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Lord Spitfire 01-09-2010 01:29 AM

Crusade of the Sith Lord
The communications room of the Star Forge was very large; it was about thirty metres in length, with the same dark grey walls and air of the dark side surging through the area. This place was powerful, very powerful indeed.

At the centre of the hall was a large holographic projector, and around the projector were twelve Sith Lords seated; these Sith Lords were the Commanders of the Revanchist Military. At the helm of these seats was none other than Lord Revan himself, castin a dominating presence on the room. In the seats above were the Colonels and Generals and Admirals and Commodores of the Sith Military, at least those not currently in battle.

Revan stood, his aura hanging over the room. "Where is Lord Malak?" No one answered. Revan shrugged. "Well, we continue." He turned on the hologram, and itshowed a map of the Galaxy, with markings all over it. He pointed at the one closest to the centre of the galaxy. He continued, "the Naval battle at Foerost was a crushing victory; we sent the Republic ships in dissarray. However, we are encountering unexpected Resistance from the ground.

"Foerost is an impregnable fortress if defended correctly, but it is only a fortress once we control the surface bases. While our soldiers will eventually rout out the Republic lines, all they have to do is hold long enough for a reinforcement fleet from Dantooine to come in and wipe us out. Whatever happens, we must take Foerost."

One of the Sith Lords piped up, "Lord Revan; I have a different proposition. Telos is currently the most lightly guarded Republic Planet. If we sent in a fleet to decimate the surface, it will send a strong statement to Coruscant."

"It will send the wrong statement," said Revan. "What is the point of conquering something that is completely destroyed? Our objective is to force the Republic into defeat with as little damage as possible, so as to make it easier for our new order upon the Galaxy. Destroying Telos will only strengthen the already-hardened Republic's resolve."

((Alright; so, let's start the story!))

bobafett56 01-09-2010 11:02 AM

“Um... com.... liu.... sir?” A man stopped staring at the ground, and looked up to see some average, newly trained solider. The man blinked and grumbled “What?” The solider stiffened up even more to the point of looking like he was a sculpture. With only his lips moving and nothing else, the solider said “We have an update. Looks like reinforcements will be sent out from Dantooine... once they become available.” The man smirked and said almost laughing “Let me guess... more fighting in surrounding systems?” The man nodded and said “Thats all I have for you.” The solider then turned started to walk away. He immediately froze though when he heard the man on the cardboard box say “Wait.” The solider turned around and heard “Next time, you can just call me by my name, Davi.” The solider nodded and quickly walked away.

Davi stood up and and yawned a bit. He didn't especially like Foerost. It was some largely unknown planet used to build ships. Because of this, most of the planet was unoccupied. Which bugged him a lot. To him, the city lights of Coruscant was beautiful, or the bustling sound of all the people trying to get to where they were going on Corella was music to his ears. So being here made him feel... bored.

Davi gave out another yawn and decided he needed something to do to pass the time. He walked over to the targeting range and noticed someone had left his blaster there. He picked it up and saw it had a clip in it. He then proceeded to shoot the targets, shooting about seven of the targets with eight shots before the blaster stopped working. Dav put the pistol back where he found it and grumbled while walking away, saying to himself “The weight was off on that blaster. I should have hit all eight targets.” He then just continued to walk around.

((Ok, its my guy vs three sith lords, and two other guys. I got a bad feeling about this :eek: ))

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-09-2010 01:52 PM

Disregard this!

Lord Spitfire 01-10-2010 07:36 AM

Captain Nelniath Navarus stood on top of a large ship factory as she overlooked thousands of Sith Soldiers rallying around on the ground, and hundreds more dropping from the sky. On about twenty formerly-Republic bases around the planet, the same was happeneing; however, over fifteen more were still guarded by the Republic.

Nelniath swore. The Republic had more resources than they had; it was all about the element of surprise, and now there were people in the Republic bases relaxing and practicing at firing ranges, waiting for them to come. She reached for her communicator and pressed it against her mouth. "1st Lietenant Zataan Navarus," she spoke artificially into the speaker.

Seconds later, Zataan - her brother and Lietenant - picked up the communicator. "Nelniath?" the voice came from the speaker.

"Rally the troops," she ordered. "We make for the base about twenty miles from here immediately."

"What about the Republic prisoners at this base?"

Nelniath thought for a moment. "Kill them," she said simply.

"What?" came the shoced reply from her brother.

"We don't have time to secure the base. Trap the prisoners inside, set the charges, and when we are at a safe distance activate them. We will reply to Republic incompetence with Sith brutality," she said coldly.

"No!" asserted Zataan from the other end.

"That's an order!"

"The Republics learned how to deal with brutality against the Mandalorians; this will only make them fight us harder!" he cried.

Nelniath paused before continuing, "I am your commanding officer and this is an order. Set the charges and leave."

__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Revan was about to continue when a Sith Lord cut him off. "Revan," she said, "we are recieving a message from Lord Malak."

"Patch him through"

The Betrayer 01-11-2010 09:07 AM

"Destroying Telos will only strengthen the already-hardened Republic's resolve."

