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Fredi 09-25-2009 04:09 PM

Star Wars: The Rise of Revan
Star Wars: The Rise of Revan

A year ago Revan and Malak discovered the “Star Forge” in top of the Planet Lehon, a powerful Space-base factory, which can construct thousands of ships in a short time. We Sith have returned under the command of Lord Revan and Lord Malak, we are here to conquer the galaxy at last. No one will stand in our way, not even the Jedis.

Revans new fleet has arrive unsuspected to the Foerost System, the weak republic fleets protecting Foerost was not match,now our target is the complete planet.

“Lord, the republic fleet is completely destroyed, should we proceed our next objective?”- Darth Malak asked to his master.

“Yes Malak, take the army to Foerost, send some ships to raid the Foerost Shipyard and continue with the plan, remember to take all the ships we can from the republic bases on Foeros as well.”- Darth Revan said to Malak “ I will stay here with the fleet in case of a near republic fleet decides come”

“Yes Revan”- Malak answered as he leaves the ship.

“HK, Go to Foerost, eliminate any possible, Kill any Jedi on the Planet”- Revan ordered the HK-47 he made after the Battle at Malachor 5.

Malak gathered five Sith lords, including Yusu Mejj, who served for Revan and Malak during the mandalorian wars, their task was to command each one a battalion of sith troopers. Yusu will be accompanying Malak on the take of Hajibar, the major city of Foerost, while the other sith's will be taking other cities.

Lord Carsew was ordered to take the Foerost Shipyard that was orbiting the planet, his task is to raid the Shipyard and bring as many ships as possible.

“This is the beginning of our empire” - Revan says as he watches the ships of his army entering the Foerost atmosphere thru his bridge window.

Godric Volturi 09-25-2009 04:17 PM

Lucas sat on the edge of his meditation chambers, thinking about what was going on. The Star Forge was working at total of 700% past Lucas' expectations. All of the flagships and fighter planes were rolling forth, under Revan's command. Lucas shook his head, he knew Revan was powerful... but this was much more of an amazing feat than any previous Sith Lord had ever done. He sighed and leaned back into the cold metal of the edge of the chambers. He wrapped the black cloth around his eye sockets and stood up, clipping his lightsaber onto his belt. He slowly made his way out to the bridge of Revan's Flagship.

"You summoned me, Lord Revan?" He asked, the Dark Lord, quietly, bowing in respect for the Sith Master's power.

Darth Scorcher 09-25-2009 04:43 PM

Mako had just woke up in his bed in the hotel on Manaan. He then quickly turned on the Holonet to the news, Mako never really paid much attention until he heard something unusual. "Recently Foerost has been attacked by an unknown enemy, reports show the attackers are commandeering Republic ships." Impossible, Foerost is the most secure system I can think of, how could anyone possibly take it down? Mako then stared at his lightsaber on the drawer next to his bed, he shook his head. No, no heroics, you've gotten your head into too many people's business. He then turned off the Holonet and left the hotel.

Fredi 09-25-2009 04:58 PM

"Yes Miraluka, you have one special task, I want you to head to the Planet, and assassinate the republic governor of Foerost, the less enemies we have the better."- Revan said to the young Miraluka "After killing the governor, join Malak on battle, the take over of Feorost must be fast"

Godric Volturi 09-25-2009 05:14 PM

"Lord Revan, are you sure that is so wise. Perhaps it should be a peaceful transition. If such were to happen, the Republic would be unaware of your return to Republic space... and we need as many allies as possible before we attack the Republic." He said, quietly. He hated to question Revan's orders, but this is something he felt strongly about. He had seen two possible outcomes to this war.

Fredi 09-25-2009 05:23 PM

"Questioning me is a fool thing to do Miraluka, a peaceful transition is proving weakness, you know well you're teachings Miraluka, you better do as I said unless you wish to die."- Revan said very clearly to Lucas "The republic already knows of the attack, Sith, this is our announce of our return, leave and complete you're orders"

Godric Volturi 09-25-2009 05:28 PM

Lucas shook his head. "As you wish, Revan... though I feel it is a fool thing to do...." He muttered to himself. "Hopefully this will all work out for you."

