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SkywalkerRules 12-11-2009 02:01 PM

Heavy Midnight 2 - Shards
Heavy Midnight 2


Year: 2011

After the downfall of the Anti-Werewolf Organization (AWO), along with it's leader named Conrad Stevenson, humanity was once again in peace. Moxie Stuart, a young metalhead girl, is part of an organization called Supernatural Society (SS). It helps any Supernatural beings that need help and means no harm to the Human race. They also take down the creatures who wants to harm anyone they please.

Now, a new threat is arriving. A cold-hearted Vampire biker leader, along with their fellow Vampire bikers, are causing real problems for the Human race and other Supernatural beings.

It is up to the Supernatural Team to stop this evil gang, before the Vampire leader rounds up rebellious Supernatural beings to take down humanity...

DrPhil2501 12-11-2009 08:38 PM

((... ok, seeing as we have no real setting for the opening scene - may I? :) ))

Tears of rain poured down into the city below, where Baldur was overlooking. He was sitting on the edge of tall building, looking down at the small lights moving across from one street to another. People continuously pursued with their social life - Bar Taverns, Movie Theatres, Strip Clubs were infested with the dominant species: Humanity.

Baldur wasnt Human - in the biblical sense at least. Nor was he exactly labelled as a monster. His own definition of a monster was a being without a concience - a mindless beast. Which is why he takes pride with hunting his own kind - most Vampires nowadays have become reckless and barbaric, killing innocent people for fun and without proper reason.

"I see him..." he muttered to his earpiece, connected to the communication network with Moxie, Ashtin and other members of the Supernatural Society. "He's entering the nightclub. Bearded Man with Black Jacket."

After many months of investigating, the Supernatural Society had finally got their first lead on the Vampire Biker Gang. The bearded man, or so he appeared to be, was known for his relations with the gang - drugs, weapons, even stolen bags of donated blood from the Red Cross foundation. "Whats you're status?"

SkywalkerRules 12-11-2009 09:02 PM

"I see him..." he muttered to his earpiece, connected to the communication network with Moxie, Ashtin and other members of the Supernatural Society. "He's entering the nightclub. Bearded Man with Black Jacket."

In the alleyway, from across the street of the nightclub, was a person, sitting on the ground wearing a long navy blue jacket and wearing a red hat. The voice replied in their earpiece, "Yeah. I got him."

Looking at the entrance of the nightclub, the face revealed to be Moxie Stuart. She grinned, holding on to her weapons she hid in her prop bag. Posing as a homless person, she pretended to cough when people walked pass her.

"Whats you're status?"

"The boss back at the base told me that one or more of our guys are in that nightclub as well, watching him closely. They're gonna give us the signal to run in there."

After speaking with Baldur, Moxie started to communicate with Ashtin. "How you doing, Ash? Seen the target go in?"

Kyvios 12-11-2009 09:15 PM

The noise inside the night club was loud and annoying. This wasn't a social event Ashtin would ever indulge in if ever given the choice. He was here on a mission, some one threatened the peace the Supernatural Society (SS) was trying to create between the supernatural world and what was designated as the human world. Ashtin ran his ringer around the top lip of his glass. Water wasn't really the thing he enjoyed drinking, ususaly fresh blood packs delivered to the head quarters would sufice enough, but nothing beat the power of fresh blood drained from a frightened victim.

Pulling forward on his black leather jacket he listened to the other communicate to one another. Ashtin shook his head at the noise until he heard Moxie say his name, which usually demanded some sort of responce on his part. As he spun in his chair to lean his back against the bar in the nightclub he pulled out his cell phone and placed it against his ear giving the illusion he was talking over his phone. He spotted the man walking over to a distant booth in the corner. Ashtin had to focus intently to be able to listen to the specific conversation that might take place over all the noise this pathetic piece of human indulgance seemed to bring.

"How you doing, Ash? Seen the target go in?" he heard Moxie say over the ear piece.

"Fine. I see him. He's sitting in the far distant corner booth waiting for some one." He responded to her in a deep tone, there was a hint that he was aggravated by all the noise the club needed to produce. "I better be allowed to hunt after this" he finished saying to her.

Cyborg Ninja 12-11-2009 09:32 PM

Darius wasn't sure which was worse, the looks he was getting for his outfit or the lights in this place. He'd have to put up with it for just a bit longer. He watched as the vampire he was waiting on entered the club and took a seat. He began looking around the club detecting a few other supernaturals in the club as well.

What, is it Free Freak night tonight?

He fumbled around with the pockets of his trench coat for a few seconds. As the song changed he slowly pulled out his trusty rifle. He took off his coat and wrapped it around the rifle and placed it on his lap as he sat down. For a more dramatic effect, he would wait until the next song started to make his move.