Corsair Krandor, Sith Lord and member of Revan's inner circle, grunted. As his master was about to continue, he coughed, then spoke up.

"Pardon me, Lord Revan, but I must express my strong disagreement. You do know of the large amount of Republic troops and sympathizers amassed in Telos, yes?"

Lord Krandor put his hand into the pocket and grabbed a datapad, which he immediately browsed. After a few moments of being stared at by his fellows and his superior, Corsair finally spoke again.

"Aha! They call themselves the Telos Liberation Force, or more commonly known as the TLF. It includes remnants of the old TSF and large numbers of Telosians who have been recruited by the TLF's leaders. The Republic has been sending TLF troops everywhere in the galaxy to fight our troops. You would do well to remember that the Foerost forces the recon team we sent encountered were not at all native to the region, but members of the TLF's notorious special forces."

Corsair then put the datapad back into his pocket, then resumed his discussion.

"To get to the point, my Lord, Telos is one of the keys to decapitating the Republic war effort, and only a small window of opportunity is provided unto us. The large Republic fleet destined to travel from Coruscant to Telos would relieve the tired and battered troops there, giving the Republic yet another staging point to mount daring assaults against us. I'm sure you agree with me that there is a hierarchy of priority we must consider when we deal with matters, and surely you know that our enemy's complete paralysis would do better than keeping their morale intact."

bobafett56 01-11-2010 10:26 AM

As Davi continued to walk around the base, the same republic solider from earlier ran into him and knocked him to the ground. He started to say “Hey buddy, watch where your go-” The solider froze as Davi got off the ground and starred at him. The solider said “So- so- so- sorry sir, I was running to find you be- be- because I have a update for you.” The soldier handed some papers to Davi and took off running.

Davi looked at the papers and let out a small curse. It was a map of the planet and all the republic bases. On each base it was colored either black or white, white being that the base is okay, by making comm contact with it and that the camera's were up and running. If it was black, then the base was assumed to be taken by the enemy. Their was definitely more black then white on the page and their were a few of the black near the base he was currently at.

Davi dropped the page's and let the wind blow them away. Did he make the mistake of staying with the republic instead of going with Revan? He didn't think so, but he might have lived longer if he did. But if he was trying to live a long life, he wouldn't have joined the military. Davi then started to walk towards the armory at the base, thinking for once, on the site obtaining wasn't going to work.

Lord Spitfire 01-12-2010 04:06 AM

((Mcharlton, I like where you're going with the storyline, but the cannon story is that Revan and Malak made dealings with the Rakata before discovering the Star Forge; now, I don't want to let cannon get in the way of storytelling, but my character Revan is currently debriefing the Lords on the Star Forge; I think you may have to edit your last post, sorry about that but I just want to keep the story on track))

Revan pondered Lord Kandor's assertment; it did not fit in directly with his plans, but the Lord had a valid point; Revan realised he was leaving a bit too much to chance.

"Very well," he proclaimed. "Lord Corsair Kandor, you are given lead to lead a fleet to surround Telos; however, I give you strict orders, and you would do well to listen to them; you are not to attack the surface, and you are to relay to the Republic the terms of this conquest; we will continue to allow trade in and out of the planet, and any form of transportation; however, Republic and TLF forces will be forced to stay on the planet.

"If Republic ships attack you, fight them off; your fleet is more than enough for Telos' garrison, which is small for now. However, keep your cannons focused on the planet; when the Republic fleet from Coruscant arrives, threaten to bombard the planet, but do not do so! If the Republics attack, then there will be too many of them for your fleet to fight off, and if you destroy the planet you lose your leverage, and most of all we lose the support of the Republic people; simply retreat.

"Now, I know this may be a boring procedure of a Lord of your stature; you can send Malak or Admiral Karath in your place if you so wish, and you can oversee it yourself; this I will let you choose."

The Betrayer 01-12-2010 05:34 AM

"There exists no greater honor than to serve you, my Lord. Malak is a fool. I would take command of Karath's unit, if that is no problem with you."

After hearing the response of his master, Corsair stood up before the rest of them, his robe making distinct fwap sounds as he went.

"If that is all, my fellow Lords, then I shall take my leave."

He bowed down, showing humility and respect before the rest of his cohorts. He then left the room, then set out for his ship.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-12-2010 10:34 AM

Cathar was burning.....Just two weeks after the blockade had begun, Cathar lay in ruin. Malak just stood on the deck as Catharian blockade runnersleft the surface, only to be destroyed by Malak's 4 capital ships and 5 frigates or any fighter that poatrolled the area.

"Lord, Malak sir." Admiral Karath aproached Malak. "Cathar is in ruins. Shall I call of the attack?"

"Only if my orders from Lord Revan are otherwise."

"Indeed, milord. I have orders to return to the Star Forge sir."

"Very well, put the commadore in command now."

"Yes, Lord Malak." Malak then prepped his shuttle for launch and began his descent to the surface of Cathar. His ship landed on a large mushroom cap where a great wooden walkway arose that led to the upper levels of the raised Catharian city.

"Lord Malak, we were ambushed upon arrival, but I have the situation well under contro-ahchh!"

