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Kurgan 11-03-2009 10:49 PM

Ultimate Sith Edition: PC Version Reviews Thread (SPOILERS)
Okay, as you all know, the PC version of TFU "Ultimate Sith Edition" ("USE" for short) was Nov 3, and the Mac Version was released Nov 23.

Update: New Reviews, thanks to Metacritic:

The game has earned a "meta" critical score of 65 out of 100 "mixed or average reviews" from the ones quoted below (Based on 17 critic reviews). They gave it a 5.2 "user score" but it is only based on 52 votes (and doesn't count in the meta critic score). The page now has the text of the "user reviews" on the page.

(Note, I just quoted summaries, click the link above to find links to the full reviews)


What The Critics Said

All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale. If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review.


More than a year after the console versions, the Ultimate Sith Edition arrives for PC. The game suffers from problems with controls and balance and because it’s a quite linear game. But it’s Star Wars, nicely presented, with great atmosphere and new missions. And that’s more important in this case.

PC Format

Gives you all the power in the Star Wars universe, but it takes away your opposable thumbs in the process. [Jan 2010, p.85]

Game Over Online

I’ve played worse Star Wars games, way worse, but I’ve also played better ones. This one falls solidly in the middle of the pack.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed arrived with a one year delay on a PC, but nevertheless does not introduce any major news, except for an additional level and two unedited seen on consoles. The graphics are suffering from a bad optimization and feels the weight of years, although on balance is sufficient and is gifted of a great physics engine for the simulation of the Force. As for the gameplay, despite the repetitiveness is feels, the fun that can give handle a lightsaber and use the Force, balances the all. Moreover, thanks to a good storyline the atmosphere of Saga was returned faithfully. Also remain unchanged all the defects of the control system imprecise and at times frustrating already seen a year ago on the console. Ultimately, despite the myriad of action securities much more attractive and "new" published in recent months, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a good title. Recommended to fans of the saga.


It doesn't fix or change anything in the original game - it just gives you a few more levels and some new skins. If you don't already have the game, give it a look. If you do, you might just want to go the DLC route.


Given the emphasis on storytelling and single-player action, The Force Unleashed is tragically flawed execution of a great concept.


The gameplay doesn't really satisfy me, but what's worse are the technical issues. Still, the game has its moments and can be great fun because of the story and the force powers.


The same game we played one year ago, with some bonus contents and a lack of polishing that makes this version the worst one.

PC Zone UK

A series of spectacularly presented levels. [Feb 2010, p.68]

Total PC Gaming

Only casual types will enjoy up to its conclusion. [Issue#28, p.54]

Absolute Games

The Ultimate Sith Edition additions are nice, but nothing special. In fact, the same can be said about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed as a whole.

PC Gamer

Mediocre. [Jan 2010, p.80]

LEVEL (Czech Republic)

Strict linearity kills all fun in this yet-another-untold-story from Star Wars universe. Nice physics features soon become boring and Kratos can sleep at his throne undisturbed. [Issue#186]

Digital Chumps

The force was unleashed on this game alright, it just happened to be the dark side of the force. The controls seemed to have been programmed by Darth Vader himself.

Cheat Code Central

A plentiful amount of technical bugs and lazy development for the platform make for a frustrating experience despite there being a fun game buried beneath.


A slapdash porting job turns the Force into a farce in this Star Wars action game.

Cheat Code Central

A plentiful amount of technical bugs and lazy development for the platform make for a frustrating experience despite there being a fun game buried beneath.

Please post your personal reviews and any reviews you find on the net, with comments if you like!

Remember this is for the PC VERSION OF THE GAME ONLY. We already have a sticky thread for the console versions. (If you want to post reviews of the CONSOLE versions, try this thread instead).

To start off, I read that IGN gave it a 7.5 out of 10.