The Betrayer 12-12-2009 02:19 AM

The man was seeing through Russian binoculars, the best kind in the world. He was in a building overlooking the nightclub, which was virtually nameless, but the locals dubbed "Moonshine". The name's origin would forever remain a mystery.

Vladimir Cheryenkov was here overlooking an operation, that of annihilation of a vampire disguised as a man, named Johnny Black. Over the distance, he could see his PHA operatives scouting out the area in disguise, surrounding the man casually.

Vladimir talked into the microphone that hung out from his ear.

"I've got a visual on him."

After a few seconds, a man's voice replied. "Roger, I'm onto him."

"Stay on him."

The communication ended that abruptly, with General Cheryenkov always having the last word. Today, he was leading a 5-man team, armed to the teeth under their facades of innocence. The first one, the one who replied to Vladimir's comm, was Dmitiy Trankeyov, a co-Russian officer of Vladimir who was in the outfit of a businessman going to the strip club for a late gig.

"All others, sweep the area for other spies as well. We ain't the only ones here, that's for sure."

DrPhil2501 12-12-2009 06:38 AM

Black, the suspicious individual with the beard, sat into the cubicle of the night club. After waiting around for a few minutes, his contact finally arrived. He was a pale, balding man with piercing eyes, and he always wore a black suit jacket. Black reached his hand within his jacket.

"I dont think I've been followed..." Black began, with constant movement within his eyes. He took out a package from his inner jacket pocket, and placed it onto the table.

"Main ingrediant for the Syrup - the root had to be grinded into a powder so it can survive longer before being mixed..." Syrup was a form of Opiod - a drug used exclusively to Vampires which had to be injected into the blood stream.

"This is only experimental - if you're still interested, I can produce mass quantities of the root and... why are you looking soo serious?" Black observed. The contact looked back at him.

"Are you sure you havent been followed?" the contact glared. Even with the loud techno music in the background, even with the crowd of dancing people, he could smell something that didnt seem right.

__________________________________________________ ______

"Fine. I see him. He's sitting in the far distant corner booth waiting for some one."

Baldur sat quietly upon the rooftop, continuing to observe the scene below. He pressed his finger onto his earpiece. "Mr. Dezreil, keep you're distance. We wouldnt want to scare Mr. Black away..." he stood up.

"I dont think we're alone, people. Keep a watchful eye. I'm going to the backdoor for standby. Mr. Dezreil, if anything extremely abnormal occurs, make you're move!"

Baldur clapped his hands together, and disintigrated into a fine red mist. The mist then reappeared at the backdoor entrance, and solidified to reform Baldur. A form of teleportation, an ability some vampires have learned through heavy study of their own text.

SkywalkerRules 12-12-2009 11:43 AM

"Fine. I see him. He's sitting in the far distant corner booth waiting for some one."

Moxie nodded, keeping her eyes on the entrance door. Continuing to sit on the ground, the young teenaged girl wondered if this was going to turn out good if they caught the Vampire... or bad if they didn't.

"I better be allowed to hunt after this" he finished saying to her.

She glared, smiling. "No! You remember our deal, Ash. Hunt only animals or bad people." She silently giggled. But she stopped when she heard Baldur's voice.

"I dont think we're alone, people. Keep a watchful eye. I'm going to the backdoor for standby. Mr. Dezreil, if anything extremely abnormal occurs, make you're move!"

"Copy that," Moxie replied. After that, she sighed, hoping to see some action soon.

In all her life, Moxie was just an ordinary girl. Now, as an agent trainee, she was the first teenager to join in the Supernatural Society. Her friends, however, tried to tell her not to do it. But she didn't listen. All she wanted was the Supernatural and Humans to be at peace...

Moxie sighed sadly, and looked at the nightclub.

Cyborg Ninja 12-12-2009 03:41 PM

Darius stared right at the bearded man and his contact. His hands kept a tight grip on his rifle as he listened to the music. He had the odd feeling he wasn't the only one who was after this guy, he'd have make the move before they did. A few more minutes went before he heard the song change. He smiled from underneath his mask and cracked his neck.

Well, its show time

Darius stood up and dropped his coat in one swift motion. He raised his rifle high into the air and fired a few shots off.

"So sorry folks, but it looks like were closing early. Please exit the club at this time, we've hoped you've enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again real soon."

Darius began to make his way over to the booth.

"Now don't think you're going anywhere woolly mammoth. No, were going to play my favorite game called Shooty Shooty Death Bang!"

CommanderQ 12-12-2009 03:41 PM

San Quentin Maximum Security Prison
Outside San Francisco, California
2300 Hours

"Clear the corridors in Hall 13, clear the corridors in hall 13..." Blared the gaurd tower's speakers. Even at an hour to midnight, the bloody announcements and orders still came.

But tonight would be the last least, that's what Conrad Stevenson promised himself.

He moved slowly and looked out the tiny 20 inch tall by 4 inch wide window, trying to get a good look at any of the Federal gaurds patrolling the fence.

