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Alkonium 03-01-2011 10:29 PM

Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VIII: Wrath of the Empire
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Avalon System, Listening Post Alpha

"Sir, we're picking up something on the long-range scanners." One of the two listening post operators pointed out to the other.

"Any idea what it is?" Her co-operator asked.

"It's a ship, just out of visual range. Hold on, it's transmitting a Republic IFF code." She added. "We'll have a visual in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1."

This ship, despite carrying a Republic IFF code, didn't look like any starship design on record, let alone a Republic ship currently in service. It was, however, massive, and armed to the teeth.

"What is it? Some new class of Star Destroyer on a shakedown cruise?" The male operator inquired.

"Negative. No news from the Republic about any prototype ships." His counterpart pointed out. "We have to send a message to Avalon immediately. Security has been breached."

"I'm trying, but the transmitter's not responding to the controls." He replied.

"But it's working?" The other operator asked.

"It's transmitting something to the other posts, and not the standard updates either. I think that ship is sending a virus to the whole network of listening posts in the system." He suggested.

"And now we're losing power." His co-operator pointed out.

The listening post, and every other one soon after, went dark.

Avalon was defenceless.


"And so, it is my great honour to pronounce Lady Andorra Evenstar of Avalon, and Doctor Lenatha Pradhes of Ryloth, wife and wife!" The Avalonian minister proclaimed, and Andorra and Lenatha then kissed for the first time as a married couple.

Kalla was naturally happy for them, but at the same time, she sensed something that made her uneasy. She couldn't tell what was, but she could tell that at the very least, both her brother and father could sense it too.

Has the time finally come? She thought to herself, wondering if the moment she had dreaded for nearly two years had finally arrived.

Chevron 7 locke 03-02-2011 09:35 AM

"And so, it is my great honour to pronounce Lady Andorra Evenstar of Avalon, and Doctor Lenatha Pradhes of Ryloth, wife and wife!"

"I love weddings." Supreme commander Belina whispered to Garja as she watched Andorra and Lenatha kiss. Garja reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of cloth and offered it to her. Belina took it and nodded in thanks just as her comlink made a very soft noise that she could barely hear.

"Belina here." She said quietly as she answered the call. "Admiral, this is Alriana aboard the Ackbar, something is wrong with the listening posts. They seem to be offline. It could be some sort of malfunction."

Belina shook her head. "How many are offline?"

"It seems that all of them are offline. There is no way all of them went offline due to a malfunction now that I think about it."

"Bring the Ackbar to battle alert status and start scanning the system for any ships or anything odd. If you detect any ships put the Ackbar between it and the planet."

"Yes Admiral."

Belina got up and motioned for Garja to follow her. She walked over to Kalla and her family. "Something's wrong up in orbit. It looks like all of the listening posts have gone dark. The Ackbar is at full battle readiness."

Both Belina and Garja quietly slipped out of the building and ran toward the shuttle that they had used to get to Avalon.

JediMaster12 03-02-2011 11:29 AM

Tonatius watched with delight at the happiness of his cousin being married. Two souls finding each other in the midst of turmoil was a good omen. He glanced at the underside of his right wrist to see the new tattoo he had acquired. After months of courting, he explained to Kalla the meaning of that mark and she agreed. He held her hand as the ceremony was being completed but he couldn't help but feel uneasy about something coming. He squeezed Kalla's hand gently.

When Belina and Garja came over and reported problems at the listening posts, he became concerned. He whispered to Kalla, "This is like a bad memory moi chroi. I was hoping that today wouldn't be spoiled."

"You can say that again," Taryn, Tonatius' twin remarked. "I for one have a problem with happy events getting spoiled. Bad for business."


Jun-la had been feeling uneasy all day as she sat with her padawan Andros and his family. They had been training on her world for the past few months in order to build up Andros' abilities in calming techniques as well as physical fitness when the announcement came of the wedding. They had dropped everything to come and now she had a bad feeling about all of it.

It was confirmed when Belina and Garja came over and told their news. She leaned over and spoke to Komad, "I think we should make a discreet exit and discuss the next course of action. Your thoughts?"


Being in the fleet was different from being a Shinigami in more ways than one but Tavaryn actually enjoyed it. After that business on Geonosis, he decided to make a change and contacted Belina. She offered the position of combat instructor which he accepted. In addition he managed to convince Haruka to become the security advisor on the Katarn and as far as he knew, the kid was doing fine.

He trudged down the hall dressed in black pants and a black flight jacket, a concession he made to being a part of the fleet. He was thinking about the next lesson he was to teach to the advanced class which involed some more deadlier techniques and progression to different types weapons that differed from traditional Republic issued weapons. He had two other levels based upon skill level and had those worked out.

Today basic warm ups and a sparring session. He was thinking when he bumped into a female officer or something or other. He spotted the boots and saw they weren't fleet issue so he figured a special advisor. He muttered, "My apologies," and continued to walk towards the training area.

