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Kyvios 09-20-2009 11:21 AM

Reality of Pheyzosia
Our perception of reality is what we can taste, touch, see, smell, and can be defined as logical. But what if the unlogical became reality. For one person living in today's world they are about to experience just that when they are torn from this world into a different reality. A reality where magic, gods/goddess, and mythical creatures roam freely among the land. Making what they believe to be true shatter to pieces as reality takes on a new form.

The planet known as Pheyzosia. A planet where not only humans exist but, elves and other creatures as well. Life is good for the people of this planet, but dark forces are brewing in the shadows undetected. Several creatures, even the gods have had some of they're power stripped away by this unknown force. Though every living thing contains a certain amount of magic, in most is so small they wouldn't even notice it was missing. For some however, magic is they're basic life essence, and with out it they would surly fade into a distant memory.

Can this person of our world help these creatures regain they're former powers? Or will the dark side of it all be to tempting? Will this person ever find a way back home?


Tyathe was laying up on the fresh dew covered grass as the sun was slowly rising over the distant mountains. The smell of the fresh air was calming to his senses, even to for a demon they could find some peace here. Times before Tyathe would come here and listen to the worlds talks but the world of Pheyzosia has fallen silent for him. It was a curiuos thing for one as old as him to lose the ability to hear and see everything that went on in the world, but he did enjoy the peace a little.

Laying upon the ground in his demon fox form he stretched, popping his joints. Laughing slightly as each pop sounded like thunder across the sky. He wasn't in control of the weather or anything like that he was just there, existing as he did every day. Some though of him as a god, while other nothing more then a terrifying demon. Tyathe didn't really believe there was anything terrifying about him if one got to truly know him. But creatures would act how they usually do and would probably do so centuries later.

His ears twitched sensing something was wrong, quickly jumping to his feet he started to look around and noticed some kind of shining portal, reflecting a strange world to him. Tall gray buildings, dull scenery, no plans or anything that resembled life. Slowly he got closer to it sniffing it with his nose. It was definitely magical, but in the distance there was something.

Not yet feeling the need to be seen by what ever was moving towards the portal he jumped back and turned into his human form. His white fur turning into white hair. This form made him feel naked in a way, but would have to do. The red tips of his tail traveled down to his left arm, and made it seem like it was glowing a little. There he sat in a tree watching the portal, waiting a little excitedly for what would come through.

CommanderQ 09-20-2009 11:40 AM

Kyuzo plodded slowly along the rocky road in the land of Pheyzosia. He could feel his sandals crush dirt with each step, and little pebbles losing their place and falling to the ground lower then the road.

Despite his blindness, the Samurai knew exactly where he was going. The darkness in his eyes had not affected his ability to understand the world around him.

If anything, it had increased it. He could hear the fluttering of wings in the distance, the rustle of leaves in the soft wind, smell the morning dew of the grass by the road, feel the many creatures rustling around in their homes beneath the road. No traveler passing him by at his slow pace.

At last, in this world not his own, Kyuzo had found his peace.

The Swordsmen was now a self-proclaimed Gaurdian to the newcomers of Pheyzosia, and was right now heading to the portal to meet another one.

They always had many questions, and were deeply afraid in the world of Pheyzosia, for good reason.

And that is why Kyuzo dedicated himself to helping them and protecting them until they were properly ready.

The portal was not far now, and he could sense that he was not the only one waiting for a newcomer.

He took a breath and licked his lips, preparing to say something, and trying to feel out who it was.

Then it came to him.

"You are out early, young Demon Fox, why is it that you wait here?"

The Samurai used his red sword/cane to feel out a rock in front of him, he then moved around it and sat down upon it, facing the Demon Fox.

The Betrayer 09-20-2009 12:16 PM

Grugh opened his eyes to a stone ceiling. He sat up with no effort at all, then turned his head around to figure out where he was. He picked up the scent of a human, then realized where he was. He was in his cave, one he claimed hundreds of years ago. And a human was stepping on it.

