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JamesCrow 02-03-2010 01:26 PM

What happened to the new forum?
I know the new forum is working now...but its obviously not OJP related...

katanamaru 02-03-2010 03:14 PM

Most of the team has decided to move onto another engine and try their hands at making a game, or a mega mod, I'm not sure which.

Raz0r posted at the filefront forums that the team has decided to stop production on the mod at this time.

Kinda sad really, but they want to move on. OJP wasn't really meant to be a mod per se, but an archive of material that everyone could use in order to speed up mod production. They have decided that it was time to return to that philosophy, so anybody can still use OJP/JKE as a base for their projects, but the original team is done.

You may be able to PM Raz0r to see if he has the last build 1.3. It was mostly done I believe and was just being bug tested.

JamesCrow 02-04-2010 07:01 PM

aw thats sad :( but the new game they are working on is somthing to look foward to :)

katanamaru 02-05-2010 12:04 AM

True there.

JRHockney* 02-05-2010 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by JamesCrow (Post 2705234)
aw thats sad :( but the new game they are working on is somthing to look foward to :)

Hey James, if you know any group or coders or anyone that wants to continue the primary development, let us know. I may be watching over the Mod off and on for a while. I just need to get in contact with the team again.

Kurgan 04-22-2010 04:35 PM

Okay I understand now...


Maxstate wrote:

WAR - HUH - good god y'all

Welcome to our brand new forum. A foreword is needed to announce why, how and what lead to the events of this forum's creation. Know that this forum and the website are Mikouen's creation - this was his initiative, and as the good host he is, he is doing it from the bottom of his philanthropic heart with no profit incentive (for now).

This forum will be used to discuss projects by Bound Development(s). Who are we? We're the remnant, the leftover scraps of modders formerly belonging to the Open Jedi Project, or as it was known after its Mr. Big and Racer X years, "Jedi Knight Enhanced": programmers, graphics artists, jerkoffs, d*ckheads, smug atheists, ironic hipsters, catholic trolls but most of all good guys who want to take a new engine and build a game out of it.

Maxstate, Darthdie, x_grievous_x, Hockney, Katanamaru, Raz0r, Josh/Monoliths, Revovles, Mikouen, UDM, QuiJohn, Tiberio/Tiberius (Cesar Augusto), Ace (Dower), and many more names we bear.

This new project will have a deeper and more insightful explanation posted about it later this week, but for now, a small bit of info on what we're planning:

A space sci-fi multiplayer first person shooter with a deep storyline, ~tight graphics~, community-polled features, and a huge physics fetish. This game will be based on the C4 engine.

That's it for now, bros.

Edit #1: The game will have massive RPG features. Skills, talents and whatnot (DON'T think WoW) will be added and the user will be given a choice in improving them based on the way the user plays, and not in the way they click on boxes. In the Elder Scrolls series, the more you swing your sword, the more skillfull you get at swinging swords around; that is exactly what we're planning to do, also.

That was back in January.

When asked, in the same thread, if JKE (JK Enhanced, the new name for OJP Enhanced, which always confuses me because of JK Enhanced for the original Jedi Knight, a totally different project!) was "dead" DarthDie responded:


Not completely, no. I've been doing some work on it last couple days in the hopes of fixing any remaining bugs and adding one or two features we had planned on adding.

On a side note the "lag" you would get when near forcefields has been fixed.
So where can we download the last version, is what I want to know... I mean if there's a forum but no web page, then what?

-=*Raz0r*=- 04-25-2010 09:16 AM

Continued development of OJP/JKE just isn't feasible.
It was good back in the day. A nice mod to play, a good place to learn and contribute, but..that died out.
People ended up using it entirely just to take code/content from and claim to be modders, never giving anything back.
The team just decided "Whatever. No interest" etc, but we all wanted to continue working together.
So we took a peek around a few engines, and decided to develop a game using the C4 engine.

The OJP/JKE source is still available, though not even I know where the latest build is.
Try asking 'Judge' at if he knows anything if you're interested.

Kurgan 04-26-2010 03:56 AM

Is that you razorace?

Anyhow, I think OJP BASIC has a lot of potential. The TAB Bots still have a lot of room to grow.

And whatever happened to co-op?

razorace 05-17-2010 03:27 AM

raz0r is a different programmer than myself.

Sorry, if the following is rambling, I'm tired at the moment and it's almost bedtime....

I'm still alive and well. I just haven't turned my eyes on OJP in years. I just happened to be thinking about OJP lately and was shocked to see that our old SVN provider had closed its doors yesterday. I've been in a scramble to get the old SVN data transferred to my new personal SVN server.

Anyway, it sounds like JKE has caved in so I'm stepping in to make sure we don't lose our source code. The new OJP repository located on my personal server is up-to-date with the now-closed openSVN repository. It doesn't include any of the JKE, but JKE kind of turned into a different animal than OJP anyway.

