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Kyvios 03-01-2010 12:27 PM

Plague of the Black Mist
Plague of the Black Mist:

In the land of Tatharnir Elves fought hard for their freedom after being enslaved for many generations by the humans. Some however prefer to live in the stone buildings created by the humans and forsake what little they were able to keep from they’re ancestors. While others following the ways of what they knew about their ancestors return to the woods and live with joy and happiness, keeping wary of human travelers.

The Elves, who stayed within the confines of human rule, are still treated as slaves, lower class citizens. Spit upon and live mostly miserable lives. They’re community as a whole is separated from the rest of the human population, the elves leave only to work and trade. They’re only happiness are small celebrations they hold for weddings, or the welcoming of summer days. The Elves, who returned to their roots, hunt, and honor the land that they live upon. But still some live in fear of humans, while others just destroy the humans on sight.

Humans hunt the woodland elves for sport, finding them to be the most thrilling hunt over some of the beast the forest holds. To them elves are a disgusting race and should of stayed content with the live they were given. But not all humans believe this way; some treat elves as equals as much as they possibly can without being ridiculed by those around them.

Between the two races tensions are always high, one craving the destruction of the other. But in the background of this land rises something far more dangerous. A dark mist rises on the edges of this land, hiding a horde of demons, and ogres. Behind this giant army stand’s a more sinister creator, long since forgotten in time and its name removed from the records of the creatures that now populate this land. And once the last barer of its name had vanished off the face of existence it rose, to reclaim its land, and its servants. Will the races of the land join forces in this evil? Or will they’re hate ultimately lead to they’re destruction? Can they unite all the creatures of this land under a united cause?

================================================== ====

The warm breeze that was blowing through the trees was relaxing to Arodion as he slowly pulled back upon his bow string taking aim at a nearby animal. The warm breeze glided gently across his face as he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. The animal was only a few paces away on the ground grazing under the fallen leaves searching for other plant life to feast upon. In his mind before he let the arrow fly from his restraint he said a prayer.

To the mother of all things I pray, guide my arrow into the lift of that beast. Its life will be honored and remembered by me as all other have been that have fallen to my arrows. Guide it and allow the beast to be free from the restrictions of his body so its spirit may graze in your unwavering love and kingdom.

And with that the arrow flew from the string of the bow. Arodion listened as the arrow flew through the air whistling with every inch it took until only the light flap of the bird wings and the soft music the wind played was heard traveling through the forest of Korkitel. As he heard the thump of the fallen animal, he took a step forward and fell himself upon the forest ground to his feet. With one knee upon the around and the other propped in the air he laid his arm across the bent up knee and lowered his head slightly waiting for the vibration of his fall to subside.

The birds now chirped they’re playful songs of life and freedom, while others flew through the air in a dance to the music that was being sung by they’re companions. It was a blissful thing to listen to at times. In some ways it could also be a distraction and distractions could prove to have fatal consequences. Arodion rose slowly to his feet and walked softly upon the ground, the only noise that could be heard from his footsteps was the soft roughing and cracking of his feet crushing some dried out leaves that had fallen from they’re tree brethren.

The beasts breathing was heavy and labored, the arrow had pierced one of its lungs. Kneeling down beside the beast Arodion placed his hands on both sides of the creatures head and rested his forehead against that of the creatures and looked into its eyes.

“Thank you for the gift you are about to bestow upon me and my people. May you be watched over in the next life” he whispered to the animal as he released his left hand from the side of the animals face and slowly removed his dagger from its sheath that was attached to the back of his belt. The sound of the blade sliding out of its sheath almost had a mocking tone to the life of the animal it was about to take. Quickly with one thrust, Arodion plunged the blade into the animal’s heart and watched as the life slowly faded from its eyes until what was once the spirit of this great creature no longer inhabited it. “May you rest in peace my brother at heart.” He said softly returning his blade to its sheath after cleaning the blood from it.

With his hunt done Arodion slide his arms underneath the animal’s body and lifted it up over his head and laid the carcass across his shoulders. Shifting the weight slightly he started his walk back to his clan further into the woods, so they may celebrate the coming of life, and the union of souls. Tonight was to be a joyous one, and he couldn’t think of anything that could disturb it.

SkywalkerRules 03-02-2010 08:29 PM

It was night time, and there in the distant was the Shire, home to the Hobbits. nside one of the homes, Albie, an elderly, female Hobbit, prepared dinner for her and her adoptive child, Meara.

"Meara, deary! Dinners almost ready!" Albie shouted.

The young woman, who was a young, beautiful Human, was outside, looking up at the stars. Why would she do this? Because every night, she would pray to the Heavens to know who she really was and what her destiny would be. Her prayer started at the age of 6.

