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razmat 07-19-2010 09:23 PM

no light saber or force powers?
hi all;have'nt been on in a while but i recently bought outcast from direct2drive and all was good until after the trials.i got the lightsaber from the cage but after the cutscene when i enter nar shaddaa.i have no lightsaber and can't use any force powers.force powers show up and lightsaber is in my weapons list but i can't seem to use any powers or wield the light saber.i tried pressing one and attack and everything else i could think of.any help?thanks

nizwiz 07-20-2010 04:31 AM

I think that's part of the level's script. If Kyle says something like "better not" or "I don't want to start any trouble... yet" whenever you try to activate the lightsaber or use a force power, that's actually meant to be by the level designers (the rationale being that Kyle tries to keep a low profile). Don't worry, the Jedi abilities will be unlocked pretty soon; just go along with your business like the local populace (you know, the seedy kind).

irish_texan 04-25-2011 07:05 PM

yeah nizwiz is right. if you want a very minor walkthrough for this little part, read on.

all you have to do is this: when the level first starts, there should be an arch either in front of you or to your left. walk through it and there should be a square garbage pit on your left. past that, still on your left, is the wall of a building. over to the right, when facing this wall, is a wide, deep chasm and near the edge is a door. go inside (youll be in a bar) and watch the cutscenes. then youll get your weapons back.

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