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Canderis 09-08-2010 12:40 PM

Journal Entry Tutorial by harIII
This tutorial was made by harIII, not me.
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Journal Entry Tutorial

I can't remember if this area has already been covered but I made this for originally for Canderis in one of his projects and hopefully it will help all of those who are in need of making quests for their mods. Creating your own custom quests is a really easy process, you only need to edit one file and generally use two scripts; one to make a journal entry active and another to check to see if itís active. So letís get started.

1. Creating your new quest
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2. Activating the quest and journal entry
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Remember that the first script to activate the journal can be used in a variety of ways allowing you to be very flexible in how to execute the script while the conditional script will give you a way to make something happen should a particular journal entry be active.

At this point you should be able to go into the game and see the quest once you execute the script. If you need any other information as to how to do this please feel free to ask by pming me here at Lucasforums.

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