There were none, to Conrad's pleasure, as he stroked the stubble on his face.

Conrad had been in San Quentin for around 4 months by now, but that was all the time he needed to plan his escape. His mind moved faster then before, too, entirely because of his lust for revenge on those who had exposed his organization. They'd torn it apart once the evidence for the Cops were provided. Years of work destroyed in a single police raid...but Conrad knew exactly who to blame for it.

His mind snapped back to the present as the heavy footsteps of the hall gaurd clumped past his cell.

Luckily, the darkness hid Conrad's movements as he took out a self-made knife, which had been ingeniously been made by melting plastic forks at the nearby furnace and shaping them down to a sharp point.

He carved at the small ventilation shaft next to his bed, the protective rim coming off easily. Conrad then crawled into it, and just like that, he was loose into the facility.

He crawled quietly along the shaft, breathing shallowly and being completly cautious of any sound of detection....then he saw his goal. One of the shafts leading to the main ventilation system, and the outside. Conrad pulled himself forward, smashing the mesh between himself and the room, sending him tumbling over into a ventilation machine. Luckily, the loud bang was muffled by the loudness of the machine's parts.

Conrad picked himself up, shook his head, and immediatley began the next phase of his escape...surprised that the gaurds hadn't even picked up his attempt yet.

The Betrayer 12-12-2009 09:43 PM

Cheryenkov heard shots. Gunshots. He quickly asked, "What the bloody hell is going on there?"

One of the agents, a woman named Dasha Fedorov, who was dressed in tourist clothes replied, "Sir, it seemed somebody fired a few shots with a rifle, and is threatening to kill our target."

"What? Two of you go and distract this man. The rest, pick him up, and send him to our rendezvous area."

CommanderQ 12-14-2009 03:47 PM

Taking out the initial gaurds in the main ventilation room was easy...and was so was obtaining 5 canisters of lethal gas, and a mask for his own protection.

Conrad pulled the pin on one of the cans, rolling one can into each of the ventilations hafts that filtered air into the complex. He fastened the mask around his head and grabbed one of the unconcious gaurds rifles.

He smiled, the rest would be easy.

Conrad opened the door...

....and practically walked out of the prison, having only to fire a few rounds at the gaurds who survived the initial gas attack.

He then commandeered a vehicle, an armored car, from the nearby police garage, and made his way towards the Bay Bridge. He needed to find the biker gang he'd made a deal with much earlier on.

Vengeance was once again within grasp.

SkywalkerRules 12-15-2009 01:55 PM

((We're gonna wait for Phantom Knight and Kyvios, guys. Not to worry, this is still going on. Just gotta give 'em time. Thank you. :) ))

Kyvios 12-16-2009 04:08 PM

((Sorry, had some personal issues come up))

Ashtin was upon his feet as soon as the first shot was heard. The humans around him were scattering like cattle trying to escape a slaughter. If it wasn't for the promise he made to Moxie, Ashtin would have certinely enjoyed this feast upon fear. He started to wonder if his heart still held anything, would he to be afraid like the people running for the exit. Moving his head side to side trying to see who fired the shots, his right hand moved to his sentinal premier hand gun located on his pants along the belt line.

Then Ashtin saw it, some one was pointed some kind of rifle at his target. He could hear some chatter come over the ear piece but chose to ignore it. He knew for some reason this mission wouldn't be easy, it never goes easy. Thinking quickly or maybe relying on his predator instincts, Ashtin jumped backwards onto the bar and over the rampaging heard of frightened humans. It was difficult for him to ignore the euphoric sense of human fear was producing in the air. But he had to ignore it, if not for the sake of the mission then for Moxie's trust in him.

Clenching his teeth tightly while feeling his saliva fill his mouth he reached and grabbed a bean and threw himself further. Ever since he could no longer feed on humans, the withdrawls had been incredibily difficult. It was something he had kept hidden, but there were times when his cravings would get the better of him. The only way to control himself was to think of something he desired more.

Ashtin landed on his feet and quickly moved to point his gun at the man who fired the shots. Ashtin's blood red eyes stared at the person who thought it was a good idea to try and threaten his target. The fact that something like this was happening never failed to annoy Ashtin to some great extent. He could sense his fellow agents near by hiding in the shadows.

"Get him our of here" Ashtin yelled keeping his eyes and his gun on the man who fired the rounds from earlier. "And as for you" Ashtin continued "I'm in a good enough mood that I may just let you run out of the back door like the coward you are."

Cyborg Ninja 12-16-2009 04:24 PM

"And as for you" Ashtin continued "I'm in a good enough mood that I may just let you run out of the back door like the coward you are."

Darius used his peripheral's to find the source of the voice. He quickly rolled to the left and stood up again. His rifle was now pointed at the man who threatened.

"Oh really now? Mr. Pretty face over here is in a good enough mood to let me go?!?"

