but due to the Rebels' defeat, their fleet has retreated. I intend to hunt them down."

The King looked quizically at Kael. "Why?"

Kael sighed. "Well, we have tracked their hyperspace trace; the raider ship is apparently heading to Nar'Shaddaa. You see, your highness, they have apparently detected a Mandalorian ship in the system."

The King's eyes widened. "Are you saying?"

"Yes," finished Kael, his eyes burning with a seriousness and determination. "Mandalore's ship."

There was a silence in the room. After a while, Kael continued, "Obviously, the entire Mandalorian fleet could be over that planet, or it could be just a freighter. At any rate, it is common knowledge that the Mandalorians are rebuilding. I am sending my flagship against theirs, and hopefully I can catch up to them before they reach the smuggler's moon."

The King took a second to take it all in. "Yes, I understand now."

Kael closed his eyes. While he held the King in high regard, and he was no doubt a kind, brilliant man, he could be a little slow sometimes.

"My Grandfather was alive during the Mandalorian Wars," whispered Kael. "He told me stories of how one day, there was a cloud over Izis. It blocked the sun. It was coming closer and closer, and then he realized it was not a cloud, but millions of Basilisk War Droids! They swooped down and razed our great city. They slaughtered innocent Onderonian children, enslaved our women, tortured our men to gruesome death." He clenched his teeth. "I swear by the Paladin's blood in my veins, that day will never come again. No Basilisk will ever breach Onderon's skies again! I promise you that!

Our people have had a rivalry agaisnt the Mandalorians since the razed the city. You know those savages! They would do it again, slaughter innocents for their fuc*king 'honor'! I need help, my lord."

The King nodded. Kael always could inspire loyalty out of people, even people who he himself was loyal to. He was just lucky to be born with Charisma. "I well send one of my fleets to accompany you," said the King. "Make Onderon proud."

Kael nodded. "Yes, sir."

((Just saying, I'm pretty new to RPing, so . . . I'm sorry if I did this wrong, I'll correct it if its too long or something))

Trench 08-01-2009 01:32 PM

Mird'ika could recognize that black Beskar'gam anywhere. Vren had been one of the few human Mandalorians to bother with Mird back on Dxun. Taung became something of a disliked species after the death of Te Ani'la Mand'alor, and even more so after the death of Canderous Ordo.
Vren had taught him the ropes of becoming a ori'ramikade.
"I can't believe it!" Mird'ika exclaimed, "Is it really you vod'ika?"
Not only was Mird reunited with one of his closest friends, but this could be the chance of a lifetime for him and Toola.

Kado Sunrider 08-01-2009 11:33 PM

((LS, thats great, though some things that you might want to change, Vren is flying around in an unmarked freighter, and he hasnt exactly been broadcasting his recruitment, though I like the idea of a secret Mandalorian faction, I've got a good idea of where to take that. Thanks mate!))

"I can't believe it!" Mird'ika exclaimed, "Is it really you vod'ika?"

Vren chuckled. "Yes Mird."

The two men began walking towards the throne room in the center of the palace.

"What the hell are you doing here? Working for hutt slime like this? I thought we mando'ade taught you better than to sell yourself and your skills."

He looked reproachfully at the young man walking beside him before chuckling again.

"Its time you left this place brother, gather your things."

Trench 08-01-2009 11:39 PM

((Quick note for LS: In Star Wars they use things like frakking and kriffing in the place of f***ing))

Mird's heart nearly jumped for joy when he heard his vod tell him to gather his things.
This was finally his big chance! He could become a bounty hunter and be rich! Then he and Toola-
None of it will be worth anything without Toola.

"Thank you so much Vren'ika! But I can't leave. Not without Toola. And Vorreesh favors her over all of his slaves. I don't know how I could get her out with us."

The Betrayer 08-02-2009 12:37 AM

Arken paced repeatedly in the small space around his tent. He and his men have just lost contact with a scouting party he sent to scout out any remaining Rebel forces. If the intelligence he receive from Major Vyndosan regarding the Rebels' alliance with the Mandalorians were correct, then he and his men were in deep trouble. He kept pacing, until a man wearing a Republic Uniform dropped from the sky. The man held a hololog. Captain Phoenix played it, and a man wearing a mask came out. A Mandalorian, Arken thought.

