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.:Lord Revan:. 04-18-2011 01:27 PM

Darth Names
What is the coolest darth name in your opinion. Besides for my own :D I would say Darth Vader.

Feel free to make up your own.

Alexrd 04-18-2011 02:14 PM

Darth Tyranus.

SITH LORD 872 04-18-2011 04:51 PM

Darth Revan.

LordVader1 04-19-2011 09:18 AM

same with me on Darth Vader. I have 5 Fav's Darth Vader, Darth Revan, Darth Nihilus, Darth Malgus, and made this 1 up Darth Polass

Gerevick 04-19-2011 10:44 AM

I have made several new names for Darths in a story of mine. They are:

Darth Sirius

Darth Ligancy

Darth Titus

.:Lord Revan:. 04-19-2011 12:27 PM



Originally Posted by SITH LORD 872 (Post 2774765)
Darth Revan.

Oh yeah thats what I am talking about.

SITH LORD 872 04-19-2011 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by .:Lord Revan:. (Post 2774876)

Oh yeah thats what I am talking about.

LOL!! You would say that!:thmbup1:

Sabretooth 04-20-2011 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by Gerevick (Post 2774864)
Darth Titus

Bit of a squeeze, isn't he? :naughty:

Brotherhood 04-23-2011 06:59 AM

And lord names:D

What about Darth chop :haw: :haw: :haw:
no seriously

Scorge 12-02-2011 04:05 PM

Darth Revan, and Darth Vader

90SK 12-03-2011 10:45 PM

Darth Sion, or Darth Malak.

90SK 12-11-2011 01:24 PM

Darth Death, amirite?:p

HED 02-06-2014 06:44 PM

I'm quite fond of Darth Tenebrous.

ryanita 04-12-2014 08:07 AM

dar tirius
dar devans..

CaptainPike 09-14-2014 12:55 PM

Made up: Darth Venom
Made Up: Darth Vileous

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