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swphreak 03-23-2011 10:34 PM

Automating WDS / Win 7 Install
So I'm trying to automate Windows Deployment Services and Windows 7 installation process for a school project.

Right now, I've only gotten to WDSUnattend.xml.

I keep getting stuck at "WDS can't parse <DiskConfiguration>" or such. I've tinkered with the wdsunattend.xml file a crapton. I'm out of ideas. I've even tried copying exactly what some tutorials claimed worked. I need another set of eyes to look at the xml file.

I used Windows System Image Manager from the Windows Automated Installation Kit to create the XML file.

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I'm trying to install a custom Windows 7 capture on the first partition of the only hard drive. This is on VMware, as I'm only testing this for now. Can't go put this into the project.

It looks like the XML file is being used. The credentials and language settings are being used, but it craps out at the Disk Configuration section.

Any help is appreciated.

Char Ell 03-23-2011 11:48 PM

I've no idea as I have zero experience with Windows Deployment Services but I don't understand why <ModifyPartition> uses an add action and then <CreatePartition> uses an add action as well. Seems like one or the other should go. :twocents:

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