Here is a review given by a youtube user by the name of Skyburnbright (using a review copy, from Oct 31st):


I'll just get straight to the point and tell you this is unfortunately not a good port. There are no advanced graphical options to speak of, you pick your resolution from the game launcher and that's it. The game is capped at 30 frames per second, which is what the console versions run at, regardless of how good your computer is. The game manages to run pretty steadily at 30 frames, but it does stutter from time to time. The graphics themselves look about the same as the Xbox 360 version, which I have played, except that this has no antialiasing setting, while the Xbox 360 version I believe uses 2x AA, which is at least something. So there's jaggies everywhere. The strange thing about this, is this game comes to a massive 24.6gb installed, which I see no reason for considering the graphics have not been overhauled whatsoever from the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game.

Okay, moving on from the graphics, the game controls fairly well with the mouse and keyboard, I'm still getting used to them in this video, but they are pretty easy to use. I've posted a listing of the default controls in the video discription for those of you who are curious. The game also fully supports use of the Xbox 360 controller if you have one.

So yeah, overall a pretty disappointing job from Aspyr on this. I would strongly recommend getting either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 version if you can. The game does not run or look better on the PC, and takes up quite a large chunk of hard drive space, making it inferior in just about every way to the consoles. If you have a high end PC and do not own a console, it is a pretty fun game itself and you should enjoy it, but don't expect to be blown away by the PC version.

Thank you for watching.

Move Left - A
Move Right - D
Move Forward - W
Move Back - S
Force Dash - L Shift
Jump - Space
Pause - Enter
Camera - C
Options - Esc
Attack - Mouse 1
Block - R
Force Grip - Mouse 2
Force Push - E
Force Lightning - Q
Toggle Lock - L Ctrl
Action Camera - V

Intel Core 2 Duo e8400 @ 4.0ghz
nVidia GTX 260 Core 216 @ stock settings
4GB DDR2-1066 RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

Captured using Fraps and Rendered using Sony Vegas Pro 9.
Source: (with gameplay footage)

PS: As you can see, this person posted her/her PC specs. That will be helpful if you're doing your own review, as we can get an idea of the overall performance.

Kurgan 11-04-2009 12:10 AM

Here's the spoilerific IGN video companion to their review (contains info on the PC as well as other USE editions):

Kurgan 11-04-2009 08:43 PM

The game has absolutely no multiplayer on PC.

JKAMaster 11-05-2009 05:19 AM

Did they add modding/editing tools?

Zwier Zak 11-05-2009 12:19 PM

No they did not.

Kurgan 11-05-2009 07:56 PM

A new review from GamingHeaven (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

N4G gives it 80/100 (not much of a review, just a description really):


No official modding tools, but this guy figured a way to hack your character model:

Looks like you can change your blade color too, but that might already be in the game (Edit: it is, you just have to "unlock" crystals that let you change the color).

jrrtoken 11-05-2009 08:45 PM

I was always expecting a half-a**ed console-to-PC port, seeing as it's coming from Aspyr, who always does a botched job with Mac ports, but I never knew that it would be this bad of a port. The lack of advanced graphical features is even more disheartening, seeing as TFU could inherently have a lot more performance potential over consoles when running on a PC.

To be honest, it's this sort of apathetic treatment of PC ports is what is hurting PC gaming.

Kurgan 11-05-2009 09:24 PM

That said, I'm not sure what is WORSE about this than the Xbox360 version.
I mean, no features are MISSING, right?

It's just that the PC is CAPABLE of much more, and they haven't given that to us.

Though I guess hacking the files is a plus (and low detail mode will help people like
me with ancient PCs), even if so far we can only change a few character

Zwier Zak 11-06-2009 02:14 PM

That's right Kurgan.

Kurgan 11-06-2009 03:56 PM

CNET gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars here.

Gamespot FINALLY posted their review (5.0, mediocre out of 10):




A slapdash porting job turns the Force into a farce in this Star Wars action game.

The Good

* Intense story is one of the best Star Wars tales in years
* Fantastic physics engine lets you pull off all sorts of cool moves
* Includes three extra chapters not included in original console release.