The Mandalorian said, "Whoever slaughters my allies is my opponent. Captain Phoenix, good luck. We shall meet at the face of battle."
Afterwards, the holo showed the Mandalorian taking a blaster pistol and shooting a Republic soldier in the head. Arken recognized the Republic soldier as the same one that fell from the sky.

Arken did not notice that there were several Republic soldiers watching the footage as well.

"Son of a bantha! Men, I would like you to prepare defensive fortifications. Group A, cover our Northern flank. Group B, take Southern flank. Intel Group, call Major Vyndosan. This problem has become more serious than what I originally expected. I would go with Group A. Lieutenant Trak, you take command."

Arken brought out his blaster rifle and motioned for Group A to follow him.

Lord Spitfire 08-02-2009 12:39 AM

((Ok, I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the tips:thmbup1:))

The sleek black metal of the ship glistened in the stars. Everything about the Decimator was state-of-the-art and brand new. Just a few weeks ago, the Republic launched about five hundred of these ships of the same design. It was very similar to the Interdector-Class vessels used by the Republic in the Mandalorian Wars, and later by the Sith in the Jedi Civil War, except it was slightly smaller, faster, with more advanced stealth systems, and more concentrated firepower, which made it more suited for ship-to-ship battles.

Kael smiled. It was perfect for hunting down an enemy ship. He let out a relaxed breath as he stared out at the swirling vortex of hyperspace. It was then that he felt a surge within him; his heart skipped a beat, and adrenaline pumped through his veins, giving him focus and purpose.

He couldn't help but smile at the irony. This was one of the many reasons he left the Jedi Order eight years ago to serve in the army.

There was the crisp sound of footsteps behind him, and it resounded through the bridge. "Yes, Captain?"

"We've got them, sir!" said an exuberent voice beside Kael.

Kael turned to his second-in-command. "What do you mean?"

"They've made a stop next to an abandoned space station to refuel. If we pull out of hyperspace now, we can swiftly reach them," said the Captain.

Kael nodded, weighing the odds. If they pulled out of hyperspace, they could be able to confront them soon, but by the time they reached the abandoned space-station, it might be too late. However, if they tracked the ship all the way to Nar'Shaddaa . . . well, that was an even bigger risk. All he knew was that Mandalore was there; and if Mandalore was there, he was either going alone or he had an entire fleet with him. If it turned out to be the later, then they were doomed.

"Take us out of hyperspace," demmanded Kael, "and move us as quickly as possible to the space station."

At that second, the Captain took a call. He nodded, then turned back to Kael. "Sir," he said urgently, "we have recieved word that the Mandalorian Raiders have split their forces in two! Some of them are launching a surprise attack on Izis!"

Kael grunted. "Damn it!" he yelled. "How fare are we from Onderon?"

"It'll take us only ten minutes to get back."

Kael sighed, trying to clear his mind. "Izis is more important than a Mandalorian ship. Turn us around, Captain! I will not abandon our fellow soldiers to their fate."

Kado Sunrider 08-02-2009 01:00 AM

"Thank you so much Vren'ika! But I can't leave. Not without Toola. And Vorreesh favors her over all of his slaves. I don't know how I could get her out with us."

Vren grunted.

"Toola? I'll see if I can get her thrown in with the deal. If not, dead hutts aren't a problem for me. Go, hurry, gather your things, we may need to make a quick escape."

The smaller man ran down a side passage and disappeared from view as Vren walked past the guards and into the throne room.

Twelve armed guards stood at attention all around the room, weapons in hand, ready for a fight. This hutt isn't as stupid as he looks.

"Vorreesh the Hutt." he said calmly.

The hutt laughed in the booming fashion of his race.

"You do not treat me with respect as you should. I should have you shot right now."

"That would be most unwise, unless you have a death wish."

"Are you threatening me, Mandalorian?" the slug said menacingly.

"Mandalorians don't make threats, Vorreesh, they make promises." he replied, reminiscing on the words of his late leader.

"Guards! Kill him!"

The fight was quick and bloody, but the blasterfire did not penetrate the armor of the dark-clad man in the center of the room. One by one, the guards fell. Smoking corpses lay scattered around the room. Turning around, Vren faced Vorreesh and gave him one last word.

"Bad idea, crossing a mandalorian." he whispered before firing the blaster into the skull of the hulking slug.

The Betrayer 08-02-2009 01:02 AM

Arken and his men were watching over one of the main routes to Iziz. It was a valley, a pretty good ambush position. Arken of course, situated 20 men each mountain. And 50 men, including him, blocking the path.