"I have no interest in your failiors commander, I'm here on a mission of my own!" Malak strode down the village like he owned the entire galaxy, whenever any being approached him, he dispatched it, whether it was Cathar or Sith. He arrived at the top level of the great wooden city.

"Sir!" A sergeant yelled to the Dark Apprentice. "I could use your help! We can't push them back!"

"Leave that to me!" Malak prepared a huge Maelstrom of Sith Enerhy and blasted the wave of warriors back off the edge of the walkway down the hundereds of meters into the forest floor.

"Dark Lord! Come no further!" A Jedi yelled from the forest floor. With a single manouver, Malak jumped the many meters to the floor and swung his lightsaber at his opponent. After a brief duel, the Jedi was dead and Cathar was a dead world. Malak was victorious.

Back at the Leviathen, he was being contacted by none other than Darth Riebal, the Star Forge's droid expert.

"Lord Riebal, what is it?"

"Lord Revan is requesting an audience with you! Return to the Forge imediately!"

"Will do. Captain, make the jump to lightspeed!"

"Yes Milord!" Soon, Malak was back on his way to the Star Forge.....

Note: I hope this works and is approved!

The Betrayer 01-12-2010 10:54 AM

[Don't you think that's a tad too much god-modding?]

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-12-2010 02:30 PM

I'm sorry, I don't know what godmodding is! Can you please PM me?

Lord Spitfire 01-15-2010 04:22 AM

((I have sent a message to Mrcharlton detailing that he must delete his story posts and start again if he wishes, else a report is made and a moderator involved. To anyone wanting to take part in this RP, please ignore his posts before this point so that we can have a consistent storyline.

Sorry to get so serious, but this is what's needed to get this back on track))

Lord Spitfire 01-15-2010 04:46 AM

Revan looked on as Corsair exited the room.

"Very well!" he said. "Foerost will be taken soon, and Telos will be under our control. That will be the first step into our power-struggle. Now, I would like to be clear; we shed as much blood as we need to, no more and no less. The moment our forces are stronger than the Republic's, we will put forward my plan in which we lay siege to Coruscant and take it with a surrender."

"Now, he continued. "The battle of Foerost is going well, and we will have taken it soon. The soldiers there are loyal to me, as are all of you; they will die before they fall." He knew this well. He was extremely powerful; only the Jedi of the Council could defeat him, and even that would soon change, even thoug hhe was only in his early thirties.

His soldiers worshipped him as a hero, a man sent from the Force to make the Galaxy right. And they were right.

"I will take a ship to Taris to try and make diplomatic agreements there; the planet has been scarred by the war, and the Republic did not help them much; we will give them what they could not!"

There was cheering in the hall.

"If I cannot persuade Taris to join us, I will not attack it, because it is not as crucial to the war effort; I will show the honour of the Sith. We kill when we must, we pillage when it gives us power, but we WILL RESTORE THE GREATNESS OF THE GALAXY! It is through our resolve, not only our military strength that we will prevail.

"We are not brutes, and let us show them that. I will go to Taris and leave the council in control of the Star Forge." There were more cheers as he left the hall.

His soldiers were loyal to him, and would die for him.

The only thing that worried him was the loyalty driving them mad.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Nelniath laughed as she chopped the head off a Republic soldier. She ran through their lines, feeling a surge of happiness as she chopped them down and the men cowered at her with fear. She was no Dark Jedi; only a human with incredible strength and speed, and unmatched brutality.

She broke their lines, and around her lay twenty dead Republic Soldiers; men, women, human and alien, all were dead and mutilated at her feet, some decapitated and others dying slowly and painfully, their faces sliced off.

At the sight of ten timid enemies pointing guns at her, she ran to a turret and tried to rip it off.

It was too secure.

Instead, she rained fire on the enemies with the turret, watching them scream and crumble as she did so. Once all thirty-so soldiers were dead, all by her hand, she walked across the carnage, putting her foot on dying men, making their death all the more painfull.

She removed her cap and her black hair flowed in the sunlight as she looked down; there was a large battle going on, and she was at the top of the Republic factory, and saw that the Sith were winning. "Zataan?" she said.

Her brother replied, "I'm here! Things are going pretty well. Are you alright up there?"

She chuckled. "There were one or two Republic guards who spotted me, but I just about managed to kill them. And don't worry, I didn't slaughter them to death; I totally believe in the support of the Republic." She waited for the response.

"Uhh . . . alright; I'll move my troops into the factory, then." The communicator turned off. She laughed hysterically. Even her own brother was so easily manipulated by her. It was alright; she just made sure that he would not be harmed; there was no one to harm him, anyway.

She heard footsteps behind her and felt an arm grab itself around her shoulder, and a knife pressed against her neck. "I'll kill you for what you did here, scum!" said a man's voice. "You ripped off my brother's face and left him to die painfully! Do you have no honour!" he rasped.

"Don't worry," she said softly. "His death will be nothing but a comfortable experience compared to what I'll do to you." She grabbed his arm and twisted him over, taking the knife from his hand and taking out her pistol, shooting him in the knees. She then took out the knife and ripped open his body, tossing his bare muscle into the air, exposing his organs.

