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RpTheHotrod 03-17-2011 07:09 PM

My riddle...and a real prize
If y'all have steam...give it a crack!

acdcfanbill 03-18-2011 02:09 AM

urg, confusion :s

Boba Rhett 03-18-2011 10:25 AM

I'm are lost. :(

Sabretooth 03-19-2011 01:20 AM

All I know is that I want to hear more of where that came from.

RpTheHotrod 03-19-2011 03:46 AM

Confirmed. HaX has successfully solved the puzzle over on the steam forums.

Here is the puzzle:

4 steps

1. Convert notes to letters
2. Make an alphabet
3. Match the alphabet on the keyboard. 1 of 8 possible places
4. Match the now full letter list with the audible notes

Each note represents a letter of a message.

Now, anyone with basic knowledge of music knows that notes have keys, or letters. A quick google will show what letter is for what key if you're not musically inclined.

That's all the music knowledge you really need. Logically, a message would require more than A B C D E F G. To do so, you merely finish the alphabet. This is just brain work, common in any puzzle.

The only real trick to the puzzle is where to "place" your alphabet. There's only 8 possible places that it could go (the alphabet starts with A, and there's only 8 A's on a piano/keyboard [note the instrument in the melody is a piano]. You put A on A, B on B, C on C, etc...) so either trial an error, or take a lucky guess if you know a bit about music and start with the middle C area.

Now you suddenly have an alphabet A - Z for the keyboard/piano. You just have to line up the notes that play in the melody.

The end result is my email address. That's right. The melody you hear is simply my email address. THAT is where I was expecting the response phrase, and that is how I would know if you were being honest or not. Also, with an obvious result of an email address, you'd know for sure you solved it.

As for the waiter, he properly assumed that since it was just a melody, and it's a puzzle, it had to represent letters to form a message. After a quick google search, he figured out what letters went to what keys. Also realizing you'd never get a full message out of only 8 letters, he continued up the keyboard picture with H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. He didn't know about middle C, so he did trial and error. He got it on his 5th attempt (the 5th octave being the one with middle C).

For those interested, here is the melody:
Just a note: C5 in that picture = Middle C. I cut off the rest of the pic.

Gratz again, Hax!

I hope y'all had at least a lil' fun. Now, time for sleep!

acdcfanbill 03-20-2011 02:17 AM

well you're a devious type of fellow arn't you :P

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