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killswitch1968 02-24-2010 08:52 PM

Display Error Tie Fighter Collector's XP Widescreen monitor
I have a 32" widescreen monitor. (Digimate LT32C2P1)
I installed the Win95 collector's tie fighter edition version on my XP machine. It installed great and I applied the compatability patch.
However when I start up the game my monitor goes into an "invalid mode". Resizing the screen to 4:3 doesn't help, nor does running in Win95 mode.

I wanted to try to run it in Windowed mode but wasn't sure if that was possible. I'm up for any suggestions at this point. Unfortuantely it's the Win95 version so I can't use DosBox.


Wildstar 02-25-2010 12:27 PM

They may have come up w/ a hack, which can be found on the forums at XWA Upgrade forums in the Soft/Hardware Problems forum, top sticky thread ("Common Graphics Problems..."). I don't know if they've found the widescreen codes for TIE95, but Reimar would know, so pay particular attention to his posts, including the ones in which "XWA Hacker" is attached.

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