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Maphisto86 06-26-2010 03:53 PM

Framerate and sound issues.

I only just recently bought the game and downloaded the DLC's. While I like the Force Unleashed over all, I find that sometimes I encounter lag at certain points in the game. This could be attributed to disk marks as I am using a pre-owned disc. It's in pretty good shape but I do notice a few smudges and minor scratches on the disk. Still I find it odd that lag would occur at specific points in the game. For example when facing Proxy on the Imperial Raxus Prime map, the game stutters for a second or two when I am just going to beat the first round of the battle. In the same level earlier, I often (though not always) encounter lag when I cross the upper bridge inside the dropship while engaging a large number of enemies.

Lag issues are the biggest problem however while playing the Tatooine DLC. I assume this should not happen since it is a mission indepenent of the disk. I checked other people's playthroughs and they never have the same problems. The problems occur usually when I get to the second hallway with the blaster turret at the end and the eletrical floors. The amount of enemies and the turret firing causes my framerate to drop significantly. I also have been finding a lot of lag lately when fighting Boba Fett in the same level. The lag issues could be due to the television I am using as it is very old in comparison to what a PS3 or Xbox 360 should be hooked up too. It is an old Toshiba from the late nineties. I forget the model number at the moment but it is real old compared to current televisions.

One last issue that occurs is that I find some sounds no longer occur at different points. It is more random than my lag issues and occurs both in the main game and the DLC (especially the troublesome Tatooine DLC). Sometimes specific sound effects (blaster fire, lightsaber sounds, etc) will disappear or other background noises. Other times character's dialogue is missing in certain parts of the game (i.e. Proxy and Starkiller's meeting in the Tatooine DLC). Again this may be due to my TV but I find that if I go back to the last save point or restart from the main menu that the problem is solved until later it occures again.

I appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to potentially fix some of these problems. I know it is not like a PC game where you can fix individiual files but I am open to suggestions.

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