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Dark Jedi Han 12-07-2009 01:33 PM

Clone Campaigns mod
I suddenly got an envy to "create" a new SP mod for JKA. It's about the clone campaigns, between episode II and VI + some extra's. I just need some good levelscripters, modelers, mappers, ... . In short, a whole mod team. I got some good missions in my head, but will only show it if a team is created..

Psyk0Sith 12-08-2009 11:59 AM

I would love to see this happen but modders are in short supply around here.

Dark Jedi Han 12-08-2009 12:47 PM

I agree lol

katanamaru 12-08-2009 01:10 PM

There are plenty of modders around. We just want to know what you can do and will be doing for this mod.

Simply saying you have this idea in your head is not enough for us to get in a line to ask for a job.

You need to show us your dedicated to this. That you'll be doing your share of the work and not just expecting people to cater to your every whim.

Right now I feel that this mod won't even get off the ground. So unless you can convince me otherwise I'm not going to offer my services. Other modders who see this probably feel the same way.

Show us what you can do and try to convince us that your mod will be the next 'big' thing.

Dark Jedi Han 12-09-2009 09:02 AM

Well, it's just that I can't really mod or make animations, but I got plenty of stories, designs, missions in my head. For the basics I only need a mapper and scripter, eventually some models, but to spice it up I could use some animations, models, ... .

I'll give you missions I have in my head right now:

1. Training:
Kind of simulation with the Phase I clones BEFORE the battle of Geonosis, where the player has to take out droids, place bombs, learn teamwork etc,... Just the basics into it.

2. Geonosis Arena
Recreation of movie battle

3. Battle of Geonosis:
This one is the first extra 'behind the scenes' battle: The mission of the player will be to secure a clear a path to LZ, secure the Landing Zone for the commando's and to hold off reinforcements.

4. Battle of Polis Massa:
The player is to travel to Polis Massa to create a new facility, but they'll have to clear a path first. This mission is not battle only. The player will have to go to a certain place, place some bombs to clear the area and stay there until construction material arrive...
But the course of human warfare absolutely wants a battle raging, so CIS droids will come in the air, and the player must hold them off by using the turrets of his cruiser.

5. Battle of Kamino.
CIS forces have decided to hit a critical factory of the Republic by attacking the cloning facility in Tipoca City, Kamino. The player will have to return to Kamino, piercing through the space battle above Kamino. One mission will be to destroy a CIS cruiser by placing charges at various locations (to be defined. Surely engines will be destroyed), to prevent anymore reinforcements. The player (I will refer to him as clone 1538) then has to land on Kamino and clear out the CIS forces remaining there.

5. Siege of Saleucami
The CIS forces have built a clone army themselves of Morguikai Nikto Bok. Republic forces must immediately destroy the facility to prevent complications. 1538 will be secretly dispatched together with a few other clones to destroy the facility, while an army outside is making a battle. This mission will be covert-op, sneaking around in the facility and (again) placing charges on critical points.

After the success of this mission, 1538 will be promoted. He'll do more dangerous jobs and discover new things.
One of these things is the ... saber blade! Not a full length lightsaber, but a shortened one, which he uses as a "dagger". This will rather be non-canon, as master Windu will traim him himself... That would be freakin' awesome

And then will follow the battle of Mygeeto (stealing the crystal core), battle on Polis Massa (now destroying the CIS forces), ...

Of course something we can't miss is the Jedi Purge. (Jedi temple)...

Another mission that I definitely would put in the mod is clearing the way for Darth Vader on Mustafar, battle of Kashyyyk, some space missions (Including space battles and destruction of enemy space stations, ...)

Types of battles will include:

1. Ground defence (eg Polis Massa)
2. Escorts
3. Ground offence (duh, ...)
4. Covert ops
5. Constructions, recovery missions, ..
6. Pursuits
7. SPace battles, space covert ops, defence, offence, ...

That will be a little part of the story.

EDIT (like 2 seconds after): I can design some animations, maps, HUDs, etc... but it'll take time for imagination. I'll drawings here or send to crew if the mod gets off the ground.

katanamaru 12-10-2009 12:00 PM


Well, it's just that I can't really mod or make animations, but I got plenty of stories, designs, missions in my head. For the basics I only need a mapper and scripter, eventually some models, but to spice it up I could use some animations, models, ... .
Unfortunetly that is not what modders want to hear. It roughly translates to: "I have ideas and want other people to make them for me. I won't actually contribute anything, but I'll critique it if it is not what I want."

Modders already have things they're working on so chances are they aren't going to stop what they're doing to do your work as well.

Good luck though if someone joins you.

Dark Jedi Han 12-10-2009 12:15 PM

I'm actually consulting tutorials and such so I can advance a little bit... But we'll see what happens.

Dark Jedi Han 12-11-2009 10:31 AM

Katanamaru, if you don't want to be part of the team, can you atleast tell me if there's a tutorial out there to create a mission or something like that ? Searching a lot but just can't find it.

katanamaru 12-11-2009 11:20 AM

There is a mastersticky on the filefront forums for JA modding that has links to the tuts you may need. I'd check there. There is also quite a few sp mappers on that forum that could answer your questions.

Dark Jedi Han 12-11-2009 01:19 PM

Yup, found it, titled JKA Modding Tutorials right? Well I've begun with GMAX, and I'm trying to figure a few things out. First off, I'm beginning with a ship, then I'll make a player :). Any help from modellers is welcome

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