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Ulmont 01-04-2010 12:36 AM

UnrealEd Vista Quickfixes
Since I've been receiving a few queries on how to fix UnrealEd problems on vista, here's a list of FAQ. Think of it as a tutorial on fixing UrealEd.

Q: UnrealEd crashes upon loading scripts, what's up with this?

A: UnrealEd has difficulty loading bump maps in Vista. Boot up your SWRC game, go to settings, and change your Bump map quality to Low.

Q: When I load UnrealED, nothing happens. I just get a big, white, window.

A: Your view-ports need re-configuring. Go to View - Viewports - Configure... and select a configuration other than the one currently selected.

Q: UnrealED crashes when I scroll through the textures, how do I fix this.

A: Sadly, you don't. However, you can circumvent this by avoiding bump maps, and queing in search terms. Go to Editor under the texture browser, then que in the name of the texture you need to edit. Ex: CloneTrooper, BattleDroid, etc. If you're unsure of the texture's name, type in _shader, as it will filter out bump maps, which cause the crash.

Q: I can't selecting anything, what's up with that?

A: You need to reconfigure your antiailiasing settings on your computer. Go to the appropriate location in your controll panel, and set anti-aliasing to program prefrence.

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