After a few minutes of waiting, they heard a battle cry. A loud unison of many voices, forming one giant voice. This giant voice shouted, "FOR MANDALORE!!"

Afterwards, Mandalorians by the dozens rushed at the valley with their vibroblades.

"Hold your fire", said Arken. "Wait for it, wait for it. OPEN FIRE!"

About 60 Mandalorians fell at the first volley of blaster fire. Many more were dying. Arken brought out his red vibroblade and rushed at the Mandalorians.

Trench 08-02-2009 01:25 AM

Mird'ika heard the Hutt shout something then some blasterfire. He grinned at the quick response of his old friend. He rushed to the slaves quarters to find Toola.

The two guards stationed at the door didn't know what hit them before Mird blasted them.
Toola had another guard next to her when he entered the room. Mird threw his blade into the guards chest and pulled Toola out of the room.
"Come on! "he told her, "This is our chance to get out of here. A friend is givng us a chance we may never have again."

They stopped by Mird's quarters to get his Conc rifle and broken lightsaber before returning to the main chamber with Vren.

"We are ready Vren'ika."


Lord Spitfire 08-02-2009 01:32 AM

The Decimator broke the atmosphere and descended onto the city.

"There!" yelled a soldier to Kael's right. Kael looked at the spot. They were quite far from the city, but near enough to be seen. He looked down at a valley, and saw a battle raging. Looking ahead, he noticed legions of Mandalorians charging towards to reinforce their comrades.

Without hesitation, he picked up the communicator. "Bombardment teams, get to your stations and fire on the Mandalorian lines!" Within minutes, jets of plasma erupted from the ship, assaulting the Mandalorians, causing them to break rank and scatter.

Kael sighed. That was all it took. One ship. He banged the wall in anger. By now, they could have destroyed their Mothership, whatever it was.

They must have reached Nar-Shaddaa by now . . .

Kado Sunrider 08-02-2009 01:37 AM

"We are ready Vren'ika."

Vren turned around to see Mird'ika and a stunningly beautiful woman standing near the doorway to the throne room. He quickly strode over to the pair and tossed Mird'ika the ignition codes to the small freighter.

"Get her warmed up and prepped for launch. Ive got one little order of business to take care of before we leave."

Vren rushed off into the darkness, following the trail of bodies back to the slave compound. It seemed that through the years, Mird's training had not faltered. He allowed himself a small smile before stepping into the slave chambers and removing his helmet.

A pair of purple twi'leks walked slowly over too him, eyes averted.

"Can we help you master?" she asked the floor.

"Yes, and you can start by looking at me."

The two looked up into his face with cowed expressions.

"Your coming with me. Vorreesh is dead."

The girls eyes gleamed with hope.

A small group had gathered near him. Women dressed in highly revealing outfits all tried to touch him as if he were some kind of deity, sharing his eternal life with them.

"You are all free, though some of you will be leaving with me."

In a few short minutes, he had picked out the least cowed of the group, numbering eleven, and including the purple twi'lek sisters who had been the first to talk to him to return with him to New Mandalore to start their culture anew.

The group left the chamber at a steady run and headed straight for the hangar to meet Mird'ika and his lover.

Trench 08-02-2009 01:47 AM

Mird'ika gave Toola his blaster pistol and loaded his Conc rifle. They had to fight a hangar full of Vorreesh's thugs to get to Vren's ship. One of them rushed at Toola with a vibrosword and almost sliced one of her Lekku clean off. Mird was able to bat it away with his hand, but even his hardened Taung skin wasn't completely immune to vibrating cortosis, and it cut halfway through his flesh.

As the last of the thugs was blasted, Mird and Toola found Vren'ika's ship and boarded. Toola manned one of the turrets as Mird bandaged his hand and got in the copilots seat. He took a moment to look at the woman he loved.
Her silvery-gray skin (which was rare in Twi'leks) was covered in grime from their escape.

She handled a blaster well, and was able to control the turret better than even Mird'ika.

"Here comes Vren, "Mird said as he lowered the boarding ramp, "and he's got... about eleven friends."

Mird closed the ramp and started the ship as Vren and the rescued slaves settled in...

Kado Sunrider 08-02-2009 02:00 AM

Vren rushed into the cockpit even before the former slaves had settled down in the cargo compartment.