It did not take long for Grugh's small mind to process that information. Grugh was able to stand up, for this cave was great and it could hold him. He did so, and seeing this, the human tried to run away. Grugh crouched then scooped the human with his hand, studying it as he brought it closer to his face.

"Let me go! Let me go!", The human pleaded as it tried to shake its arms and legs away from the hands of Grugh. Grugh tightened his grip on the creature, then put it close to his mouth. He opened his gigantic mouth and slobber dripped out of it. He tore out the head of the human, ending his screams. He chewed on the head, ignoring the skull and the other bones.

He then dropped the rest of the human's body in his mouth, consuming it as he walked out of his cave. He saw a lot of things outside, but one thing caught his attention the most. Two humans, one of them a swordsman. Grugh brought his lumbering body there, little earthquakes happening with his every footstep.

Kyvios 09-20-2009 12:28 PM

Tyathe sat upon the branch of the tree looking down at Kyuzo. Tyathe stayed in his human form, sitting in trees in his true form was to bothersome considering his size. Leaning his back against the tree trunk, resting the back of his head on his hands, as his left leg dangled from the branch he smiled slightly.

"You are out early, young Demon Fox, why is it that you wait here?"

"Just simply enjoying the start of this soon to be beautiful day." Tyathe responded.

Suddenly the ground shook in small vibrations. Turning his head to the right he noticed a Mountain troll heading they're way. Letting out a soft sigh, Tyathe closed his eyes and started to ralax more into the tree. The Mountain troll himself wasn't much of a concern to him. As his left leg dangled off the branch he flexed his toes making them crack. The only downfall to his human from was that it didn't look completely human. His feet looking slightly like human feet still contained animal features. Tyathe's hands only contained had the same feature, and his eyes remained the same as they did in his true form, a dark blue with a red hint.

The Betrayer 09-20-2009 01:03 PM

Grugh was able to get near enough to the humans where he could stomp at them and get their existences all over with. He grabbed his giant mace which was hanging from his back. He held it firmly with his hand as he looked at the people below. One blow from his giant mace was enough indeed.

"Oy! This my home! You be leavin' now humies, or I've got dis thing ready for you!" Grugh said this with a threatening tone as he pointed to his giant mace.

Kyvios 09-20-2009 01:25 PM

Tyathe yawned as he stretched still relaxing in the tree branch. The troll could sound threatening all he wanted but Tyathe was to comfortable to be moved from this spot, even if being in human form was a little cramped. However he did feel a little insulted for being called human, granted Trolls were never the smartest beings around. To demonstrate the fact that he wasn't human Tyathe raised his hand and squeezed it into a fist, cracking his knuckles but this time the sound of thunder did roar as he did that. Slowly he brought down his hand and examined it showing his dark blue with the reddish outline.

"Well isn't this interesting." he said to himself still looking at his hand "Guess this problem is bigger then I first figured... Ohh well."

Tyathe rolled off of the branch and fell to the ground transforming into his true form. A Fox Demon, his fur white that was a little transparent. Spreading out his nine tails that had a slight blue haze to it, and red ends. An electrifying mist seemed to pour off of him as he stood on all fours standing about half the size of the Troll before him.

"Now do you really feel like insulting me again." Tyathe said threateningly, his tails becoming encircled by intense lighting showing how serious he was.

SkywalkerRules 09-20-2009 06:54 PM

"AAAAAHHH!!!" is all that she could say. Falling through a hole was one thing. Flying through a portal with blue vortex was another! Emily Gordon was terrified as to what was currently going on.

"What's going on?! Why is this haaapeeeniiiing?!" All of a sudden, Emily found herself falling on the ground. She sat up, and shook her head. When her eyes came into focus, she gasped, looking around. "Woah. Wh-where am I?"

Emily was too bewildered at everything she saw. Beautiful grass, mountains, wide open, trees... "Am I in... Heaven?"

CommanderQ 09-20-2009 09:27 PM

"Just simply enjoying the start of this soon to be beautiful day."

This made Kyuzo smiled, "It is good to see that those of this world still partake in the simple things."