The Bad

* Unstable frame rate and other performance issues
* No effort to tailor the port to the platform
* The new Hoth mission isn't very good.
Note that Gamespot usually recycles a lot of their review material, but take it for what it's worth.

Also, Metacritic is posting a list of reviews:

Kurgan 11-10-2009 03:28 AM

Reviews have started to appear on

Note that there is an official PATCH out now which may affect people's opinions (it's a big download at over 400 mb). (Thanks to Nestortight for bringing this to our attention!)

Kurgan 11-19-2009 10:41 PM

New reviews from metacritic...

Darth Darkus 12-12-2009 03:01 PM

I bought the German version about two weeks ago and I think it's overall a nice game. I don't even mind playing it with keyboard and mouse although a gamepad would make combos easier to pull off I guess. What I don't like are the requirements. I got Resident Evil 5 in August wich has kind of equal visual quality I'd say, and there isn't the slightest problem with it. TFU crashes about one time per hour and playing with characters like Vader or Fisto is slowing the game down (probably 'cause of the capes and robes). Oh I play it on a Core to Dual (2x 3.2 Ghz) with 2 gigs of RAM and a GeForce 8600 GT. My soundcard is onboard wich is a problem too (not only in this game). So I kind of have the minimum requirements and overall runs pretty good and even looks ok at 800x600 (RE 5 is playable for me at 1400x900 btw). So if I let the crashes and sound problems out of sight: It's a nice game but it could have used some more time to get rid of the problems.

Kurgan 12-12-2009 03:16 PM

Here are some of the "user reviews" people posted on Metacritic's page if people are interested:


Michael S gave it a 3:

While its great to see the closest thing to another Jedi-Knight game. The Force Unleashed misses the mark in production and cross-platform porting values. Simple things like missing textures, lack of a mouse GUI interface. (They also forget to tell you what changes pages until later. Hint: its the " ] " and " [ " As for game play, your character has issues selecting which object he wants to attack/throw. You'll often charge into a group of storm-troopers only to target a box to their left. It gets even worse when you attempt to force-choke a target, and instead force choke a box. Further complications occur when you try to use the enviroment to hit things. Launching a projectile at enemies is near impossible with wonky force-choke controls. Character movement is also sub-par especially for a game that has mild-platforming. There is no ledge-grabbing here, and your character will slide on any surface angled greater than 30 degrees. This generally leads to many quick-deaths as your character's feet miss the platform by a half-foot, and he slides off into the abyss. Lightsaber combat is also iffy at best. Stronger enemies will break every single combo you attempt to launch at them. It doesn't matter if its a lightning-saber in mid-swing, they will be able to attack through it. Certain moves like the "Cross-Slash" makes your character stand in place for five seconds after attacking. Which wouldn't be a problem if six enemies weren't shooting you. The keyboard arrangement is insulting for a PC Gamer. Instead of allowing players to bind abilities to the 1-5 and F1-F4 buttons, you have to attempt to press multiple buttons around your WASD keys. Some of these attacks require you to be moving while pressing combos. I only have five fingers, and I have to stop to press Shift+Q in order to do a dashing attack. What could have been a solid light-saber game has been marred by crappy port and production values. Hopefully the next true Jedi-Knight game will restore order to Lucas Arts saber-games.

Alec M gave it a 10:

All the reviews are quite silly. Why? Because all they needed to do was instal the patch that came out just a few days after the game. It runs just fine and is a great inovation in gaming with amazing graphics, great voice acting, and the smartest AI anyone has yet seen. It's sad to see that when some one comes out with a good game it gets shot down because reviewers can't wait/look for a verry speedy patch. The game is realy verry fun with a lot of replayability and crazy force powers. If you can't stand a game thats not a FPS or RPG then this isn't for you. But if you like Star Wars, good acting, and inovation. Then this is your game. May the force be with you and all that Jazz.
You guys should submit yours!

