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Sabretooth 11-09-2010 01:08 AM

Happy Birthday, TITANIUM GIRL
We are gathered here to offer sacrifices to the supreme Materna Destructa, the Destroyer of Worlds, she who verily drinks the soma, the Supreme Kneebringer of Titanium and her Gilded Walker, Jae Onasi, for it was today that she was born, and it was today that thousands of evildoers were vanquished by her fabled Banhammer-Knee contraption (that she somehow acquired at birth, don't ask me how).

Totally real image of her:

Canaan Sadow 11-09-2010 01:22 AM

Hmmm... not sure I worship her as you obviously do, but I would like to say Happy Birthday... again. :]

adamqd 11-09-2010 04:06 AM

Totally Bow before the Titanium Kneed Vixen, Destroyer of Flame-bait, Black Belt of Taekwondo.

Happy Jae Day, Google Bought you a Vintage 1965 Fender Base Guitar. Slap on--->

Quanon 11-09-2010 07:11 AM

Let's not forget she is also a lovely mother! Mom-rator T1000.

Happy B-day! And many more to come! Enjoy your 29th!

Astor 11-09-2010 07:15 AM

The Church of the Blessed Titanium Knee offers birthday wishes to the bekneed one!

mimartin 11-09-2010 11:19 AM

Something to look forward to on your birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Hawkstrong16 11-09-2010 11:39 AM

I bow before your awesome power, Oh Great Jae Onasi. I wish you the happiest of Birthdays!

stoffe 11-09-2010 12:03 PM

Happy birthday

Hope you've had a nice, mostly problem-free day. :)

Pavlos 11-09-2010 02:44 PM

Happy Birthday, Jae (o bekneed one). :)

Ztalker 11-09-2010 02:53 PM

Congratulations cyborg Jae! :bday2:

The Knee of doom funding bill is passed. The knee system goes online on November 9th, 2010. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Knee of doom begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14am Eastern time, November 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

Tysyacha 11-09-2010 04:59 PM

Happy Birthday, Mama Jae!
I wish one of my favorite mods the best birthday ever--no pain, all cake!

Marius Fett 11-09-2010 05:26 PM

Happy 29th, Jae. :p

Samuel Dravis 11-09-2010 05:56 PM

Happy birthday! :D

Darth InSidious 11-09-2010 06:27 PM

Happy birthday, Jae! I got you a throne:
Show spoiler

Mav 11-09-2010 07:35 PM

Happy Birthday Jae

Darth Avlectus 11-09-2010 08:57 PM

Titanium girl? You mean Roll, the little sister of Dr. Light's creation Rock? It's her birthday?
Show spoiler

Oh wait, not her..... Jae! Can't decide if I'm dumb or dumber for forgetting that. :indif:

BAH! Oh well. Happy birthday! :D
Got you your own T-101

Shem 11-10-2010 01:53 AM

Happy Belated Jae! :bday2:

Drunkside 11-10-2010 08:18 AM

Happy belated!

ForeverNight 11-11-2010 12:43 AM

What everybody else has said, happy late birthday Jae!

Lynk Former 11-11-2010 12:36 PM

I finally found a worthy present for you, Jae...

It's fun to stay at the...

Jae Onasi 11-14-2010 01:13 PM

Thanks everyone!!
@Sabretooth--you are a god among men for finding that picture of me--what a fabulous pic of my metal knee! :lol:

@adamqd--woot! I'm going to practice on it to learn leet Rock Band 3 pro strings skillz.

@mimartin--I think I'll have a heart attack if they ever do really win.

@stoffe--I got to ban a spambot--I was a happy camper. :lol:

@Ztalker--hehe--too late, the knee is now self-powered.

@Tysyacha--my family let me get a nap and play video games all day and then made me a homemade lemon cake that night. Yumm!

@Marius--Oh, you're a dear to remember the correct number of years. :xp:

@Darth InSidious--no one can run rings around that gift. :D

@GTA--just how much destruction can I do with that thing and get away with it? :lol:

@Lynk--I think I still need "Y" and "M" for my Pokedex. :D

Thank you all again for making my birthday a happy one! It's been a tough year for my entire family, and your good wishes have helped bring joy into my life. :)

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