The Samurai suddenly felt the thump-thump of an incoming giant. As to how he knew this is fairly obvious.

"Oy! This my home! You be leavin' now humies, or I've got dis thing ready for you!"

Kyuzo's ears perked up at the Giant.

"Hmmm...I would disagree with you, noble giant. You're home is over there, the nice cave beneath the road..."

With that, the Samurai stood and walked towards the portal. He could feel it.

The Newcomer would soon be here.

He stood in front of the portal and after a few minutes of patient waiting, Kyuzo felt the portal move in the ground, and a loud noise arose.

And right on time, someone flew out and hit the ground in front of the Samurai. The newcomer had the distincy smell of a female, a human female. Perhaps from the same world Kyuzo had come from? He did not know this, but he would help her nonetheless.

"Am I in... Heaven?"

Kyuzo chuckled and smiled, "Not quite, young woman. Though it is very nice to your eyes I imagine."

Despite his blindness, his acute senses knew exactly where she was. He gently helped her up to her feet.

"Might I ask who you are?"

SkywalkerRules 09-20-2009 10:30 PM

"Not quite, young woman. Though it is very nice to you're eyes I imagine."

Emily looked up at a man who stood in front of her. He seemed really friendly. And she could tell, by his eyes, that he might've been blind.

"Might I ask who you are?"

"Well... my name's Emily Gordon. I'm from Japan. Well... I'm mainly from America." She then looked at a fox-like creature with nine tails. Then she slowly looked up at huge, scary looking troll. She almost grew afraid.

"O--okay. Wh-what's going on? Tell me I must be dreaming..."

The Betrayer 09-20-2009 10:39 PM

Grugh looked down at the pathetic humans, one of them now a fox, with lightning on its tails. He ignored the puny creature, since it seemed another human joined the fray. Grugh heard the voice of the swordsman.


Kyvios 09-20-2009 10:49 PM

Noticing the the Mountain Troll turned his attention away from Tyathe towards the one that came through the portal. Now Tyathe felt more insulted then he did earlier. Being calling a human he could handle, but being ignored was something else. Quickly he jumped into the air and over the Troll landing in between the troll, and the two humans.

"Now, now. You are either really brave, or really stupid. But I can assure you, no one here meant to trespass upon your domain. We just simply wish to travel though." Tyathe said to the troll, his voice echoing through the air as he growled at the troll through his teeth.

The troll would really be no match for him, but Tyathe didn't really think the Troll understood the power Tyathe held. Though he has been greatly diminished over the past couple days, he was sure that he could still easily take Mountain Troll. Turning his head towards the two humans he examined them.

"I suggest you take your friend some where else. This place may become dangerous."

Cyborg Ninja 09-20-2009 11:02 PM

Chaos was awakened with an odd sensation inside of him. He was sound asleep when he felt that something was different today. He extended and black plant to the top of the planet. The sick looking planet grew an eye so that Chaos could see what it was seeing. A human girl fell onto the ground from some strange portal. The plant closed its eye and Chaos was left speechless.

That girl, where did she come from? She could be the key to my vengence.

The plant's eye opened again and now the girl was surrounded by a warrior and that blind fool Kyuzo. The three were facing a large mountain troll, who obivously would be too stupid to care about the girl who appeared from nothingness. Chaos refused to have such a wonderful gift be taken from him. He roared in a rage and began to make his was towards the surface. He took the shape of a dragon before reaching the surface. Chaos burst through the ground and floated in the sky. His red eyes looked over at the troll.

"Mountain troll, stand down now or face the wrath of Chaos!"

The Betrayer 09-20-2009 11:09 PM

Grugh was brave, but he was not stupid. He knew when he was outnumbered, and outnumbered today he was. He growled at the humans and the strange creature who had just arrived.

"You humies lucky you have strong friend. Or I would kill you."

He turned his back on the humans then proceeded back to his cave to get some rest.

CommanderQ 09-20-2009 11:24 PM

"Well... my name's Emily Gordo. I'm from Japan. Well... I'm mainly from America."

This caught Kyuzo's attention.