She then carved the symbol of the Revanchist on his face as he died. "May all Republic Soldiers know this; they will pay for betraying the man who saved us all.

"This is for Revan!" were the last words that poor man heard.

The Betrayer 01-15-2010 09:56 AM

Corsair Krandor watched as the ramp of his shuttle, a VT-29 Decimator, lowered to welcome his person. The shuttle was a personal request made by the Sith Lord himself, and was paid for in full with credits totaling a few million. It was highly advanced for its age, with unmatched stealth capabilities, navigation, and weapon quality. It also managed to pack all of this features in a small shuttle, small enough to not attract attention but big enough to appear menacing.

Corsair stepped aboard the shuttle, where his aide Captain Phoenix was waiting. Phoenix saluted as Krandor went inside the VT-29, a salute which was immediately returned by the Sith Lord. There were also four elite Sith troopers aboard, afforded for personal protection.

As Corsair approached the navigational controls, Captain Phoenix approached him.
"Where are we flying today, sir?"

Corsair punched in some hyperspace coordinates he knew by heart, then answered Phoenix's question without even turning around.
"Telos, Phoenix. We are departing to Telos."

Phoenix stared in utter disbelief at the Sith Lord.
"Without any envoy, sir? That is crazy! The size of the Republic forces in the ar-"

Krandor raised his right hand, a symbol for Phoenix to stop talking. The latter immediately followed, knowing the consequences of insubordination.

"Admiral Karath's fleet will be waiting for us, Captain. Now, afford me the meditation and rest I deserve. You handle all navigation."
Krandor grunted, then entered his meditation chamber.

bobafett56 01-15-2010 07:01 PM

Davi stood in the armory when he heard someone yell outside, then nearly fell over as a nearby explosion shook the area. He cursed and grabbed some type of rifle, then ran outside. He jumped behind a near by steel box and hid.

He looked up to see a total open war zone. Troops were pouring in from the front gate, and although stopped a the moment, they wouldn't for long. Davi ran closer and hid behind another steel box, fifty feet away from the front gate. He looked over a box and started to shoot at the incoming soldier's. He shot three in the face then hid behind his box as the soldier's turned their attention to him.

Davi started to slowly grin. It was a large force, but this was one of the better defended bases. If no dark Jedi or Sith showed up, no soldier's like him showed up, And a bad commander was leading them, they would easily wipe this force out. If any of the first two were there or they had a good commander leading them, he would have to probably deal with them. He looked over his box and shot five more soldier's and ducked again.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-16-2010 08:43 PM

Malak strode onto the decks of the Star Forge like he owned the world, or did he? He was contacted by his master to return from Cathar. He was already late for the meeting and hoped his master would understand, at least he had killed a Jedi.

Note for Spitfire: You may now use Malak in your RPing. He's going to be debriefed by Revan now.

Lord Spitfire 01-19-2010 05:35 AM

((Alright, though we'll have to make it over a communicator, since Revan has left for Taris))

Revan got a noise from his communicator. Opening it, he heard his apprentice's voice. Before Malak could answer, Revan ordered, "Malak, you are ordered to pull out troops from Cathar and redirect your force to serve Lord Corsair Kandor over Telos; your invasion of Cathar proves that your position of the Second Lord of the Revanchist Empire must temporarily be given to Corsair, until you are to prove yourself loyal to me. I will say no more."

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Nelniath stared at the base in front of her. It was well defended, as it was built into the mountain of a desert; however, they had more soldiers, and stronger soldiers; for the most part.

"Take he base head-on," she ordered. "Leave no Republic Soldiers alive."

The Betrayer 01-19-2010 06:27 AM

Corsair Krandor woke up from his meditative stance to see the shuttle has arrived in Telos, where a space battle of epic proportions was happening over the green planet. From a distance, there seemed to be no clear sign on who was winning and who was losing, a fact that irritated the Sith Lord. Krandor was known for his judgment on the outcome of battles, and that battle was cloudy, to say the least.

On one side were the Revanchists, proud and strong, with their ships firing an endless barrage of lasers against the attacking Republic forces. The Republic forces were organized, but significantly outnumbered.

As his shuttle moved closer to the chaos, and after a much closer look, Lord Corsair was able to conclude that the Revanchists were lead by a gray Interdictor cruiser. An even closer inspection revealed that the cruiser was the Leviathan, Admiral Karath's flagship.

"Phoenix!, called out the Sith Lord to his aide.

"You have need of me, sir?", asked Captain Phoenix, who was just made aware of his master's presence.

"I want you to initiate contact with the Leviathan. Also, keep us out of the battle while you get in range."

"Yes, sir!", was the eager reply of the young Sith Captain.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-19-2010 11:41 AM

Lord Malak's rearguard fleet arrived at Telos. Malak gazed at the Leviathen leading the ausult on Telos. He sneered a little smile and then left for the hangar of his frigate. "Luitenant! Prep my shuttle for launch. I'm heading to my flagship."

"Sir yes Sir!" Malak was soon aboard his vessel and then made contact with Admiral Karath.