Tysyacha 03-02-2011 01:55 PM

Andorra Evenstar Pradhes leaned in close to give her new bride, Lenatha, a kiss and gentle nuzzle on her soft scarlet nose. "Lena," she whispered into the tympanic region of the Twi'lek's head-tails, "I'm yours for now and always, come what may." On what was truly the happiest day of her life, the Avalonian noblewoman felt no hint of danger. She was safe in the arms of her soul-mate, and absolutely nothing could shatter her nuptial tranquility.

She took Lenatha's hand and beamed delightedly. The both of them presented themselves as newlyweds to the supportive crowd that had attended the ceremony. Kalla Kaltas--her former love--was there, as was Tonatius, with whom Kalla had found happiness. As she caught Kalla's eye, Andorra winked. I may have lost you, Andorra's eyes said, but in this case, we both won! I have sweet Lena, and you have the best man anyone could ever find. Good luck to all of us! Glancing at the attendees, she also spotted Komad Kaltas as well as Jun-la--family, and comrades-in-arms.

It was at this moment that she saw the worried looks on several faces...

"Lena?" she whispered again. "Up in the balcony--is something going on?"

Alkonium 03-02-2011 03:50 PM

RSS Ackbar
"Jedi Haltra, I think I've figured out what caused the listening post blackout. It appears to be a computer virus, transmitted on their standard operating frequency." One of the bridge officers pointed out to Alriana. "From what I can tell, it won't take long for it to adapt and infect the Ackbar."


"I don't know, my love." Lenatha, or Lena, as Andorra had come to call her, replied. "But I don't think it has anything to do with us."

"I think I might know what it is, but why here, and why now?" Kalla asked rhetorically. With so much chaos in the galaxy, they needed all the happy moments they could get.

"Alriana, this is Komad. We're clearing out the hall now, but we're going to need to be updated on the situation up in orbit as frequently as possible. Understood?" Komad tried to send up, but all he received in response was static.

"We've just lost communication with the Ackbar. Not sure where the interference might be coming from." He pointed out the Admiral.

Chevron 7 locke 03-02-2011 05:27 PM

"Jedi Haltra, I think I've figured out what caused the listening post blackout. It appears to be a computer virus, transmitter on their standard operating frequency. From what I can tell, it won't take long for it to adapt and infect the Ackbar."

"Jedi Alriana," one of the other officers called out. "Sensors are picking up some sort of energy signature in the Avalon system, It could be a ship, I think it may have something to do with the blackouts."

"Bring us between that ship and the planet. Everyone who is good with computers is to keep that virus from infecting the ship."

Another officer raised her voice. "Communications are being jammed. We can't get through to anyone."

The jedi thought for a moment. "Order all hands to prepare to defend the ship and prepare to launch all fighters. It looks like we're going to be in for a fight."

JediMaster12 03-02-2011 05:33 PM

"The why is only relevant when we find a connection," Taryn replied to Kalla's rhetorical question.

"I think that is obvious, Brother," Tonatius replied, "Considering all that we have done these long months."

Taryn shrugged his shoulders. He said, "Well this can only mean that connections will be cut off and looks like they have."

Jun-la listened in on Komad's conversation trying to filter any possible communication. Hearing the static made her think the worst and she wondered if her father's brother was all right. She turned her attention to her padawan who was looking at her and said, "An inopportune time for this."

"I know, Master yet you are worried." Andros had been left behind the last few years not because he wasn't talented but his master had developed a motherly affection for him and he wasn't bitter. He was glad that she was back and was prepared to teach him more of the Force and on the side Avalonian techniques. He also knew that she had secrets best kept from the Jedi at the moment.

"I am Andros," Jun-la admitted. "The transmission loss could be a multitude of things yet I am thinking invasion." She looked at Belina and Komad and said, "We should probably start countermeasures against invasion. The clans on Amshrey and the warriors of Belos are our major players in terms of ground forces."

Alkonium 03-03-2011 07:35 PM

"If it wasn't for the communications blackout, I'd agree, but we can't make contact with them. We're on our own here." Komad pointed out to them.

"I was able to do a quick sweep of the upper atmosphere in the Silver Eagle, and I think I got a visual on what looked like a capital ship, but it didn't match anything on file. My guess would be the Undying Sith Empire." Iyav added, rushing back into the hall.

Kalla then approached Andorra and Lenatha, "I'm sorry to disrupt your marital bliss, but we have to get you out of here. If our suspicions are correct, Avalon is about to come under attack. We don't know who from yet." She explained to them.

Lenatha turned to her wife, "She's right, if they bombard us from orbit, this building won't last long." She pointed out.

JediMaster12 03-03-2011 08:00 PM

"Seriously you underestimate our people," Taryn replied in a wry humor that his twin had never mastered. "But if it's shelter you want, I suggest we head towards the forest near the Jasilyn Plains."

"You mean the forest tribes," Tonatius replied.


"That is not a bad idea. My family's home is there," Jun-la cut in. She then addresses everyone else, "We may be cut off but we can send people in ships to Belos and Amshrey. The smaller ships will be able to bypass any potential blockade. Meanwhile Lady Governor Lilah should be able to mobilize the defenses. Shall we agree to that plan?"