Darth Scorcher 09-25-2009 05:46 PM

Just as Mako headed out the door, he heard the keeper's voice, "Hey, you uh, Mako Noram." Ugh, what does he want? Mako thought as he headed to the front desk, "It's Mako Norman, what is it you want?" He asked,"You haven't payed your rent in over six months now!" The keeper said, "WHAT!?!?!?" Mako said as he slammed his fist on the desk. "What do you mean I have-" Mako shook his head, No, you can find a better solution. He sighed, "You'll make an exception, no matter what anyone says." The keeper replied, "Perhaps you're right, I could make an exception, and I won't worry about what anyone says." "Good," Mako said, then proceeded to the cantina.

Demongo 09-25-2009 07:01 PM

"Acknowledgement: As you wish Master. Do you want me to return after a period of time? Or shall I wait for your order?

Fredi 09-25-2009 07:10 PM

"I will summon you HK"- Revan said "oh, and take an eye on Lord Lucas, if he fails on killing the governor of the planet, do it you're self"

The Betrayer 09-25-2009 07:44 PM

Rax went up to the bridge, looking at the troopers mobilizing as he went. War is brewing again. What side are we on now? His troopers followed in close pursuit, ready for anything. He entered the bridge, saluted Revan, then asked,

"Your orders for the Commandos, sire?"

Darth Scorcher 09-25-2009 08:12 PM

(((Hey, when you get the chance, could you guys come to Manaan, I'm getting lonely here :p )))

As Mako headed toward the cantina he saw little Republic troops, probably to help the Republic in Feorost. Mako entered the cantina, and ordered a round of juma juice. "You here the rumors?" Someone asked, "What?" Mako replied, "Don't tell me you don't know about the invasion." "Oh, that." Mako said, "Look, I'm not in the mood to chat, leave me alone." "Suit yourself." The strange man then left.

Fredi 09-25-2009 11:28 PM

"Commandos, you're duty is to infiltrate the military base on Foerost."- Revan clearly said "We need to take all this base has, ships, weapons everything, capture as many soldiers as possible and high ranking officers."

Demongo 09-26-2009 07:31 AM

"Acknowledgment: I shal leave immediately Master."-said HK, then he took one of the captured Republic Fighters to go to Foerost. He didn't want to use a Sith Fighter because if the enemy somehow notices him, he will fail his mission. The Republic didn't notice HK and he successfully landed on Foerost.
"Analysis: Primary functions active. Assasiation Protocol active. Damage %"
"Statement: Good. I will activate the cloaking device of the Fighter to make sure they won't discover my presence."
"Statement: I should probably get to work."

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 10:55 AM

Lucas shook his head and took his stealth generated ship down to the planet, landing just behind the place where the governor was stationed, he quickly made his way inside and found the governor sitting at his seat, surveying the battle. He looked up and saw the dark Miraluka standing in front of him and he grimaced. "Sith are not welcome here, Miraluka." He managed to get out, before Lucas used the force to choke him.

"Shut up and listen to me. I am going to save your life but in doing so, you must retreat into the shadows and no longer 'exist' on the face of the galaxy, do you understand me? Revan was a fool to have started this battle... in doing so, he is enabling not only the other Dark Jedi to get stronger, but Malak as well... if it had been a peaceful transition, through negotiation... then perhaps Revan would survive longer. He is going to die by the wars end, though by whom I know not, probably Malak, though that is still yet to be seen." He rambled on, to himself. If he had eyes to roll, he probably would have rolled them. "Anyway... to save you, I must kill you for now... I am sorry, governor." He whispered and Force Crushed the man before the eyes of his loyal servants. Lucas turned to the servants and smirked. "Go spread the word to the Republic... their governor has fallen... and the Sith are taking up their rightful place as rulers of this 'sanctuary' world."

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 11:20 AM

Mako heard something unusual on the Holonet at the cantina involving the invasion. "Word is spreading that Foerost has been taken over by what the invaders claim themselves to be the Sith." Mako dropped his drink on the floor. The Sith!?!?!? I have to get to Foerost now!! He ran out of the cantina but slowed down. No, don't go yet, if you go to Foerost now with the Sith in control, they'll have probably made it to thay're next destination, then you'll be on a wild bantha chase. Mako headed to his apartment and gathered his gear as he waited for the next transmission on the news.

Fredi 09-26-2009 11:32 AM

The Sith army arrived on the Foerost planet, divided in to battalions. Lord Malak and Lord Yusu where send to take the capital while the other sith lords where ordered to take other manor cities.