Darius quickly pulled out one of his machine pistols and pointed it at the man at the booth without looking.

"Oh were not finished here beard face. First I'm gonna take out you're little henchmen here and than I'm coming back for you."

Darius continued looking at this man who threatened him.

"Oh goodie you're a vampire as well. I should have figured as much. I do have to thank you though, I thought this was going to be boring but you just changed the game up. You know there's two kinds of fighter among our races, that's one thing we have in common. There's the one who enjoys a fight and the coward who tries to end it quickly. So which are you, a fighter or the blood sucking coward who goes for the throat?"

MutantMix 12-16-2009 10:27 PM

((ooc: I just want to first say that I was waiting for the ideal moment for my character to enter and that I'm good at throwing my characters in and complicating things. So if this totally messes things up, then tell me and I'll delete my post.))

The air thinned for just a second as a tiny spark erupted near the booth where the two men sat. The spark brightened and very suddenly a figure appeared, a blue current of electricity still sparking over the figure''s hands. Her jacket still whipped about as if she had just been in a wind storm. The light of the power cast a reflection off her pure black eyes and even in the nightclub one could distinguish the dark veins pronounced at her temples, stretching towards her eyes like thorny branches. Her hair was long and fell to the small of her back, and was black just like her eyes. The power dissipated and she stood motionless.

The woman staggered forward, catching herself on the table just before her face made contact. Her body convulsed as her eyes slowly changed from black to a more normal green, the veins too faded away. She began to cough violently as if she had just tasted air for the first time. A trail of bright red blood ran from the corner of her mouth down her pale skin.

"Mara, how good of you to show up at your own convenience. " The balding man commented sarcastically. She replied by simply grabbing him by the throat. The movement was quick and the man was visibly unnerved by it, even more when she spoke.

"We had a deal..." Her voice was rich and her accent foreign. She loosened her grip just a bit to allow him to speak.

"Get me out of here and I'll throw in a bonus." He motioned with his eyes towards the two vampires in the center of the room. She barely glanced at them before her eyes went black. She moved quick, pulled the man to his feet and ran towards the mirrored part of the dance floor.

Cyborg Ninja 12-16-2009 11:07 PM

Darius stopped as he felt himself move forward a bit. He turned his head around to see a woman grab the man by the throat and start to walk off with him. He looked over at her slightly confused. He could tell she was some type of supernatural but he wasn't sure what. He pointed his machine pistol towards her now.

"Sorry Vamps, we'll have to put the fight on hold for a sec. Hang on a sec lady, you can't just come here and take that guy. I need something from him first. After that do whatever you want with him. Sound like a deal to you?"

Darius lowered his aim but he didn't put his gun away.

Kyvios 12-17-2009 11:53 PM

Before Ashtin could respond to the cocky half breeds remark something else appeared into what seemed to be some sort of glittering light. This whole mission was starting to become out of hand. For once Ashtin wished things would just go according to plan, the target shows up, you confront the target, the target comes along. But no, if it ever worked out that way Ashtin figured he would most likely be back to hunting kids at concerts. Watching carefully his gun still pointed at the annoying pest who shot off shots earlier as the light turned into a female who walked over to the man he was suppose to take captive for interigation.

The bearded man, and the female had a slight conversation before he stood up and started to walk with her. Ashtin couldn't really understand what was going on, nor did he really care. That man was going with him or he was going with no one at all. A slight growl formed in the back of his throat as he watched the contact walk passed them with the female who interupted what could of been an interesting fight.

"Now hold on. That man" Ashtin said gesturing his handgun towards the man with the beard, his voice in a low growl "Is coming with me. He has vital information that I need to collect so don't either of you think I'm just going to let you take him."

Cyborg Ninja 12-18-2009 01:44 AM

A vampire, a woman with magical abilities, and himself all after the same man. Darius wasn't sure of the woman's motives however he found the vampire's words more interesting. They could be after two different people, or in Darius's case a group of people. The point was both of them shared the same goal and neither of them worked for this guy. Darius holstered his pistol and put his rifle on his back.

"Okay, so we all want something from this guy. I really don't see a three way fight ending well for any of us so let's try to be reasonable here. Look um...Mara all I need to know from this guy is where I can find a very dangerous vampire gang. Once I know that I'll be out of both of your hairs."

Darius looked back over at the vampire and gave a little chuckle.

"I guess I owe you an apology there Vamps, I thought you worked for this piece of garbage. Say you wouldn't happen to be looking for the same gang as me now would you? Or maybe you just want to share recipes for blood."

CommanderQ 12-18-2009 01:48 AM

Conrad had passed quickly across the bridge, leaving the Bay Area extremely quickly and getting onto the main highway out.