Tysyacha 03-03-2011 08:51 PM

Andorra had always been a fair-skinned Avalonian maiden, unused to sun and wind scarring her features. However, once she heard the news she blanched a pasty white. All of the blood seemed to be rushing out of her head...

"Under attack--what--why?!" Her mouth had suddenly gone bone-dry. The wedding dress which held her frame in check through a corset-type bodice was getting tighter and more constricting every second. "No--no, no, no--"

The stress that she'd felt at finally getting married, although it was good stress, turned to fear and terror. Andorra felt ready to vomit and faint at the exact same time. Luckily, she only did the latter, right into Lenatha's arms...

Alkonium 03-03-2011 10:59 PM

RSS Ackbar

"Ma'am, we've just spotted the ship. It's already between us and the planet, and the energy signatures we're detecting seem to suggest it's charging its weapons, and targeting the planet." One of the bridge officers added.


"I'll see what I can do. So far, it doesn't seem as though local communication has been disrupted." Governor Starlighter replied. "And even if we can't contact Belos and Amshrey, they'll be aware of the situation soon enough."

(It sounded as though you were suggesting the governor was elsewhere, but I'm guessing she wouldn't miss her daughter's wedding)

Fortunately for Lenatha, her own dress did not include a corset, leaving her breathing unrestricted, and she was able to catch Andorra when she fainted. She was about to start carrying her to the exit, when they heard a large blast from outside.

Kalla rushed up to the stained glass window at the end of the hall, to see one of the nearby buildings taken out by an orbital laser blast. "Now we really need to get moving." She pointed out.

Chevron 7 locke 03-04-2011 09:19 AM

"Ma'am, we've just spotted the ship. It's already between us and the planet, and the energy signatures we're detecting seem to suggest it's charging its weapons, and targeting the planet."

"Lock all turbolasers on that ship and open fire. Deploy all fighters and inform them that they are to stop that ship by any means possible. Wait until we're closer before firing proton torpedoes."

It's times like this I wish Tavaryn were here. she thought as the first few turbolasers blasts impacted against the side of the enemy ship.

"We're in torpedo range," one of the officers said.

""Fire!" Alriana ordered. "Target the weapons on that ship."

JediMaster12 03-04-2011 11:01 AM

Tonatius saw the weapons beginning to fire and grabbed Kalla's arm and that of Lenatha's who was holding Andorra and began running towards the road that headed towards the forest tribes. He shouted to his companions, "Just hold on!"

Taryn shook his head and began running as well. he might as well look after his twin and his girlfriend. He was right alongside Lenatha and asked, "You want me to carry her?"


((I was assuming that she was there. Avalonians are very formal in business and sometimes talk in the third person))

Jun-la watched as one of the buildings was toppled by a blast. Well it was called Tyan-yu for a reason. She looked at her father's sister and said, "Be careful governor in getting the forces mobilized." She was referring to the danger that was facing them. Bombardment and mobilization.

Andros was trying to keep a brave face on and looked at his father and his master expectantly. It was Jun-la who said, "There are some ships nearby if I recall correctly. Komad, if you and Iyav go to Belos and Andros and I get to Amshrey, we should be able to get a signal out. Agreed?"


Tavaryn had made it to the training room when the call sounded for all hands to prepare to defend the ship. Some of his training class were already there so he gave the order, "Return to quarters or weapons lockers, grab your gear and report back here."

As soon as they left, Tavaryn raced back to his own quarters to a locked cabinet. Paused only a moment before unlocking it and opening it. He pulled out his set of shuriken, his sword and a weapon that he had hoped not to use but figured it would come handy. He also strapped on a belt filled with other odds and ends that came from his Shinigami days and raced back out.

His squad was there and he nodded acknowlegement before comming the communications officer, "This is Onashi reporting in. We're at the training room. What are your orders?"

Alkonium 03-04-2011 06:30 PM


"Manoeuvring around laser blasts from orbit is nothing I can't handle." Iyav commented, and he and Komad started to make their way back to the Silver Eagle.

"I've got her." Lenatha insisted. "This isn't what it sounds like, but it'd probably be best if we got her out of that corset."

"How much use is fleeing to a forest going to be? If they're attacking from orbit, the only safe place would be an underground bunker.


"My Lord, the Republic ship has locked weapons on us, and they're launching fighters." A bridge officer on the other ship stated.

"Prepare the particle beam, and target their bridge. And send out our first wave of fighters." Darth Pestilus instructed. "Continue bombarding the planet."

"My lord, the power demands for the beam are too great for us to continue bombarding the planet and disrupting communications." The officer pointed out.

"Very well. Shut down the ventral lasers and the disruptors, and prepare to launch landing craft." Darth Pestilus conceded. At that point, the capital city was in ruins anyway.

