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Kuuki 01-29-2010 04:54 AM

Well, needless to say that it was sometime ago that when I expressed what I have noticed in my own world that things seemed to go upon the way of the 'Ying and the Yang' that it was more of things that was 'coming' to me after things it seemed that many negative things have happened to myself. Right now, it is just that I finally got something back from the life that I have been experiencing thus far and all.

And in all honestly, I have been experiencing many events in my life that points more towards this belief.

True, like I have stated, I have been challenged on this belief before, but If I can be given alot of thought in this I can make some statements where my point of view makes said things true.

Now here's the real mind bender (I'm sorry if this thread goes into the subject of those whom this subject can be sensitive, but):

There have been time where I have 'hoped' for people to follow in these ways, where this person, whom when I knew when I was in the Navy, he was up for promotion, he had lost his father. And I literally *hoped* that he got his promotion on the mere fact that he had suffered a significant loss.

None the less, He did not get the promotion, regardless of what I have been through personally at that period of time. I hoped everything was going to be ok, but regardless of the fact, that is *that fact* that at that time it wasn't *my* 'negative', to which I can 'wish' for a positive 'adverse' to.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I can say now with my 'first hand experience', if that it is what you call it, I had alot of **** happen to me in the past three years. My Bro died, I got discharged from the navy (honorably), had to deal what I needed to deal with money that I needed to live on, college which I haven't been receiving, which I had to 'reduce' myself to start collecting unemployment.

needless to say, that yesterday was a *good* day for me, I finally got the benefits that I was been needing for *several* months. Which I quickly went to paying off my bills almost completely. Which is nice.

And now that here I am with a bunch of **** that I worked up to til know, I know that in the past Two~Three yrs I've had it hard. I can't say that I've had it hard at most people around here.

But at least there is one thing that I did believe above this pseudo-ying~yang, I always tried to help out people when they needed it. And also, attempted to always to give at least one or two people a reason to laugh at least once that very day.

Ok, maybe my antics lead to the 'latest great Aresen forum War',...

but honestly, am I wrong im my observations? Can I say that to those whom 'questioned' me on what me views are, that perhaps even if their 'beliefs' can be still counted, but at least a good deal of what I believe in is at least 'worth it'??

It's been working for me, I'm just wondering... >.>

Lynk Former 01-29-2010 05:04 AM


SuicidalXWing 01-29-2010 07:43 PM

Good. maybe now we can back to taking over the world then.

Kuuki 05-22-2010 05:20 AM

achievement acquired: "TL;DR (more then 3mo since topic generated, not reading replies)"

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