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Tysyacha 01-01-2011 11:25 PM

BCC: Pawns of the Empire

Ten years after the defeat of the SITH TRIUMVIRATE, the Republic and the JEDI ORDER are enjoying a new dawn--a renewal of their order and principles. Upon Dantooine, the Lost Jedi trained by the EXILE are teaching younglings and new Padawans the ways of the Force. On Coruscant, ADMIRAL CARTH ONASI keeps a close watch over planetary affairs--and a close eye out for any sign of LORD REVAN.

Meanwhile, five very different people in very different circumstances share visions and dreams that they feel are coming from the Force. A mysterious figure known only as the Guardian appears to them while they sleep. At first, the presence appears benevolent, but little do these five know that they are being played as pawns by the SITH EMPEROR himself! Slowly but surely, "the Guardian" is teaching others to spy, kill and betray in the name of good.

Will the Jedi be able to stop this new threat to the loyalty and sanity of those who would see the Light win?

Question: Are Revan and the Exile playable characters?
Answer: YES, but only in cameos and a larger part at the end of the RP.

Question: Can we be any of the Lost Jedi from K2 or characters from K1?
Answer: Also yes, but Mical got whacked by Atton Rand, so he's dead.

Question: What are your story's canon Revan and Exile?
Answer: Revan is a Light Side Male, and the Exile is a Light Side Female.

Question: Who will you (Tysyacha) be controlling?
Answer: My own character, and Carth Onasi, and my vision of the Emperor.

Question: Huh?
Answer: Each of the FIVE characters shall control how "the Guardian" appears to him or her and what the Guardian is trying to get him/her to do.

Question: Five characters?
Answer: Yes, and so I need FOUR other RP'ers for this one. :)

Question: Are you doing this and the Reavers one at the same time?
Answer: It depends: which one sounds more interesting to y'all! :)

Alkonium 01-02-2011 01:37 AM

I'm still more looking forward to Reavers (original setting, more open ended, etc...), but if this proves more popular, I'll definitely throw a character together.

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