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medvike 05-29-2010 03:57 PM

Server list problem
Today i reinstalled the JKA and i wanted to play with multiplayer and i clicked on 'Get New List' and didn't show the servers i waited hours but didn't show any server pls help

acdcfanbill 05-29-2010 11:02 PM

Did you change it to look up internet games instead of local ones? Do you have a firewall running?

Illrian 05-30-2010 02:31 AM

Also did you make sure you got the patch? Cause that is something I've noticed once or twice, is that when I would install JA and forget to patch it, and go to the servers list I don't see anything...

medvike 05-30-2010 06:19 AM

yea i patched it to 1.01 and now i turned off the firewall ty the help :D

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