"Commander, I have arrived, who is currently commanding the vessel?"

"Lord Corsair milord. He has been doing a fairly good job at that."

"He has done well, I will assume command now. Tell the General to get off my bridge and get him to his vessel. He may barrow my shuttle."

"Yes Milord! I'll tell him." Malak strode with his accolites to the bridge and he passed Corsair and his guards. Malak's underling saluted him and Malak did a revrent bow back to him. He hoped his master knew what he was doing by giving Lord Corsair a sixth of the Sith Fleet. He believed, when it was time, Malak would betray Revan once he learned everything. He needed to find a descent apprentice, and Corsair would be a good one. Corsair was in fact Malak's best General, he was also third in command of the entire Empire. Malak knew that he and Corsair would become close friends. He was needed in order to betray Revan. Though Revan gave Corsair temperary command of the Revanchist Empire, Corsair still was Malak's underling, and he had the right to slay him if he wished, but he didn't wish to. Malak held no jelousy toward Corsair given the fact that he wouldn't always be second in command. Or would he, at least when Revan was out of the way. But as Malak planned, that wouldn't be for a year or so. For now, he was ready to prove himslef to his master.

"Put Lord Revan through Captain!" She put him through.

"Master, I feel threatened by Lord Corsair. How could I prove myself to you. What If I all of a sudden beat Corsair in a duel I could fire upon his fleet? May I Master? I will not kill him, but it is the way of the Sith to betray. His Majesty himslef said so in the outer regions. What do you say? May I assume command and show that weakling who the real apprentice is?

bobafett56 01-19-2010 10:20 PM

“GERNADE!” Davi ducked as a explosion started to shake his box. He cursed as most of his box was utterly destroyed. He tried to shoot at the oncoming troops but cursed as he saw his rifle was utterly destroyed. He started to run back and checked for his blaster. He cursed louder. He left his blaster in the armory. He took his vibrio knife out and hid behind a corner and waited.

Republic soldier's had been pushed back, but only a few feet, so the battle was still in their favor. At least it was until someone yelled “Sith!” Davi cursed even louder. That was the last thing he needed. He needed to take out this so called Sith fast or else the troop's would be dead fast. He peered around the corner and saw what they yelled. A Rodian in silver amour, with a saber staff. He was leading the charge except for several soldier's still in a firefight.

Davi turned the corner and lunged forward as he watched his knife dig into the soldier's chest, then quickly grabbed the soldier's weapon and shot at several other soldier's. He watched as they dropped to the ground then shot his eyebrow's up as the Sith saw him. He threw the dead soldier's body into the Sith and watched as the Sith cut it in half. The Sith then picked up his pace, reflecting shots back at their shooters as Davi held his position.

Davi blinked and continued to stay in position. He fought Jedi and Sith before. He knew their tricks. But one that get most people killed was that their thoughts showed their action's. You can also counter act this with a blocker like playing pazzak in their head. But he came up with a trick that most Jedi or Sith fell for. Think a action, then do something different. A simple trick but Jedi and Sith haven't figured it out. Yet.

The Sith swung vertically with Davi rolling back. Davi quickly thought “Swing at face. Won't block in time.” Davi started to aim at the face with the Sith but quickly twirled in a clockwise direction as the Sith swung at where his arm use to be. During his twirling though, Davi cut at the front of the ankle's of the supposed Sith, which cut through the boot the Sith was wearing and barley cut the ankle's of his attacker. But because his knife was a Vibro knife, the small cut became a huge gash. The Rodian screamed and fell backwards, with the Rodian accidentally cutting his own hand off with his saber.

Davi lunged forward and dropped his knife. He snapped the Rodian's neck, having no other way to kill him other then his knife which would be a lot of pain. He looked up as republic soldier's rushed past him, having gained motivation and the enemy losing some. Davi grinned a bit but then noticed the saber staff from his fallen enemy. He deactivated it and hanged it on his belt, grabbed a near by rifle from a fallen soldier, and was back fighting.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-20-2010 08:59 AM

"Master, I must gain prestige If I am to become worthy once more. I could recruit some of the most powerful Jedi to the cause, and the Revanchist Empire will have new allies. Corsair is a fool and shouldn't have the title of apprentice for himself, I however, will do something no other Sith has ever done. I will prove to you that Corsair isn't fit to carry the mantle of Apprentice. First off, I have just finished bombing Telos, but the battle is far from over.I will temperarily give Lord Corsair Admiral Karath's fleet until furthur notice. He will clean up my mess I made on Telos 4. My second task will be to recruit three Sith Lords I have found on the surface of Onderon several weeks ago. One of them claims to have been your master when you were a young child, and again when you learned everything from the Jedi. She goes by the name, Traya, and her apprentices are Sion and Nihilus. They are willing to pledge allegience to you, they only ask for one thing in return. Malachor is to be their base of operations. They have the best assasins and marauders in the Empire. Third, I shall make contact with His Majesty, Emperor of the True Sith, and I shall construct an academy in the outer regions that specializes in killing Jedi. Last but not least, do you remember Bastila Shan? During the war, you told me that you two knew each-other as children. She had a bit of a Jedi crush on you, but I heard she is your ideal Jedi now, quite beautiful to from what I heard. She is very powerful and is mastering the art of battle meditation which can help us in the longrun. If I convince her, I can reveal your true identity to her, and she will love you. She not only will become a High General of the Revanchists, but she could also take Corsair's place, and become your mistress at the same time. Think about it. Would you like that? I need a responce, and I will carry all of this out before I can snap my finger. I doubt you'll get such an offer from Corsair. Malak out!"