The young woman turned and smiled. "Coming, Albie!" She looked up at the twinkling stars again, and folded her hands. Then she closed her bright, green eyes. "Please, please, please... hear my prayers. Please tell me my destiny. Who I am. Where I come from. Please, please, please... let thy stars tell me who I am..."

Meara smiled sadly, and headed inside Albie's home.

Nymf... 03-03-2010 04:49 AM

Felix looked down on the three bodies at his feet. Bandits. he thought as he looted their corpses. They had nothing of greater use on them, but the one who appears to be the leader had an intressting scroll. Felix opened the scroll and read it. It was a bounty, and signed with Mayor Westmann's seal. How did they found me?

Felix left the bodies behind, and walked for a few hours. He set up a camp when nightfall hit, with a small fire by a river. He read the scroll again, and memories poped up in his head. The screams of his sister six years ago. His hand reached for an amulet he had around his neck, the only thing he had left of his sister. He threw the paper on the fire and watched it as it turned to ashes.

The forrest stood quiet next to him. He had no desire to enter it, least of all during the night. Rumor said that elves lived in that forrest.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 03-03-2010 10:32 AM

Lima Shan was a handsome young man, all the ladies wanted him, he was the ideal gentleman. He was board with city life though, he wanted something more, a life of adventure and he would soon get it. When he was just a child, his grandfather had journeyed to the once powerful land of Mordor where he found old ruins and a dormant volcano, inside the dormant volcano, he found what was left of a precious medel which he wielded into a ring. He then gave it to Lima. The one ring had returned, and Lima would plunge the worlds of Arda into the worst war ever known.

__________________________________________________ __________________-

On the other side of the land, a small Hobbit in New Shire was about to embark on the greatest journey he would have ever done, along with the help of two friends......A wizard named Gandalf and an Elf named Legolas........

SkywalkerRules 03-03-2010 02:37 PM

Inside the female Hobbit's home, Meara sat across the table, opposite of Albie. They ate they're stew quietly, not having much to say. Times were different. When Meara was a small child, she'd have a lot to say. Like seeing a squirrel eat a nut, what games the Hobbit children and her played, or seeing new and wondrous things.

But now that Meara became a young adult, Albie felt as if she was losing Meara because of her being an adult. The elderly Hobbit stared at her with a saddened smile. Meara looked up, noticing Albie looking sad.

"Albie? What's wrong?" Her voice was a quiet one, like a calm river running. Albie continued to smile. "Oh my dear Meara..." the female Hobbit slowly got up and went by Meara's side. She touched the young Human's cheeks with her small, gentle hands. "My dear child. In all these years... you've been nothing but kind and helpful to me."

The young woman stared at Albie with a slight, confused look. "I... I don't understand, Albie..."

Albie looked down quietly. She then looked up at Meara with tears streaming down. "Come, child. Let us walk in the gardens..." And with that, Albie went to the door, and opened it. Meara hesitantly got up, following her guardian.

Kyvios 03-03-2010 03:05 PM

The animal he had killed had grown slightly heavy upon Arodion's shoulders but thankfully he had arrived back to where his clan was currently camped. Several other hunters came running towards him and took the beast away to be skinned and cooked so it could be part of tonights feast. A comrade of Arodion's came walking casually up to him and patted his shoulders and let out a gentle laugh.

"And here I thought you'd miss the ceremonies" The other elf said.

"What and miss you sweating bullets as you stand there in front of everyone getting married. Not a chance." Arodion said as he laughed.

The sun had set by the time he had arrived back at the camp, and the musicians have already begun practicing they're tunes. The music at the celebrations were always a concern to Arodion, he wasn't to fond of attracting unneeded attention to themselves if it could be avoided. But happy moments how ever few they're were needed music and he wasn't going to put everyone down by speaking up against something that brought joy to others.

"So I will see you later then my friend" said his comrade

With a slight bow of his head Arodion responded "Indeed you will, I look forward to tormenting you later."

He looked himself over as best he could and noticed that he had some blood on him from the animal he had hunted and killed. Walking over to his tent he reached into the door and grabbed his pack, one thing Arodion couldn't break no matter how hard he tried is that everything had a place and was always in that place so he knew exactly where it was and how far he had to reach to grab hold of it. Throwing the pack over his shoulder he walked over to the river he knew was near by to clean up.

The sound of the river in the distance was soothing at best, the birds of the forest and grown quiet in they're gentle slumber in the night. Sleeping was something Arodion was looking forward to doing, even for a few hours at most. He knelt down upon the dirt at the side of the river and laid his bag on the ground next to him. The water was clear to his eyes and cool to the touch of his hand. The touch of the water made his mind more alert and he enjoyed that feeling, perhaps reveled in it a little to much.

He stayed by the river for several moments and cleaned off the blood of his hunt, and the dirt he gained while tracking the animal through the forest. A couple times he stopped at watched the dirt that had come from his body travel its way down the river out of his sight.