He flipped a few switches and the freighter took off before he looked over at Mird'ika and said with a wink, "sorry, Mird, couldn't help myself. Nothing like a beautiful alien woman to pass the time while we gather our brothers."

The ship burst from the atmosphere and returned to Nar Shaddaa in record time, arriving at the dock where Vren had originally landed only a few minutes short of the four hour mark Vren had given the slimy twi'lek dealer, Kedn'ahad.

"Mird'ika, go and get some weapons for our friends. Tell him to give you blasters, rifles, vibroknives and a large stock of grenades, heres my contact. Tell him Vren sent you." he said as he handed him the info on how to find Kedn'ahad, "if he doesn't give you the stuff, put a bolt in his skull."

As he said this, the info on the locations of mandalorian warriors all across Nar Shaddaa was transmitted to his datapad. I had better get going. he thought to himself.

It looked like the nearest mando'ade was a thug for the exchange in the refugee sector.

"Time to get moving..."

Trench 08-02-2009 02:20 AM

Mird'ika took the datapad and left the copilots seat. He kissed Toola on the cheek before putting on his helmet and exiting the ship.

He looked at the datapad Vren had given him, Jekk'Jekk Tarr huh? I guess I won't need my mask...

"Its good not being human."
__________________________________________________ _________________

Mird clipped his helmet to his belt and walked past the bouncers into the bar.
He walked into the back room to see a pompous Twi'lek male surrounded by scantily dressed females of the same species.

"Kedn'ahad I presume, "Mird said as he closed the door behind him, " Vren sent me."

"Vren? Vren... "Kedn'ahad seemed to ponder, "I don't think I know a Vren."

Mird'ika pulled out his heavy blaster pistol and fingered the safety.

"Ah! "Kedn'ahad exclaimed, "That Vren. What do you need?

"Weapons. "Mird said briskly, "Blasters, vibro-weapons, grenades, whatever you can get me. And lots of it."

"I see, "Kedn'ahad said as he stroked his Lekku and watched one of his slave girl head to the bar to get him a drink, "And how do you plan to compensate me for this?"

"How about I comm Vren?"

"Its on me! "Kedn'ahad said, "I wouldn't want to disappoint an old friend now would I?"

"I thought you might see things my way, "Mird said as he holstered his blaster, "have them delivered to the docks, you know Vren's ship."

Kado Sunrider 08-02-2009 02:29 AM

Vren strode into the Refugee Sector like he owned the place, and being who he was, he could have if he wanted too, but the guards weren't so impressed.

"Hey, tough guy. You aren't welcome here. Leave." the trandoshan guard told Vren while his gammorean pal made obscene noises nearby.

Vren smoothly drew his blaster and dispatched both of the worthless grunts before striding into the next room. Sitting on a small desk flipping a vibroknife with the skills of a master was a man that could only be a mandalorian. powerfully built, dark complexion, even the grim facial expression could only have been a mandalorians.

"So.." he said. "Mando'ade. eh?"

The man looked up, instantly recognizing the armor as one of his own. He grinned broadly.

"I'd heard talk of a new Mand'alore. Never thought it would be you, Vren."

"Jodr, you bloody Knel'lik. The Exchange? Its time you rejoined your true family."

The man stood up and stretched.

"lead on Mand'alore."

Trench 08-02-2009 02:43 AM

Mird'ika returned to the ship right before Kedn'ahad's cronies brought the weapons. He had Toola hold a blaster on the thugs until Mird had a chance to inspect it.

"Its clean. "He told her, and she let them go.

He pushed the crates onto the ship and unloaded the weapons into the cargo hold of the ship.
He had the Twi'lek girls come into the cargo hold and prepare to select their weapons.
They had already been outfitted with some of the extra Beskar'gam from the cargo hold.

Once the girls had selected their weapons Mird prepared them for training. He couldn't do anything without Vren there. It was his ship after all.

Mird stood outside the loading ramp observing the refugee sector.

"How can anyone stand this cesspit?" He pondered, "The smell alone reminds me too much of Nal Hutta."

Ugh! Nal Hutta. Such vivid memories from the vile pus covered rock.

"I can't wait to get far away from here."

The Betrayer 08-02-2009 02:51 AM

The battle was won. It took over 30 Republic Soldiers, and they killed 200. But why did it all seem so easy?