The Betrayer 01-20-2010 09:27 AM

It was not so much a feeling in the force as something captured by the tired Sith Lord's senses. It was probably something that walked the fine line of these two things, a sensation, an experience so near yet so far. It was the fall of a thousand buildings and the silencing of a billion screams. It was the death of creature, young and old, wise and foolish. Although the true nature of the devastation has not yet been made clear to Corsair, one thing was very clear. Something is wrong. Very wrong., thought the Sith Lord to himself.

The nature of the feeling was soon made clear to the Sith Lord, as a huge explosion, no, thousands of huge explosions were heard over, or rather in, Telos IV. The sight that preceded this memory was horrifying to Krandor, who did not dare look at the carnage.

Many of the ships he commanded, it seems, did not follow the orders he set, and bombarded the fragile city with their strong lasers. Corsair watched in horror.

The next feeling was one of hate, a power Krandor learned to control, then release. His hatred was probably inspired by the person who suddenly stood behind him. Malak. Corsair gave a paltry salute, not at all believing that the past chain-of-command was ideal. No, Corsair liked being the Shadow Hand of Revan.

"I assume this carnage is your fault, Malak?", grunted the Sith Lord.

"Tell me. What did you hope to achieve? With the destruction of this planet, our Lord Revan's fears are only given room to be realized. Now, the battered Republic soldier would fight in the memory of Telos and its destruction, forever giving them inspiration to continue living."

Corsair now turned around to face Malak, a unique anger now flashing in the former's eyes.

"You do not know it yet, Malak, but you have betrayed us all. And you betray me and us still with your presence. Leave me."

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-20-2010 10:03 AM

Malak turned to Lord Corsair and spoke in a demeanting tone.

"I have not betrayed the Sith! You are a disgrace Corsair! I am the true Apprentice! You are nothing but Revan's puppet! The Dark Lord of the Sith has made you his shaddow hand for a reason! You see, this was all just a game, I have always been the true Apprentice, Revan himself told me that he was just using you, like all Sith. This is my campaign, not yours. You are a powerful Sith Corsair, become my apprentice, and after my Master is killed by my hands when I have learned all I can, you can rule by my side. If not, I can just kill you now."

Corsiar was to make up his mind....... and fast, before Malak gave him the killing blow.

"What do you say, become my Apprentice, or die?"........

Note for Lord Betrayal: This is a critical choice, fight Malak, or serve him. Sorry if this sounds like too much godmodding, but I didn't actually portray your character.

The Betrayer 01-20-2010 10:25 AM

At the sudden change of events, Corsair merely smiled, not at all fazed by the predicament he was in. He stepped back a bit, knowing full well how dangerous a Sith like Darth Malak was when he was angry.

"What have I done to deserve this insult, Malak? You barge into a Sith Lord's ship and think him unprepared?"

The Sith Lord released a hearty laugh, which to the spectator might have been more a growl than a human laugh. He then nodded at one of the technicians nearby, who opened a blast door that contained Dark Jedi. At the sight of this, Corsair smiled, then unholstered his lightsaber. As he clicked the button, a large red blade appeared, pleasing Corsair.

"May I direct your attention to the blast door behind you, Malak?"

Krandor pointed at the blast door cockily, knowing the honor of his opponent forbade him from making any quick moves. About twenty pale men stepped out of the room behind the door, all of them wielding lightsabers and all of them clad in black.

"The Echani's lives revolve around combat, and are seen as the greatest warriors in the world. That is why you should imagine my delight when I have found these twenty Echani children while the Revanchists fought in their homeplanet. I trained them in the ways of the force, that they may becine strong, but not as strong as I. Have at them, Malak."

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-20-2010 10:58 AM

Malak laughed heartily, and went for the echani. Showing Corsair the power of the Darkside, he slew each and every one of the echani weeklings.

"You have to do better than sending mere Echani children at me! Everybody knows that Echani are all but martial artists who attempt to fight. Do you realy think they are supirior over a Mandalorian per-say? Or what about a true Sith?"

Malak didn't even give Corsair enough time to ignite his blade, and slashed at his shoulder. "So Corsair, I'll give you one more chance, become my Apprentice, or die?"

At that moment, who should show up, but Lord Revan himself.

"Master!" Malak said abandoning Corsair mortally wounded on the deck of the blood stained frigate bridge. "Your shaddow hand attempts to insult me by attacking me after summoning me to his vessel!" Malak knew this was a lie, but it was the only way to convince him to his side, after all, Peace was a Lie.

Malak thought the words of the Sith Code over and over and over again.

'Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion
Through Passion I gain Strength,
Through Strength, I gain Power
Through Power I gain Victory
Through Victory, my Chains are Broken
The Force shall set me Free!'

At that minute, he knew his Master's decision.......

Note for Spitfire: Revan has arrived at Corsair's cruiser over Telos, what will he do? Side with Malak, or side with Corsair? Sorry if this seemed like too much godmodding, but it fits in best with cannon.

Note for LOB: Sorry about previous GMing! The only thing I made Corsair do was charge at Malak. I have to leave everything else. editN2: I left out the parts where Corsair fought back and make Malak minorly wound him. I, personaly, have no problem if you make Malak and Corsair duel. I don't care if you use my character unless you have explict permision from me, which you have as of now as long as Malak unnoficialy wins the duel (it seems it would fit best in with cannon that way)

The Betrayer 01-21-2010 03:29 AM

[Oh, god! There you go again. I thought you have learned your lesson already. NO GODMODDING. You don't get to take control of my character, or assume he has lost the battle I have just began. And you're controlling Revan again. :| ]

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-21-2010 06:55 AM

srry! But your character didn't loose the battle. He can still fight! I am only trying to make this story close to cannon. You took control of my character in the last RP! Besides, I never took control of him, they just dueled, all I made your character do was fight Malak. He is still able to fight. Lets just get back to the darn RP.

The Betrayer 01-21-2010 07:00 AM

[I could tell there was a misunderstanding with my last RP post. I did not control your character at all. All references to "Sith Lord (which is my character's title) are references to CORSAIR, not MALAK. Now could you please edit your previous RP post and take this into consideration?]

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-21-2010 07:09 AM

but can we still keep the duel?

The Betrayer 01-21-2010 07:12 AM

[Remove all the parts where my character does something. That basically trims your post to about a paragraph, so I suggest you just start it over. And, please, try to put more detail.]

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-21-2010 09:24 AM

ok, that better now? Srry if your PC gets injured slightly. You can take it from here.

Lord Spitfire 01-23-2010 01:08 AM

((Mrcharlton, I'll let this one slide, but please, Revan was supposed to be on his way to Taris; let it be up to me to decide whether or not he decides to return to Telos))

Revan scanned the sight before, then looked ahead and saw Telos in flames. "Telos . . . Lord Kandor, I gave you direct orders to spare the planets surface! How could this catsotrophe had happened?" At that moment, he called upon his command of the force and lifted the two Lords in the air in an intense force crush.

He dug through their minds, ripping their privacy and dignity to shreds, completely exposing them to his power. Then, he realized the truth. "Malak," he whispered.

"Lord Malak, you have been stripped of your rank! You are now a renegade in my army, and I will have my soldiers shoot you on sight.

"Here's my job for you; go to Taris in my stead, and go alone. You will infiltrate the Republic government incognito and try to rally support for our cause there. If you fail, I will force you to turn yourself in to Coruscant."

He let Malak's unconcsious body crumple to the ground, though he knew that his apprentice had heard everything before he lost concsiousness. He released Kandor as well. "As for you," he continued, turning to Corsair. "You have alway proven yourself wise and cunning, but you have failed me in this instance. However, it was partly my mistake that I let Malak come here.

"You have been promoted to the First Marshall of the Revanchist; you are now my second-in command until Malak proves himself on Taris. Now, we must act quickly. Our brethren on Foerost need help, and we need to clear this planet of our ships; there will be a powerful fleet from Corellia arriving soon. I will take Admiral Karath and we will leave to Foerost to intercept the Republic reinforcments. I would like to have you along."

((Mrcharlton, do you understand the new scenario? Do not change the entire plan of the story again please.

Darth Betrayal, you have a choice to come with Revan to Foerost or to take another story path, since I know you won't completely skew it.))

bobafett56 01-23-2010 03:29 AM

Davi continued to watch as the battle proceeded. So far the battle had been going well. The enemy force's were pushed out of the base and the main battle was at the gate. Davi proceeded forward and continued to eliminate enemy force's. He shot three, hid, four, hid, two, hid, and finally ran out of shots. He took out his combat knife and cut down three more enemies before he tried slicing through a enemies Vibro sword. He watched as the blade snapped in half and rolled backwards as the enemy tried slicing him.

Davi drew his saber staff and blocked another strike. He then started to fight at his full abilities. The problem was that the Saber was so light, that for anyone trained to use swords would never be able to cut through anything due to never striking with force. Davi however had used Saber's before, mostly from fallen friends in the Mandolorian war, and could fight with a saber as good as a sword or knife.

Davi lunged forward with his staff and watched as it went through the chest of the enemy soldier. He withdrew the saber and started to cut down soldier's by him. He had a feeling that unless Revan himself showed up, he and the republic would win this fortress.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-23-2010 06:12 PM

Malak had never wanted to kill his Master this much! His anger was burning within him, he could have pulled out his lightsaber and easily begun his betrayal! But no, he had a job to do, to prove to his fool of a Master that his fool of an apprentice was not fit to rule such a mighty empire.

