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allen-77 05-10-2010 04:10 AM

stuck in the petrified forest
i'm right by the black lake in the petrified forest, where the beavers jump in to get the bones:

manny wont go back the path where he came from, im stuck here. i threw two bones in the lake, and two beavers jumped after them, im guessing the third beaver is waiting for the third bone, but manny wont throw it. he wont even acknowledge the lake, he doesnt turn his head. the only thing he does is say "Hmmm" when i examine the rock behind him.

i read the walkthrough and it seems ive done things in a different order, i think im supposed to have a key, also i havent been through the maze yet. but i should be able to go back..

(i tried rebooting, no use)

Longcat 05-11-2010 02:03 AM

This sometimes happens when you enable debug mode to play the game. The only solution I know of is to find the underground hideout and the key first, and then extinguish the beavers. Hope you have a save before you entered the bridge area, because I haven't found a way to leave as of yet.

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