Is it truly possible? Can she really be from the Home Islands?

It had been so long since he'd even thought about his home in the other world, things must've deeply changed. He had so many questions for her, but now was not the best time.

"O--okay. Wh-what's going on? Tell me I must be dreaming..."

Kyuzo scrunched his eyebrows and shook his head.

"I wish I could say it was...but no..."

He understood her confusion, and with luck, he'd be able to help her understand Pheyzosia.

The troll was beginning to get very loud, and it was hurting Kyuzo's sensitive ears.

But another, much more unexpected and unwanted thing happened. The arrival of a Dragon of Chaos.

The Forces of Chaos had never been on good terms with the Samurai, and Kyuzo also knew that they were the most whole-heartedly evil force in Pheyzosia. They reminded him of the terrible bandit lords that had tormented the people of Japan many years ago. Kyuzo had fought them then, he would fight them now. But right now, he needed to get 'Emily' to a safe place. Right now, that would be his home in the Southern forest, which wasn't too far, but was in an area unreachable by Chaos, for the mostpart anyway.

"I suggest you take your friend some where else. This place may become dangerous."

"I understand, Demon will know where to find us."

He grabbed Emily by the arm and began walking as fast as he could towards the southern forests.

He chuckled aloud.

"I wish I could see this right now....a blind man leading a sighted woman to safety...heh."

His other hand rested on his red cane, ready to draw his blade at any time.

Cyborg Ninja 09-20-2009 11:29 PM

Chaos went back into his normal form. The armored god stood at 7 feet when he wanted to be around humans. It still made him taller and gave him a very menacing appearence. He quickly looked over Kyuzo too find that he was gone... and so was the girl. He quickly moved after them. He knew what Kyuzo would try to do and Chaos couldn't allow that.

"I wish I could see this right now....a blind man leading a sighted woman to safety...heh."

"You won't have to, I'll be taking over from here."

Chaos looked over at the girl.

"My dear quickly step away from that man. He's a criminal who wants nothing more than to take what you have and kill you. Come with me my dear, I can get you to safety."

Kyvios 09-20-2009 11:31 PM

Tyathe watched cautiously as the Mountain Troll walked away. Sitting down he closed his eyes wrapping his nine tails together giving the illusion there was only one. Raising his right paw he placed it on top of his head and ran it down his muzzle. In a way Tyathe was dissapointed that he couldn't have a little fun with the Mountain Troll, but he figured one day he would.

"Such a dramatic entrance." Tyathe mumbled to himself.

Noticing the demon of chaos walk towards the girl Tyathe followed him. His foot steps landing softly upon the grassy floor. He walked passed the chaos demon and laid next to the girl.

"He is a liar, and would say anything to get what he wants. And that is never something good." he spoke softly to the girl.

CommanderQ 09-20-2009 11:58 PM

"My dear quickly step away from that man. He's a criminal who wants nothing more than to take what you have and kill you. Come with me my dear, I can get you to safety." he goes again with the lies....

Kyuzo shook his head and kept walking, Emily in tow.

"Don't listen to him...he's a deciever and a cheat...trusting in him can only result in something we must hurry. Before he decides to resort to violent means."

Carsew 09-21-2009 02:49 AM

Carsew had also felt the ripples as the human arrived on Pheyzozia. He smiled. This could be useful for him. He was in a dark fortress, his home and base. Outside there was soldiers practicing in sword and bow. He stepped out on his balcony and jumped out. Falling down he turned into his demon form and then flew towards the human. Seconds later two more flying creatures, mages, joined him.

An hour later he arrived at the scene, seeing a man leading off the girl, with Chaos standing watch. He and his creatures flew down towards them. They were fighting over some liar. Carsew smiled and landed close to the woman.

"It doesn't really matter who is the liar," he said with a smile on his lips as he changed into human form. "Come my dear, I will help you to safety." He held out his hand towards the woman, a charming smile on his lips.