Malak's shuttle lifted off and set coarse for Taris where he was to infiltrate the Republic embessy. As much as Malak wanted to bomb Taris, he just couldn't. Not just because he had made that mistake on Cathar and Telos, but because Taris was his home planet!

Once he arrived on the surface, he was treated like an embassador, despite being a Sith. He was escorted to his chambers in one of the higher apartments in the dignitary sector. He gave a sneer and pretended to meet the other dignitaries down for dinner, but Malak had other plans. Because Taris was his old planet, he knew many people their, and one place to rally them all would be in Javyar's Cantina.

He marched into the lower city later that night, and saw many familiar faces, not just old freinds, but other grey Jedi once stationed on Taris before the destruction of the Jedi Tower during the Mandalorian Wars. He then spoke, "Friends, good people of Taris! I have come on behaf of the Sith! The Republic are weak, and they shall not have Taris under their command any longer. We need our own foothold in the outer rim in order to conquer the weaklings!"

An elderly Jedi spoke up, "But sir, what will us Jedi do?"

"Well my good friend! You shall all become Dark Jedi!" A cheer went up before the entire Lower City, they all marched up to the uppercity as if on a rampage. A squad of Republic troops were sent to investigate and Malak showed them the true power of the Dark Side. The people were sure convinced that this man, Malak was the right person to follow.

"Are their any poloticians here? I have an idea."

"Indeed!" a drunk looking man said stumbling through the crowed. "I'll help, Sith."

"I need somebody to infiltrate the administrative center and assasinate the Tarisian president, then you can replace him."

"Indeed, my secret service will take care of it, His Exelency is a weak fool! I will take his place, and then Taris will be under the influence of the Sith!" So the order was carried out.

Within two months, their was a drastic change in goverment, and Taris was under the Sith's control, for now......

"Master, Taris is a Sith World now, at least under this leadership!" Malak said one day. I have sent a message a while ago regarding other ways I can gain prestige, are you interested?"

Note for Spitfire: I did post a transmition for Lord Revan five or six posts ago, read it and give your input in the next RP!

Then Malak began to sing a song: "Pants on the Ground! Pants on the Ground! Lookin' like a fool with yo pants on the ground! Pants on the Ground!"

The Betrayer 01-25-2010 06:22 AM

[Now that charlton has been unfortunately banned, can I take control of Malak?]

Lord Spitfire 02-01-2010 04:00 AM

((Nah, he'll be back, so I've been told by a moderator that I'm not allowed to do that))

Revan walked the ashes of Telos as the Sith scoured its surface. So many dead, slaughtered. He looked up and saw that the saw was darkening, as toxins started to fill the air. He shook his head. This was his fault. It was in his name that this genocide was commited.

But he could not stop. Not now, while they were on their way, while he was on his way to making sure this never happened again, not until the Sith Empire emerged from the dark corners of the galaxy.

"Field Marshall!" he called out to his general. "Leave the planet; nothing is to be pillaged. We're leaving this place."

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Nelniath swore under her breath. They were losing.

She called to her communicator to a fellow captain; "We're under heavy fire! Seventh Battalion, move in on the left flank!"

The Betrayer 02-02-2010 07:01 AM

[Are we condoning the two-month time shift Te Darasuum Mandalor introduced in his latest post? Just pointing it out.]

Lord Spitfire 02-02-2010 08:00 AM

((Yeah, I am. That way, even he has more room to make his story and adventure as the two months goes on. Continue as you would ;) ))

The Betrayer 02-02-2010 08:37 AM

The interception of Republic reinforcements planned by the Revanchist was a great disaster. Intelligence reported two flagships and a few other cruisers, but the Sith fleet did not anticipate the number of the Republic Navy that showed up. The number of the ships was almost ten times the projected count, destroying the advantage Revan's and Krandor's fleets thought they had. Lord Revan was able to escape as Corsair stayed, and his fate was unknown for two months.

It had remained a complete mystery, those two months. As the momentum of the Sith advance came to a skidding halt, those two long months saw a lack of activity from the Sith Lord Corsair. It was not just a lack of activity too, but a lack of appearance. No one, not even Lord Revan, has seen the mysterious Krandor, and a lot of conspiracy theories have been formulated around the fact.

The two months, however, were over. Corsair was still alive, and he was still First Marshall of the Revanchists.

On the bridge of his cruiser, the not-so-gigantic-but-still-elegant Tormenter, Corsair stood in front of the hologram of his master, delivering his status report.

"Forgive me for the two-month leave I had to take, my Lord. Unexpected circumstances arose, and as First Marshall, I had to see they were taken care of.

After I personally ensured you escape the space battle over Foerost two months ago, I was able to recover a fragment of Karath's fleet. Along with the Leviathan, I count three Sith ships, and I have placed them under my personal command.

That said and done, my Lord, I await new orders."

bobafett56 02-04-2010 12:16 AM

“Keep pushing! The battle is almost won!” Davi yelled to near by troop's. And he was right. Most of the enemy had pulled back, and all that was left now was to continue defending and fight as much as they could.
Davi cut another enemy troop down then used the fallen man's rifle to start shooting at more troops. All they really needed to do now to win is just gun everyone down.

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