He looked at the radio inside the armored van and tuned it to the police frequency, and unsurprisingly, they were talking about the complete collapse of San Quentin Prison. It would take them a while to figure he was the one who did would take nearly a week to get through all the paperwork for the casualties before they even thought about Conrad.

He kept changing area frequency until he reached the channel he'd hoped for.

"...currently observing situation at Wolf's Lair's a raid for sure, probably authorized by local police chiefs, over."

Hmmm..if they know it's a raid, but don't know who is raiding who...then it can only be the Supernatural Society...for sure...only they could move with such authority.

Conrad took a map out of the glove compartment and immediately plotted a course to intercept his next 'victims.'

DrPhil2501 12-18-2009 05:02 AM

As soon as the Chaos had begun within the night club, and all the people had left from the noises made from the shotgun, the balding contact blended with the crowd and proceeded to the backdoor exit where nobody else was heading - not before grabbing the envelope with the powdered root.

The hunters appeared to be after the Black, the bearded man and dealer for the Vampire Gang. The Contact was from a different party of Vampires, so he rather not get involved with the Vampire Biker Gang.

As soon as he opened the door, he immediatly stopped when he saw the dominating figure stand right infront of him. The figure pointed a very large pistol at him.

"Congratulations, you have hit dead end..." he grinned evily. Baldur grabbed the man by the collar and slammed him into the wall. "The Bearded Vampire; what business did you have with him?"

"The root for the syrup we synthesise and produce mass quantities of to other vampiric parties." the contact grunted. "He's still in the club. But your not the only one looking for him, you know! You're business is with him, right? I am of no value to you..."

Baldur threw him aside. "I cant afford to waste my time with the likes with you... But I wont be finished with you yet!" he entered the club, and blended in with the darkness. He soon arived at the scene. Ashtin was pointing a gun at a Half-Breed Merc, whom was pointing a rifle at Johnny Black, the Bearded Vampire - whom was with a rather peculiar human girl.

Baldur chuckled. Then his chuckle turned into a mild laughter. "So... the party has finally arrived? How exciting!" the sound of his boots echoed within the now silent club. His figure finally appeared from the darkness and into the spotlight. "I see you have made some dangerous, yet friendly relations, Mr. Dezreil."

He approached Black. "We have some business to take care of." Black spat onto his boot. Baldur looked grimmly at Black, and wrapped a hand around his neck. He lifted him up off the floor. "Mr. Black is coming with us; whether he wants to or not. What is your business with him, Merc?"

Cyborg Ninja 12-18-2009 02:02 PM

Darius smacked his palm against his head at the arrival of yet another vampire. Not only did he make a large entrance like the rest of them but he too wanted the bearded man. He was a little surprised to learn that this new vampire knew the other guy that had previously pointed his pistol at him. However unlike his friend it seemed this guy was willing to reason with him or at least hear him out.

"Well finally, a vampire with class. See I'm looking for this very dangerous vampire biker gang. I have no clue where they are but I know this guy has some relations with the gang."

DrPhil2501 12-19-2009 08:36 AM

"Well finally, a vampire with class. See I'm looking for this very dangerous vampire biker gang. I have no clue where they are but I know this guy has some relations with the gang."

"What a coincidence..." Baldur glared into Black's eyes with piercing red eyes. "You and I are after the same thing. Myself, Mr. Dezreil and the people I work for."

"Let go of me, freak!" Black spat. "I've got friends, you know!"

Baldur chuckled. "You and that pathetic gang of cockroaches? They arent even worth the lowest category of Vampire! And neither are you, especially!" Baldur slammed him into the floor below, which caused the tiles to crack. He slammed a boot into his chest to pin him down.

"Who do you work for, Merc? I need to see if I can trust you, if we are to share the same information we seek..."

SkywalkerRules 12-19-2009 03:23 PM

((I'm back guys! Whoo! Looks like you guy's been havin' fun with this. :D ))

After Moxie heard the gunfires, she stood up, and threw off her disguise as a homeless person. She wore blue jeans, brown boots, a violet-red skirt, a violet corset shirt, and a bright lavender jacket.

Taking her Pistol Browning SFS weapon from her bag, Moxie walked towards the nightclub. Entering in, but not seen, she peeked through the corner. There she could see Ashtin and Baldur, along with two strangers and the Bearded Vampire.

Before she could reveal herself, she froze. Something came through her like a dagger. As if... she was scared.

Moxie sighed quietly, and walked out of the nightclub. She sat by the door's entrance, staring up at the night skies. Suddenly, her walkie-talkie came off.

"Manson to Stuart. Manson to Stuart, do you copy?"

The young girl took out her walkie-talkie, and replied, "Stuart to Manson, sir. I copy."

William Manson, a stout 58-year-old man with grey hair and leader of the Supernatural Society, asked, "How did it go? Do you have the Vampire?"

Moxie bit her lower lip. "Yes sir. Um... but there appears to be two other people who wants him for some reason. A woman and a Mercenary. But Baldur and Ashtin has it under control. Sir."