Kyvios 09-21-2009 08:06 AM

Tyathe laid there on the ground next to the girl still in his demon form. His from legs crossed before him, he let out a soft sigh and laid his head upon his legs. He was certain that all this commotion over her was only frightening her more. However, he did find it strange that two of the darkest creatures he knew where after this human. While standing up, he shook his body and stretched before turning his head towards the girl.

"I'm certain right now you are confused. If there is one thing I've learned of your kind over the years you should trust your instincts. They are usually right." He said to the girl before turning and walking towards the near by tree line and laying back down.

The thing about when Tyathe spoke, his mouth and lips never moved. His voice just simply echoed in everyone's head. But when he was in his human form, he spoke like regular humans did and just spoke with the power of his own voice.

Laying there Tyathe once again returned to enjoying the moist green grass as the sun continued to slowly rise over the distant mountains.

"This is nice..." He said to himself with a small yawn in his voice.

SkywalkerRules 09-21-2009 02:20 PM

"My dear quickly step away from that man. He's a criminal who wants nothing more than to take what you have and kill you. Come with me my dear, I can get you to safety."

"He is a liar, and would say anything to get what he wants. And that is never something good."

"Don't listen to him...he's a deciever and a cheat...trusting in him can only result in something we must hurry. Before he decides to resort to violent means.

"It doesn't really matter who is the liar," he said with a smile on his lips as he changed into human form. "Come my dear, I will help you to safety." He held out his hand towards the woman, a charming smile on his lips

Why did all these creatures, who turned from a creature to a Human, want her? Emily was growing a little more scared. The one with the charming smile almost got her, but then she shook her head. Suddenly, she snatched her hand away from Kyuzo. She never been disrespectful to an adult. Even when they were blind.

"NO!! Stop! Please! Just stop it!! What do you all want from me?! What?!" Tears formed in her eyes. "I don't know what you all want... but I've gotta go back home!"

And with that, the frightened Emily ran off. She didn't know where to, but at least she would run from all this commotion.

Kyvios 09-21-2009 02:35 PM

Tyathe heard the new human screaming in the distance. As he raised his head and opened his eyes he looked and saw the female running away from the group. Sighing he stood up and shoot himself off of any grass that may have decided it wanted to go for a rise. He started walking which quickly turned into a jog. It didn't take much effort to catch up with the new human to Pheyzosia.

As he was quick walking beside the female he said to her softly "I can get you away from them much faster. I assure you I am no threat. I know a village near by that could prove to be of help."

He knew he wasn't the most pleasent of looking creatures she's probably ever seen. Considering his a giant fox with white fur and nine tails that currently wrapped together forming one big tail. But his intentions were sincere, Tyathe was more prone to protect the weaker species then to devour them.

Carsew 09-21-2009 02:36 PM

Carsew stretched out his hand after the woman, but didn't catch her.

"Idiots!" he shouted at the others around him. "You let her get away!"

He looked around. Then he noticed Chaos imposing presence. The sight of Chaos obvoiusly did an impression on Carsew, who backed away.

"No problem. I'll get her eventually," he said and turned on the spot, once again turning into his black demon form. He flew away in the same direction as the human. Using his brilliant demon vision he could see her long away.

He accelerated...

Cyborg Ninja 09-21-2009 02:57 PM

Chaos roared with rage. He took out his sword and looked over to Kyuzo. He was ready to swing his mighty blade when a thought popped into his head. He put away the sword and disapeared back to the underworld, or so it appeared. He turned himself into a small fly after going underground and popped back up. He followed after the girl as fast as he could. He flew up into the trees and changed into a black bird to move faster. Now flying faster he went higher into the trees to avoid being seen. He took the shape of something that would look pleasing to the girl. As he jumped down from the trees, his armored appearence was replaced with another. He now was only 3 feet tall with small sutbby arms connected to his head. His head and body joined into one with large white eyes and a big mouth. For feet, the little creature had black shoes, matching the black color. His cheeks were a rosey red and always had a smile on. Chaos fell down from the ground as this thing and looked over at her. He smiled at her and opened his mouth.

"HIIIII!" he said in an adorable childlike tone.