A commander comes to the sith lords and informs them about the situation of the city. “Lord Malak and Lord Yusu, our spies have informed us of five thousand republic soldiers protect the city, we have got them completely off guard, we can attack right now without a problem.”- The commander informs.

“Good commander, I will take the north part of the city, where we can find the most strong defense, Yusu, take the south where most of the population lives.”- Malak ordered the sith lord

“Yes master, I will contact you as soon as I have everything under my control”- Yusu responded.

Yusu arrived to the south part of Hajibar. The south part of Hajibar was mostly composed of houses and a small military outpost.

“My lord, Republic soldiers have blocked the main entrance to our destination”- a soldier informed

“Easy, break the defense”- Lord Yusu said as he takes his lightsaber out and turn the red blade on.

The Sith soldiers attack the small republic resistance and crushes them in minutes. “Sire, the heat is under control, you we proceed to the apartment buildings?”- a commanders ask. “Yes, kill anyone that gives resistance, inform them that the Sith have returned under the orders of our hero Revan.

“You have that clear don't you soldier?”- says as he holds a republic soldier on his hands
“You traitors!!!”- the soldiers responded
“No, where here to end the tyranny of the Republic and the Jedi order.”- Yusu said loudly to the republic while he stab the lightsaber in the chest of the soldier.

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 11:48 AM

::Hush, general... see the galaxy through the Force...:: Lucas whispered, into the governor's mind. ::Let it take hold and show those who are kind to others, let it show thee who is who and what is what... allow it to show thee that not all Sith are evil... allow it to cover thee... to mask thy presence... to soften thy breathing and still thy heart. Let it consume thee, let it strengthen thee... but do not let it overwhelm thee. For the Force isn't all that is good... for all the lightside of the Force, there is a much larger looming darkside, as the Sith have shown. Open thy mind to the Force and let it rush through thy veins. Ahh... you feel it, don't you... calm thyself and call upon the will of the Force to make thee appear dead.::

Lucas turned quickly, hearing footsteps. He rolled his eyes at the mechanical droid standing there, with it's gun raised. "Leave HK, the governor is dead, as you can clearly see."

Demongo 09-26-2009 12:33 PM

"Observation: I see. But I must be sure."
Said HK and shot the governor twice to make sure he's dead. Then the assasin put away his weapon and headed to the exit.

((((Happy now?!:xp:)))

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 01:01 PM

(( Uhm... Lucas kind of taught the Governor how to do the Kreia thing, where he could appear dead even when he wasn't >< So HK would think that he was dead :xp:

*snarky retort*
Observation: HK-47 has become stronger in the Force than a human master. Let me take out the Jedi and kill them with my Force Powers.

Revan- "Uhm... HK, you know you are a droid right?"

Retaliation: Master, I am surprised at you. Droids are very Force Sensitive, even though they aren't meatbags, such as you or any of the Jedi/Sith in your arsenal.

Revan- "But you are a metal trash heap..."

Threat: Master, I would advise you to not talk about your assassination, Force Sensitive droid that way.

Revan- "Whatever... how did you discover you were Force Sensitive."

Query: Was it not when I saw that the governor was still alive?
Answer: Yes, Master, I believe so... I saw that the governor was still alive through the Force.

Lucas (Buzz Lightyear voice xD)- "You are one sad, strange little droid." ))

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 01:03 PM

(((Maybe he could edit his post in which HK just wants to make sure the governor is dead, so HK blasts him.)))

Mako heard another thing on the Holonet. "Reports show that Foerost is completely taken over by the old hero of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan." Revan, why him? Mako thought, he knew all about Revan, the hero of the Mandalorian Wars, the war he didn't participate in. But why would Revan attack the Republic? That information was enough for Mako to head on to Foerost. Within minutes he was on his old starfighter and was headed to Foerost.

Carsew 09-26-2009 01:09 PM

A bang was heard as the Sith boarding party entered the shipyard, shooting down the Republic soldiers inside. They had entered on seven key spots around the shipyard, each of the ships containing five hundred troopers.

Carsew Adelt stepped into the corridor, Sith Troopers in silver armor following close by, as bodyguards. He was bald, with tribal tatoos etched into the sides of his head, and dressed in black clothes, similar to those of the Jedi, and a black cloak. Further into the corridor the rest of the troops in this party were breaching a door. Carsew walked forward to the red commander. The commander shivered as he approached.

