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Tysyacha 10-16-2010 12:38 PM

Vegas Dream: Total Nightmare!

(THREADMASTER'S NOTE: Am I insane to be in 4 simultaneous roleplays? Yes. Am I insane to be liking this? Yes. Am I still going forward with this? You bet! This is a roleplay set in the Las Vegas of 2025, two months after the Great Collapse--the Great Depression x 2. It's kind of like Fallout: New Vegas, minus the supermutants and ghastly creatures.)

Welcome to Las Vegas 2025. Enjoy Your Stay(tm)!

Two months after the Great Collapse of 2025, only one single place in the United States still seems to hold out hope for the lovelorn, the losers and the financially destitute: Las Vegas, known as Sin City, where everything and everyone is for sale. With the politicians bunkered down behind electrified walls in Washington, D.C. and America's aristocracy behind foot-thick gates in their "gated communities", Vegas is the "end of the line" for the rest of the U.S. population. The casinos are still in business, even if most businesses aren't. Their newest offering? ULTIMA LUXE, famous for a new kind of game.

At the top floor of the Ultima Luxe casino, where only the bravest and most foolhardy go, there are games such as Ultimate Poker, Ultimate Roulette, Ultimate Blackjack, and even Ultimate Chess! The stakes are higher than ever before, and thanks to waivers specifically signed by the players, it's perfectly legal. Either you win unprecedented financial security for the rest of your years, courtesy of the mysterious Ultima Luxe tycoons, or you lose your life.

Below that, the Penultimate floor, is where you merely stake your freedom. The losers become the slaves of the winners, for as long as the winner specifies. It is here that many gamblers find at least some sense of security, for if they cannot be masters of their fate, a master will care for them.

Below that? Slot machines that dispense expensive (and not-so-expensive) medicine instead of money, craps tables where it's far easier to pocket the loaded dice than the winnings, and free food and drinks--that is, as long as you keep gambling. If not, you're thrown to the streets with a bounty on your head. In Las Vegas, it's a dirty free-for-all, and winners really do take all...

If you think this sounds cool, then post a dossier--er, character sheet!

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