Chevron 7 locke 03-04-2011 06:45 PM

The bridge of the Ackbar shook violently as some sort of unknown weapon impacted against the bridge, completley wiping out the bridge shields with one hit and causing a slight amount of damage.

What the...? Great, the bridge is undefended.

"The unknown ship has ceased attacking the planet is now targeting us! They have also launched fighters, for all we know they could be planning to board us," another officer called out.

Alriana nodded. "Reroute all auxillary power to the bridge shields! And try to keep the bridge out of that weapon's targeting scope. We can't take another hit like that. target their bridge and then fire all turbolasers!"

She then hit the intercom button that would broadcast her voice all over the ship. "Attention! All hands standby to defend the ship from enemy troops. All commando units are to report to the bridge to help defend the bridge. If we lose the bridge we're going to lose the ship."

"This is Onashi reporting in. We're at the training room. What are your orders?"

Alriana was too busy issuing orders to recognize the voice that came in over the intercom. "Report to the bridge as quickly as you can! We may have landing craft incoming and I think they're going to try and take the bridge."

JediMaster12 03-04-2011 07:58 PM

Taryn rolled his eyes, amused at his brother's companions' ignorance. He replied, "The forest tribes know a thing or two about survival. Heck they survived a blast like this nearly 4000 years ago."

Tonatius had reluctantly cut open his cousin's dress and sliced off the corset wondering why in the name of the elders did she wear the dang thing. He noticed that her breathing was better now that she had nothing restricting it. He commented, "The cities will be hit first. Once in the forests we follow the lead of the tribes. Trust us please." He beckoned to Lenatha.


Jun-la shouted, "Good luck," and herded Andros to the familiar Ebon Hawk. That ship would get them to Belos in no time.


"Report to the bridge as quickly as you can! We may have landing craft incoming and I think they're going to try and take the bridge."

Tavaryn paused a moment upon hearing the voice over the comm. It sounded familiar yet he couldn't stop to think. He replied, "Understood, Onashi out."

To his men he said, "Form up, we're heading to the bridge."

"Aye sir," they shouted.

Tavaryn nodded and led the way, slinking along the corridors to look for any sign of the enemy. It would be a long walk out an airlock if they turned around blind corners without coverage. His hand clutched the familiar cylinder in reassurance as he led the way.

Alkonium 03-04-2011 08:17 PM

"I honestly have no idea why she went for a dress with a corset. I've never seen the appeal in them myself." Lenatha commented, before being shushed by Kalla.

"Hold on, do you hear that?" She asked. "The laser blasts have stopped, but there's something else entering the atmosphere. My guess would be landing craft."

While Kalla was right about the blasts stopping, the damage was done. Tyan-yu was in ruins, and the attack was far from over.

JediMaster12 03-05-2011 01:52 PM

Tonatius muttered, "Clearly you've never been to Sieren," just as Kalla motioned for them to shush. He heard the quiet himself and the haris on his neck stood out.

Taryn felt it too and he looked at the sky. "Landing craft my arse. Looks like invasion."

Tonatius replied, "I only hope that Lady Jun-la and Master Komad make it to Belos and Amshrey in time. For now we must be prepared."

Tysyacha 03-05-2011 03:05 PM

Andorra's eyes fluttered uneasily. Through a hazy blur of tears and rush of air, she sensed two things: Lenatha near her, and her tight corset removed.

A slow smile spread across her face. "Right now, Lena?" she asked. "My goodness gracious--not with all these people around!" Her voice sounded like it was a holovid recording on half-speed, but in all other respects, she was all right. The room seemed to spin, yes, but at least she was conscious again...

Alkonium 03-05-2011 11:30 PM

"As much as I wish it was, it's not what it looks like." Lenatha explained. "You know how restrictive corsets are to breathing, and quite frankly, under the circumstances, it's more counter-productive than anything else."

"At this rate we're probably going to have to fight off the troops from that landing craft." Kalla pointed out. "Andorra, where's your sword?"

JediMaster12 03-07-2011 11:05 AM

"Right here," Taryn replied holding it out. "It would have looked tacky at the ceremony but I figured it should be around just in case. As if to reassure himself he patted his own blade to make sure it was there. "Oh and I brought one for you too Pradhes. It's a short sword but it is better than nothing."

Tonatius gave a wry grin and added as an explanation, "Part of our upbringing Lanatha." He then looked at his cousin and added, "By the way Cousin, I'm sorry I wrecked your dress but we needed to get to concious. Lady Jun-la suggested we hook up with family tribe."


Never thought I would have to be sneaking around again. The thought was humorful to Tavaryn as he led the way through the corridors of their level. They hadn't encountered any enemies yet but that didn't make him relax one bit.

It paid off when he rounded a corner and blaster fire started raining on them. He ordered for his men to take cover and return fire. He called through the comm, "We have enemies firing on us at the training deck. Possibly the same on other decks. Numbers not available."

((Alkonium, did you want to do some specific Sith troopers? I could help you out on doing different Sith soldiers through this.))