The point being, I'm still going to be around as the OJP moderator even if I don't do any coding anymore. I'm also hosting Bound Development's new game project on my SVN server. I'll let them handle that project's PR themselves.

Free feel to contact me if you guys have any questions.

JamesCrow 05-18-2010 07:56 AM

lol I take it Maxstate is a fan of Mr. Big and Racer X? I definitely am a fan of those two bands...especially Paul Gilbert! Glad to know that the mod may still be revived some day. If you guys are looking for a mod that is based off the OJP code, try checking out a mod called Evolution of Combat (formerly known as Combat Evolved). They released a beta a few weeks ago and although the mod is still in early development stages, it is quite enjoyable :)

razorace 05-18-2010 01:27 PM

Sounds familiar. Who's developing it?

Kurgan 05-18-2010 06:47 PM

I just wish something could be done about the TAB Bots in basic... they still get hung up on walls (and each other) far too often.

Somehow the "bot commands" need to be restricted to either the "leader" or at least somebody on their team (anybody can issue an order to any bot, even a spectator).

I thought I saw somebody use the voice command "Medic!" and have a Tech bot run up to him and heal him (on Desert), but now I think it was just a coincidence.

razorace 05-18-2010 09:38 PM

Unfortunately, improving the TABBot navigation would require reworking the system, which is just too time consuming for me to be able to do now.

How do you suggest we determine who is the leader for the bots on a team? I can totally understand restricting them to the same time.

JamesCrow 05-18-2010 10:12 PM

This is their moddb page
They managed to rework the bots so that they will use dual sabers and lightstaffs...I think they are also working on a bot command system. They added an admin control option that lets you promote players to be jedi masters or mando masters...thats probably how u can decide who can give the commands

Kurgan 05-18-2010 10:35 PM

Well the old Quake3 way to do it was to have somebody say "I am the leader" in chat (or console). The first person to do this in a team game becomes the team leader. If you say "I am no longer the leader" (iirc) you stop being it. You could also issue a command to assign a bot as the leader. Once you are the leader, issuing commands (guard, follow, cover, attack, defend, etc) would get the bots to acknowledge and then do it (after a long time of no orders they would get bored and do their own thing).

I see the "leader" profile thing appears sometimes but I don't know how to get it to consistently happen or how to undo it.

It should recognize one "leader" per team, and none for the spectators. It should work in Siege, Team FFA, CTF/CTY, and I suppose PowerDuel. You could use it in Jedi Master for the non-Jedi, too.

Cool idea, but I'm really not interested in a whole 'nother gameplay changing mod, just the features that will allow better bot control and intelligence for use with basejka (or rather, OJP Basic).

I'm pretty sure the staff and dual saber options were already possible without a mod (iirc, it's defined in the bot file).

razorace 05-19-2010 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by JamesCrow (Post 2725264)
This is their moddb page
They managed to rework the bots so that they will use dual sabers and lightstaffs...I think they are also working on a bot command system. They added an admin control option that lets you promote players to be jedi masters or mando masters...thats probably how u can decide who can give the commands

You mean the TABBots aren't doing that now? That's a bug!

Kurgan 11-16-2011 06:13 PM

To follow-up (it's been awhile), something with the leader thing needs to also account for the fact that a team leader may get disconnected, and then somebody else needs to become the leader. Leaders should only be made of people on that team (so no spectators becoming leaders, and no issuing orders to the opposite team).

RazorAce, I know awhile back you asked to be able to do testing on the Meatgrinder of some OJP Basic fixes. Did you run out of time? I am curious how that went. Anyway, I'm super busy with my job now, so if the server is up or down, sometimes I'm not there to reset it, but it should automatically reset at 4am CST (though with some lag before that, and a 10 minute "downtime" as part of the scripted cycle). But the server is on Siege half the time and the other half CTF (or an occasional quick mayhem round in a Duel map with FFA).

The JediTracker may be down (the forum link is busted). Hopefully that gets fixed. If not, when I have time I'll have to put up a new tracker. But you can follow it easily enough on Qtracker and connect directly from that if you desire. The IP hasn't changed.

Let me know what's going on when you get a chance, RA. Thanks for the clarification.

The bots on Siege Hoth I think are the major problem right now. They get stuck once the shield generator needs destroying, while at one time I do remember that the red team bots DID try to shoot at the generator (though only of course rockets and Ewebs can do damage to it, and I don't think bots can yet use EWEBS, and they can't reliably use the walker after Objective 1, to attack the shields, they just hop in and immediately hop out). At least if you could make the bots try a different route (through the cave if they keep getting fragged on the way to the locked door on the edge of the ravine) and then shoot rockets at the shield generator, then they could advance on their own.

As is, if a human (or two) joins on Blue, they are guaranteed to win, since the bots will NEVER attempt to damage the shields.

One or two of the larger CTF maps are virtually unplayable with bots, because they just form "human towers" and stay there after a few minutes. Meaning everyone else in the game just has free reign, and never see their CPU teammates (or opponents) again.

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