"Report," Carsew said simply.

"We estimate that the techs are hiding inside, with the rest of the soldiers," the commander answered uncertainly. "We are having some trouble getting the door opened though." Carsew looked towards the door. Even with his difficulties with the Force he should be able to get it open. He walked towards it.

"Move!" he shouted and positioned himself in front of the door. Once the troopers had moved out of the way he started charging his push. As he threw his hands forward, his cape and clothes flapping backwards, the door flew open by the Force. Inside was the control room, occupied by Republic techs, and around ten guards. The guards started firing at the Sith troopers, but they were no match for the wave of troops. They were killed within seconds, and now the only thing left was the techs, who sat on the floor, hands on their heads. One of the troopers killed one of them.

"No! Stop you fool!" Carsew shouted at the man, brandishing his lightsaber as he ran over to the trooper. "We will not kill them, we can use these people." Carsew ignited his lightsaber and stabbed the trooper in the heart, killing him instantly. He turned the saber off and clipped it to his belt. He turned to the techs.

"If you want to live, you will join the Sith Empire and help us in taking these ships back to our fleet," he said and waited for one of them to answer. One of the techs jumped up.

"Never! I'll die before I'll join you!" he shouted and ran over to a control panel, blasters firing, but missing him. He punched a button, then he got hit by a blaster. A red light started blinking. Carsew turned to the techs.

"What did he do?!" he shouted.

"He has turned on the self-destruct system. We have to go now!" the tech said, scared of the Sith Lord. "We'll join you, just let us get out of here alive."

((I'll post the continuation when I get back from dinner.))

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 01:47 PM

(((Getting bored of posting excess stuff, so I'm coming to Foerost.)))

When Mako's ship exited hyperspace, it was just as he expected, he landed in the middle of a battle. Mako's entrance did not go unnoticed however, as it seemed multiple starfighters started attacking him. He just barely lost the starfighters and landed in the closest clearing he could find, near the governor's office. Mako managed to sneak around the back and when he came in, he saw a man with a cloth over his head and a droid with a modified sniper rifle. "Who are you?" He asked, with his lightsaber in hand.

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 01:53 PM

Lucas spun around, his feet flying ten inches off the ground and landed, rolling with his lightsaber in his hand. "Who I am is of no consequence, Jedi. Who you are is quite interesting... I must so... that you can't remember the Miraluka boy that you allowed the slavers to take? I'm sorry that you have such a terrible memory, Mako... but now... you shall die." Lucas lept off his feet and straight for Mako, both ends of his saber ignited.

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 02:10 PM

Mako was surprised that the Miraluka knew his name. Before he knew it the Miraluka was already attacking Mako. Almost everything he tried failed, it was almost as if the Sith knew his every move. The droid attacking him didn't help either. Mako did manage to get their sabers locked so he could ask the Miraluka some questions. "How do you know my name?" He asked.

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 02:15 PM

"How do I know your name? Please... you've been screaming it in your head." He said, slicing up Mako's sleeve. "Damn it." He cursed and aimed for the flesh. "Besides... you told me your name, just before you watched the slavers take off with me." He said, hatred filling his eyes. "You are a foolish Jedi." He muttered and drove the other man back.

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 02:20 PM

"Whatever you are talking about, I don't know, do you expect me to remember everyone I meet?" Mako said, the Miraluka sliced Mako's glove, revealing his cybernetic hand. This was getting worse, he could use what little knowledge he possesed of Force Camouflage, but he knew it would be useless against the Miraluka as long as he could see through the Force, but it would confuse the droid. He then used camouflage to at least confuse the droid, but it didn't affect the Sith Lord.

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 02:29 PM

Lucas shook his head. "HK isn't fooled by Camouflage... Revan made sure of that." He said, smirking as the droid continued to blast at Mako. Lucas growled viciously and brought the tip of his lightsaber down onto Mako's cybertronic hand. He continued to force the lightsaber into the other man's hand. He laughed slightly and stopped. "Run Jedi... death isn't your destiny... not today anyway. You still have a much more needed role in this war we are waging... leave puppet and come seek me out when your time is done in this galaxy."