jolly28 12-13-2009 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Darth Darkus (Post 2693360)
I bought the German version about two weeks ago and I think it's overall a nice game. I don't even mind playing it with keyboard and mouse although a gamepad would make combos easier to pull off I guess. What I don't like are the requirements. I got Resident Evil 5 in August wich has kind of equal visual quality I'd say, and there isn't the slightest problem with it. TFU crashes about one time per hour and playing with characters like Vader or Fisto is slowing the game down (probably 'cause of the capes and robes). Oh I play it on a Core to Dual (2x 3.2 Ghz) with 2 gigs of RAM and a GeForce 8600 GT. My soundcard is onboard wich is a problem too (not only in this game). So I kind of have the minimum requirements and overall runs pretty good and even looks ok at 800x600 (RE 5 is playable for me at 1400x900 btw). So if I let the crashes and sound problems out of sight: It's a nice game but it could have used some more time to get rid of the problems.

Have you installed the patch for it? And if so, do you have the High Detail ticked? In your case I would try having it unticked to use Low Detail to see how it fares, unless you're doing that already. 2GB RAM with the 8600 GT should be fine, though I've always felt that 2GB for games like this (despite the GPU) is never enough...especially on Vista. They should quote 3GB RAM minimum.


Originally Posted by Kurgan (Post 2693365)
You guys should submit yours!

Already have :thmbup1:

Another thing I'll add, Darth Maul's expressions are spot on in this, on the PS3 I couldn't really see any motion expression. Also, Anakin Skywalker looks EXACTLY like Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) from Episode III.

Kurgan 01-03-2010 05:08 AM

Updated again with a few more review snippets.

Note: I still don't have it (and won't for the foreseeable future). I thought about renting the PS2 version the other day, but it was a bit expensive for what I knew was an inferior version (not even "Ultimate Sith," at that!).

Kurgan 02-15-2010 03:40 PM

Posted more info from Metacritic. Here's some more of the "user reviews" they posted:


Johnny M. gave it a 3:

There's not nearly enough in this game to either make it appealling to Star Wars fans, or PC gamers. The control scheme is wretched, and the number of holes in its plot (NOT just its disrespect for the canon lore, but its *ridiculous* attempt at a romance story, to the utterly uninspired "betrayal" or the lamest excuse to put Darth Maul into a game I've ever seen) In all fairness, Sam Witwer does a decent job as Starkiller, and the graphics are decent enough. But with repetitive levels (The level list goes: Kashyyk, Imperial Factory, Junkyard planet, Felucia, Imperial Ship, Bespin... uhhh... Kashyyk... again... Felucia again, Junkyard Planet... again... Come on REALLY?), awkward controls, a discouraging story, unengaging secondary characters and force powers that respond as well as a golden retriever with ADD amped up on meth this game has very little to save it. Last of all, this is the first Star Wars Jedi type game where I felt drastically removed from the powers of the force. Outcast, Academy and Dark Forces II all did a wonderful job of making the player FEEL like a part of the force... the games had a decent flow. This seems to take away from that... there's something very specific missing from it. Maybe it's the lack of first person, but I feel like it's more in the mechanics of the powers themselves. This though is more a personal gripe than an actual critique of the game itself. 3 for decent acting and nice enough graphics (that didn't have as much PC customization as I'd like).

Crow Bar gave it an 8:

Yes, there are some flaws. One that stands out, taking down the Death Star "boss." Extremely long and boring and ultimately frustrating. But beyond that, this is a damn good game. Its true, it pisses all over Star Wars lore. I dont recall Luke ever battling Vaders apprentice in Hoth, but gamewise, its good. SImple as that. The powers are very cool. Its incredibly satisfying to impale a force held trooper with your black lightsaber. The little additions, such as costume and the different gems and colours for lightsabers add to it. If your a fan of Star Wars, but not a fanatic, you'll truly enjoy this game.

Paul gave it a 2:

Clunky, awkward, and not very good. Hard to use force controls and a lack of first person view both suck.

