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DArgo2006 03-03-2010 04:58 AM

OJP Server / Help!
We have a hosted server at and it all went well and we installed OJP and so and here are a few problems that we currently have on the server
( We are using ojp 1.2 ):

1. Force Points, you only get to start with 7 force Points ( FFA MODE )
and i went to jampconfig.cfg in the base folder and added this:
seta g_maxforcerank "300"
Question: Do i have to add seta g_minexp thing... and maxexp and set them both to 300 as well ? In jampconfig.cfg ? Or is this the wrong file to put the things in?

2. jampserver.cfg / This file does not exist in the ojp 1.2 files i've downloaded... Is this file supposed to be there? If so, then then should i add this in there? Because i can transfer this file from my base folder in my computer to the FTP.
seta g_maxforcerank "300"
seta g_minexp..... "300"
seta g_maxexp... "300"

3. The animations are really slow or really fast... When i attack with the saber it moves like ... it warps (teleports) around maybe it's very fast i don't know.
We think it's because we have some other versions of OJP in our Gamdata ( In our Computers / In the FTP of the server we only have ojp 1.2 and the server files ) So how do we fix this? Is it because of the other versions in our computers and the ojp 1.2 are mixed up ?

4. We want to get ojp 1.3 but where?... I added MaxState but he's always Away... So yeah can anyone else help me with getting it?

Additional Info: I have only downloaded OJP Enhanced and uploaded to the FTP... i might need OJP Basic aswell uploaded? :S ?

katanamaru 03-03-2010 01:09 PM

Sorry I can't help you here. If you see Max as 'away' try contacting him. He usually stays away to avoid hereing the beeps and other messenger sound effects.

razorace 05-18-2010 04:27 AM

1. I'm guessing that you want everyone to start out with 300 skill points? Simply setting g_minexp to 300 would do the trick.

2. It's been too long since I've done that. I think you want to have your jampserver.cfg refer to a custom script file like "CodeServerEnhanced.script". Kurgan would be a good person to ask about that.

3. Do you have the mod running on the clients as well as the server? Weird things will happen with OJP Enhanced if you don't run the mod on the clients.

4. Not sure about this one. You will have to bug the JKE guys.

5. OJP Basic is a separate package. You don't need to install OJP Basic if you're using OJP Enhanced. The OJP Enhanced package is self contained.

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