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Boneduster 01-11-2010 08:19 AM

Brutal Videos
Tainted Coil vs Drowning Doom HUGE ARMY BATTLE!!
I play some noob at Brutal Legend, invite him to my party and then he asks me to not attack him intill he gets a huge army, see what happens when we clash.

Razor girls 2 vs 1 Bone style
i play that kid from the 1st video and my nooby mate 2 vs 1 and show off the power of upgraded razor girls

2 noobs fed to Ironheade on Feeding Area Part 1 of 2
the same kids again, i go easier on them, shwo how to get the extra gizers on this map that are gaurded by the best
2 noobs fed to Ironheade on Feeding Area Part 2 of 2

trying to find a 3vs3 is brutal defeat
Me and the two noobs try and find a 3v3 match on matchmaking, but fail. At least niko belic from gta4 joins our party

playing with 2 noobs can be brutal match: 1 of 3
seriosuly, i have more wins then them, why can't they just listen and let me make the units!!! Watch has we strugle to beat the brutal AI
Match 2 of 3
Match 3 of 3

Hope you take the time to watch and leave comments, thanks for your time.

musicman8 04-06-2010 01:13 PM

yo these are good vids,fun to watch and see the gameplay.i dont play it much cuz only my friend has it,and i play there.just wondering,what diffriculty ai can you beat 1v1?i think my best is just normal.
thanks,and keep the vids coming!

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