Tysyacha 03-07-2011 07:31 PM

Still shell-shocked from the past few minutes' events, Andorra shook her head. "Never imagined you'd bring Chetyrnadtsat' to our wedding, Taryn, but in this case I'm very glad you did." She raised a wary, curious eyebrow. "Does it still have the capability of being heated and cauterizing flesh, as it did when we fought Darth Pestilus' infected minions?"

She smiled wryly at Tonatius once she heard his comment. "It is no great loss, that corset," Andorra replied, "since it made me lose consciousness when I heard--about what's happening. Who in space could be attacking us right now, and why?! It makes no logical sense at all, Cousin. Any theories?"

Alkonium 03-07-2011 07:31 PM

(Yeah, that could work)

"I'm better with a blaster, to be honest, but I'll do what I can." Lenatha commented, taking the sword.

"I have a theory, but it's pretty far-fetched. You know what Pestilus said back on Geonosis, right? I think they've finally decided to attack the Republic. As for why, I'd guess it's mostly symbolic. Avalon is widely regarded throughout the Republic as a 'safe' place. This attack would change that. Even if we repel the attack, even if we rebuild, Avalon will never be the same again." Kalla suggested. "Unless you've been modifying it, it should still heat up. Keep it at the ready, there's no knowing when the Sith troops, if that is the Sith, might be on us.

Above Belos

"We're in hailing range of the capital now." Iyav pointed out to Komad.

"This is Jedi Master Komad Kaltas on the Silver Eagle requesting urgent assistance. Avalon is under attack. I repeat: Avalon is under attack." Komad then sent to the planet.

Chevron 7 locke 03-07-2011 07:42 PM


"We have enemies firing on us at the training deck. Possibly the same on other decks. Numbers not available."

Alriana looked over at the security officer who had taken her normal station when the attack had begun. "Check with all decks for signs of intruders. Send a scurity team to assist...wait."

That was Tavaryn's voice...How did he get aboard the Ackbar?!

She took a deep breath. "Send a security team to assist Tavaryn and his men. Make sure he makes it to the bridge."

"As you wish." Alriana watched as four of the solders assigned to the bridge ran out into the corridors towards the training room.

Her eyes were suddenly drawn out the viewport to a small ship that didn't seem to be with the attacking forces. This one was destroying both republic fighters and enemy fighters. It was apparent that the pilot was strong with the force.

And it looked like he was heading straight for the Ackbar.

Varith watched the large republic ship fight it out with another ship even as he destroyed fighters that belonged to both sides. The only thing that mattered was getting to the force users aboard the republic ship.

He had been able to sense the force sensatives ever since he had entered the Avalon system behind the enemy force. There were a few of them but the ones that he wanted were aboard the republic ship.

The one he sought to kill was a jedi. And he knew that there were jedi aboard the republic ship.

Let the jedi run and hide. He could handle anything that they threw at him. In the end, the jedi would be dead.

JediMaster12 03-08-2011 11:20 AM

((Tys, Andorra is talking to Taryn, Tonatius' twin brother. Tavaryn is on the Ackbar. LOL))

Taryn replied, "That is a sound theory. Legend has it that our system cannot be found except by those who know where it is or pure of heart."

"Not entirely accurate since the Rashikians are descendant from us," Tonatius replied, "Heck they tried to conquer us in the days of the Guardian."

"Always the history buff brother," Taryn replied. "Anyway best bet is to attack us but attack our strongest forces and they are the warrior worlds of Belos and Amshrey."

"Don't worry about Avalon Kalla," Tonatius said, "There is a reason why the capital is called Tyan-yu. When it was first destroyed, a new city was built on top and named thus. It means left over spirit. Right now, we need to make it to Lady Jun-la's family tribe. We need to regroup and I think Andorra needs a change of clothes." He gave a sheepish grin before leading the way into the forest.


((Alkonium, are you at Belos or Amshrey? If it is Amshrey, then I have to edit my posts. BTW, I implied the Mandalorians were on Amshrey lol))

Jun-la maneuvered the Ebon Hawk utilizing the upgrades that Matton insisted upon and delighting in the speed. Selene would be willing to help them. She had the spirit of her ancestor in her and she suspected Ordo's temper. She said to Andros, "Check stabilizers and prepare to transmit."


Using the standard issue pistol of the fleet, Tavaryn shot at the advancing enemy. He was a pretty good shot having practiced every chance he got when he wasn't engaged in combat training.

"Sir, we have to advance otherwise we'll be here forever."

Tavaryn nodded. "Form up and advance." He then began moving forward despite the fire. he used his instincts to avoid being hit and returned fire. They managed to clear the hall to the turbolift of the majority of the enemy when Tavaryn caught sight of something in the window.

"Sir, we're clear and ready to move to the med deck."

Tavaryn heard but didn't respond as he moved towards the window to take a look. The ship was like a lone wolf singling out either the Sith or Republic fighters. Tavaryn peered at it as if trying to see the pilot. Impossible since it was a fighter but something was off about it. His eyes widened slightly as if recognizing it as it headed towards the ship. "Let's move out."