CommanderQ 09-21-2009 06:11 PM

Kyuzo wasn't entirely surprised when he felt Emily jerk her hand away. It was to be expected when you were in an unfamiliar land and didn't quite know why, or what importance you were to attract such attention.

"NO!! Stop! Please! Just stop it!! What do you all want from me?! What?! I don't know what you all want... but I've gotta go back home!"

Kyuzo couldn't blame her for wanting to go home, but there was no way to do that, at least he didn't know. Perhaps someone else would, but he knew that she was of great importance to Pheyzosia. She needed to be protected.

"You let her get away!"

Kyuzo turned his head slightly, "Hmm...typical...especially for your type of demon..."

He felt a reverberation in the ground, and he knew that his long time enemy, Chaos, was going to strike him.

The Samurai, made only a fraction of movement, unsheathing his sword/cane by an inch.


The attack didn't come. It wasn't because of Kyuzo for sure...Chaos had something planned.

Kyuzo sheathed the blade again, and followed on the ground that Emily had taken. He moved slowly and cautiously, but he knew that she was not too far ahead.

Suddenly, he heard a peculiar buzzing. A fly...but this fly was different, he could sense it.

He followed the fly, and suddenly, there was a strange impish, perhaps childlike figure in front of him. The fly...but not the fly.


There was no time to waste.

Kyuzo unsheathed his blade and slashed the creature all in one swift movement.

Cyborg Ninja 09-21-2009 07:48 PM

The attack caught chaos by surprise and split his small figure down the middle. He felt a large amount of pain, but he quicky put himself back together. Chaos felt rage go off inside of his mind. He wanted to strike Kyuzo down, once and for all. He didn't want to blow his potential cover. After giving a quick second of thought, he merely stared up at Kyuzo. He knew that Kyuzo didn't believe him but that didn't matter. All that did was getting the girl to believe him. He then turned to look at the girl and let his eyes fill up with tears. The God of Destruction was pretending to cry to make the girl feel sympathy towards him. He made a crying noise and ran up to the girl, hugging her.

"Bad man hurt me, bad man hurt me" he said.

((Here's the adorable little chaos, Awwww!))

CommanderQ 09-21-2009 08:32 PM

"Bad man hurt me, bad man hurt me."

Kyuzo hated Chaos, for multiple reasons, and this was one of them.

"Things are never what they seem here, you should know that, Chaos. Crying won't help you anymore then trying to fight've lost...leave, that is only if you wish to fight another day."

The blind man pushed the small creature with his foot, just to get Chaos started in the right direction.

"Besides, you shouldn't put yourself in such a feeble position, it's bad for your name."

Cyborg Ninja 09-22-2009 12:18 AM

The chaos blob looked at the samurai once more before this time jumping right infront of the girl's face.

"Look what I can do, look!"

He was jumping up and down for the girl and giggling. While he was dancing he secretly made his left fist go around the girl and hit Kyuzo with a series of jabs before returning to his body. He would not give up this easy. No matter what Kyuzo did, Chaos had to stick with this god awful form. He had failed when the first portal jumper had landed on this place...that man was Kyuzo. Chaos had almost tricked the blind samurai, but he had failed and was forced to retreat after other gods heard of what he was trying to do. No, he would not fail again.

Soon two worlds will fall to madness and destruction. And when there is madnes, there is Chaos.

CommanderQ 09-22-2009 12:38 AM

Kyuzo felt the jabs to his body a bit too late. The form that Chaos had taken was too hard to properly anticipate with his senses.

He flinched, but tightened his stomach, and the blows did not hurt as much.

"You still have a fighting spirit, Chaos...but your discretion does you no credit."

He felt that another punch was coming, and he grabbed with lightning speed, not letting go.

Kyvios 09-22-2009 09:23 AM

Tyathe sat at a distance watching them fight over the human female once again. This whole situation was starting to grow irritating and bothersome. In fact if this kept on going much longer Tyathe might develop more of a headache then he already had thanks to these morons. Standing up slowly he made sure when he brought his front feet down they would strike the ground and send the sound of thunder through the air and vibrate the ground. He knew that doing so might disrupt the Mountain Troll, but he was also certain that the Troll would sense the danger and stay where ever his home was.

