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FearSome 07-28-2010 06:53 PM

Server Crash on Mapchange / end
hmkay so im running a JKA game server, hosted by ukgame, running lugormod.

well our problem, not every time, but very often the server does crash at the end of the map, score screen comes up and then after a few seconds it just stucks, instead of loading the next map as its meant to be.
we are running a 3 map rotation, usually the first mapchange goes fine (sometimes it even crashs after the first map), but 80 percent chance that it would crash atleast at the end of second map. strange thing, at times (usually some time in the morning when not that many ppl there), it runs well for sometimes even a few full rotations, then it starts crashing again and continues this whole day.
before you assume its due to too many connections, it does happen with few ppl on the server aswell as with many ppl on server. then again when the mapchange works, there may be a few ppl only on the server or even a 32/32 full server.

the problem first occured, when we started using the fixed jampded exe, preventing the infoboom glitch (as every other lugormod clan uses it aswell, i do not see why?). contacted slider and asked about it, but he had no idea what would be causing it.
hmm yeah and our rather unable mod provider would not help us either, also he is rather inactive lately and completely ignoring the community then.
our host could not help aswell, other than sending us to our mod provider (altho i believe its a host caused problem)

problematic aswell: as it seems it would not even try a mapchange, but only just shut server down, it would not report a crashlog.. but ive got this error, once trying to force a mapchange by rcon, using ultra utilities:


Ultra Utility: >map t1_sour
Server: [ISM]SV_SendClientGameState() [1] for Mr.B[Merc], writing out old fragments
Server: [ISM]SV_SendClientGameState() [1] for Padawan, writing out old fragments
Server: [ISM]SV_SendClientGameState() [1] for Padawan, writing out old fragments
Server: [ISM]SV_SendClientGameState() [1] for Padawan, writing out old fragments
Server: ShutdownGame:
Server: ------------------------------------------------------------
Server: ------ Server Initialization ------
Server: Server: t1_sour
Server: [ISM]SV_SendClientGameState() [1] for Padawan, writing out old fragments
Server: 36 bytes leaked by ghoul2 routines (0 client, 36 server)
Server: Bad guy found in slot 12, attempting to access..
Server: He's not valid! BURN HIM!
Server: Bad guy found in slot 19, attempting to access..
^google could not help a bit.

well if you have any ideas about this rather odd error, id appreciate any help!! >.<

acdcfanbill 07-29-2010 01:06 AM

Does it happen when going to any multiplayer maps? or just when trying to load the SP ones?

FearSome 07-29-2010 10:08 AM

tried cycling a few mp maps before and it did not crash atall (might have been luck tho lol)

those have been default tho, not modified as in lugormod usual.

yet g2try cycling modified mp maps and default sp maps, will let you know whats the result when i did.

FearSome 07-29-2010 11:01 AM

hmkay, cycling default sp maps may crash aswell. cycling modified mp maps seems to be fine.

a bad ent on the sp maps??

acdcfanbill 07-29-2010 11:21 AM

Well I don't konw much about Lugormod, but using SP maps in the MP exe is pretty unsupported to begin with.
Yea, it sounds to me like there is an entity or something anyway on the SP maps that gives Lugormod a fit. Best of luck finding it though :p

FearSome 07-29-2010 12:51 PM

lugormod is meant to run sp maps.

and nuuuu, just had a mapchange crash changing from a ffa map to a siege one >,<

haalp ::

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