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Jackpumpkinhead 07-26-2010 10:10 AM

Monkey Island Explorer, ScummSpeaks help
i am trying to add voices to MI2 the original version using the voice files from SE buy extracting the voices using Monkey Island Explorer, but every time i try to re-encode the audio to mp3 to be used in ScummSpeaks the encoding program i am using says that it is an invalid wav file or something like that. i am using LameDropXp from
could someone please help me figure out what i am doing wrong

Jackpumpkinhead 07-27-2010 10:27 AM

okay so i figured it out by myself and i want to do a test run but i am not 100% on how to use scummtr to import the text into the game
when i downloaded scummspeaks i also downloaded the pre-made txt for mi2 so i didn't have to export the text.
now i need to know how to re-import the text
please help me
i have no idea what i am doing with this command prompt
i wish there was a front-end for scummtr

jestar_jokin 07-29-2010 02:48 AM

ScummSpeaks has a menu option that will let you import the text back into the game (using scummtr). When you select it, it should show a popup dialog with the arguments that will be passed to scummtr, and then run scummtr in the background.

Does this menu option not work, or do you think the arguments to scummtr (that appear in the popup dialog in ScummSpeaks) are incorrect?

If you get stuck, I suggest you look at scummtr's help by just running it without any arguments (or with the "-h" parameter). e.g.



scummtr -h

jestar_jokin 10-21-2010 05:29 AM

I thought I would use this thread to let people know that ScummSpeaks v3 r1 has been released. It includes the following changes:
  • Big overhaul! Redesigned how ScummSpeaks works; it now stores mappings of sounds to lines of speech, saved in an XML file, and both the text and sounds must be exported to game resources as a final step. (You will need to manually use ScummTr to insert the text back into the game directory.)
  • You now need to import an existing text file and sound resource, in order to create and work on a Speech Map.
  • Adds support for BUN resources, as used by The Dig.
  • Support for metadata such as lip-synching tags.
  • Includes a small utility, "trspack", to decode and encode the *.TRS file used in The Dig, which stores subtitles for cutscenes.
  • Import/Export Sounds now uses XML files for each sound, to provide information on which line number the sound should be played on.
  • Removed all support for original game sound resources that use VOC files; ScummSpeaks now only works on sound resources that have been compressed with the ScummVM tools (compress_scumm_sou and compress_scumm_bun).
  • Better dialog for "scummtr", effectively giving it a nice frontend.
  • Binary distribution includes the "scummtr" executable.
  • More alert messages when things have finished processing, or errors have occurred.
  • Text comments and sound comments are stored in the Speech Map XML file.
  • In the sound list display, if no custom comment for a sound has been entered, it will display the associated line of dialogue from the text file.
  • You can now sort by some columns.
  • New manual.

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