The medbay deck was hardly any better and it seemed as if there were more Sith littering the halls as well as the bodies of both sides. Tavaryn was the first to enter and was spun around by a blaster shot to his left shoulder.

"The commander said to wait here," the Sith private was muttering to himself. He wanted to be part of the action yet the med deck was hardly challenging since it was medical staff and injured troopers. He hoisted his rifle up and conttinued to watch his tiny section.

He continued to watch for signs of movement. His chance came when he saw a sentient. He wasn't wearing the standard fleet uniform but it was clear from his demeanor and the insigna on the jacket that he was in charge. Finally an officer. And he can't see me."

Taking aim through the scope on his sniper rifle, he led his target and fired.

Tysyacha 03-08-2011 02:00 PM

((OOOOPS! My bad! I have consequently fixed that little error...:P))

Andorra gritted her teeth and breathed out through them, her exhalation sounding not like a sigh but a hissssss. "I've had enough of the Sith," she growled coldly. "They threaten my homeworld, possess me, turn sentient beings into walking dead, and now this! I want payback. Revenge. Don't tell me that's the path to the Dark Side, because I'm not a Jedi! Bounty hunters and their ilk live by the creed of 'an eye for an eye', and for once in my life, I agree with them! Fear not, dear Cousin. My blade shall slake its hunger..."

JediMaster12 03-08-2011 05:36 PM

Taryn, clearly amused by his cousin's antics managed to grab the wrist that held the sword since she was swinging it a little wildly. "Easy there Cousin. Won't do any of us good if you poke someone's eye out with that. Besides I really think that you should get a change of clothes unless you were thinking of going commando." He grinned while his brother simply glared at him.

"Sometimes I think you spend too much of your free time surfing the illicit section of the Holonet," Tonatius said.


Tonatius was about to say something when a rustling sound occurred and from the trees dropped a straif cat followed by a warrior. The area around his eyes were painted to look like a mask. He addressed the person closest to him which happened to be Kalla, "Why have you wandered to this part of the Takeshi Forest?"


Tavaryn grunted and would have glared at the ceiling for his stupidity but the adrenaline had him going. He was on his feet in a kneeling position trying to find where the sniper was.

"Sir, you alright?"

"Fine. Keep a sharp eye."

Utilizing a crawling method, Tavaryn slunk forward trying to get closer towards the enemy. This was one of those times when he wished he had Alriana or Haruka watching his back, Alriana more so since she could read his intentions without betraying them.

The Sith soldier was having fun trying to pick off the enemy. The commander had been hit and was back on his feet. So he picked off and killed a couple of the enemy squad. When he couldn't see the enemy commander he decided to take drastic action. Grabbing a couple of frag grenades, he lobbed them at the enemy.


Tavaryn heard one of his men sound the alarm and there were scuffles of men diving out of the way. He moved over as well and felt an explosion carry him across the room. He slid on the floor a ways and grunted as a rain of debris fell on him. The explosion must have alerted the other Sith and they were coming out and firing their weapons. He scrambled behind a bulkhead and tried to return fire but his blaster was shot. He called on his comm, "Bridge Command, this is Onashi, we need back up on the med deck. Heavy enemy fire and artillery."

Alkonium 03-08-2011 06:28 PM

(I was under the impression that the Silver Eagle was headed for Amshrey)

Kalla was unsure of what to make of this newcomer, and kept a tight grip on her lightsaber.

"Look at Tyan-yu's skyline. We're fleeing that. I am Jedi Knight Kalla Kaltas of Coruscant. If you are not Sith, we would welcome your assistance in fighting them off. Who are you?" She inquired.

Off in the distance, she could hear another voice, "Five runners detected: two male, three female. Orders are to shoot on sight."

Chevron 7 locke 03-08-2011 06:34 PM

The Ackbar's bridge rocked as fighters continued to attack the larger ship. The Anti-fighter guns were losing their effectiveness as more and more of the laser strikes managed to punch through the shields and cause damage to the hull.

The lights on the bridge flickered a few times as power was rerouted to damaged systems. Even though the fighters were taking down many of the enemy fighters, Alriana knew the Ackbar was in trouble.

"Reroute power to weapons and shields!"

"Shields just went down!" One of the officers shouted to her as a console exploded near the front of the bridge. "Turbolasers are starting to lose power."

Alriana turned around and began issuing more orders. "Reroute engine power to shields and weapons. And get these lights working again!"

The officer nodded and the lights stopped flickering. "Turbolasers are back to full power and online. Shields are back online."

Alriana turned toward the enemy ship. "Stop targeting their bridge and instead focus all weapons on their shield soon as the shields are down target their weapons and hit them with everything.

"Bridge Command, this is Onashi, we need back up on the med deck. Heavy enemy fire and artillery."

Alriana brought her hand down on her chair and left a slight dent in it. "I'm going to take care of this." She said to the third officer. "If this gets any worse try and send a message to any republic ships in range."

The officer nodded and Alriana ran down the hall and ignited her lightsaber as she headed toward the med deck.