"That's good. What about you, Stuart? How's your training going?"

There was an awkward silence. Moxie didn't want to tell the leader of her fears, but she had to. "Well, sir... I was... I was afraid. Afraid to face this as well..."

Manson sighed from the walkie-talkie. "See Moxie, this is why I wanted you to participate. To let go of your fears. In life, people aren't going to feel sorry for you. You're eighteen, right? Don't let fear be your friend. It's really an enemy."

Moxie rolled her eyes, not wanting to hear this. But deep down, she knew it was true. "Yes sir. Stuart out." After their conversation, Moxie continued to sit by the entrance until they came out.

Cyborg Ninja 12-19-2009 04:04 PM

"Who do you work for, Merc? I need to see if I can trust you, if we are to share the same information we seek..."

Darius smiled from underneath his mask at what appeared to be this vampire's proposal. He began walking towards the vampire and the man he was beating into the ground.

"Darius Wilson, and I work for no one. I mean I use to work for a couple people mainly the AWO. Unfortunately I found out they were harming humans as well so I had no choice but to help some group take them down. So now I just work solo."

He looked down at the bearded vampire and pulled out one of his swords.

"You know these swords were my father's...he was a minister. These blades have been blessed by one of God's servants. Now you're gonna tell my friend here what he needs to know or I'm going to slowly carve you in half and watch you suffer." Darius said in a now serious tone. He looked up at the vampire with his boot on the bearded one. "I ain't in this for the money, I just want to take down as many as I can."

CommanderQ 12-19-2009 10:17 PM

Conrad's armored van moved fast through the night traffic, and thanks to several illegal shortcuts {without being noticed}, he'd cut the trip in half.

He was deep into the city, and if the police reports were correct, then the Night Club wouldn't be very far off.

Suddenly, a police dispatch on the radio caught his ear.

"San Quentin Prison has been completely overrun...casualties are unknown as of now, but are estimated to be heavy with both inmates and armored van is missing....we suspect one of the prisoners took it...license plate number JU9876."

Conrad cursed under his breath, they'd caught on. He immediatley parked the van on the side of the street, getting out in a correctional officer's uniform and walking through the busy streets. He was close enough to the night club anyways...he'd just have to come at them from a different, more strategic angle.

Surprisingly, the Club was much closer then he originally thought, and he could see the entrance, and the definite signs of a raid. Conrad moved inconcspiciously to a nearby bench, and sat down, observing the scene.

Kyvios 12-20-2009 12:13 PM

Ashtin slowly lowered his gun and placed it back in to the back of his pants pulling his shirt over it as Baldur talked to the Mercenary. This whole situation was growing slightly annoying to him, but it wasn't his place to argue. As Baldur and the Mercenary interrogated the bearded man Ashtin allowed his eyes to wander around the now empty night club. As he looked around he couldn't see any sign of Moxie, this made him clench his teeth slight and let out a small sigh of disappointment. She should have already come into the room to see what all the commotion was about.

Taking a few steps away from the group trying to pump information out of the bearded man. Not wanting this to be made into official business Ashtin took out his ear piece from his ear and removed his cell phone from his pocket. Using his thumb Ashtin flipped open his Cell phone and dialed Moxie's number. Part of him was worried about her, there was something else that was different in the air. And he needed to know if she was alright.

SkywalkerRules 12-20-2009 12:33 PM

In all her life... Moxie always wanted to face the Supernatural. Even when she was little. But now... things were different. She wasn't the ordinary teen on the block anymore. She was a SS agent-in-training. The young girl sighed, and gently placed the back of her head on the building's wall.

As Moxie continued to look up at the night skies, her cell phone vibrated from her pants pocket. She took it out and looked at her front screen. It read:


The young girl bit her lower lip sadly, and closed her eyes. Then, she flipped her cell phone open, and answered. "Hey, Ash. What's up?"

Deep inside, Moxie knew that Ashtin was wondering why she didn't join in with Baldur and he.

MutantMix 12-20-2009 12:33 PM

((Just so you all know, I grabbed the balding guy, not the bearded vamp, but its all good. I'll just go with the flow. I've just been kinda stumped as to what to do now. lol))

Mara crossed her arms and let the men speak. It was apparent that she would not be getting what she needed unless she went through the mercanry and the two vampires. She felt the need to clear her throat.

"Ahem, excuse me... but I too need something from this man, so if I might suggest that we leave to finish this interrogation, because if they're not already here, then I'm sure the authorities will shortly make an appearance."

CommanderQ 12-20-2009 10:05 PM

Conrad leaned forward casually on the bench, seeing if he could get a clear look at anyone inside the empty night club.

Suddenly, someone walked outside, a male, of moderate height and build. The face he recognized...he was a friend of the girl, Moxie. Conrad had this man's face as well as Moxie's burned into his memory. They would receive the brunt of his vengeance.