Jeff H gave it a 2:

Ok, it's fun. It's Star Wars. It's one of the worst ports I have ever seen. No AA, No Bloom, restrictive resolutions. If you are going to port a game to the PC, port it right. I have a PC because my GPU kicks PS3 butt. So I see no advantage of buying this for the PC. I want my AA, I want my Bloom. I want my 2048x1152. Hopefully this will be patched. I doubt it though, and I won't buy another stupid Port.

Nathen S gave it a 9:

I agree with Alec M all the way this game was truely under rated by far to many it certainly doesnt take long to beat and that is absolutely the only reason I personally won't purchase this game yet but 29 bucks or less... my god you will get the bang for your buck. 50 to 40 however I felt was too much for such a short game but still a great game none the less easily to the point to where I would have bought it at full price if I had the money to throw away.
Of course, see the link in the opening post to get the "full reviews."

Kurgan 04-22-2010 05:03 PM

More user reviews:


The_Leo gave it a 3

Graphics - Not bad. Not very good, either. There are still major problems with this game and it becomes painfully obvious after the first 5 minutes. Controls - One of the worst control schemes I have ever used. If you don't have a gamepad..forget this trash even exists Story - Must have been written by a 13 year old without a solid understanding of plot structure or character development. Has so many holes I could have sworn this is swiss. Gameplay - Boring and repetitive. Has some fun points in it..but not enough to even consider spending money on. Overall - Absolute trash. I am ashamed I even spent 5 dollars on this garbage. I love the star wars franchise..but this doesn't even deserve to have the name Star Wars in the title. Aspyre should not have been trusted with this project. Hell, nor Lucas-Arts for that matter.

kendrickdk gave it a 3

Whoever ported the controls for this game from console to PC should be ashamed. It's fine until boss fights... then it requires an xbox controller to truly enjoy the game. Who wants to switch back and forth between mouse+keyboard and an xbox controller... not I.

not_good gave it a 6

It's an okay game if you see it on a Steam sale or from somewhere. Not really anything amazing, but if you find it cheap it can fill a hack n slash void if you already played and beat Darksiders to death. Decent game, but don't pay more then $5 for it.

pc-heaven gave it a 6

reviewsed by a pc company start good then whent down hill i liked the game but would not play it agen worth playing once thats in trailer makes it look so good theo shame

bhtechmech gave it a 9

This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. LOL nerds and Hardcore star wars gamers grow up. This game was awesome. Great graphics, good story line, great DLC add ins. Come turning Luke to the dark side is GREAT! I love this game and played it through twice. It was a touch short, and I felt that the upgrades for the force should have been on a scale of 5 or at least higher than 3, but other than that I love this game. Collapse

Derper gave it a 1

I tried both the console version and the PC version and i have to admit that i'm quite impressed that they managed to transfer the retarded controls from the console version to the PC version, and actually make them worse. F

Tyhcus gave it a 3

This was a big disappointment - clunky controls and technical problems I could handle but the HORRENDOUS user interface port and overall shoddy gameplay did it in. I gave it a few good hours of effort but it was too much. Played on Patch 1.2

kram789 gave it a 2

Very disappointed in this game and very surprised that Lucas departed from a winning interface. Perhaps the most disappointing part of this game is that it is an obvious and very poor translation from a console game to a pc game. The GUI and screen displays do not work well and are very frustrating. I have played the KOTOR series and love those games. Those games were a huge hit, so it is puzzling why they changed the interface. Save your money. This is a waste of disk space.

SteelSampson gave it a 10

Wow people, download the patch and just because it's different then MW2 and BC2 doesn't mean it sucks. If you don't like the control setup change them! there was hardly a good review in here... I really would have given this game about an 8.5, but i'm trying to make up for all the reviews that aren't reviews at all... just people demonstrating that they are a little lazy and narrow minded. If you take the time to learn all the controls it's a blast.