Varith's fighter finally managed to cut through the swarms of fighters and even now was heading straight for the republic ship's hangerbay. The door was starting to close, but that was no trouble for the former jedi. He pushed his fighter to maximum speed and easily slipped through the doors just as they closed.

He looked out through the windows and watched as a security team consisting of three officers came running up to his fighter.

"Surrender! As of this moment you are under arrest!" the lead officer shouted. Varith responded only by casually raising his hand and lifting the entire team up into the air and began choking them. he then dropped them.

None of them moved.

Varith opened the cockpit up and stepped over the bodies before igniting his lightsaber and reached out through the force.

The jedi...she is close.

Varith walked down one of the corridors as he walked toward the Jedi's force signiture.

It won't be long now.

JediMaster12 03-08-2011 08:12 PM

((I'll correct my posts to indicate Belos for me))

The warrior looked at them and in the direction of the voice. "I am Caelos. Follow me and say nothing," he replied to Kalla. With a click he made a motion to the straif cat who bounded off towards the voice. He led them deeper into the forest towards a waterfall that protected a series of caves. He motioned them to follow him.

Once they were in the caves he said, "Basa will distract your pursuers. When he comes back, I will take you to our tribal leader. Understand?"


Tavaryn was frustrated that he couldn't use his blaster and had long since thrown it aside. He could hear shouts from men either his or the enemy's and blaster fire and some explosions and the crackle of a panel. He sighed and looked at his left shoulder where he had been hit. It was still bleeding from all the excitement and he swore in Avalonian.

Looking at his belt he realized his sword and lightsaber were still miraculously attached. He gripped the lightsaber and looked at it. His mother had given it to him stating that it belonged to a good man. He had learned how to use it effectively like a Jedi but without the use of the Force. Maybe now isn't the time to be squeamish, he thought.

Then it hit him. It was a cold rage. Something was on this ship and it was coming near. He recalled the feeling when he saw that fighter and his eyes opened in shock. He got to his knees and admist the fire, sprang with a leap, igniting the lightsaber. He swung it to deflect shots that came his way heading for the lift to the next deck.

Alkonium 03-08-2011 08:48 PM

(No need, I just edited my post instead. Also, how many planets does the Avalon system have in its Goldilocks zone, anyway?)

"Ground troops we can handle, it's laser blasts from a capital ship in orbit that are a bit problematic for us." Kalla commented. "But yeah, we understand."

Outside, she could hear blaster fire, which she assumed was just their pursuers trying to fend off that straif cat, until she heard the leader of the group shout "Return fire!"

"Your cat doesn't know how to use a blaster, does he?" She asked.

JediMaster12 03-09-2011 10:57 AM

((Lol. There are six planets within the system. Avalon, Andorra (sister planet), Mikkado, Atzlan (water world), Belos and Amshrey. I gave a small descripton in the Resource center of each world))

Tonatius looked at Kalla and gave a slight motion, "The cat is a means of distraction. It will toy with them."

Caelos gave a hard stare. "Basa knows what he is doing."

Taryn meanwhile had unsheathed his sword and was running a thumb along the edge. He said, "If they come this way, my brother and I have a few tricks that involve water. That good enough for you cousin? Kalla?"

Alkonium 03-09-2011 01:48 PM

(And they're all within the Goldilocks Zone? In case you don't know, the Goldilocks Zone is the range of distances from a star that a planet would have to occupy in order to be habitable)

"Then who was shooting at them?" Kalla asked. At that point, the cat returned, followed by five people in what looked like black Republic Guardsman armour.

"You won't have to worry about your pursuers for the time being." Their leader explained.

"How do we know know you're not working with the Sith?" Kalla inquired.

"Your friend's cat would be a lot more hostile if I was. We're with the Republic, in a manner of speaking." He pointed out. "My name is Jareth Krotan-"

"Former Republic Guardsman, dishonourably discharged after the Battle of Kaji. Allegedly recruited by the secret organisation Echelon 5 afterwards. Ex-husband of former smuggler and current Republic Intelligence Operative Iyav Dourden." Kalla stated.

"So you know him." Jareth commented.

"My father's boyfriend. He's mentioned you before, and I can't say he holds you in high regard." Kalla clarified.

Jareth chuckled a bit at that comment. "If he did, I'd probably still be his husband." Jareth remarked, before taking a more serious tone. "None of that matters at the moment. You Jedi and whatever else you might be may disagree with our methods, but we're on the same side here, and it'd be mutually beneficial for us to work together here."

Tysyacha 03-09-2011 02:07 PM

"Oh, indeed, indeed!" Andorra blushed fifteen shades of red. Out of all the things that could have happened on her wedding day, she never dreamed she'd be stuck right in the middle of an attack on her home planet in nothing but her lacy bridal underthings! Force. It's in times like this that I wish I was still Andirrul. Strong, not blubbering. Focused, not distracted. Clad like a normal human being, and not running around near-naked like a feral animal!