"That is enough you two." He said making his voice sound as if it was echoing through the air as he spoke into the minds of them all. "Chaos you are not a child, grow up. You want the human to follow you then allow this one to think for themselves. Or you'll lose... again" his teeth were tightly clenched together as he started to growl towards them.

Carsew 09-22-2009 12:04 PM

Carsew smiled, showing off his white teeth, and said:

"Is it not said that 'You are not older than you feel'?" He walked over to the young woman, secretly pushing Chaos away. He smiled again and gently took her hand in his.

"I know you want to go home," he said, looking her in the eyes. "And I can help you with that. Just come with me, or you can stay with these, who won't help you at all. Your choice." He smiled again.

SkywalkerRules 09-22-2009 02:40 PM

After the little Choas blob, who adorably jumped in front of Emily, stopped what he was doing, she looked at the others. Why did they all want her? Was she of any importance? She wanted to know everything. She wanted to go home...

"I know you want to go home," he said, looking her in the eyes. "And I can help you with that. Just come with me, or you can stay with these, who won't help you at all. Your choice."

Emily looked up at the guy who gave her the charming smile. She bit her lower lips nervously. Then she replied, "C-can you really help me? Can any of you guys help me?"

Kyvios 09-22-2009 02:57 PM

Tyathe walked over and sat near the human. Looking at this other creature, there was something about him he didn't entirely trust. There was a smell about him that Tyathe couldn't really put his finger on it. But he hasn't really given him any reason to not trust him. Slowly as to not frighten the human he placed his nose into they're hair and sniffed it taking in her scent. Now if need be he could find her, no matter what.

"Everyone here wants to help you in a different way. Some may not be for the best. It's your choice on you feel will be more helpful." he said softly to her as he placed his forehead against the side of her head and softly nudged it, "Remember young one. Your instincts should be the thing you trust the most. Not the words the flood from our mouths."

Tyathe stood up and started walking towards the forest. What ever this humans choices were, they were her own. And only she could make them. That is something she would have to learn on for herself. At times others won't be there to make choices for her.

Carsew 09-22-2009 03:23 PM

Carsew smiled and stepped back, letting go of the young woman's hand.

"I respect your desicion, whatever it may be, but know that whatever you choose, my offer will still stand," he said and looked around at the others. He had a look of not being completely honest.

"If you do, however, accept my offer, I promise you that I will do what I can to get you home," he said and turned around towards the hills, long down there was a city. He started walking, certain the human would catch up with him.

Cyborg Ninja 09-22-2009 06:01 PM

Chaos could no longer take the form he stood in. He began to turn back to his human sized form and stood at 7 feet again. He pulled his hand away now that he was much larger that the samurai. He turned to the demon fox and glared at both him and Kyuzo.

"Watch who you are speaking to. You are nothing more than a demon, neither you nor the samurai are of pure god blood as I am."

"C-can you really help me? Can any of you guys help me?"

"My dear, I am a god. I have been on Pheyzosia longer than anyone you have met so far. Not only can I get you home but I can make sure you stay safe here. I know where to go and where not to go. After all it was I who made that mountain troll leave. My dear this world is a dangerous place, I fear war is on its way and a blind man doesn't seem like the best kind of protector to me."

Rather than leave like the other two had, Chaos stood his ground in an attempt to show that he would stand by her no matter what happened. However the main reason was to strike Kyuzo just in case she decided to stay with him.

Kyvios 09-22-2009 06:47 PM

Tyathe laid down by the tree line wrapping his tail around his body and laying it over his muzzle. His eyes how ever never left the new arrival to Pheyzosia. The girl was frightened, he could smell it even from here. The words from chaos however Tyathe ignored. It was apperant to him that Chaos didn't know how to be a true god. He was just a low life demon, who didn't know how to understand the ones following him.