(( oh and on my other post... i meant hatred filling his eye sockets >< ))

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 02:33 PM

This statment had angered Mako greatly, it was even worse that that the lightsaber was beiing forced into his hand. In a desparate bid to survive he used Force Repulse to knock everyone back and started slashing the Sith Lord with all his anger put into each strike. "Apparently I'm just another guy in the backround to you!!! Well you Sith should die!!! Every last one of you!!!" Mako screamed as he slashed his opponent.

Carsew 09-26-2009 04:03 PM

The techs worked at a marvelous speed with detatching ships and delaying the destruct process as much as they could. One of them had failed in hindering the destruct process in one of the wings, so that it blew up, and with it two Interdictors and four Hammerheads. The Sith had entered with just one Interdictor, but they would return with seven Hammerheads, three Interdictors, ten Foray's and, most interestingly, a Centurion-class Battlecruiser. Carsew reckoned it was probably one of the last ones in Republic control, most of them had been lost in the battle of Malachor V. And all of these had small starfighters in them.

"My Lord, the destruct-system will blow the station in two minutes," one of the techs said to Carsew, which pulled him out of his thinkings. He nodded and turned to the crew.

"Everybody to the ships!" he called over the troopers. They had already worked out crews, and now everybody ran to their respective ships. Carsew had decided to take the Centurion for his own use, if Revan did not mind, and so he walked over to it.

The fleet flew in formation towards Revan's fleet, the Centurion in the lead. A tech said how much time it was left to Carsew.

"Three, two, one..." he stopped talking as an ear-breaking noise was heard from the shipyards explosion. The ships in the back were rocked violently, a Foray and an Hammerhead was destroyed in the explosion, but none of that mattered. They returned to Revan's fleet.

"Prepare a shuttle to Revan's flagship," Carsew said and swept down towards the hangar...

Te Je'karta Mand'alor 09-26-2009 05:50 PM

Kiilik woke up from a restless sleep. he had been on a bounty the previous day. he went to the 'fresher and put his armor on, and went to his employer's palace.

when he entered the faleen's quarters he said
"excuse me Xenn, but i would like to speak to you in private"
"does the presence of my gaurds bother you?"
"just take me to your di'kutla office will you?"

when he entered the office he sat down and pulled out a credit chit.

"here's your money back chacaaryc"
money BACK?"
"yes... i no longer want to work for scum"
"that's hardly the word i would call it"
"calll it what you want but i still hate you and want you dead"
"was that a threat Ven?'
"oh no! i would never kill you!" i'll leave my BOMB to do that
"very well..."

the faleen took the money and escorted kiilik out the door.
as Kiilik walked he ginned as he heared a large explosian behind him...

Demongo 09-26-2009 06:30 PM

"Confused Query: What am I doing?! Attacking a Jedi with a blaster?"
HK asked himself. Then stepped in front of Mako and poisoned him. Mako didn't collapse but he was weakend.

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 07:29 PM

"Agh!!" Mako yelled, he started crushing the droid with the Force in anger. "You won't get away with that droid, I'm not above crushing something with the Force, and you, Miraluka, you will die!!!" Mako screamed as he used Force Lightning on Lucas.

The Betrayer 09-26-2009 07:56 PM

Rax Sadow had been given a command. He never disobeyed one, and he's not gonna start now. He took his 20 men aboard a shuttle, where they landed near the Military Base on Foerost. He crouched on the ground, then motioned for the commandos to form a circle around him, and they did.

"Okay. First of all, defense systems. Line of perimeter is covered by anti-personnel turrets, nothing automatic, all of them operated by men. Go prone and you won't be detected. 5 of you will go as near as you can to the turrets without getting obliterated. You are to be known as Squad A from here on out. Dismissed."

Rax pointed to some 5 men then motioned for them to go away. They lied prone then crawled near to the turrets.

"Squad B, composed of another 5 men will wear standard Republic Army Uniforms, and I will wear a Republic Officer Uniform. I am to distract then assassinate the Commanding Officer. When you hear blaster fire, start firing on the personnel operating the turrets. The base will then go on alert, and Squad A will immediately engage."

Rax held a deep breath.

"Now the last 10 men would remain here and assault once Squad A does. Understood?"

An echo of "YES SIR" was heard all over, and Rax smiled.

"Let's make Revan proud boys. Move out!"

