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Ben.K 06-17-2010 12:16 AM

Modifying Blaster Bolt Velocity
//MODS: I'm not sure where this should go. Put where appropriate!

Hi everyone,

CUTTING TO THE POINT: I want to make blaster bolts move faster in Jedi Outcast, especially in Single Player if at all possible

Now, I am a total noob at mods but I do have some coding experience. I poked around in the Assets0.pk3 and Assets1.pk3 using 7-Zip. I found a weapons.dat file in base\assets0.pk3\ext_data\. It appears to reference a blaster bolt function (blaster_func and blaster_alt_func) under several weapons. I assume this function needs to be modified to make bolts travel faster. But I don't know how to do so. I do have Raven's SDK but this function, from what I have seen, is one of the game pieces Raven won't let us touch. Still, the thing about computers and software is there is always a way around things.

The other thing that concerns me is that I am having trouble finding info on the MOST BASIC things about modding such as how to set up your mod directory, etc. All these threads linked to in the stickies are how to do certain modding tasks but nothing about how to set up my mod directory, what, if anything, needs to be copied there from the main game, etc.

This thread has some good ideas but I'm too noob to try them.

Has anyone had any luck trying to find a way to change weapon behavior in SP?

ds615 06-17-2010 01:05 PM

My brother is the coder so I'll check with him, but as far as I know the Single Player Code isn't changeable.
Graphics, models, sounds, effects, etc, yes. But the code (and stuff controlled by it) no.

MP can be changed completely though, and can be changed into a SP like game with enough changes.

Ben.K 06-17-2010 09:55 PM

You mean I can twist MP enough so that I can make levels that are like SP ones, complete with NPCs, scripts and triggers, cutscenes, etc?
Are you *sure* I can change bolt velocity in multiplayer?

I'm assuming SP maps can't be used in MP so that would mean I would have to use (or change) the existing MP maps or just make new ones.

Also, I had an idea. (long shot) Is there some way the Timescale command can be used to affect only certain objects instead of being a global effect? or alternatively, write a script that applies a timescale to the bolts but not anything else? Basically, do the same thing Force Speed does. It makes Kyle move faster and simultaneously slows everything else. So apparently there is a way to selectively speed individual objects. Is there a way to, so to speak, cast Force Speed on blaster bolts only?

I made teams of rebels and stormies in the Pit and had em blast away at each other while I watched from above in noclip. 1.5 timescale really looks so much better and feels more intense. It is also easier to aim when you're doing the shooting but still far from instant hit.

nizwiz 06-18-2010 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by Ben.K (Post 2732506)
You mean I can twist MP enough so that I can make levels that are like SP ones, complete with NPCs, scripts and triggers, cutscenes, etc?
Are you *sure* I can change bolt velocity in multiplayer?

It's possible allright, only VERY difficult and time consuming. The whole NPC code isn't part of the MP SDK, I think.
Of course, you could try to use some stuff from the OJP source and adjust it for use with jk2mp, but that wouldn't be all too easy, either.

Chaning the projectile velocities for MP is a cake, though - they're just a bunch of numeric constants in g_weapon.c

Also, I don't think the whole time scale idea is a viable solution (not for SP at least) - could be wrong, though.

EDIT: Uhm, I should say that I'm talking about coding here - plain vanilla jk2mp does not support any of the changes you have in mind.

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