Once the girl made a choice, Tyathe would just wander away to a different place like he always had done. Every time he had traveled to some place else, it was different, new and exciting. It brought some comfort to his heart and allowed him to relax. Then an idea came to him. Standing up he started walking back to the girl.

As he was walking back he started to change into his human form. As cramped as it was he allowed him to take up less space around the girl. His long white hair fell down to the middle of his back, as his right arm started to glow red as if infected by something. His eyes however remained a dark blue-reddish color, with a black pupil.

Tyathe sat next to the girl once again as his right hand touched the ground before his real end. The fingers of his left hand ran down through his long hair and grabbed the end of it. He pulled it from his back over to the front of his body, taking the nails from his right hand he cut off a section of his hair. Grabbing each end of his hair with his hands, and started spinning it in circles. His eyes watched it spinning carefully with a smile upon his face.

Holding each end of his now twisted hair Tyathe gestured to the human females wrist saying "May I? I promise I wont hurt you."

SkywalkerRules 09-22-2009 09:50 PM

Sitting on the grass, Emily began to think on who she should go with. In her heart, she had to choose the one person who had a good heart. She felt that the creature with nine tails and the blind man were good people...

"May I? I promise I wont hurt you."

He was gesturing to her wrist. Emily hesitantly held out her wrist for him. She wondered what he was planning on doing. "So... why am I here, exactly?"

Kyvios 09-23-2009 08:39 AM

Tyathe smiled at the human and nodded a thank you to her. Bringing his hair that he had cut off and twisted together closer to her wrist he wrapped it around her wrist and fused the two ends together. Then Tyathe brought his hand up and softly patted her shoulder. The girl asked a good questions, why was she here indeed? Unfortunately it was a question he didn't know the answer to. But he was sure that Chaos would form some kind of lie.

"I am sorry, but I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that question. But I may know some one who might. In the village near by is a Seer. The seer may have answers to your questions." he said to her looking out at the distant mountians, the sun now clearly above them. "Ohh, My name is Tyathe. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Carsew 09-23-2009 09:40 AM

Carsew turned around as he heard the demon fox speak. He turned, now he was further away, but due to his demon senses he heard everything, and now he saw the girl taking the fox's wrist. A ripple of blackness went over his skin, as if he was going to turn into demon form. He still held his human form though, he had quickly learned to calm down if he got really angry, so to not reveal his true form, but now he was going to use it, so he turned into his black demon form, flapping his wings to get up in the air. Then he speeded up towards the group.

He landed next to Chaos, turning into human form on the way down. As the fox and human started to walk away he said quietly to Chaos:

"Lord Chaos, I need to speak with you." He gave one of his smiles. "It's about the girl."

SkywalkerRules 09-23-2009 05:16 PM

"I am sorry, but I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that question. But I may know some one who might. In the village near by is a Seer. The seer may have answers to your questions." he said to her looking out at the distant mountians, the sun now clearly above them. "Ohh, My name is Tyathe. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Emily smiled, and stood up from the grass. "Fair enough. And hello, Tyathe. My name's Emily Gordon. It's nice to meet you." She felt that she could trust him. Even though he turns into a fox-like creature.

The young girl glanced around. The old man seemed to be friendly too. But what was it about the other two guys? The others felt as if they were evil. But her mom always told her to look at the bright side of things. What was bright about those two guys though?

Some questions she could never answer...

Cyborg Ninja 09-23-2009 10:48 PM

"Lord Chaos, I need to speak with you." He gave one of his smiles. "It's about the girl."

"But of course, allow me to finish up with one thing first though."

Chaos walked over to the girl and looked down at her. He removed something that was on his neck. He put it around the girl's neck and took a step back. The amulet was black, but had three white crystals in it.

"I know that you have chosen this fox creature to guide you but as a god I need to make sure. It is the Amulet of Fear, a very rare possesion of mine. As long as you have it on, no creature can harm you. It shows fear so dark and terrible that not even a dragon would be caught near it. Be safe on your journey, and good luck."

With that Chaos stepped away and moved over to Carsew.

"Now than, I would be delighted to take a look at your home and check on how things are."

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