Just as Arken was contemplating that, a runner reached him.
"Major Phoenix, Lieutenant Batur reporting, sir!"
Arken turned around.
"What's the word?"
"Sir, the whole southern flank has been decimated. The Mandalorians have a clear path into Iziz!"
"Damn it. Have you asked Lieutenant Trak for reserves?"
"He -He's dead sir. All the reserves, and all the originals. 200 men lost in the Southern front."
"Son of a bantha! Thank you Lieutenant, dismissed."

Arken was shocked. The main route to Iziz was this valley. Why did they use that pass?

He pointed to one of the soldiers running around.
"Gather all the survivors. Call our intel officer. I need to talk with Major Kael."

Lord Spitfire 08-02-2009 04:38 AM

"Sir!" yelled the Captain, "We have recieved word that the Mandalorians are making their way towards Izis from the South."

"What?" said Kael in shock. "There's more?" He obviously underestimated their numbers.

Wait . . . something's wrong. If they are advancing from the South, that means there must be thousnds of them! Meaning that ship that fled to Nar'Shadda wasn't trying to call Mandalore to join him; they were trying to get his aid in taking over Izis!

"Captain Orlov, I want you to turn this ship around and make for the South gate! How many of them, approximately?"

Captain Orlov grimaced as he read the report that had quickly been dialed to him. "There are ten thousand of them, sir."

Kael tried not to gasp as he leaned against the wall. Ten thousand! "How many soldiers are on this ship, Captain?"

"Two thousand at the most, sir! The other five thousand are in the Navy, and well, you know how the navy is, sir; they get all the glamour but leave the real fighting to us men in the army."

Kael ignored the pathetic attempt at humor. "Captain, I'm afraid that ship we were going after was only a fraction of their forces," he said softly. He turned to one of his men. "Lieutenant, send a message to King Xatson to warn him of the invasion. Also, send one to Field Marshall Travis Venaron, Commander of the Onderonian military, and tell him to get the entire Izis Armed Forces up and running!"

"Yes, sir!"

Kael turned back to Captain Orlov. "Get Officer Pheonix on the line."

"He's already calling you, sir."

"What?" Kael looked at his communicator and saw that it was beeping. He opened it and saw an image of Pheonix. Before his comrade could say a word, Kael started talking; "This is Major Kael Vyndosan in the Republic Army. I have recieved the intel, Captain, and it looks grim. I don't want to break your spirits, but the Mandalorian Clan - or at least, I think it is a clan, to have so many numbers, has sent a ship to Mandalore to ask for aid. We might have the entire Mandalorian fleet here soon, so brace yourself. Now tell me, what is your situation?"

The Betrayer 08-02-2009 05:42 AM

"Sir, I have, accounting for the physically incapable, 500 men ready for battle. I have moved a detachment of 400 men to defend the city through this route we are protecting. 50 will remain to guard this pass just in case, and 30 more will conduct infiltration missions. An army 10,000 strong will need supply lines. My men will try to cut off these supply lines. I have also sent a group of 20 men, including Lieutenant Batur to negotiate aid from the Beastriders. I believe we might need their help. Now if you will excuse me, sir, I need to join the defense of Iziz. Bloodbringer out."
Captain Phoenix spoke very fast.

Some of his men were rushing to Iziz with speeders already. He hopped to the nearest speeder, motioned for one of the men to ride with him, and drove the speeder to Iziz. It was an exhilarating ride, and the soldier behind him tried desperately to hold on.

When they reached Iziz, Captain Phoenix assumed command of the defense operations from a Major Beskar (who did not know much of military operations). He gathered all men available for duty and estimated their number to be 650. He started to brief them;

"Iziz's defense relies solely on two things; first, the soldiers; and second, the turrets. Now I would need tight security on Iziz's main power plant. Lieutenant Isthar, can you handle that?"
Arken looked at one of the junior officers. Lieutenant Ishtar nodded, and shouted, "Yes sir!"
Seeing his reaction, Arken said, "Good. There are only 3 passages to Onderon. I would not make the same mistake I made earlier. There will be three detachments of equal number guarding all passages. As all of you know, Iziz's communications have been severed, and will not be fixed for a few days. It takes shorter time to reach this Headquarters than the other gates, so if you need reinforcements, send a runner here, and we will try to ask from the other gates. Now, if there are no further questions, I want all of you to go to your posts."