She brushed a long tendril of blonde hair out of her eyes and waited to see what these 'tricks' Taryn mentioned happened to involve. Be careful...

JediMaster12 03-09-2011 03:25 PM

Tonatius bristled and replied, "Maybe mutually beneficial to both of us yes but subterfuge and clandestine operatives are not necessarily held in high regards."

Basra gave no indication that he was harmed and rather had a fun day. He gave a lazy growl/purr and allowed his tail to flick the leg of Krotan. Caelos gave the cat a rub down and pat. He said to Krotan, "Besides we have our own version of your Echleon 5, the Shinigami."

"Right," Taryn added even though he had heard third hand about Echleon 5. He kept his manner more relaxed unlike his brother who could be uptight in a tense situation at times. "Still I think the best thing we should do is continue on towards your tribal village Caelos."

"Yes. We can contact the Shinigami from there and you may find some refuge," Caelos replied. "Come."

Chevron 7 locke 03-09-2011 04:28 PM

Med Deck

Alriana's lightsaber was constantly moving as she deflected blaster bolts back at her opponets and at the same time pressing forward as she hacked and sliced her way through the solders that had boarded the Ackbar. the enemy was well prepared and were not afraid to use heavy weaponry that could punch through the hull and cause a breach.

The admiral is going to be furious. I should leave some of them alive for her to vent her anger on.

She stopped for a moment as a sudden wave of cold rage and controlled murderous intent hit her. It was close by.

And it was getting closer.

Alriana slowly turned around toward the end of the corridor where the dark presence was coming from and then turned back and began running toward tavaryn's position as quickly as she could.

Varith didn't care who was in the way as he continued killing solders from both sides. He looked around and saw that no solders remained in his way. He continued on for a short bit before hearing the sound of blaster fire. He slowly came around the corner and saw a small group of solders who it seemed were under fire. One of them looked as if he had been wounded in his left shoulder.

Hmph. It seems as if this group and the enemy solders are the only thing standing between the jedi and I now. A shame, I was expecting a challenge.

He slowly walked down the corridor toward the group and held his lightsaber ready to deflect any shots that came his way.

JediMaster12 03-09-2011 05:59 PM

Tavaryn felt the coldness coming upon his men that were valiantly holding out against the enemy fire. He knew he had to help them so he took a roundabout way that would bring him to a more advantaged position. He clipped the lightsaber back on his belt and drew out his blade. He came upon the one emitting the coldness and held out his blade in a threatening manner, "Going somewhere?"


Jun-la managed to get to Amshrey with minimal fuss and sent the transmision, "Clansmen, there has been an attack on Avalon. Requesting assistance."

Andros looked at his master wondering if she should have been more urgent in her request. He said nothing until the reply came in, "Message coming in."

The Ebon Hawk. Long time no see. Don't you worry about a thing. We'll be over there quicker than you get back.

Jun-la gave a laugh, "Knew I could count on you Selene. Out."

((I know that the planets are in the same system Alkonium. I don't know if that was what you meant.))

Chevron 7 locke 03-09-2011 06:17 PM

"Going somewhere?"

Varith looked over his new opponet. This one had somehow managed to detect him and move to intercept him before he could go through his men.

"As a matter of fact...yes." Varith said calmly as his lightsaber hummed. "I was going to slaughter you and your men and make my way towards the Jedi that is coming this way. And then kill her and then make my way off this ship and move on towards the other ship."

Varith brought his free hand up and streams of lightning erupted from his hand and straked toward his opponet.

"I can make your death painless. I'll even kill you first so you don't have to see your men die."

JediMaster12 03-09-2011 07:28 PM

Tavaryn didn't pay attention to the fact that the enemy in front of him mentioned a female Jedi. He assumed that the fleet had requested Jedi assistance given that Admiral Belina had worked with them before. Instead he maintained his posture, holding his sword pointed outward in his right while he held his left behind his back as if to try and rest it from the dull ache the injury was giving him.

Before he had a chance to reply, the enemy shot out lightning at him. Out of pure instinct, he lifted his left hand and braced for the impact. He felt the lightning strike his empty palm and he pulled it back to absorb it before thrusting his arm back out to return the lightning back to its owner. He glared at his opponent, feeling the blood drip down his arm. He replied, "You won't kill anyone else on this ship. I'll see to it."

Alkonium 03-09-2011 07:56 PM

"I've met one before. Tavaryn Onashi, I think his name was." Jareth commented.

"That was you on Geonosis?" Lenatha asked.

"Don't worry, Doctor. What we created with that sample was an augmentation drug, not a weapon, and we have complete control over it. It underwent extensive lab tests before we began using it on our operatives, myself included." Jareth explained.

"I feel sorry for your test subjects." Lenatha muttered.

"Come on, we need to keep moving." Kalla told the group. As much as she disliked working with Iyav's abusive ex-husband, the circumstances left them little choice.

"Any chance there'll be a change of clothes at this village? Andorra and I won't be able to fight well in our wedding dresses." Lenatha asked.

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