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Totenkopf 06-17-2010 04:28 PM

Blues Brothers gets Vatican seal of approval
Hey, they were on a "mission from God"..... :D

JediAthos 06-17-2010 08:53 PM

I was a bit surprised at this given that the movie isn't the least bit spiritual and the over the top violence and what not. Still a great movie...but odd that The Vatican likes it.

mimartin 06-17-2010 11:17 PM

The entire movie was about going to great extremes to give money to the church. What is not to like if you are with the Vatican?

Plus it had Kathleen Freeman as The Penguin Sister Mary Stigmata.

A Catholic school Nun beating the crap out of Jake and Elwood, what isn’t to like?

Plus The Blues Brothers gave me first knowledge of a Saint that I never heard of, yet whom I have prayed to often since seeing the movie.

Originally Posted by Elwood Blues
Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don’t fail me now.

Although the best lines in the movie were from Jake

Originally Posted by The Blues Brothers
Jake Blues ~ “ How much for the little girl? How much for the women?”

Father ~” What?”

Jake Blues ~ “Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me. Sell me your children.”

Anyone remember the address Elwood gave the DMV? Jae should know it.

exoduz 06-18-2010 12:00 AM

wrigley feild right? something west addison?

Jae Onasi 06-18-2010 12:39 AM

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Originally Posted by mimartin (Post 2732544)
Anyone remember the address Elwood gave the DMV? Jae should know it.


Darth Avlectus 06-18-2010 12:52 AM

Why do I feel a fast car ride coming on running from cops? I feel as though it will be blessed as I try to get into the bank to make my next payment before 6:00 while I am avoiding being apprehended for soem ridiculous crime.

Ztalker 06-18-2010 08:05 AM

@ minimartin:

Yeah, the 'little children' references hit me as ironic too... :rolleyes:

But without jokes, nice to see the Vatican is doing something like this. It shows they aren't complete world-blind and that they can value a movie like this for it's underlining motive.

JediAthos 06-18-2010 09:23 AM

I believe that picture is from the "sequel" Blues Brothers 2000. I put sequel in quotes because it wasn't really a true sequel Jake no Blues Brother RIP Mr. Belushi :)

Astrotoy7 06-18-2010 10:28 AM

Good ole Vatican decisions

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mimartin 06-18-2010 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by exoduz (Post 2732554)
wrigley feild right? something west addison?

Give that man/woman a cupie doll - "1060 West Addison". :thmbup1:

In honor of the The Blues Brothers getting the Vatican seal of approval, white, dry toast for everyone.

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Totenkopf 06-18-2010 11:05 AM

Not w/o 4 whole fried chickens and a Coke, thanks. ;)

Darth Avlectus 06-18-2010 08:47 PM


Qui-Gon Glenn 06-19-2010 01:58 AM

JHC I see the light!

Confirmation from the Vatican tomorrow on the rest of Jesus' middle name.

purifier 06-19-2010 05:13 AM

Seems the Vatican has got taste in movies. :thmbup1:

Darth Avlectus 06-19-2010 02:34 PM

What about the blues 'Brotha'? Don't forget about Jules.

Dr. Makaveli 06-23-2010 08:46 PM

This is about as odd as the Vatican 'music playlist' they released a while back, which happened to include Tupac Shakur on it. The Pope approves of the Blues Brothers and Pac? Really? It seems to defy their logic... but it's good they're trying to connect.
The truth is stranger than fiction, I guess.

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