Lord Spitfire 08-02-2009 07:11 AM

The transmition ended. Kael was starting to get anxsiouss, but he steeled himself for what had to be done. However, he still couldn't help but feel dread. If the Mandalorians breach the South Gate, thousands of innocent civillians will die, he thought grimly, but pushed those worries aside. That wouldn't happen, anyways.

And so, the ship flew over the city. Kael wondered what the people in Izis were thinking; a Republic Capitol Ship was flying over them. Kael chuckled inwardly.

It wasn't long before they landed at the Palace. Kael quickly got off the ship and was greeted with Field Marshall Venaron on the highest tower, overlooking the entire city.

They saluted each other.

"I got your message," said the Field Marshall solemnly. "It just . . . came out of nowhere!"

Kael nodded. "Yeah, I know. But sir, I need to know how many Onderonian soldiers are ready and able."

The Field Marshall looked grim. "As you know, we haven't had a war in 75 years since the civil war, and our last war against another country was 85 years ago against the Mandalorians. Due to our peace, we only have 65 thousand armed forces at my command."

Kael nodded. "65 thousand will be more than enough to win the battle; but I'm afraid it won't be enough to limit the casualties."

The Field Marshall looked out into the city. "Major, if you hadn't defeated the Rebels, than we would have had an army of twenty thousand against us."

Kael nodded. "Yeah, but we can't focus on that. Now, how long will it take to ready your forces?"

The Field Marshall sighed. "Well, it would take about four hours to get my forces ready for battle; it's not easy to arouse a city of this size, as you understand."

Kael nodded. "I don't know if we'll be able to hold the assault for four hours, but it will have to do."

The Field Marshall looked behind Kael. "Well, Major, we have a huge Republic Dreadnought on our side; you can just bomb their lines."

Kael nodded. "Yeah, but we're outnumber 2,400 to 10,000; and if they have Basilisks, the Decimator is going to have trouble; it's an amazing ship, but it's made for space battles, not ground assaults."

At that, Kael spun around and walked back into the massive ship.


He rushed back to the bridge. It took them a couple of seconds to reach the South Gate, and once they were there, they landed the ship. Kael could see about four hundred Republic Soldiers outside the window.

"Captain Smith!" he yelled. A navy officer approached him.

"Sir?" said the officer, although the Captain in the navy is higher than a Major in the army, making him officially of a higher rank.

"Once the soldiers are off the ship, bombard the enemy lines, but if you're attacked by Basilisks, pull out. Am I understood."

Smith nodded. "Yes, sir."

Then, 2,000 Republic Soldiers, including Kael, left the ship and walked onto the open plains. Then, the ship went up and hovered in the air.

The two forces mixed together, and Kael approached a man. "Lieutenant, where's Captain Pheonix?" he demanded.

"He's in Izis, preparing the defences," replied the Lieutenant. "I am in command of these 400 soldiers at the moment."

"Yeah, and I am in command of 2,400 soldiers at the moment, including yours!" replied Kael.

He walked over to a communicator and set up a connection to Captain Pheonix.

"Bloodbringer!" he addressed the Captain, "hurry up over there! Hopefully they won't even breach Izis. They'll be coming in about 30 minutes, and the Onderonian soldiers will be coming to our aid in 3 and a half hours. That means we have three hours to hold the line until they arrive. Come on; I need you here, damnit!"

The Betrayer 08-02-2009 07:21 AM

"Major Kael, all of Iziz's defenses are operational. We have received 100 Beast Riders riding Drexls from Queen Akumen. Our anti-air turrets are operational, and we have set up a defensive perimeter around the palace. The only attack that occurred so far is a minor one. A scouting party of 50 Mandalorians, all of them shot dead. We lost 10 men in the fighting. Bloodbringer out."

Just as Arken sent this transmission, one of the intel officers called for him.
"Sir, this runner said that the Mandalorians are assaulting the Gate! They are in desperate need of reinforcements."
"Officer, get a hundred men each from the two other gates. Iziz will not fall, not on my watch."

Arken sent another transmission to Major Kael,
"Sir, Mandalorians have started their attack on the Northern Gate. We are repelling their forces, but I don't think we could hold out long. Bloodbringer out."

Kado Sunrider 08-02-2009 01:55 PM

Vren and Jodr headed back too the freighter parked on the docks. They turned the corner and saw Mird'ika waiting for him just down the ramp. Vren whistled and Mird ran back into the freighter to get the engines warmed up.