SippyCup gave it a 1

I actually created an account just to review this game. It is one of the worst PC games I have ever played. An obvious half-assed console-to-PC port. The menu doesn't even have mouse support. Targeting is next to impossible. The camera often finds itself in walls or other awkward positions. Without a controller for easy combos, some bosses are practically impossible to beat (since they have unavoidable attacks and counterattacks). The only reason it doesn't get a 0 is because I had fun tossing wookiees off of cliffs in the first level. Unless you get this game for free, don't bother installing it. And even if it's free, don't say I didn't warn you.

Kurgan 01-08-2012 02:46 AM

Now for my personal reaction, since the journalistic reviews are all done with:

I'm glad they finally made a "Dark Jedi game" even if it's not a successor to the JK series. I'm also happy to play as Darth Vader in a single player game (I think for the first time), even if it feels like a bit of a tease only being one level (you can't even cheat to play as him in other places). The control over the force is the main draw for this title. The cutscenes are pretty cool, but the CGI character still look a little too creepy to be human, if that makes sense. Vader is particularly well done here, even though it's not James Earl Jones doing the voice. The main character reminds me a lot of Sam Worthington in the action roles he's played in the last half decade, though it's obviously not him, it's clearly inspired by his performances.

So, playing USE on the PC and I'm actually using a third party Xbox controller (but NOT an Xbox 360 usb controller), through an adapter. I'm using joy2key to map mouse/keyboard strokes to the buttons and sticks, so I had to learn it a different way (when it would say press "space bar" I had to know what button the controller that was mapped to and so forth).

Despite the patches, the game runs great but occasionally will crash for no apparent reason. Sometimes hall of mirror effects and invisible enemies (that don't have cloaking devices) will happen, and a reload will be required. The game plays much better with a gamepad let me tell you. I mapped everything to a button or joystick press and didn't need the mouse at all. It is annoying that you can't use the mouse to select menu items though, that seems like such a basic feature. You can easily alt tab out of the game to do stuff on your desktop. Played the game entirely on my new (2011) laptop with win7 64-bit. I actually played the "DLC" content first, and it was a pretty easy to get into, even though I didn't quite know what I was doing yet. Playing through the rest of the game I can see why they put in all the lightsaber crystals and costumes. Your force upgrades automatically though you get a few choices of things to implement into areas. I like the idea of killing enemies giving you health. You are a dark sider after all (the health back from kills functions much like the vampire sword in RUNE, but only gives you heath back after a confirmed kill, unless you use a special crystal where it can occur randomly from a clean hit). The game itself is fairly repetative, once you get past the great graphics. But the main fun to be had is playing around with the physics, finding creative ways to dispatch the hoards of enemies. The "boss fights" are typically heavy on quick time events (press the right button at the right time to win... and you get infinite chances to get it right, as it keeps replaying the cutscene like sequence until you hit all the right keys to "win"). The best battles are the saber vs. saber fights, and there are several of them. The graphics are pretty darned good. I haven't seen a Star Wars game yet that looks this good. The overall impression is reminiscent of the way Jedi Academy did it, a kind of "round tour" of Star Wars locations, mixing stuff from the movies (especially the prequels) with well known stuff from the EU. Going in I thought the over-the-top Jedi Powers and some of the Expanded stuff (like the new rancor variants) would annoy me, but they didn't. Unlike the JK series and many other games, you have only one attack that doesn't involve the force... your lightsaber that you hold backwards (no changing stances, but you can hold a block key). So no picking up guns or engaging in fisticuffs. I guess that keeps it simpler, but there were times I wished I could take command of the many abandoned EWEB cannons or do something besides hack at enemies with my batsaber (there's no dismemberment in this game, though I hear there is in the sequel). The saber combat is like a lot of third person console games, and it reminds me a lot of the "Spider-Man" games. You just tap the button which makes your character automatically do a combat that kills your opponent by the last hit.