The man, a Vampire if Conrad's memory served him right, took out an earbead and cell phone, dialing an unknown number.

Right now would've been a good time to use his old cell phone, which he had personally engineered to access Satellite networks and monitor conversations. Too bad he had to destroy it right before his arrest.

Conrad would have to do things the old fashioned way: wait, observe, and track.

He shifted his body so he faced away from the night club, and turned his eyes to a different location, using his periphereal vision to keep an eye on Moxie's friend.

DrPhil2501 12-20-2009 11:30 PM

((Yeah, I noticed that too... But everybody was soo insistant, so I decided to go along with the flow lol ))

"I ain't in this for the money, I just want to take down as many as I can."

"So what does that make us then? We are what you hunt!" Baldur smirked. "But what you hunt does not concern me - this particular breed of vampire holds no class or shame."

"Ahem, excuse me... but I too need something from this man, so if I might suggest that we leave to finish this interrogation, because if they're not already here, then I'm sure the authorities will shortly make an appearance."

Baldur's chuckle turned into a sinister laughter. "The Authorities are the least of our problems. You think mere toy pistols will be enough to stop us?" he placed a finger on his ear piece. "Alright boys, calling for Van 2. Extraction is about to commence."

A disguised van came from the shadows and parked outside of the night club, ontop of a sewer lid to be specific. "We have no time to waste. Mr. Black is coming with us - accompany us or not; we dont have the proper time with negotiating who goes with whom."

Baldur grabbed an injection gun from within his coat, and pressed it against Black's neck. The bearded vampire fell unconcious.

"A very small dose of Garlic - enough to temporarily knock him out. Mr. Dezreil, if you'll grab the door for me." Baldur grabbed onto Black, and dragged him towards the front door.

Kyvios 12-20-2009 11:45 PM

(( its quite possible that I misread it. Thats been happening a lot lately. Not really sure if thats a sign of a problem or not, lol))

Ashtin waited several moments for Moxie to answer her phone. This night was particularly stressful, with stupid Mercenaries who don't understand the concept of subtleties, and magical humans appearing out of no where. Last thing he needed was Moxie to be in some sort of danger. He just wanted this day to be done and over with so that when the sun finally did rise he could sleep with out worrying.

"Hey, Ash. What's up?"

Letting out a slight sigh of relief at hearing her voice he responded to her "Hey, Is everything alright?"

As he spoke to Moxie he slid his left hand into his pocket and bent backwards a little, slightly rocking back on his heels. Ashtin kept his eyes closed trying to not let her tell out annoyed and stressed out he was.

"...Mr. Dezreil, if you'll grab the door for me." he heard in the background of everything.

"I'll talk to you once we are back at base Moxie" And with that Ashtin hung up the phone and stuck it back into his jacket pocket.

It was a relatively quick walk to the door where the van should of been waiting. As He walked towards the door he put his free hand into the other pocket and opened the door with his shoulder, not really making eye contact with anyone. It wasn't in the mood for small talk anymore. Something about this whole thing wasn't settling right with him, to many mysteries in the world since he joined the Supernatural Society. He kept the door open using the back of his body standing there silently.

SkywalkerRules 12-21-2009 02:07 AM

((M'kay. I noticed that some of you guys are getting confused at one another's posts. I suggest we all read and write carefully at every posts, so that no one gets confused. 'Kay? ^^ ))

"Hey, Is everything alright?"

Moxie bit her lower lip, looking down at the ground. She tried to find the right words to say, so that she wouldn't worry Ashtin. She cleared her throat and smiled. "Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. Kinda..."

Suddenly, she saw a vehicle come out from the shadows. Their van from the SS organization. The van stopped a few feet from her at the front entrance of the nightclub.

"I'll talk to you once we are back at base Moxie"

" 'Kay." Moxie hung up her cell phone as well, and placed it into her pants pocket again. Standing up from the ground, and leaning on the nightclub's wall, Moxie watched the door for Ashtin and Baldur to come out with Black.

Cyborg Ninja 12-21-2009 01:31 PM

((Sounds good to me :) ))
"We have no time to waste. Mr. Black is coming with us - accompany us or not; we dont have the proper time with negotiating who goes with whom."

Darius let out a sigh followed by a snicker.

"Well Mr. whoever you are, I guess that makes us allies. Oh does this mean I get a fun little badge for being a super scout too?" Darius said letting a laugh slide out.

He followed the vampire and looked to see a van waiting for the group. Darius stopped at the door and turned to the vampire who was holding it open.

"Aw cheer up buttercup, I'm sure you'll get a big treat for holding the door for everyone. Whose a good boy? You are, yes you are!" Darius laughed again and spoke once more once he was outside. "Oh you guys and I are going to get along just great!"

He looked at the group before looking back. He gave them a wave before jumping into the van.