Jodr and Vren boarded the ship as it was lifting off and started for the cockpit.

"Jodr, go relieve Mird'ika's woman from the turret. Shes good, but I trust you more."

The mandalorian nodded before running off.

"Mird, take us out of here, your in charge. Im going to be training our guests. They may not be Mando'ade, but if they're going to live with us, they're going to learn how to fight."

He walked back to the cargo hold where he saw the group of beskar'gam clad females, most of which looked uncomfortable to say the least in the heavy armor.

"All of you can take that off. You aren't mando'ade, so you shouldn't be wearing that armor." he said to the room at large.

They began to strip off their armor and replace it carefully back in the crates. When all of them were done. He began instructing them on the proper handling of a blaster pistol. One of them, a luthian twi'lek accidentally pulled the trigger and sent a bolt into Vrens armor. The sturdy metal abosorbed it without a scratch or burnmark, and the group stared at him in awe.

"Well then," he continued, "first lesson is making sure your safety is off when you dont plan on using the blaster."

For the better part of two hours, he instructed the slaves on the handling of blaster pistols and vibroknives.

When he was finished, he told them all to get cleaned up and headed back to the cockpit to check on their progress back to the world that was operating as their home planet.

"Whats our ETA, Mird?"

Kyr'am Galaar 08-02-2009 02:40 PM

((Charrie sheet))

Ky'ram has been looking for the lost slaves for days. Vorreesh the Hutt's brother, Yorka, told Ky'ram to recover all of the slaves that Vorreesh had lost. Particularly Toola, a twi'lek dancer. They were proving to be very elusive, but he had tracked them to the docks in the Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa.

He got there just in time to see a freighter take off.


Ky'ram pressed a button on his gauntlet. His ship dived around the corner of one of the buildings, and landed right in front of him. He got in and started to follow the freighter.

Trench 08-02-2009 03:28 PM

"I've entered a list of planets that are likely to have Mando'ade mercs and refugees. "Mird told Vren, "And I've listed the docking ports and who controls them. Some of them are controlled by Hutts from Vorreesh's clan, so me may have trouble."

Mird'ika turned towards the scanner and noticed a small blip, obviously someone trying to avoid being detected.

"Vren'ika, there seems to be a small Davaab starfighter following us. Whoever is piloting it is trying to go undetected, and their doing a frakking good job of it."

Kyr'am Galaar 08-02-2009 04:22 PM

"BEEP! We have been detected."

"I noticed. Well, lookes like we're gonna have to get them by force."

Ky'ram shoots his ION cannon at the freighter.

"Dweep. Direct hit."

"You think that I wouldn't know that?"

He pilots his ship towards the freighter, ready to board.

CommanderQ 08-02-2009 04:35 PM

Nar Shadaa Docks

Gir'rak Vevuni stepped off the transport onto the metal ground of Nar Shadaa's docking center.

He'd taken this refugee transport to prevent suspicions, as Mandalorians were still under great scrutiny from the Republic, even if the devastating war had ended nearly 80 years ago. Still, he stuck out amongst the groups of poorly-clothed, half-starved, civilians that walked next to him.

They all give him about a yard's room, his black and red armor being a repellant in itself, no one would mess with this Mando'a.

Gir'rak had left Mandalore in search of his clan's new leader, the fabled 'reunification' couldn't be too far off now if rumors were correct. But Gir'rak didn't believe in rumors...he needed facts, and that is why he was here.

It seemed that Nar Shadaa was always the best place to start when you were trying to find someone, at least, that's what Gir'rak thought.

Gir'rak shook the thoughts from his head, and focused on the task at hand, walking down a dark alley and into a doorway that glowed red and was surrounded by suspicious characters. It was one of Nar Shadaa's typical nightclubs, hopefully there would be someone of use in there.

Trench 08-02-2009 04:47 PM

"Fierfek! We've been hit!" Mird shouted as sparks started bursting from his control panel, "Ion blasts! The primary systems are failing!"

Kyr'am Galaar 08-02-2009 04:52 PM

"Activate the boarding tube and cut through the hull."



Ky'ram takes out his twin blaster pistols and kicks the wall. The cut out piece falls and Ky'ram steps into the vessel.

The Betrayer 08-02-2009 06:24 PM

"Sir, there was an error sending the transmission. It seems our communications are being jammed.", said one of the junior officers to Arken.

"Darn it. We are all alone now then. The Force help us."

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