So impression is: Not bad overall. I beat the rest of the game with ease (after the Star Destroyer), though I will say that the later fighting the dark lord was pretty tough on the highest difficulty so I downgraded it in order to beat him (maybe I'll try again at a higher difficulty some time). It's really a shame the saber combat wasn't deeper in this game, the QTE sequences were a bit overused (and I'm glad some of the big enemies can be defeated without them). Pity about lack of multiplayer, but I still have an inkling to try the sequel, even if people say it's not as good storywise... it's cheap, how can I pass it up? ;)


Alexrd 01-08-2012 07:49 AM

Good review. It's a shame that the game was not well optimized for the PC. Specially the menu's interactivity, controls, and graphic options. Fortunately some of them can be easily changed on a file (I don't know if the patch worked with you, but even after I had patched the game, I still had to activate cloth simulation by editing a file).

It's a good game though, with a solid story.

I haven't bought the sequel because it's not the best version, graphically. And yes, I'm talking about the PC version. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have some more effects that are not present on the PC version (not to mention the lack of DLC), and as such, I won't give money for a bad port of a too short game. Maybe when I get a console I'll buy it.

Kurgan 01-10-2012 04:50 AM

Yeah it pretty much worked. I will say that the first thing I loaded up after installing the game and the patch was the Jedi Temple "DLC" level. The sky was hall of mirrors and it was kind of laggy. I emailed Aspyr about it, but eventually, after I restarted my computer, it worked. Still no idea what happened there.

I just installed TFU 2, and I must say, the graphics have really been tweaked! I had assumed all this time that it was basically the same as USE, but it looks like they've done a lot more work on it. Consequently the game runs a lot slower than before. But who knows, maybe a few magical reboots will fix things. I can only hope.

I did discover that I have to fire up the game (TFU 2) FIRST and THEN connect my USB controller (which emulates keyboard/mouse buttons). Otherwise it will try to use a true Xbox 360 controller (which I don't have) and make the game impossible to control outside the menus. I had no such problem with TFU:USE. I think this sequel needs at least another patch. It's been over a year since it came out though, so I doubt we'll see one, sadly.

The wikipedia page says there was DLC released for TFU2 on the Xbox360 and PS3. What was in it, and is it in the PC version?

Alexrd 01-10-2012 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by Kurgan (Post 2801085)
Yeah it pretty much worked.

The cloth simulation worked with the patch? You didn't need to tweak around with the files?


Originally Posted by Kurgan (Post 2801085)
I just installed TFU 2, and I must say, the graphics have really been tweaked! I had assumed all this time that it was basically the same as USE, but it looks like they've done a lot more work on it.

Unfortunately it's missing some effects present on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions like reflections, some cloth physics, and some weather effects (like the player getting wet while on the rain). Enough for me to not buying it.


Originally Posted by Kurgan (Post 2801085)
The wikipedia page says there was DLC released for TFU2 on the Xbox360 and PS3. What was in it, and is it in the PC version?

A bunch of new costumes, and a whole (non-canon) new level on Endor. None of those came to PC, though.

The DLC on the PC version is the one that already comes hidden on the disc:

- Maulkiller costume
- Deak Starkiller costume
- All challenge maps
- Two lightsaber crystals

Also, if you use your save game from the first game (with all completed), it will unlock three costumes of that game (Training Gear, Ceremonial Jedi Robes, and Sith Stalker).

Kurgan 06-22-2015 01:59 PM

Didn't know that... I own the PC version (haven't played it in ages, didn't get very far to be honest). I did download TFU2 Demo for my Xbox360 (yes, I got that system last year finally), but I would have to put them side by side to see the differences. Certainly the resolution on my monitor is way better than on my TV, but the other stuff I'll look for.

The graphics stuff doesn't seem that big a deal to me, but the additional content makes me feel like I got ripped off. At least the "hidden DLC" is free though...

Alexrd 06-22-2015 04:43 PM

I bought it for the 360 too, which I also got relatively late (December 2013).

Heck, it's the last game made by LucasArts. As someone who followed the company for so long, I had to have (the best version of) it.

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