Rax put on a Republic Officer Uniform, then set out along with 5 of his commandos.

Demongo 09-26-2009 08:51 PM

"Statement: You can't defeat both of us."
HK would've smiled if he could. Mako's Force Crush damaged his left arm and leg but he didn't have time to worry about that. While Mako was using Force Lightning on Lucas, HK aimed with his sniper rifle(he was close but he used the sniper rifle because it causes more damage) and shot through Mako's cybernatic hand. As soon as he pulled the trigger he felt the damage in his arm.
"Analysis: My left arm and leg has taken serious damage. I cannot use them."

Te Je'karta Mand'alor 09-26-2009 09:02 PM

Kiilik entered his ship and took course for Dxun. He picked up his comlink
"Confirm kill: Xenn Kayne"
"that was a quick on Ven. are you sure he is dead?"
"good. when will you start the hunt for this HK droid that's been causing all that trouble with with my men?"
"right now. he was last seen on Dxun right?"
"correct. just remember-he won't be TOO easy for you. you might actualy break a sweat"

Fredi 09-26-2009 09:02 PM

Yusu's men took over all the south sector of Hajibar, it was said that Malak did took over of the north section of Hajibar as well and that all the other siths managed to take the other cities without a problem. Taking Foerost was an easy task for veteran soldiers of the new Sith empire. Most of the planet was now under the control of the Sith, Revan placed a Sith governor and soldiers on the planet. Revan send a message to all the Sith lords, to gather on the Sith academy of Korriban as soon as their duties where finished, to make plans for a new attack. Revan left a big fleet over the planet and headed with his flagship and many other ships to the Horuset System, where Korriban was located.

Yusu's task was accomplished, he left a high ranking soldier on charge of the battalion and took his starfighter back to a Interdictor-class Cruiser that was heading to Korriban along with Revan's flagship.

Godric Volturi 09-26-2009 11:43 PM

Lucas laughed, hard. He watched as the man slashed at him with his lightsaber, only to bounce off of his robes. He had his robes bathed in a cortosis weave... the only possible way to kill him would be to cut off his head. Lucas shook his head as the Jedi continued to pound his robes/armor with his lightsaber, only to have it bounce off. He looked majorly confused but Lucas just laughed again.

"Kill me will you, Jedi? Ahhh... yes, give into the hate, your baser emotions... fill yourself with the Darkside and perhaps I shall spare you... only break you. I will not fall in combat until I see you either A.) dead or B.) my own personal apprentice." He laughed hard and backflipped out of the way of the lightning, landing behind him and grabbing struck him hard in the neck, forcing him to see black spots... eventually he would be knocked out, but for now he somehow managed to stay conscious. He slowly crept into the Jedi's mind. ::You want it don't you? The power of the Darkside could be yours... I know you do... it is a powerful thing to have... power, glory, riches... all belong to those whom bask in the darkness.:: He whispered into Mako's mind.

Darth Scorcher 09-26-2009 11:51 PM

"Ugh, this is getting annoying." Mako said as he was shot in the hand, all he really felt was a small jolt of electricity in his arm letting him know his hand was damaged.

::You want it don't you? The power of the Darkside could be yours... I know you do... it is a powerful thing to have... power, glory, riches... all belong to those whom bask in the darkness.::

Mako smiled, You really think this affects me don't you. He thought, not wanting to waste breath, knowing the Miraluka could read his mind. Well it doesn't you fool, I'm not a jedi, nor am I sith, I ventured away from the light side, but why am I telling you this when you already know it? For a distraction, that's why. Mako then began Force Crushing Lucas.

Godric Volturi 09-27-2009 12:00 AM

Lucas laughed darkly and used the Force to push Mako back, so that he wouldn't crush him. Lightning arched out of his fingertips and he smirked as it hit him square in the chest. He quickly bound him against the wall, using the Force to hold him there, not letting him reach out with his mind. Lightning arched out of his fingertips again, hitting Mako in the chest. "Are you sure you don't want it? I think you do..." The Miralukan boy breathed. "I see you, human Jedi. I see your core... I see the dark seed that is waiting to be planted and nurtured. Allow me to be the one to nurture such and you will see the Force for what it was meant to be... a tool for the Sith... rather than a god to you gray Jedi and the regular Jedi." He whispered quietly.

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