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Mago 08-24-2009 09:47 AM

Control glitch

I'm trying to run Grim Fandango on Windows XP and it loads fine and I have no graphical problems, but when I try and move using the up arrow key, Manny will continue to walk forward even when I'm not touching the key. Then as the game progresses on it gets worse and worse and then he'll begin walking in circles. It adds an extra challenge to the game, i.e timing it correctly so I can hit enter when Manny is near to someone. But it's an added challenge I'd rather have without.

I've tried loading it in Windows 98 Compatibility and I have the current patch. What would cause this?

monkeymagic 04-22-2011 03:59 PM

I had the same problem, very annoying.

Solution was Start->Settings->Control Panel->Keyboard and then take the 'Repeat rate' way down (on XP).

Hope this helps someone.

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