"Oh boy, I just love field trips!"

CommanderQ 12-21-2009 02:05 PM

Conrad watched as a van pulled up, and more people, possibly supernaturals, and one confirmed merc, bringing along with them a bearded man.

He recognized the bearded man, he was someone connected with the biker gang that Conrad was trying to opportunity presented itself. If he could get the bearded man out, then he'd automatically have a ticket into the gang...

Conrad stood, but not before memorizing the license plate number on the back of the van. He then climbed up a nearby apartment's fire escape onto the roof. He stood there, still watching the van, and began walking down the street, waiting for the van to get moving.

SkywalkerRules 12-22-2009 01:56 PM

Moxie sighed, and jumped in the van, sitting on the seat by the window. Placing her hands on her cheeks, Moxie thought about what happened this night. She knew she failed her training.

Why was she dumb enough to back down on the mission? Well, Ashtin and Baldur did a great job at getting the bearded Vampire. But she didn't do anything.

The young woman looked up, waiting for Ashtin and the others to get in as well.

Cyborg Ninja 12-22-2009 02:07 PM

Darius looked over to the girl who was sitting next to him. He recalled seeing her outside the club when he walked out. She was giving off no spiritual energy which meant she was human. Happy to have another human on board Darius shifted towards her slightly.

"You know, I'm not a teen expert but something tells me hunting down a vampire isn't what hanging out means. Now once again not an expert here but something tells me you're sad about something. Let me guess, you're a rookie and they wouldn't let you into the night club because its too dangerous...Oh! By the way I'm Darius Wilson, I guess I'm the new new guy if that makes sense."

Kyvios 12-22-2009 02:17 PM

Ashtin had to use most of his self control to not rip the mercenaries throat out from under his head. This day was just to irritating to be anything enjoyable. As the last of the SS officers exited the club he moved away from the door and let it close. The breeze of the door felt slightly relaxing upon the back of his neck. It was hard to believe that only one year ago, he was hunting humans for food. Now not only is he working with them, but he was helping create peace. Which was something he still didn't quite believe in at times. Peace only came after periods of violence. And violence was always around.

Ashtin stepped into the back of the van and saw the mercenary trying to talk to Moxie. He could tell that Moxie wasn't exactly to happy about something. And that in a little way played upon his emotions. Moving down the van he sat across from her and made some eye contact with her, giving her a slight reassuring smile. He didn't quite understand why she didn't join them in the club, but he wasn't going to press the issue with everyone around just yet.

SkywalkerRules 12-22-2009 02:48 PM

"You know, I'm not a teen expert but something tells me hunting down a vampire isn't what hanging out means. Now once again not an expert here but something tells me you're sad about something. Let me guess, you're a rookie and they wouldn't let you into the night club because its too dangerous...Oh! By the way I'm Darius Wilson, I guess I'm the new new guy if that makes sense."

Moxie glanced at the newcomer, and quietly smiled sadly. "Yeah. You might be right. My name's Moxie Stuart. It's really nice to meet ya."

Suddenly, she saw Ashtin come in the van and sit across from her. His smile almost made her feel better. Still, she felt ashamed on not joining them in catching the Vampire. The young girl only wished that she had the courage to do things like Ashtin and Baldur. The one named Darius seemed really brave as well.

As for her, Moxie knew that this mission was a failure for her. For her training.

((After Phantom Knight and/or makes their post, we'll be at the Supernatural Society base at Utah. It'll still be night too.))

Cyborg Ninja 12-22-2009 05:43 PM

"Yeah. You might be right. My name's Moxie Stuart. It's really nice to meet ya."

Darius looked over at the girl an chuckled slightly.

Might be right? Rookie jitters I guess.

Darius looked around at the group in the van, they were either very quiet all the time or very cautious of him. He couldn't blame them though, some dude in a black and blue costume with lots of weapons doesn't exactly look like the friendly type.

"Hey did I ever tell you guys about my first mission? Okay so me and the guy I was hired by go to this guys house cause he's a werewolf. So we both got tranquilizers to knock him out as the contractor wants the werewolf alive. This werewolf his huge, and I mean huge like almost 7 feet! I flat out freak out and shoot anything that moves...unfortunately that meant the guy I was with. Not to mention I hit everything but the werewolf. So he sees me and starts running at me. I head straight for the woods because my genius logic back than was hide in the woods and you'll be safe right? This thing starts jumping from tree to tree until it drops down at me. I fire a round at its chest and this thing lands right on top of me. To make matters worse his rear end is right in my face, I had to spend the entire night like that."

Darius looked over at Moxie and laughed.

"If you thought their breath smelled bad imagine how their gas is. I took at least 20 showers to get that smell off of me. But hey, you gotta make mistakes before you learn for them and I never ever did that again."

Darius leaned back in his chair and placed his arms behind his neck.

"So where are we going anyway?"

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