Once Arodion had finished drying himself off he reached into his pack an took out fresh clothes. Black studded leather pants, a forest green v-neck shirt, he then tied on his brown leather wrist guards over the sleeves of his shirt, he then pulled how his green sleeveless long coat with a wolf skin that was sewed on to the edge of it. Once he was finished putting on his boots he tied his little side pouch back on, then placed his dagger in its sheath back upon his belt and slide it to the back of his pants under his long coat.

Then in the distance of everything he heard horrible blood curdling screams. Quickly leaving his bag behind he ran through the forest, and listened as the birds flapped there wings and chirped in fear as they tried to escape what ever horror was happening.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 03-04-2010 07:20 AM

Everybody was hard at work in New Shire, and coming into the town was a small train of travelers. If one would look at them closely, there would be nobility traveling within it. Behind the caravan were horses and carts carrying supplies guarded by nine soldiers, three of each belonging to one of the great rulers that rode in front of them.

On the left side upon a mighty steed was Nimon, 3rd Ritter of the Mark and son of king Thoin of Rohan. Next to him in a guilded carriage pulled by white horses was King Nuumer the third, named after one of the kings of Druin who was remembered as "The rearguard of the fellowship" where he and his men travelled behind them. This king was his descendant and rode in the carriage with his two sons, one 15, one 18 and his old and wise advisor. Walking on the right side of the carriage was a man of Gondor, Steward Sonamir, distant relative of the current king. Three of the nine soldiers behind them belonged to these men.

In front of the princes were thirteen dwarfs each were grandchildren of thirteen dwarfs that accompanied Bilbo Baggins once upon a time and in another age. There were four people in front of the caravan, on foot was an old wise Dwarf named Gimli who was just a little over one thousand years old. Next to him was an Elven King named Legolas who was ruler of one of the new Elven colonies. On a horse almost as old as him, an old nature loving wizard named Beorn rode and next to him upon the mighty Shaddowfex was Gandalf the White. Not only would they soon recruit hobbits to the cause, but Gandalf carried something, a mighty sword that belonged to Isildur. The heir of Gondor also dwelled here, Meara. Gandalf was to give her this gift.....

Nymf... 03-05-2010 03:30 PM

Felix took the last bites of his dinner. A rabbit he had managed to catch. Maybe not the finest of meals, but it was food, and he had way worse. As he ate he thought a bit, maybe he should stick around another day, maybe hunt and actually get a decent meal. But then again, maybe he should return home, and finnish the business with mayor.

The bounty hunters had opened his eyes. He realised for the first time that he would never get rid of the mayor and the bounty as long as he was a live. Or for as long as the mayor was alive. But then again killing a mayor could bring way more trouble. And killing bounty hunters would be a good way to keep the skills in sharp.

When he had finnished his meal he put the last piece of wood on the fire and refilled his watesupplies. He then lied down and watched the stars and dreamed away.

Felix suddenly woke up. He heard how birds flew up as if something had frightend them. Felix put out the fire and tried to listen and see.

SkywalkerRules 03-06-2010 11:08 AM

Albie and Meara walked the garden of the Shire, as the quietness around them felt comforting. But what uncomforting was with Meara still being confused. "Albie?" the young woman asked, walking over a bridge with the Hobbit, "what's going on? Is something bothering you?"

They stopped, facing the stream that flowed calmly below. Albie sighed. "Meara? You remember how you always wanted to know your destiny? How you wanted to know who you really were?"

Meara nodded quietly.

"Well... I was saving this for the right moment, but now is the time. Meara..." Albie faced the young woman, looking up a her. "You are the heir of Gondor. Descendant of King Elessar, also known as Aragon, and the queen Arwen, daughter of Elrond and Celebrían.

Your parents, Tigris and Glynis, were killed when Minas Tirith was invaded. But they died for your protection. And so... they ordered me to guard you. From any danger. Now, I am too old to do anything. But you, Meara, must face greater things. I feel that something is bound to happen. An you're called to face such tasks, along with others who are willing to help you."

After Albie was finished, Meara stared at the female Hobbit with surprise. This was all too sudden. Backing away, she shook her head. "No. No! I didn't know I was Nobel! I didn't know my parents at all! I..."

And with that, the young girl ran off in the fields, crying. "Meara!!" Albie shouted, holding her cane and watching her leave. She really wanted to go after her. But due to her state, she couldn't. Albie sighed sadly.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 03-06-2010 06:49 PM

(hey SR, can the steward be the one that gives you Aragorn's sword? He is with Gandalf coming to New Shire right now)

SkywalkerRules 03-08-2010 02:37 PM

((Sure! No problem. :) ))

Te Darasuum Mandalor 03-11-2010 06:15 AM

ok, thx.

SkywalkerRules 03-23-2010 10:47 PM

((We're not doing this no more? :( ))

Te Darasuum Mandalor 03-29-2010 09:27 AM

why not?

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